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Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.

Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.
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Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.




702. The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

It's time to drop major bombshells, not hide the girls' disdain for Diana Fowley outright, and struggle to pronounce this episode's title correctly. And, of course - WHAT is UP with the BLACK OIL? For the hundredth time, Vanessa and Carolyn admit they have no idea. Plus, they scratch their heads about the CSM-Mulder mind meld and Mulder's Jesus complex. But don't worry - the girls manage to throw in a little shipping, too! Closing music by Jackson Beatz. Check him out here on YouTube:...


701. The Sixth Extinction

Look out dinosaurs and dodos--we are examining extinction! This week we get to know the X-Files in a biblical sense, erm, ummm, I mean, it'll make sense when you hear it! Carolyn shares some memes, Vanessa shares some science, so business as usual. Then they wrap it up with an in depth and rather bumbling discussion of the plot with all its twists and turns. So pull out an earbud and listen in! And as we always say, "Kill me once shame on you, kill me twice that's impossible!"


Season 6 Wrap-Up!

Get ready for the end of season 6 and our transition into the beyond! OK, that sounded morbid. Really, we're just going into season 7 soon. But anyway, you'll want to download this episode for X-Files games, highlights of our season 6 coverage, and discussion about our favourite Mulder and Scully moments of the season! We also bite the bullet and engage in some story improv (spoiler alert: two characters play house...) that ends with guns a-blazin'. Shout out also to our listener and...


Bonus: Christmas Spectacular 2018

Welcome and happy holidays! This year Carolyn and Vanessa have an extra-special bonus holiday episode for you! Highlights include: an X-Files-Christmas-Carol-Off, a visit from the highlight reel of Christmas spectacular past, and some heart-warming holiday X-Files fanfic! So pull up a burning yule log and settle in with your coziest slippers for some holiday fun! And remember: Christmas comes but once a year! Want bloopers from this episode? Want snail mail and a newsletter? Want our...


622. Biogenesis

It's the end of season 6, and we can hardly believe it! But first, the girls hypothesize if Jesus is an alien, say the word “sperm” a lot (and they don’t mean whales), and share some special features! Don’t forget to send us your holiday traditions! Send us an E-mail by December 17 for the chance to have your story read on various podcasts! For Chimamanda Ngozi’s TED Talk “The Danger of a Single Story,” visit Check out another podcast -...


621. Field Trip

Get on the bus! Carolyn and Vanessa are taking you on a field trip! This week we do a minisode of the episode in which Mulder and Scully get a real outdoor education. Relevant topics: Prom (as in, what is it? We have no idea), Teen Witch, decomposing cadavers, and some psychedelic CGI! Like what you hear? Check out all the perks on our Patreon:


620. Three of a Kind

We're back with another chat about our favourites - The Lone Gunmen! But where is Mulder? And does Scully really ever get to own her flirtyness? What is going on with Jimmy, Timmy, and Kimmy? Do we have fun facts with Carolyn? (Yes!) Do we reference quotes about Michael Bolton and Langly's hair? (Yes!) All this and more - the truth is in here! Be one of a kind (or one of a few thousand) and follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr! Want sneak peeks, bloopers,...


BONUS: Halloween Spooktacular (Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween)

Salutations, ghosties and ghouls! This year we are dishing up another steaming helping of spooky pumpkin casserole with our annual Halloween Spooktacular! Vanessa and Carolyn welcome back founding member, Taylor, to help us deliver thrills and chills, oh and plenty of laughs! Download for our ghastly discussion of Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, but stay for all the extra Halloween goodies we threw into your trick or treat bag! We also include a lively segment where we answer the hard...


619. The Unnatural

Aliens and racism. That's what you'll find us talking about in this episode! Not to mention - a lot about David Duchovny, and SO MUCH SHIPPING. A-hoy, mateys! You can find the Geeky Chef's Nonfat Tofutti Rice Dreamsicle recipe here! Hit a home run for us and follow us on social media at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr! Want sneak peeks, bloopers, and snail mail from us? Then check out our Patreon!


618. Milagro (With Lindsey Romain)

This week we find out if the pen is mightier than the Scully in an episode that will get your heart racing! Carolyn and Vanessa welcome TV columnist, human lie-detector, and sunglasses appreciator Lindsey Romain to give us some insight into the mind of a writer. Don't miss our discussion on the finer points of ripping someone's heart out. Stay tuned for all your favorite segments, plenty of shipping, fun facts, Mulder dad jokes and 90's moments galore! Check out some stories from Lindsey...


