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Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.

Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.
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Vancouver, CA


Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.




607. Terms of Endearment (With Guest: Marc)

This week we have a devil of a good time! Carolyn and Vanessa welcome Vanessa's high school friend and Bruce Campbell fan, Marc. Even though this episode has a classic case of "demon fetal harvest," we find plenty of laughs! Listen to find out what we think about Garbage, 90's style turned hipster fashion, Mia Farrow haircuts, kiln misuse, and that famous chin! Check out Marc's podcast at: Be a dear and follow us on social media! We're on...


605. Dreamland II (With Guest: Georgia)

"Special Tramp Dana Scully!" Georgia is back for Dreamland II! Get cozy with your blankie and join us as we make some links between this episode and Season 11, talk way too much about Mulder's new sleeping arrangements, and contemplate what we would do with mirrors above our respective beds. Georgia also confesses a newfound love for Skinner, right here on the podcast for the world to hear! Follow, follow, follow! We're on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram! Also check out our...


604. Dreamland I

Are we dreaming or are there three podcasters in the studio this week? Don't worry, it's not an invasion of the body snatchers-- Carolyn and Vanessa are happy to have Georgia back! We relive some poignant '90s moments, including glitter, bold eye shadow, chunky hairstyles, and late night X-Files viewings. Georgia uncovers some feelings for a beloved X-Files character, Carolyn shares some childhood speech struggles, and Vanessa reveals her teenage fashion icon. All in all we got some wild...


603. Triangle

Come along with Vanessa and Carolyn for the ultimate shipping journey, also featuring Skinner, bad German, and some Carolyn theories that get crazier and crazier as the night goes on... Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram, and check out our Patreon to help keep us afloat in a digital podcast sea! This episode features a promo for 600 Second Saga. Find this podcast at


602. Drive

Who's gonna drive you home tonight? Hope it's not Mulder, that might be a bit of a headache! This week: Vanessa and Carolyn invite Darren Mooney of The M0vie Blog to talk about the fastest episode in the west! We cover a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to, Irish lawyers, American western expansion, a litmus test for library quality, and so much more! Also, who are we shipping this week and is Darren a shipper? The answers might surprise you! So feel free to hop into your...


0601. The Beginning

Hello friends! After a crazy (and sometimes disappointing) season 11 experience, we are back with the original series and we're finally on season 6! (Full disclosure: We recorded this before season 11 aired...So there might be references that are dated. Oops.) In this episode: Shipping Report, confusion about the Syndicate, and some griping about Diana Fowley...and we make a poignant analogy for the alien that bursts out of that dude's stomach. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook,...


1110. My Struggle IV

Carolyn and Vanessa struggle with the season 11 (and probably series) finale this week. We dive right into the William of it all, while discussing the surprising twists, "head explosions" and "bumps" along the road! Then join us for walk down memory lane as we revisit some highlights of the season and look to the future. The Truth is out there, and in here! We look forward to seeing you soon when we pick up season 6 after a short release break! Check out Avi's interview with Chris Carter...


1109. Nothing Lasts Forever

Put on your Mulder glasses, grab a smoothie (of the veggie or fruit variety, preferably), and open your Bible...We're talking "Nothing Lasts Forever" with Vin Forte of the podcast Any Time With Vin Forte. Here's what we discuss: Biblical passages and faith, a church-centric Around Vancouver, and whether or not Mulder and Scully are together and what that really means, because who knows? Not us! Also listen to hear who blames God for, well, everything bad. Trigger warning: Carolyn tells...


1108. Familiar

This episode feels a little...familiar. Vanessa chats with Meg and Jen of the podcast Indoorswomen about this episode with recycled themes but, admittedly, very. Creepy. Bad guys. Other topics include Mulder dad one-liners, speculations of where The Ship will be sailing, and whether or not this episode has feminist elements. Check out Meg & Jen's podcast Indoorswomen! They are a podcast of the geeky pop cultural persuasion. Two intellectually curious and geekily inclined BFFs discuss...


1107: Rm9sbG93ZXJz

TGV0J3MgdGFsayBhYm91dCB0aGUgbm9pc2llc3QgZXBpc29kZSBvZiBzZWFzb24gMTEhIFRoaXMgZXBpc29kZSB3aWxsIGdldCB5b3VyIGJyYWluIGJ1enppbmcuLi4=... Ok, we're the worst... Join Q2Fyb2x5bg0K and dmFuZXNzYQ0K for Rm9sbG93ZXJz! You'll hear all about Q2Fyb2x5bg0K's Spring Break plans (oh, so risqué) as well as who the human equivalent to a blob fish is (and you'll find out way more than you wanted to know about this creature). Not to mention - just what IS the language that inspired the title of this...


