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DC TV Classics 43 – The Films: Superman and the Mole Men

This is the first episode in a multi-part series covering the entirety of DC Comics' theatrical movie catalog. Joining host Keith Chow is artist and video game developer Adam Starcaster to analyze every DC movie from 1951's Superman and the Mole Men through 2019's billion-dollar Aquaman and beyond! Today we will be discussing the granddaddy of them all: Superman! Just as Superman was the first comic book superhero, he is also the first superhero to star in his own theatrical feature!...


DC TV Classics 42 – The Legacy of Shazam!

Holy moly! DCTV Classics makes its long awaited return! Timed to the release of Shazam!, the latest entry into Warner Bros.' DC Films franchise, Keith and Britney look back at the history of the original Captain Marvel. From the character's origin in Fawcett Comics -- and protracted legal battle with DC -- to the hero's reemergence as Filmation's first live action Saturday Morning series in the '70s (now available to stream on DC Universe), Captain Marvel/Shazam has been one of comics' most...


DC TV Classics 41– Diversity & Representation On DC TV

On a special episode of The Flash Podcast, DC TV Classics, Black Lightning Podcast, and Titans Podcast, Andy Behbakht. Tatiana Hullender, Swara Salih, Keith Chow, Britney Monae, Laura Sirikul and Corinne McCreery for a special live show on Mixlr.com/DCTVPodcasts to discuss the current diversity and representation in the current DC TV Universe. Throughout the double-sized episode, the hosts talk about if they feel represented in the current shows, from the Arrowverse, Gotham, to Black...


DC TV Classics 40 – Catching Up With the Classics Crew

After a long hiatus, Desiree, Britney, and Keith are back to talk about where they've been for the last few months. They also catch up on all the DC Universe updates, now that the app is finally live, and break down what the (potential) departure of Henry Cavill from the film franchise means for the future -- and whether this maybe opens up the possibility of a Smallville movie? That is, if Michael Rosenbaum gets his way! Find DC TV Classics on: Social Media: Facebook – @DCTVClassics –...


DC TV Classics 39 – The Legacy of The Dark Knight with 'Batman' Producer Michael Uslan

On this special San Diego Comic-Con edition of DC TV Classics, Keith sits down with Batman executive producer Michael Uslan over lunch during the convention to talk about the legacy of The Dark Knight and their mutual love for the Batman franchise, from comics to TV to the movies. Michael also teases his new comic book revival of the classics '80s cartoon Dino-Saucers. Find DC TV Classics on: Social Media: Facebook – @DCTVClassics – Instagram Subscribe: iTunes – Stitcher Radio – YouTube –...


DC TV Classics 38 – DC TV Podcasts Charity 2018: Smallville Meets The Sorting Hat

On Saturday, June 30, DC TV Classics hosts Keith Chow, Britney Monae, Nick Lang and The Flash Podcast host Andy Behbakht came together for DC TV Podcasts’ fourth annual charity podcast marathon to raise money for Make-A-Wish! Throughout the hour, the gang reflects on DC TV Classics' two years on the DC TV Podcasts Network, their favorite moments, what they hope to do in the future with the podcast finally....sorting the Smallville characters into Hogwarts houses! On behalf of DC TV...


DC TV Classics 37 - Across the DC Universe App

When DC Entertainment finally released details about their new streaming service -- dubbed DC Universe -- the Classics Crew was ready for it. Aside from the four shows announced, there was little news about which legacy content, if any, would be included. So Keith, Britney, and Nick got together to speculate about which Classic shows they'd like to see on the service. In addition to certain shows like Smallville, Batman 66, and Wonder Woman, the Crew would also like to see the return of the...


DC TV Classics 36 - Superman For Eight Decades

We continue our celebration of the Man of Steel as Superman celebrates his 80th birthday! ComicMix's Emily Whitten joins the program to share her love of Superman and dish on the behind-the-scenes of the Smallville panel with Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum she moderated at Awesome Con. Emily and Keith share their favorite Superman moments from TV and film and the best actors who have portrayed the role. They also dig into the importance of Lois Lane to the Superman mythos and why Erica...


DC TV Classics 35 - The Return of Smallville?

Last weekend at Awesome Con in Washington D.C., Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum made some news regarding their willingness to return to the characters that made them famous. Oh, and Keith was there too! Speaking of Smallville, Kristin Kreuk is making a return to The CW, while some crazy news regarding Allison Mack also came out recently as well. So it's safe to say Chloe may not be coming back to Smallville. Either way, Smallville superfans Keith and Desiree break down all the strange...


DC TV Classics 34 - Almost Classic DC Super Heroes

With the recent announcement that Nicholas Cage will finally get to play Superman in Teen Titans Go to the Movies -- after almost playing the Man of Steel in Tim Burton's aborted Superman Lives project -- it got us thinking about how some of our favorite actors came thisclose to being our favorite super heroes. From Jensen Ackles as Clark Kent to Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman and Armie Hammer as Batman, the Classics crew -- Keith, Britney, Nick, and Desiree -- think about what might have...


