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Star Wars podcast covering all the latest news, theories, and more from a galaxy far, far away in less than 12 parsecs!


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Star Wars podcast covering all the latest news, theories, and more from a galaxy far, far away in less than 12 parsecs!






Book of Boba, Not the Drink

Cheyenne & Brody start off pretty chill in this ep because the brain fog is real but the derailing surely commences about halfway through. There are also dinosaurs... Enjoy


Visions Pt. 2

Brody & Cheyenne keep it chill this week with a quick talk about Episodes 4-6 of Star Wars Visions. We know it wouldn't be an episode of KRW without at least ONE tangent so we saved it for the end


Christmas in the Stars

The Christmas album you didn't know existed and probably didn't actually need but we brought it to your attention anyway! Brody & Grace fly solo (duo?) on this musical galactic mission and discuss the Earth Christmas album, narrated by Anthony Daniels, tune in for christmas chaos. Happy Holidays to all and any holiday you're celebrating this time of year, we'll see you in 2022! May the Force be with you, Always!


CWC: Bad Batch Edition - Rampage & Decommissioned

Brody gets bleeped with Porg sounds and Cheyenne is anticipating too many theories! Join us as we talk two Bad Batch episodes that are full of fun easter eggs and cute bb rancors... Well, rancor. Follow our Instagram & Twitter @kesselrunweekly for the latest episode and streaming updates. And as always, thanks for listening & May the Force be with you!


Visions: Part One

Cheyenne finally gets her life under control long enough to watch three, 10-minute episodes of the most important Star Wars content. Brody & Cheyenne discuss Star Wars Visions! The new anime episodes on Disney+ covering non-canon timelines but still incredibly dope stories! As always, thanks for listening & May The Force Be With You!


CWC: Hunter Becomes A Dad

Another Bad Batch Edition of Clone Wars Commentary brings Brody & Cheyenne to discussions of betrayal, The Empire's takeover, & most of all -- Hunter coming into his fatherly instincts. Give us a follow on Instagram & Twitter at @kesselrunweekly! & Check out Danny's streams at wookieedan on Twitch!


Obi-Wan & Boba Day

Disney+ Day came with a lot of Marvel property announcements & a few cool projects from recently acquired properties but not much Star Wars; So Cheyenne & Danny get into their thoughts on the upcoming Book of Boba Fett & chat about the Obi-Wan Kenobi concept art! Always a silly goose time with your fave hosts & don't forget to follow us on Instagram & Twitter (@kesselrunweekly)! May the Force Be With You, Always


CWC: Bad Batch Edition

WELCOME BACK! Thank you all so much for your patience while we all worked on our busy lives but we have finally been able to come back together and talk some Clone Wars. Grace & Brody join Cheyenne to talk the Bad Batch to kickoff the end of our hiatus. Chat with us on Instagram & Twitter @kesselrunweekly & Thanks so much for listening. May the Force be with You, Always!


The Hiatus Is Over!

WELCOME BACK, NERDS! We are so excited to be back and to catch up with you all & chat more Star Wars because the content never ends. Join the Kessel Crew to see what we've been up to and what Star Wars has been up to! You can look forward to Bad Batch, Visions, Obi-Wan, Book of Boba, & even Marvel content in our upcoming episodes but for now, let's just get back to it! Thanks for listening & May the Force be with you, Always. ~ Follow @kesselrunweekly on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter ~


Author Interview: Sariah Wilson

Sariah Wilson is the author of a new romance novel, The Seat Filler. Cheyenne & Grace chat with her about the Star Wars celebrity encounters and life experiences that helped spark the inspiration for her new book! Follow Sariah for book announcements & Rian Johnson and Daisy Ridley content at @sariahwilson411 Check out the rest of our content @kesselrunweekly on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram! Thanks for watching & May the Force be with You, Always.


What Do They Eat In Space?

Brody & Cheyenne talk food from the galaxy far far away. Join them as they enter the mindset of space food critics in the form of a troig alien species - wind chimes and yoga vibes included in the package. Seriously though, this is one of our sillier episodes and we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it! For more Star Wars content, follow @kesselrunweekly on Insta, Facebook, & Twitter or join our streams at Thanks for listening & May The Force Be...


