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The officially unofficial podcast for FX's Justified. News, Episode recaps and analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Justified TV series.

The officially unofficial podcast for FX's Justified. News, Episode recaps and analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Justified TV series.
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The officially unofficial podcast for FX's Justified. News, Episode recaps and analysis, your feedback and more, all about the Justified TV series.






613 – “The Promise”

Jim and A.Ron send off Justifed in style with a nearly two hour reflection on the final episode (#613 - "The Promise") and series as a whole... In this podcast, we discuss the shortcomings of the plot underpinning this season, but the overall strength of the characters, our affections for same, our favorite moments, how we rank the seasons against each other, and our favorite quotes. Plus, tons of your great feedback, and much more. It's been fun everybody! Take it easy...


612 – “Collateral”

Aside from our very high expectations, we discuss Raylan's crossing the outlaw line, and what that will mean for Art, Tim, and Rachel, Vasquez's impotence, Boyd's third explosive encounter for the season, Duffy's new mobile dog washing business plan, empty chambers, and Sam Elliot turning up the vocal gravel to 11. Can't wait for next Tuesday, and don't forget to send in any Justified season overall opinions or series final thoughts, as we'll be wrapping up our coverage next week! See you...


610 – “Trust”

This podcast for Justified episode 610, "Trust", asks whether Justified is going to go out with a bang or a whimper? It's not like we don't trust the Yost with the most, but with three episodes again, it's already pandemonium in Harlan, and where do we go from here? We discuss Boone's fascination with fashion, get a glimpse of where Loretta got the steel in her spine (turns out, it wasn't all Mags' tutelage), wonder how Boyd is going to be relevant to the story going forward, and are...


609 – “Burned”

Rats are outed, young'uns step up, Boyd is unchained, Seabass gets his severance package, Raylan meets a dangerous man with questionable bangs and dispenses medical advice, while Mikey learns a hard lesson about life. All this and your feedback with the latest speculation and theories!


608 – “Dark as a Dungeon”

Justified catches it's breath in episode 608, entitled "Dark as a Dungeon"... Even as some plots get neatly tied up, others get murkier. We discuss Raylan's fascination with Boyd's balls, the relative importance of who gets reward money, Raylan's determination to Leave Harlan Alive, and offer full coverage of every snitch theory known to man, and invent a few of our own! All this and your feedback, no goat sacrifice required!


607 – “The Hunt”

A.Ron and Jim discuss screaming babies, debate Raylan's suitability in any sort of relationship, Boyd's psycho-sexual interrogation trip to his father's hunting cabin, Art and Tim gettingmore solid gold scenes and one liners,and wonder when or if they'll finally figure out how to let Rachel have some fun.


606 – “Alive Day”

Jim and A.Ron are loving the final season, and have a lot to say about the latest installment, episode 606, "Alive Day". We discuss the awesome portrayal and poignant end of Choo Choo, Avery Markham experience sudden muscle loss, a possible re-contextualizing of Ava's crazy get out of Harlan escapade from last episode, Boyd's near death experience, and just who the hell is the mole in the Hale case, anyway? All this, and much more, including plenty of feedback and theories from our fellow...


605 – “Sounding”

In this episode 605 of FX's Justified, "Sounding", the show takes a quick breather to setup the next round of plot developments while still managing to throw us in some fan-red-meat in the form of Constable Bob and Limehouse. A few things we were aplexed about; Ava playing the hapless damsel in distress routine in particular was not a good look for her. Other topics discuss include the various types of "damps" one can encounter in a mineshaft, Choo Choo's impending Steinbeck moment, Bob's...


604 – “The Trash and The Snake”

Justified episode 604, "The Snake and The Trash" was one of the best episodes in recent memory, and continues a very strong run for the final sixth season. The Yost with the Most commits to serious, hard core fan servicing, as we get explosive surprises, including the return of Dickie and Loretta.It keeps getting harder and harder to pick a line of the week as Raylan, Boyd, Tim, Ava, Art, and the whole cast keeps being on point. Hope you're having as much fun with this season as we are!


603 – “Noblesse Oblige”

Another incredibly strong episode of Justified, “Noblesse Oblige”… all of the show’s cards are on the table, saving Ava, who remains the wild card. Now we just get to sit back, and watch to see who walks away from the table a winner, and who just doesn’t get to walk away. We talk banana hammocks,…


602 – “Cash Game”

Jim and A.Ron break down the latest happenings from Harlan in episode 602, “Cash Game”. We talk about the trio of Ty, Choo-choo, and Seabass, wonder what Katherine and Avery’s angle is, try to once again figure out Ava’s game plan, applaud Tim embracing his inner Raylan, and ponder how the Pizza Portal fits into…


601 – “Fate’s Right Hand”

Justified is back! We are doing it by ourlonesome, pissed off, who wants some? You? Okay then! This podcast covers episode 601 entitled “Fate’s Right Hand”, in which the body count already starts rising. We talk about our worries for Raylan, Ava’s hard to read motivations and loyalties, Boyd’s bank deposit box, Dewey’s turtle dog,…


600 – Season Six Preview

Justified is back, and after two long years, so are we. We talk about the Good, Bad, and the Ugly of season five, and our hopes and fears of season six. Who lives? Who dies? Who rides off into the sunset, happily ever after? Bottom line; Raylan vs Boyd is the matchup we’ve been waiting…


Justified Hiatus

Good news and bad news this week for our continued Justified coverage. The good news is that we’re still covering Justified on our new show, The Bald Move TV Podcast. The bad news is that means we’re no longer going to be doing a “featured” show around Justified. Thanks to all our fans, especially to [...]

Taylor Elmore Interview – Season 3 Wrap Up – Justified

Hey Justified fans, we’re back for a season 3 wrap up! We’re happy to have Justified Writer / Producer Taylor Elmore on the show again to guide us through last season’s twists and turns and give us an idea of what we might be in store for in the coming season. I hope you enjoy [...]


311 – Measures – Justified

As I sit watching A.Ron chug moonshine and polish his revolver I can’t help but recount our history, wondering if I’ve done anything that might justify retribution. I’m fairly certain that the worst I deserve is a dutch oven next week when we share a room at PAX but it makes a man nervous. Since [...]


310 – “Guy Walks Into a Bar” – Justified

It’s super late, and I’m in the grip of the ‘shine, so let’s make this short and sweet like the last gulp of Magg’s apple pie. This episode was Neal McDonough’s Emmy submission, and just about ’nuff said. Raylan is bad ass, Art is funny, Quarles is scary, Wynn wonders what the fuck he’s gotten [...]


306 – “When The Guns Come Out” – Justified

In case you missed it, be sure to check out our interview with Justified writer/producer Taylor Elmore that we released earlier tonight. After that, join us for a discussion of Quarles’ hobbies, Raylan having a bad day, what’s up with Winona, Limehouse’s rebellion, and Arlo’s possible senility. Then in the feedback section we hear from [...]


Interview with Justified Writer/Producer Taylor Elmore

Thanks to listener Ed K, we were put in touch with Writer/Producer for FX’s Justified, Taylor Elmore. Mr. Elmore was kind enough to give us about an hour of his time for a wide ranging interview that touches on his history with the show, the process for creating Justified, his thoughts and opinions on the [...]


305 – “Thicker Than Mud” – Justified

It’s the end times for Dewey Crowe! Repent ye sinners, and make amends before the Guns Come Out. Join Jim and A.Ron for a discussion of Winona and Ava’s support of their men, body horror, Raylan’s most creative police shooting yet, just how stupid Dewey is, Boyd’s message, and Quarles’ receipt. We have a big [...]