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Fun Fiction: Episode 27 - Figment!

On this week's episode, we're joined by Jim Murphy (@ApparentlySmart) of Opposite Attractions to discuss one of the greatest rides in the Disney parks, Journey into Imagination with Figment! We discuss our first time riding the ride, the pros and cons of the older version featuring Dreamfinder and Jim breaks Scottye's heart with his wife's opinion on Jurassic Park! But the question remains... will Figment ever find love? Can Scottye possibly find a fan fic that makes Figment dark? And most...


Fun Fiction: Episode 26 - The Adventure Zone Pt. 3!

Time to head back into a familiar world that we love... The world of THE ADVENTURE ZONE! Join Scottye and Brenna as they talk about their personal favorite TAZ arcs, The Eleventh Hour and Suffering Game. After that, we get into reading some great stories in this multiverse before giving the reigns back to DM Scottye as we see what's next for Sydnee Rosenthorn! But the question still remains, adventurers, what song has taken over our heart from these arcs? Why are we so in love with the...


Fun Fiction: Episode 25 - Stardew Valley!

It's time to unplug everything (except for your podcast device) and head out to the farms! Scottye and special guest, Blake Tanner, are here this week to discuss Blake's favorite game, Stardew Valley! We discuss the dark history of Joja Cola, the pain of fishing and Scottye's obsession with Emily... But the question remains... Can Scottye maintain talking about a game he's barely played for an hour? How's Blake adjusting to now being on three podcasts? And most importantly... how much will...


Episode 24: Fun Fiction: Episode 24 - Goblet of Fire!

After much delay, welcome back to the world of Fun Fiction! This week, Scottye and Emily get into the world of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! They discuss their thoughts on the film, the many things that were better in the book and how Harry cheated to get where he was! But the question still remains... Will Emily be able to stand My Immortal? Does Scottye enjoy the teen angst that this movie oozes? And most importantly... How the hell were you supposed to see anything in the...


Episode 23: Fun Fiction: Episode 23 - Nightmare on Elm Street!

Happy (belated) Halloween everyone! It's time to get spooked and scared with Wes Craven's classic, Nightmare on Elm Street! Scottye and Brenna discuss the problems with Freddy being originally called Fred, how goofy this film really is and Scottye's love of yelling back at movies! But the question remains... Why would you remake this movie? How great of a writer was 11 year old Brenna? And most importantly... What happened to Johnny Depp!? Fan Fics! Fright:...


Episode 22: Fun Fiction: Episode 22 - Dexter!

In this week's episode, we talk about everyone's favorite kill-boy, Dexter Morgan! We talk about our origins with the show, the possible problems with letting teenagers watch it and why Doakes is actually the greatest (despite what Brenna says.) But the question remains... How come Dexter never sweats? How easily is Scottye influenced by murder shows? And most importantly... how exactly is this show related to How I Met Your Mother? All this and more on Fun Fiction! FanFics:Do You Really...


Episode 21: Fun Fiction: Episode 21 - Supernatural!

In an episode that's extremely overdue, Scottye and Brenna dive into the world of Supernatural! They discuss their love of the show, favorite characters and their reaction to the strange turns the series has made in the last few seasons... But the question still remains, are our hosts Team Dean or Team Sam? What's their favorite season? And most importantly of all... What's up with all the weird Bagel slashfic!? Fan Fictions:Supernatural: Dog Edition:...


Episode 20: Fun Fiction: Episode 20 - Spider-Man: Homecoming!

In this week's episode, we take a deep dive into the world of Spider-Man! Brenna prepares a whole episode on Homecoming while Scottye just talks about Spidey knowledge in general (He forgot to watch Homecoming.) But the question remains... Who the hell is Swiss Miss? Is there any great Spiderman Fan Fiction? And most importantly... What did NPH do to Brenna? All that and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS...


Episode 19: Fun Fiction: Episode 19 - Gravity Falls!

Gravity Falls, it's great to be back! It's time to talk about the greatest thing the Disney Channel's done in years! But the question remains... Who does Brenna connect with most in the show? How far did Scottye get into the show in one week? And the biggest question of them all... Can Brenna write a happy fan fic? Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 18: Fun Fiction: Episode 18 - Prisoner of Azkaban!

