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Just Married

Marianne and I wanted to thank everyone for listening and hopefully laughing along with us as we watched all these (what I think are) fantastic movies. The thread is going to stay up so feel free to go back and listen to your favorites! Also, check out our new podcast called Just Married. It's basically the old podcast but with less movies and more of whatever else we did on the channel. As we like to say at our improv shows,...


Secrets In The Attic

Secrets In The Attic This week is a very special episode of Girlfriend Movies, not the least of which because it's a revenge week but listen/skip to the end to find out. Our featured movie for this REVENGE WEEK is a blast from Marianne's grocery store renting days, Secrets In The Attic.


The Last Dragon

The Last Dragon Marianne and I discuss The Last Dragon, yelling at speeding drivers, 13 Reasons Why, and being part of the Mountain Dew Generation.


Guardians of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy This week we take a look at the ever charming space romp that is Pluto Nash. Wait, that's not right. Yeah, no. F#@$ that. We watched Guardians of The Galaxy because I really wanted to take Marianne to the sequel this weekend. Find out how we have 6-degrees of separation from Chris Pratt and what Marianne calls Glen Close.


Revenge Movie - Forrest Gump

Forest Gump Back from a long hiatus, we wanted to get everyone caught up on our comings and goings while we visit Marianne's all-time favorite movie Forrest Gump!


Best of Bill Paxton Vs. Bill Pullman

First Episode of 2017 & Season 3. We're back under sorrowful circumstances with the passing of the late & great Paxton. As you all may or may not remember Mr. Paxton is part of the only consistent segment we have on this show, "Pullman or Paxton," in which we ask who would better serve that week's movie. We had a lot of fun arguing which would be better in movies like Entourage, The Room, etc. and it speaks to his stellar career that there wasn't one that he didn't fit. Best of Paxton...


Ocean's 11 w/ Marianne

What happens when you put one of Hollywood's greatest casts together with its hardest working director and Julia Roberts happens to be there because whatever?


Aliens: Best of Patreon Commentary w/ Marianne

We're trying something new this week! We recently started up a Patreon page where you can go check out our commentary tracks to go along with the podcasts you've come to love. Check out the page and see what it's like to be in the room as Marianne and I watch these movies for the first time and riff like Jimmy Page with an inferiority complex.

ThanksKilling! w/ Marianne

Here we are back and better than ever with a brand new Revenge Movie. This week Marianne took me on a trip down memory lane to the movie her and her friends would watch and apparently barely pay attention to. ThanksKilling is this week's podcast and I can honestly it's probably the best LMU film school movie filmed on location in Ohio featuring a turkey puppet.


Entourage w/ Marianne

What happens when you throw 80 million dollars at a movie about 5 characters so uninteresting that they have to hop from one non-problem to the next? About 5 episodes of Entourage smushed together in a theater near you with tits, Ronda Rousey and more tits. Marianne and I watched Doug Ellin's opus so won't you join us?


The Michael Bay Episode

It's been a few weeks, and why is that? Well we watched three films by Michael Bay, the only Director that manages to make explosions boring. Since Marianne couldn't stay awake for any of these films I figured we wrap them up in a nice bow and toss them to you for one Michael Bay extravaganza. Enjoy! Also, we talk about Titanic for a second. Permalink


Con Air w/ Marianne

Con Air, the story of a man caught on the wrong side of the law with only his extensive military training, constantly dying friend and majestic flowing wig.


A Year in Review

It's the holidays and we've been pretty busy with parties and rug cutting and what not SO we've got ourselves a little recap show where we lie in the beanbag and


Earnest Saves Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This week's episode is coming in as hot as a yule log playing on your Youtube channel. We watched Earnest Saves Christmas and took a trip down memory lane to discover that Earnest is not made for children, but dumb people.


Empire Strikes Back w/ Marianne

We're back this week doing a redux of Empire Strikes Back. Why? Because this movie deserves more than 15 minutes and quite honestly I don't even remember recording that episode. The prequels will do that to a person.


Gone in 60 Seconds w/ Marianne

Marianne is back for the amazingly Bruckheimer-y Nicolas Cage movie Gone in 60 Seconds. Listen as we talk about Kevin James fearlessly releasing all of the animals at the San Diego Zoo in the heist of a life time directed by Brett Ratner... Also, Marianne fell asleep for half of the movie and this is one of her theories to what it's actually about.


The Room w/ Marianne

We're back for the second year of Girlfriend Movies and we're kicking it off with a doozy. Marianne joins me for her first main solo Girlfriend movie and we watched the tragic tale of 4 actors tricked into starring in what Tommy Wiseau imagines adulthood to be like. Permalink

Roadhouse w/ Aryiel

After a quick week off we're back with the Patrick Swayze tour de force 'Roadhouse.' Throats will be ripped, kicks will be round housed and boobs will be rock hard when the Swayze rolls into a Twilight Zone of a town.


Chocolat w/ Molly Revenge Week!

We're back with a Revenge Week! Molly returns to check out the kind of French, kind of not, sort of classic that most people forgot about. In this episode we talk about having sweet sweet chocolate sex, Alfred Molina's internal dialogue and what the longest word in the English language is.