BONUS: NAXFPP Revisits Apartment 42

In this very special episode with our very special guests, we present a very special discussion all about Season 10 and 11. Radhika and Max of the blog Apartment 42 Revisited join Carolyn and Vanessa this week to explore the questions you were dying to someone would address: What did the franchise do wrong with season 10 and 11? What did they do right? And are we starting a new NAXFPP cult? You'll have to listen to find out! Listen also for some 90s moments, and hear Carolyn's very special...


BONUS: Facts and Fandom Podcast Debut

There's a new podcast in town! Friend of the podcast, Lindsay (you've heard her here before), has decided to embark on her own podcasting journey! We welcome her into the Rationally Random Media fold and are super excited to debut her FIRST EPISODE EVER! Perfect for an X-Files hiatus. Come listen to the awesome Dr. Joselyn Rojas talk about her path towards becoming a Medical Doctor and then an Immunology researcher at Harvard. Lindsay and Joss talk science and how people perceive their...


1106. Kitten

Meow-za, have we got a tail for you! This week we have a special returning guest to the podcast, founding member Amanda! The three girls have a great time together, kind of like the old days, but not the old days when the CIA was experimenting on unsuspecting people through the MK-Ultra project. Download now for info on these secret government projects and to get the skinny on young Skinner! Also you will find out some choice information about how our intrepid podcast hosts watch horror...


1105. Ghouli (Cross-over with Somewhere in the Skies)

It's cross-over time, with Ryan Sprague from Somewhere in the Skies! Ryan, Vanessa, and Carolyn have a blast praising the X-Files fandom and the stars that make the show happen, pointing out commonalities between Slenderman and Ghouli, and giggling all about Bob. Ryan tells his UFO sighting story, and reveals whether or not he gets embarrassed watching MSR with his parents. Prediction: Carolyn will talk about Edgar Cayce, too. And then, it's all. About. William. Find Ryan and Somewhere...


1104. The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

We start off with Carolyn giving us all her thoughts on the previous episode, "Plus One." Then, Vanessa and Carolyn wonder: What would Scully and Mulder's Tinder profiles and online dating life look like? The girls reminisce about the 90s and lose some forehead moisture trying to wrap their heads around the Mandela Effect. Carolyn finds her new catch phrase, and Vanessa schools us on how to use the internet in a responsible way. Things we talked about on this ep: Heavyweight Podcast...


1103. Plus One (With Guests: Lindsay and Sara)

After 25 years, it's what we've aaaall been waiting for...ATTHS. Twice. Vanessa is joined over the phone by two Lone Gunwomen of Newspace, Lindsay (back from last week!) and Sara. The girls ask the most important questions: Is this the best Chris Carter episode in a long time? Is this episode unnecessarily sexually charged? What is up with the obsession with Scully as a mother and her aging body? The girls also sing the praises of a certain cartoonist (find them here) and a certain...


1102. This (With Guest: Lindsay)

Vanessa is joined by friend of the podcast, Lindsay, to discuss "This" well-rounded episode. The episode starts with Lindsay's thoughts on "My Struggle III," then the girls touch on subjects such as digital vs. analog, the story behind "the fajitas," the false notion of internet privacy, and - what else? - shipping, shipping, shipping. Listen to the end of the episode for an all-audio version of the promo for season 11's next episode, "Plus One." Mentioned in this episode: "The X-Quiz...


1101. My Struggle III

How do you even begin to discuss one of the most problematic plot twists in television? Carolyn and Vanessa try - and it's hard. But the girls try to keep it as lighthearted as possible, while also attempting to make any iota of sense of it all. Content warnings: Discussions of rape. It's kind of hard to avoid in this one. Don't forget to follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr.


Bonus: Holiday Spectacular 2017!

It's beginning to look a lot like X-Files...On our podcast now! Join us for X-Files holiday songs, poems, and a few surprises! We are also honoured to debut the newest song by the Devilish Winks, "The Ballad of Poor Duane Barry." Don't touch that dial - it drops after the episode! AND we announce the winner of our holiday ornament draw! Thanks for sticking with us this year. Here's to more laughs in 2018! We're taking a release break December 28th and January 4th, because - traveling...


XF 915. Jump the Shark

This week we say goodbye to some old friends and say hello again to the X-Files. Carolyn sings a heartfelt goodbye to our boys, Vanessa keeps us all on the track with plot points and helps us explore the hatred that we feel for Morris Fletcher! Join us for the laughs and a few tears as we hop over this toothy fish of an episode! Thanks for sticking with us through our "very special episodes" of The Lone Gunmen! Next week, look out for our holiday special! We then take a 2-week release...


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