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409 – People Like Us – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

The midseason premiere of Fear The Walking Dead feels more like a Tropical Storm than the Category 1 Hurricane we were promised. The episode isn't bad, per say. It's not overwhelmingly exciting either. It kind of.... just is. Showrunner Ian Goldberg described it best on The Talking Dead when he said that many of our characters find themselves "rudderless." And you can definitely feel it. Many of our characters are adrift, floating aimlessly until something more exciting comes along to propel...


Season 4B Preview – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

This week on the podcast we're catching up on all the Fear The Walking Dead related news - we're talking Season 5 renewels, more crossovers, and the future of The Walking Dead. In addition, we're discussing some highlights from the Season 4B Comic Con trailer - bad weather, new characters, and possibly another villain. We'll see you next week for episode recaps! Enjoy our Fear The Walking Dead Podcast? Be sure to subscribe to our show, completely FREE on your Android or iOS device. Visit...


408 – No One’s Gone – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

Whether you loved it or hated it, we can all agree the Fear The Walking Dead mid-season finale has created quite the stir in the fandom. Last week we chatted about some major mistakes they made in Episode 7 and whether they might recover in the mid-season finale. Frankly, we're torn. We fundamentally disagree with the decision to off the lead character, but we also don't fully hate the episode. Which leaves us even more conflicted when we discuss the future of the franchise sans Madison....


407 – The Wrong Side of Where You Are – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

After a rather stellar showing this half season, Fear The Walking Dead took a major stumble this week with an episode that could go down as one of the worst of the series. Fear took a page out of The Walking Dead's book, showing our characters making completely illogical decisions in order to further the plot. Couple that with a villain with no motivation, a useless, tension killing past/present narrative, and characters we're finding increasingly irritating, this episode was hard to...


406 – Just In Case – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

We don't care what the haters say, we're really enjoying this season of Fear The Walking Dead. Frankly, we just don't give a damn about the dam. Might it pop up in a Daniel story line later in the season? Sure. But until then, we are perfectly okay with where the story currently resides. Don't get us wrong, we have a few minor issues with this episode, but nothing that's going to make us rage quit the show anytime soon. We chat about all this and recap the latest episode of FEAR on this...


405 – Laura – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

This week we get what we assume will be Gimple's pièce de résistance of this season - a semi-bottle episode with a single focus on John Dorie and Naomi's blossoming relationship and questionable end. Of what we know, The Walking Dead tends to do these pretty well, with enjoyable episodes from the past like "The Grove" and "Clear." Was Fear The Walking Dead able to nail this signature style as well? We think so, but a lot of the fans do not. We chat about all this and recap the latest...


404 – Buried – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

The seeds of doubt are present in this week's episode of Fear The Walking Dead, and in more ways than one. We watch our beloved survivors contemplate leaving The Diamond, while we watch viewers contemplate leaving this show behind, too. Where do you stand in the debate? Being only four episodes in, we're still fully on board, but we respect the criticism. Sure, you can definitely see Scott Gimple's influence on the season, but we're not ready to give in to the Vultures just yet. We chat...


403 – Good Out Here – Fear The Walking Dead Podcast

This week we equally praise and criticize Fear The Walking Dead, but ultimately net out on the side of the show and not the critics. Dare we say Morgan's kill/not kill story arc has finally come to a close in this episode? One can only hope. But there is enough forward momentum at this part of the season to keep us completely intrigued about what's to come. The death of a major character in the third episode of a season was an unexpectedly delightful turn of events, and frankly, the hit...


402 – Another Day in the Diamond – Fear The Walking Dead

This week on Fear The Walking Dead we revisit Madison and her family since the dam explosion in Season 3. There seems to be a pretty strong outcry from the fan community regarding this time jump, and a general disappointment in the plotting of this season already. Most of the resentment seems to be geared towards Scott Gimple and his involvement with the show. However, Jon and I aren't necessarily feeling the hate quite yet. The show has us intrigued enough to keep us invested, even when...


