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Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 4 – Episode 4: Wet Hot American Bummer

On this week's Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, the Legendary Ladies are back together and ready for camp! Amy, Kat, and Morgan share some show news, then dive into the 4th episode of Season 4, praising the further exploration of Ava's character and Constantine's driving forces. The Ladies also recall their own fun summer camps, discuss Charlie's unexpected pairing with Mick, and learn that there IS a ship name for Constantine and Zari. Find the hosts online! Amy: @Amy_Marie97 Kat:...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 4 – Episode 3: "Dancing Queen"

On this week's The Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, Amy and Morgan are joined by Britt for a second week in a row to discuss the third episode of Legends of Tomorrow Season 4. The Ladies discuss the charm of the unexpectedly Ray-centric episode, Nate and Gary's TimeBromance, and explore the emotional baggage Constantine brings onto the Waverider. Additionally, the ladies cast their MVP votes, applaud the use of Corgis, and weigh in on the reintroduction of "Amaya" (in quotes, mind you). Find...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 4 – Episode 2: Witch Hunt

Join the Legendary Ladies (-) Morgan, but (+) Britt to discuss the second episode of the season, "Witch Hunt". The ladies are a bit underwhelmed compared to the premiere, but there were a few moments that stood out to them. Plus, find out what Legends of Tomorrow character they would dress up as for Halloween. Find the hosts online! Amy: @Amy_Marie97 Kat: @ComicUno Morgan: @Mojotastic Guest Host: Britt: @kindamoviesnob Tweet or DM us on twitter: @Legends_Podcast Like us? Rate us 5...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 4 – Episode 1: The Virgin Gary

The Legendary Ladies are back! Amy, Kat, and Morgan return to the mic to break down the first episode of Season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow. The Ladies discuss the introduction of magical creatures into the Legendary realm, the emotional beats of the premiere, and, of course, the status of AvaLance. In addition, Kat surprises everyone with her episode MVP, Amy theorizes the reason behind the introduction of Nate's dad, and the hosts collectively laugh at the hallucinatory effects of Unicorn...


Legendary Listeners Get FREE Stuff

Kat, fellow host of the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, just launched her Kickstarter for her comic book Like Father, Like Daughter. "Jim Ryder, a father with superpowers, leaves his wife and daughter to become “Invulnerable” - the world’s only superhero. Ten years later his daughter, Casey, discovers that she has inherited the very superpowers that made her father leave their family. Looking for answers about her abilities she reconnects with the father whom she hates." Kat wanted to offer...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3.5 - Episode 3: Legendary Ladies LIVE August 2018

The Legendary Ladies are back - and live! In their first episode since San Diego Comic-Con, Amy, Kat, and Morgan get together for an unscripted, relaxed chat live on Mixlr. The ladies discuss recent news, Comic-Con shenanigans, and read select feedback from Season 3. They also have a lot of fun answering questions from the live chat room, sharing hopes for Season 4, and musing about what sort of dogs Mick would like. Find the hosts online! Amy: @Amy_Marie97 Kat: @ComicUno Morgan:...


DC TV Podcasts Charity 2018: Legends Podcast – Season 4 Wishlist

On Saturday, June 30, Legends of Tomorrow Podcast took part in DC TV Podcasts’ fourth annual charity podcast marathon to raise money for Make-A-Wish! While the Legendary Ladies sadly couldn't be there, Legends of Tomorrow Podcast producer Andy Behbakht (The Flash Podcast and Titans Podcast), along with special guests Rachel Eiley (a.k.a. OG Rachel) and KSiteTV webmaster Craig Byrne (Green Arrow TV, Flash TV News, DCLegendsTV, KryptonSite, Titans TV), came together and listed their wishlists...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3.5 - Episode 2: A Day on The Set of Legends of Tomorrow

"The Legendary Ladies return for a quick episode where we're joined by Brittany Dailey (@ B_Dailey13) who was on set for the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Necromancing the Stone." Brittany tells us all about her filming experience, including endless craft services, fun with foot props, and knowing about Avalance months before the rest of us! The Legendary Ladies and Brittany also sidebar about our current TV avalanche and what we're desperately trying to catch up on. The Legendary Ladies will...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3.5 - Episode 1: Season 3 Overview

Grab your favorite drink from Ray's Smoothie Shop and pack in for the longest episode the Legendary Ladies have ever done as Amy, Kat, and Morgan review the entire third season of The Legends of Tomorrow. Using the OWL standards from Harry Potter, the Ladies rate each of the episodes of the season, in which nearly all passed...but three failed. Then, they judge the arcs of the good, the bad[ish], and the cuddly characters for the season and choose their Season MVP and Season Jax. The wild...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 18: The Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly

It’s one for all and all for Beebo on the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast Season Finale. The Legendary Ladies take great pleasure in presenting their breakdown off “The Good, The Bad, and the Cuddly” on their last podcast of the season. Amy, Kat, and Morgan talk all about the return of the Good Guys, the demise of the Bad Guys, and the lackluster death(?) of Rip Hunter. The ladies also weigh in on Amaya’s departure, the future of NorRay, and what next season may hold with Constantine (and...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 17: Guest Starring John Noble

