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#67 Season 6 Episode 16 (Series Finale) - Nashville Rewind

We discuss the series finale and whether or not it was satisfying for most people. We talk about what might have made it better and what was spot on. Our take on Rayna’s return, why wasn’t Scunner the end game? Javery’s love story, Is Will healthy and why Zach? Will Deacon end up with Jessie … Continue reading #67 Season 6 Episode 16 (Series Finale)


#66 Season 6 Episode 15 - Nashville Rewind

Join us as we discuss the penultimate episode as well as our thoughts on the Rainee Blake episode (#65) and our predictions for the Finale. Songs Falling Hard–Alannah & Avery The Girl on The Mountain—-Steve Earl Going Electric———Gunnar Scott When You Came Along———Sean & Scarlett Check out this episode!


#65 Rainee Blake (Alannah Curtis) - Nashville Rewind

Rainee Blake is a triple threat singer, songwriter, and actress who stars as Alannah Curtis on NashvilleCMT. Born in Australia, Rainee currently resides in Los Angeles. We love Rainee and we are so happy that she called us to talk about NashvilleCMT and her career. This is a must listen and afterwards go buy her … Continue reading #65 Rainee Blake (Alannah Curtis)


#64 Season 6 Episode 14 - Nashville Rewind

We discuss the 14th episode of this season. Only 2 episodes left 🙁 Songs: I’ll Waltz You Home—–Gideon Itty Bitty Ditty——–Deacon Treading Water———-Alannah Check out this episode!


#63 Season 6 Episode 13 - Nashville Rewind

We enjoyed this episode, although no Gunner and no Will. The acting by Charles Esten was outstanding once again. There were some annoyances and that was mostly due to continuity errors and lack of detail. Al and I still don’t think Gideon is as redeemed as he says he is. Any chance Daphne gets voted … Continue reading #63 Season 6 Episode 13


#62 Season 6 Episode 12 - Nashville Rewind

Wow! What a dramatic episode! We can’t say enough about the acting jobs by Charles Esten and Ronny Cox in this episode. We could feel the pain from Deacon and his Dad Gideon. We look forward to more scenes from these two actors. “Cliff Notes” summary. Deacon’s Dad comes to town and says he is … Continue reading #62 Season 6 Episode 12


#61 Season 6 Episodes 10 & 11 - Nashville Rewind

Post vacation, this episode covers 10 and 11. Instead of giving you guys the “Cliff Notes”, I’ll let the episode speak for itself. Songs; 10 Love Goes On—Elise Go——–Last Highway Memories Crash—–Daphne 11 We Belong——Maddie Jaymes Duertmete Mi Nino—– Juliette Barnes Check out this episode!


#60 Season 6 Episode 9 - Nashville Rewind

We are back in the saddle and ready to bring you the last 8 episodes of NashvilleCMT. We both enjoyed the episode but were a little disappointed that we got no Juliette. Brief synapses: After collapsing on stage, We find out that Will did not have a heart attack but he has a heart infection … Continue reading #60 Season 6 Episode 9


#59 Season 6 Episode 7 & 8 - Nashville Rewind

After a long couple of weeks, we are back!! Fresh off our trip to Nashville, we discuss the last 2 episodes including the mid season finale. Allison & Joe both agree that episode 7 was a dud and we spend little time covering the “highlights”. We do get into the mid-season finale heavily and … Continue reading #59 Season 6 Episode 7 & 8


#58 Season 6 episode 6 - Nashville Rewind

Oh Gunnar! What have you done? We talk about episode 6 entitled ‘Beneath Still Waters’. We both liked the episode and thought the Jessie and Daphne scene stole the episode. @KaitlinDDay was our episode MVP. Cliff Notes—Alannah is a social media hit. Avery and Gunnar decide that she should play a bigger role but Will … Continue reading #58 Season 6 episode 6


#57 Season 6 Episode 5 - Nashville Rewind

We both feel this episode might be the best so far in its young season. Chip really brought his “A” game for his acting performance. Cliff Notes—The boys decide they need a woman in the band to hit the high notes. Maddie gets upset at Jonah after his ex puts out a video song disparaging … Continue reading #57 Season 6 Episode 5


#56 Season 6 Episode 4 - Nashville Rewind

Another episode that took a second watch to fully enjoy. Before listening to this Podcast, make sure you bid on our show T-Shirt signed by Charles Esten at Ebay. 100% proceeds go to NEABPD. Cliff notes—The boys don’t believe they are in sync (see what I did there?). Avery is put off when Juliette mentions … Continue reading #56 Season 6 Episode 4


#55 Season 6 Episode 3 - Nashville Rewind

This was a highly emotional episode that was much better after a second watch. We do have lofty expectations for this show being the last season and all so while good, we did expect more. Cliff Notes–Zach tells Deacon he wants to make a change and run for Senate in California but don’t worry he … Continue reading #55 Season 6 Episode 3


#54 Season 6 Episode 2 - Nashville Rewind

If you like fun one liners, this was the episode for you! This episode had some very good and humorous moments. There was also some awkward moments as well. The Cliff Notes—Deacon runs into Jessie at the market while Scarlett avoids Gunnar. Scarlett gives Deacon the idea to ask Jessie for a date. Will and … Continue reading #54 Season 6 Episode 2


#53 Season 6 Episode 1 - Nashville Rewind

Welcome to the new season of everybody’s favorite CMT show, Nashville. Unfortunately, its also the last season. Let’s hope for 16 solid episodes. This episode was a good start and we discuss our likes and dislikes and where we think things will go moving forward. In this episode’s “Cliff Notes”, Maddie gets a call to … Continue reading #53 Season 6 Episode 1


#52 Season 6 Preview - Nashville Rewind

The new season is just around the corner. We discuss what we hope happens this season. Check out this episode!


#51 Season 5 Episode 22 (finale) - Nashville Rewind

Worth the wait!! We discuss the Season 5 finale. We both really liked the episode, however we both thought for a season finale, we should have gotten more. What happened you ask? Deacon finds out that Zach is angry about the no branding and decides to pull their funding including paying the light bill. Luckily, … Continue reading #51 Season 5 Episode 22 (finale)


#50 Season 5 Episode 21 - Nashville Rewind

Wow!! The show knocked our socks off this week!!. Plenty of good music and tension. We actually got to hear Rachel Bilson sing!!. Deacon gets a text and he is wanted by the Opry to perform in the round as a solo artist. He tells everyone about trying to decide but ultimately its Jessie … Continue reading #50 Season 5 Episode 21


#49 Season 5 Episode 20 - Nashville Rewind

Quite frankly, this episode didn’t really do it for us. We question with 3 episodes left in the season, why give us what felt like a “filler” episode? We did like that it was a Gunnar centric episode since both he and Will have been absent much of the season. Maddie gets nominated for an … Continue reading #49 Season 5 Episode 20


#48 Season 5 Episode 19 - Nashville Rewind

We talk about the Nashville USA tour and opening night in Orlando. We meet Chip for the 3rd time. He still is the coolest dude on the planet!! Then we recap Ep 19. Nobody does sad like show-runners Marshall H & Ed Z. This episode was well written and acted. The drama continues. Scarlett loses … Continue reading #48 Season 5 Episode 19