401 – What’s Your Story – Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead premiered this week with a new cast of characters that have us intrigued. While Morgan (one of the more annoying characters) from The Walking Dead has joined the cast, we were pleasantly surprised by his presence on this show. Lots of questions remain, however. Where is Madison? And was it the right decision to have an entire premiere not feature any of the previous season's cast? Listen to this episode of the Fear The Walking Dead Podcast by Fandom Found and find...


Season 4 Preview – Fear The Walking Dead

We're back - and I've got to say, other than a few minor issues, cough Morgan cough, we are pretty damn excited for Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead. After a rather stellar showing last season, can Fear continue to outperform its own mothership show? We'll just have to wait and see. But this week, Jon and I discuss the Season 4 trailer of Fear The Walking Dead and discuss some of the most burning questions around this season. How will Morgan play a role on the show? Are we getting a...


315 & 316 – Things Bad Begun & Sleigh Ride – Fear The Walking Dead

The last two episodes of Season 3 were truly a mixed bag -- there was plenty we enjoyed, while other parts of the plot left us saying "do less". Fast pacing seemed to hurt our suspension of disbelief, but there was enough interesting plot points to end Season 3 in our good graces. Check out our podcast coverage for Fear The Walking Dead episodes 15 and 16, Things Bad Begun and Sleigh Ride. We will be recording a Season 3 wrap up podcast episode -- we want to hear your thoughts about the...


312 – El Matadero – Fear The Walking Dead

After two stellar weeks in a row, El Matadero left us scratching our heads a bit. There were some definite highlights; Alicia's budding relationship with pick axe wielding, Diana was fun and fresh. However, while logical and completely realistic, Nick's relapse at the bazaar doesn't necessarily feel like compelling TV. Lastly, the episodes reliance on traditional drama tropes brought a particularly underwhelming conclusion to the Daniel/Ofelia reunion arc. Check out our podcast coverage...


312 & 313 – Brother’s Keeper & This Land is Your Land – Fear The Walking Dead

Two for the price of one during this week's Fear The Walking Dead podcast recap -- and how appropriate since Jon and Sebastian are both impressed by the surprising jump in quality over the last two weeks. Is a lack of Madison actually making the show more enjoyable? Or maybe it's the absence of Strand or Daniel? Do we actually care more about Nick and Alicia than we initially thought? We discuss all this and more on this episode of the Fear The Walking Dead Podcast by Fandom Found. If you...


311 – La Serpiente – Fear The Walking Dead

While laughable, we can't help but find the latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead rather endearing? What has turned our cold, dead hearts warm again? Is it Madison and Strand's budding relationship? Is it the fact that 20% of this episode had our heroes crawling around in literal shit? We don't really know, but we try to break it down in this week's episode. Check out our podcast coverage for Fear The Walking Dead episode 11, La Serpiente. If you enjoyed this week’s show – please...


Fear the Walking Dead – 309 & 310 – Minotaur & The Diviner

Fear The Walking Dead returns this week with a double stuffed midseason premiere, but were these two episodes enough to get us stoked for the remainder of the season? Find out by listing to our podcast coverage for Fear The Walking Dead episodes 9 & 10 entitled Minotaur & The Diviner. If you enjoyed this week’s show – please subscribe to our show. Send us your feedback at fear@fandomfound.com. We'll be sure to include your thoughts on our show. You can also keep in touch by visiting us on...


Season 3B Preview – Fear The Walking Dead

We're back - covering The Walking Dead spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead - this time under our brand spanking new brand called Fandom Found. Hosting the Fear The Walking Dead Podcast by Fandom Found will be none other than TWD Enthusiasts co-host Sebastian, along with my new co-host for Fear, Jon. On this episode, we've covering off on our feelings about Fear The Walking Dead to date, that's Seasons 1-3A. After that, we've chat about the Fear The Walking Dead Season 3B Comic Con...