617. Trevor

This episode was brought to you by a writer whose last name we can’t pronounce for the life of us! We'll take you on a whirlwind tour of the episode that is the perfect specimen for Vanessa's usual gender studies analyses. Carolyn reveals a surprise about her past X-Files memorabilia, and we discover that we live for "the little smiles." Also, there's a certain lamp that gets a big chunk of airtime... We recorded this episode remotely, because our podcast room and equipment have moved and...


616. Alpha

Doggone-it, the girls are back at it again! This week Vanessa and Carolyn (with help from the podcast dog, Yoshi) try not to chase their tails for a whole episode about dogs. Some delightful topics that will make you sit up and beg for more: cryptozoology (try saying that five times fast), C's favorite scary short story, Scully's jealousy, internet dating in the 90s, terrible dog puns, and so much more! If you listen to the whole episode, you get a biscuit! Check out this week's featured...


615. Arcadia

It's the one we've all been waiting for - Arcadia! Carolyn plays a game with Vanessa and opens up more about her high school X-Files obsession. Vanessa and Carolyn ask whether the X-Files has just been trolling the fandom all these years, and Vanessa asks the poignant questions during their Shipping Report. Plus, find out why Skinner is the girls' crazy bald hero, hear all about their meet and greet with Chris Carter, and say hello again to the Intern of the Week! As always, please follow...


614. Monday (with Vin Forte)

Someone got a case of the Mondays? This week Carolyn and Vanessa welcome back Vin Forte from Anytime with Vin Forte. Feast your ears on these podcasting nuggets: lazy storytelling, pleading the fifth abroad, water beds and dreams of the high seas, the worst day of our lives, and the confusing logic of time loops. And remember kids, you can live this episode over again--just press repeat! Check out Vin's many projects. You can find Anytime with Vin Forte here:...


613. Agua Mala (with Fake Geek Girls)

For this episode, Vanessa and Carolyn welcome Missy and Merri from the podcast Fake Geek Girls! The girls have a whale of a good time talking about Agua Mala, with lots of laughs and silliness, but also some more serious (but not too serious) critique of the representations of Latina/Latino people and discussions of the symbolism of water in the episode. In a shipping report that makes a splash, Missy and Merry join in heartily, and Carolyn also gives us some direct quotes from her head...


612. One Son

This week Vanessa and Carolyn are at it again and, full disclosure, they can be trusted to tell you the truth! C admits to her shower-phobia, whether or not that is actually a thing, and V shares some Mulder snark! Then they lament the bee that wasn't there--trust me it will make sense after you listen! Thanks for joining us as we follow our bliss by fully shaming the syndicate for being selfish and the CSM for being self-absorbed. Check out our Patreon for special perks and member bonuses!



Thanks so much for listening, everyone! Here are the things we mention in this little update: Interview with Brian Huskey "Drive" Interview with Jeff Gulka Interview with Dean Haglund Interview with Anne Simon That's Weird Podcast TFGIF Podcast I Never Saw That Podcast Our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Patreon


BONUS: Xclusive Interview with Brian Huskey (X-Files, Mr. Neighbor's House, People of Earth)

Hello friends! We're so happy to see you today...We're so happy you came to play! We'll have lots of fun! Fun by the ton! Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcaaaast! Oh, what will we learn today? It's hard for us to say! We'll have lots of fun! The fun has begun! Today at 10, 9, 8-7-6, 5-4-3-2-1...Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast! We were delighted to speak with Brian Huskey, who portrayed Reggie Something in "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat" in Season 11 of the X-Files! He is also the star...


611. Two Fathers

Hey listeners, word up! This week on the mommy of all daddy issues episodes Carolyn and Vanessa discuss fathers, mothers, and faceless alien rebels, so--you know--just another thanksgiving dinner at the NAXFPP house. C has to face her issues with faceless phantoms and V ships Mulder and Scully "playing basketball under the moonlight." Also included: dives into 90's nostalgia, CSM voice overs, and lingering shoulder squeezes. Check us out on patreon here for cool perks and extra NAXFPP...


610. Tithonus

This week, the girls ask: "WHAT ABOUT LOVE?!" They also dive into the person Arthur Fellig was based on, the story of the Greek god Tithonus, and Carolyn shows off her mad poetry chops. Plus, what's Mulder up to this whole time and how does he feel about this whole X-File-that's-not-an-X-File thing? We explore that question and so much more! Let us feel like Greek gods (or at least demigods?) and check us out on Patreon for some fun and perks, including bloopers, sneak peeks, and snail...