With only 2 episodes left of Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow (and the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast), Amy, Kat, and Morgan are thrilled to discuss the new addition to the permanent cast of the series. The Legendary Ladies spend quite a lot of time trying to organize their thoughts about the penultimate episode of the season (a necessity of the episode), discover one of their own who has not seen Lord of the Rings, and discuss who they think will leave the ship at the end of the season. The...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 16: I, Ava

The Legendary Ladies are back at it with a new episode of the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast. Hosts I, Amy and I,Morgan and I, Kat discuss (at length) the newest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, I, Ava. The Ladies discuss whether AvaLance is endgame, recognize how Ava has gone from "The Chick" to one of their most unforgettable characters, and don't shy away from their irritation with Mick. As always, an MVP is crowned, extensive listener feedback is read, and the ladies share whether or not...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 14/15: Amazing Grace/ Necromancing the Stone

It's a long overdue, double douzey of an episode as the Legendary Ladies return to cover two episodes of Legends of Tomorrow, "Amazing Grace" (3x14) and "Necromancing The Stone" (3x15). Morgan, Kat, and Amy take a quick peak back at having Elvis as a guest, have a frank discussion about some of the critique of the episode, and do something they never thought they would do. The Ladies also break down one of the strongest character episodes of the season and share their opinions on...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 13: No Country for Old Dads

On this week's Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, the Legendary Ladies are joined by Andy B of The Flash Podcast to discuss the newest episode of Legends of Tomorrow, "No Country for Old Dads". The group discusses the general "meh"ness of the episode, Kat explains Damian's wig, and the ladies try to decide if NorRay is really a thing. Morgan also shares one of the girls' favorite emails of all time, Andy weighs in on Wally joining the team, and Amy nearly makes a decision she'd never be able to...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 12: The Curse of the Earth Totem

Avast, mateys! It's another week of the Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, with Kat, Morgan, and Amy returning to their mics to discuss Season 3, episode 12 "The Curse of the Earth Totem". The Legendary Ladies discuss the straightforward nature of the episode, nit-pick over palm trees, and compare the episodic vs serialized nature of a few DCTV shows. They also crown a surprise MVP (for the second week in a row), attempt to keep feedback at a minimum (with only moderate success), and Amy reveals a...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 11: Here I Go Again

On this week's Legends of Tomorrow Podcast, Amy, Kat, and Morgan gush over their favorite episode of Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 - and possibly their favorite of all time. They praise the pacing of the episode, revel in the hilarious and heartwarming moments, and have trouble picking a Jax of the episode. The ladies also pick their MVP and - for the first time ever - reveal the *non* Sara listener MVP. They also read *extensive* listened feedback and ask for their listened favorite...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 10: Daddy Darhkest

The Legendary Ladies return to discuss Season 3 episode 10 “Daddy Darhkest.” Kat and Morgan discuss magic, Constantine, bad wigs, terrifying Exorcist memories, Magic Lance, and more. Plus the ladies read feedback, crown an MVP and Jax (miss you buddy!) and more! Find the hosts online! Amy: @Amy_Marie97 Kat: @ComicUno Morgan: @Mojotastic Tweet or DM us on twitter: @Legends_Podcast Like us? Rate us 5 stars on iTunes! Find Legends of Tomorrow Podcast on: Social Media: Facebook –...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 9: Beebo The God of War

The Legendary Ladies make their 2017 exit with a recap of the Legends of Tomorrow S3 midseason finale. Amy, Kat, and Morgan laugh about Beebo, mourn the loss of Jax, and try to figure out if they can still have a Jax of the Episode. The ladies read extensive feedback, crown their MVP, and answer a very fun question corner. The Legendary Ladies will return in 2018 with an episode dedicated largely to discussing the crossover. A very merry Beebo Day to all! Find the hosts online! Amy:...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 8: Crisis On Earth-X

As the Arrowverse have their annual crossovers, so does the DC TV Podcasts Network! On November 29, hosts from The Flash Podcast, Quiver: The Green Arrow Podcast, Supergirl Radio, and Legends of Tomorrow Podcast came together live on Mixlr.com/DCTVPodcasts to cover the massive crossover: Crisis on Earth-X! Throughout the show, Andy Behbakht, Brittany Rivera, Andrew Dyce, Michael Cohen, Amanda Konkin, Rebecca Johnson and Kat Calamia, discussed the epic event as the heroes from Arrow, The...


Legends Of Tomorrow Podcast Season 3 – Episode 7: Welcome to the Jungle

The Legendary Ladies are back to discuss "Welcome to the Jungle," an episode they all enjoyed even though Sara was in a coma. The ladies discuss the emotional Mick storyline, are impressed by the Gorrila Grodd special effects, and have some questions about that President Johnson subplot. They also read listener feedback, answer some question corners, and give some important Rice-a-Roni cooking tips! Find the hosts online! Amy: @Amy_Marie97 Kat: @ComicUno Morgan: @Mojotastic Tweet or DM...