DC TV Classics 33 - Our Favorite Lois Lane Moments

Since Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has announced Metropolis, a new series for its streaming service featuring Lois Lane in a leading role, the Classics Crew has assembled to recount the most iconic Lois moments in DC TV history. Lois Lane has been an integral part of the Superman mythos since its inception, and many actresses have portrayed the icon over the years -- from Phyllis Coates and Noel Neill to Margot Kidder and Teri Hatcher to Erica Durance and Amy Adams. Keith, Desiree, and...


DC TV Classics 32 - Rebecca Theodore-Vachon Takes on Superman and Shazam!

A rumor has surfaced that the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, could have a role in the upcoming Shazam movie starring Zachary Levi. This got the Classics crew thinking about the fan favorite Justice League Unlimited episode written by Dwayne McDuffie, "Clash" which features the first encounter between Superman and Captain Marvel in the animated universe. To break down the episode, special guest -- and Justice League Unlimited super fan -- Rebecca Theodore-Vachon makes her debut on DC TV...


DC TV Classics 31 - The DC TV Toys That Made Us

Recently, leaked photos revealed that Mattel is working on Multiverse action figures for the classic Wonder Woman and Flash television series as well as the Val Kilmer Batman from Batman Forever. Naturally, this led to a discussion about everyone's favorite classic DC TV-related toy line. Keith, Britney, and Nick welcome veteran toy journalist Luke Brown to talk about the long history of toys spun out of classic DC shows like Batman '66 and the Animated Series -- from the unfortunate to the...


DC TV Classics 30 - Have Yourself a Merry "Christmas with the Joker"

It's the most wonderful time of the year! So DC TV Classics decided to break down one of the most iconic episodes in the history of Batman: The Animated Series. "Christmas with the Joker" was the second episode produced (though not the second one aired) and represents the first time Mark Hamill ever voiced the villainous Mr. J. With the release of Hamill's new movie -- a tiny indie called Star Wars: The Last Jedi -- the crew wanted to honor his take on the character. To get in the holiday...


DC TV Classics 29 - The CBS 'Justice League of America' TV Movie from 1997

Twenty years before Justice League fizzled at the box office, another Justice League... failed spectacularly on DC TV. In 1997, CBS commissioned a pilot for a Justice League series that never went to air in the United States. Instead, bootleg copies circulated for years on the convention circuit as a curio for collectors, akin to Roger Corman's infamous Fantastic Four movie. The movie starred Matthew Settle as Green Lantern, Kimberly Oja as Ice, John Kassir as The Atom, Michelle Hurd as...


DC TV Classics 28 - Justice League and the Psychology of Superheroes

With Justice League burning up the box office, we've united the Classics Crew to share their favorite Justice League-related moments in DC TV history. Nick recounts the time Lex Luthor and The Flash switched bodies -- which was very meta, considering Michael Rosenbaum has played both characters. Britney revisits the Christmas-themed "Comfort and Joy" episode and Desiree shouts out the Double Date episode with Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Question and Huntress. Finally, Keith brings up...


DC TV Classics 27 - DC Creepy Classics

This Halloween, before you go trick-or-treating, check out the crew's favorite episodes and moments from DC TV history! Nick recommends several episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, Keith brings up the Smallville episode "Shattered" and the Dark Knight's introductory scene from Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, Britney watches an episode of Lois & Clark guest starring Drew Carey as a ghost-conjuring con man and the classic Halloween episode of Young Justice, and Desiree revisits a...


DC TV Classics 26 - Revisiting 'Smallville' with Kryptonsite's Craig Byrne

On October 16, 2001, Smallville debuted on The WB and redefined superhero television. Starring Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Smallville told the story of Superman in his teenage years and became the template for the current slate of DC TV. To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the show's debut, the entire Classics team of Keith, Britney, Desiree and Nick is reunited to break down the events of the Smallville Pilot. Keith also...


DC TV Classics 25 - Special Guest: Obama Speechwriter Cody Keenan

President Obama's chief speechwriter Cody Keenan is probably the biggest DC Comics fanboy in the history of the White House, and he joins Keith for a special one-on-one conversation about heroism and the need for Hope and Optimism in the DC Universe. Cody talks about how Superman came to be his favorite hero, why Clancy Brown is the best Lex Luthor, seeing his hometown Chicago get turned into Gotham and Metropolis, and why you can't separate social justice from superhero stories. They also...


DC TV Classics 24 - Harley Quinn Through the Years

In September 1992, Batman: The Animated Series debuted and introduced one of the most enduring characters in the DC Universe: Harley Quinn! After her onscreen debut, Harley has gone on to be a presence on television, comics, video games, movies, toys -- the whole gamut! On this episode of DC TV Classics, Keith, Britney, and Nick discuss the character's origins (and what she means to her creator Paul Dini), share their favorite Harley Quinn moments, discuss the iconic actresses -- like...