Greetings dear readers... It's time for an awesome animal party in the world of Harry Potter! But the question remains... Which 90s pop-star is Draco Malfoy turning into? How bad is My Immortal going to get? And most importantly of all... Will Scottye finally admit that he's a Potterhead? All this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 17: Fun Fiction: Episode 17 - Pokemon!

In this week's episode, Brenna and Scottye choose you... to listen to an episode all about Pokemon! But the question remains, dear listener... What is the saddest moment in Pokemon history? Who would our heroes choose as their ideal Pokemon? And most importantly... How quickly can our heroes turn a happy kid show in a dark existential crisis! All that and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 16: Fun Fiction: Episode 16 - John Cena!

Greetings, dear Fight Boyz and Girlz, and welcome to another episode of Fun Fiction! In this week's episode we talk about the meme, the myth, the legend: JOHN CENA! But the question remains... Will Scottye take over the show with wrestle talk? How do our heroes feel about John's appearance in Fred: The Movie? And most importantly... Is all John Cena fanfiction garbage? All this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS...


Episode 15: Fun Fiction: Episode 15 - Twilight!

Greetings, dear readers! In this week's episode, Scottye and Brenna delve into the world of Twilight! But the question still remains... Is Brenna Team Edward or Team Jacob? How kinky is the biting talk gonna get? And most importantly of all... How will Scottye get through an entire episode devoted to Twilight?! All that and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 14: Fun Fiction: Episode 14 - The Adventure Zone Pt. 2!

Hail and well met, listeners! It's time for Scottye and Brenna to dive back into the world of that good ol' Zone Cast! We talk about Pedals to the Metal and Crystal Kingdom, then read some great buttery fanfiction! But the question remains... Who is Scottye's favorite TAZ creation? Will our hosts pick the same fanfic? And most importantly of all... Who the hell is Syd Vicious? NOTE: Super sorry this episode ran so long! Apparently, DND takes a while to play? Also... please excuse the heavy...


Episode 13: Fun Fiction: Episode 13 - My Little Pony!

What's up, bronies? Ready for a fun-filled exciting adventure of friendship through the world of My Little Pony? Well... We don't do that here, we just kinda read fan fiction about it... But the question still remains: Did either of our heroes choose to read Cupcakes? Can Brenna survive writing her own fan fic? And who really is the best pony? All this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 12: Fun Fiction: Episode 12 - Chamber of Secrets!

Join us, dear readers, for an adventure into Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! But these questions still remain... who is Brenna's TRUE HP crush? Will Scottye actually like the book this time? Is My Immortal just the worst fan fiction ever? All this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 11: Fun Fiction: Episode 11 - Teen Titans GO!

Join us, dear viewers, as we discuss our new favorite movie of all-time, Teen Titans Go! But the question remains... Is TTG better than the original? Is this the greatest soundtrack of all-time? Can Brenna and Scottye find fan fiction that doesn't involve murder? The answers to all this and more on Fun Fiction!


Episode 10: Fun Fiction: Episode 10 - Ready Player One!

Join us, dear readers, as we check out Ready Player One ahead of its home release! It's one of our favorites but the question remains... How did Scottye obtain the most amount of RP1 swag in Alabama? Will Brenna somehow be able to disconnect the film from the book? Is the movie as good as the book? (Spoiler Alert: NO.) The answers to this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 9: Fun Fiction: Episode 9 - Zootopia!

Join us for a quest into our favorite 2016 animated film about sentient animals, Zootopia! But the question remains, dear reader, how much Nick and Judy smut is on the Internet? How quickly can Scottye delete his browser history? And can Brenna write a fan fiction without killing one of Scottye's parents? All this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Episode 8: Fun Fiction: Episode 8 - Ant-Man and the Wasp!

Greetings, heroes! Join us this week as we review Ant-Man and the Wasp! But the question remains... Is Brenna's crush on Paul Rudd her largest crush so far? Will Scottye write a non-offensive fan fiction? Is there a decent Ant-Man fanfic without involving the rest of The Avengers? The answers to all this and more on Fun Fiction! Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo