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Fun Fiction: Episode 5 - Dog Lake! (The Adventure Zone! Pt. 1)

Well… it looks like we’re going on a journey into… THE ADVENTURE ZONE! Join us this week as we just gush about our favorite podcast of all-time and read some of the great fan fictions in the TAZ: Balance universe! But will we be able to stop from spoiling the rest of the arcs? Will Brenna kill another beloved character? Is Scottye good at rolling critical hits? All this and more on Fun...


Fun Fiction: Episode 4 - That’s My Donald! (A Goofy Movie!)

For the first time ever, we’re seeing things Eye to Eye! We review A Goofy Movie and discuss just how attractive all these dogs are! But the question remains, dear listener… Will Brenna find a fan fiction that doesn’t make Scottye cry? Is Powerline the greatest artist of our time? And just how good is Scottye’s Donald Duck impression? All this and more on Fun Fiction! Links Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Fun Fiction: Episode 3 - Gush Hour (Stranger Things!)

Get ready to turn it up to 11 this week! We discuss Stranger Things Season 2 and then delve into some surprisingly good Fan Fiction about it! But will our heroes ever find bad Stranger Things fan fiction? Why does Scottye hate Bob so much? Is Brenna willing to forgive him for that hatred? The answers to all this and more on this week’s Fun Fiction! Links Twitter @ALoadOfPureBS @Brennasaur @Scottyemo


Fun Fiction: Episode 2 - Republican Droids (Solo Review!)

Join Scottye and Brenna as they delve into Solo: A Star Wars Story! Did they think it was as good as other Star Wars films? Was Lando just as cool as we expected? Is there any good Solo fan fiction? All this and more on Fun Fiction! (And as always… there will be spoilers!) Links


Fun Fiction: Episode 1 - Business Wheelchair (Deadpool 2 REVIEW)

Spoilers ahoy! Join Brenna and Scottye as they take a deep dive into the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Deadpool 2! Did our heroes love the film? Will they find good Deadpool fan fiction? Is that Melissa McCarthy puppet movie gonna be any good? Find out on this episode of Fun Fiction! Links