Clone Wars Commentary: Mercy Mission & Nomad Droids

What's Up Kessel Crew?! Summer & Cheyenne talk DROIDS this week when C3PO and R2D2 help out a planet without the help of the Clones. Join in the Star Wars conversations with @kesselrunweekly on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter! Answer polls and stay up to date on articles and podcast episodes through the Facebook Group "Kessel Crew" Thanks for listening & May the Force Be with You, Always!


Ezra Bridger ft. Brody

Brody & Cheyenne venture back into character chats with a discussion about everyone's favorite Rebels boi (except Cheyenne), Ezra Bridger. A great character to dive into and an even greater episode for classic B & C tangents! Join us on social media @kesselrunweekly on Insta, FB, & Twitter! Thanks for listening & May the Force be with You, Always!


Clone Wars Commentary: Season 4 Kickoff! Water War!

Hello There! Kicking off Clone Wars Season 4, Brody joins Cheyenne to discuss the Water War arc and Prince Lee Char's history on and off the screen. There are explosions and rude shark-men and royalty, what more could you ask for in a Star Wars show?! More KRW Star Wars content: As always, thanks for listening & May The Force Be With You!


Clone Wars Commentary: Padawan Lost & Wookie Hunt

Ahsoka is at it again with the confidence and abilities to back it up! Grace (@amidala_716) & your CWC host, Cheyenne (@cjerrica), talk about Ahsoka's growth, Trandoshan sounds, and Chewbacca's Clone Wars introduction! Want more from Kessel Run Weekly?! Check out our, join our facebook group Kessel Crew, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @kesselrunweekly! Thanks for listening & MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS


Re-Casting Star Wars: Disney Animation Edition

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... there lived a bunch of Disney animated films and countless opportunities to cast those animated characters in Star Wars! Join Rebecca, Cheyenne, Connor, & Grace on this adventure & find us on social media. Cheyenne (@cjerrica) Rebecca (@rebhoff29) Connor (@connorsharpton) Grace (@gracewilliams28) And don't forget to follow the main channel, @kesselrunweekly, on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter! Join our twitch streams at...


What's Next?

Hello There! As always, thank you for your patience and loyalty! This week Rebecca (@rebhoff29) and Cheyenne (@cjerrica) talk about their theories, apprehension, and excitement about the new Star Wars shows and movies coming to Disney+! Have thoughts you want to share? Message @kesselrunweekly on Instagram or come join our Facebook Group, Kessel Crew! Don't forget to follow our podcast/stream team @kesselrunweekly on Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter! Join the discord for even more...


LIVE Mando Season Finale Review

Danny, Cheyenne, & Grace go LIVE on Twitch to discuss thoughts and feels on The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale! Join us on a history lesson, lore talk, and speculation journey & stay tuned AFTER the first close because Danny & Grace continue with a Kessel Run Weekly AFTER SHOW to talk more Mando with the chat! As always, follow us on social media @kesselrunweekly on instagram, facebook, & twitter. Join the twitch family on & join the facebook group, The Kessel...


The Citadel - Clone Wars Commentary

Brody joins Cheyenne to discuss the nuances of Anakin, Tarkin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, and The Clones on their adventure into and out of 'The Citadel.' We'd like to thank all of our listeners for their loyalty and excitement at each new episode! Check us out on social media @kesselrunweekly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Join the Facebook Group, The Kessel Crew, for weekly updates and polls and pop into chat on our streams at TWITCH! May the Force be with you!


The Mortis Arc - Clone Wars Commentary

aka THE lore arc of the century; Mortis teaches Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka so much, and fans in the process. Join Grace & Cheyenne as they deep dive into the actions and thoughts of our favorite trio. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @kesselrunweekly! Join our Facebook Group, "The Kessel Crew" & keep an eye out for Clone Wars Commentary episodes every other Wednesday! New [main channel] episodes every other Friday! Thanks for listening & May the Force be with you!