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P.S. You're Wrong About: Anne Hathaway (Episode 19 - Birthday Special)

In this special episode honoring Matt’s birthday, Shelby and Matt take a break from their usual format to visit the highs and lows of a specific pop culture icon. For this inaugural Birthday Special, they’re talking all things Anne Hathaway. First, they get things started with a few stories about their celebrity encounters (5:53), including run ins with Taylor Swift and Kevin Spacey. Once things move to Anne Hathaway (19:28), they discuss the highs, the lows — and the Hathahaters before...


Bohemian Rhapsody (Episode 18)

Shelby talks about Ariana Grande’s latest hit, Thank U Next (1:12) before Matt brings up Alec Baldwin’s most Alec Baldwin arrest (10:18). Then it’s Rebel Wilson and the battle for the best plus size rom com (11:46) and the spinoff of The Walking Dead that no one asked for (17:03). They mention Kanye’s personal Blexit (20:53) and Spice Girls lack of posh (23:25) before it’s finally time for the feature presentation: Bohemian Rhapsody (25:48). They talk about Queen, Rami Malek and fact versus...


2018 Fall Network TV Pilots (Episode 17)

There’s talk of Megyn Kelly’s talkshow (6:51), Justin Bieber’s burrito (11:19), Lena Dunham’s new project (16:00) and Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s beef (20:13). But the real talk is every single new network television show (23:26). Shelby and Matt rank and discuss the sixteen new shows out this fall as they tell you what to watch and what to avoid. For Love It or Hate It (1:33:55), Shelby recommends Superstore and Matt rejects Bad Times at the El Royale.


The Hate U Give (Episode 16)

Paula Abdul slipped (5:28), Amy Schumer got pregnant (7:26), Britney Spears did a drive by (9:11) and Bella Thorne raised 19 cats (13:30). But when Kristen Bell banned Snow White (16:48), Matt and Shelby had a lot to say on Disney, Pixar, and which character they most identify with. Then it’s on to the feature presentation as they discuss the Young Adult film, The Hate U Give (24:52). Spoiler alert at 1:01:20. For Love It or Hate It (1:13:39), Shelby talks about the only kind of scary movie...


First Man (Episode 15)

Matt starts things off with the news of Ariana Grande’s breakup (4:09) which means they lasted less than this podcast. Shelby brings up the weirdness that is Tilda Swinton in the new Suspiria (8:37) which leads to talk of Drake’s weirdness (13:07), Lena Dunham’s weirdness (15:30) and finally, a staple in the podcast, Kanye West’s latest weirdness (16:58). But then they turn their sights to the horizon as they take on the fizzling First Man *(23:54). While they cover the controversy and the...


A Star Is Born (Episode 14)

Shelby is in her element with the latest Taylor Swift news (2:20) as they discuss her surprise — or well-planned? — foray into politics. Then there’s talk of Honey Boo Boo (11:35), Busy Philipps’ throwback about James Franco (13:40), and James Gunn’s shifting loyalties (18:10). But it’s finally time to talk about A Star is Born (20:21) as they discuss what worked, what didn’t, and what the movie about having something to say had to say. A serious spoiler is at 49:05. They wrap it up with a...


Netflix Original Maniac (Episode 13)

Matt starts us off with some Big Brother news (5:49) before Shelby brings it back to the latest JK Rowling drama and the casting of Nagini (9:42). They get into the latest drama with Ye, the being formally known as Kanye (14:59), his relationship with Kim Kardashian (22:49), and then it’s onto Lindsay Lohan’s white savior attempt (26:09) and Cardi B’s brush with the law (27:55). The feature presentation is a little more optimistic as they discuss Maniac (29:24) and whether or not the show...


A Simple Favor (Episode 12)

Shelby summarizes the most recent Bachelor in Paradise drama a la Reality Steve (4:47) before Matt opens up about his fears for the new Joker (12:06). Then it’s time to talk about Pete Davidson (17:13) where Matt learns it’s not okay to insult a person’s looks so he changes topics to the new season of Serial (19:24) before Shelby starts talking about Gerard Butler and how his newest movie looks (21:44). Finally they get to the feature presentation: A Simple Favor (26:14). They are split on...


The 70th Annual Emmys (Episode 11)

Shelby starts on a low note when she brings up Soon-Yi and Woody Allen (8:34) before Matt takes an anti-TV Guide stance against their Top 100 TV Shows of 2018 (14:02). Lena Dunham is trying too hard (19:12), Kanye is trying again (24:02), and Millie Bobby Brown thinks Drake is her best friend (26:12). Then it’s all thing Emmys (29:08) as they give you a rundown on all the fashion, faux diversity and if it was any fun at all. For Like It or Love It (1:15:45) Matt was so-so on* White Boy Rick*...


Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Episode 10)

Shelby and Matt go over the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj scuffle (4:00) before talking about Kanye’s bewildering involvement in the inaugural Pornhub Awards (10:45). Then it’s on to Olivia Munn and The Predator (16:10), and John Legend and the EGOT (20:39). But the real star of the show is John Krasinksi’s return to television in the Amazon Prime series Jack Ryan (28:15). They review the entire series so mild to moderate spoilers abound (48:17). And finally, in Love It or Hate It (1:14:46) Matt...


Searching (Episode 9)

Shelby is very concerned about the announcement of a new Bachelor (6:02) while Matt is entertained by the trainwreck that was men watching Ariana Grande perform at the Aretha Franklin memorial (11:05). Then there’s talk of Guardians 3 (15:20), First Man versus the flag (17:00) and a sad attempt at a #NikeIsOverParty (22:48). But the real star of the show is Searching (27:30) as Shelby and Matt discuss what works and what doesn’t in this desktop thriller when it comes to grief, connection,...


Crazy Rich Asians (Episode 8)

After a brief hiatus, Shelby and Matt are back at it and no subject is left unturned: from Nicki Minaj (2:47) and the VMAs (7:30) to Kendall Jenner’s foot-in-mouth syndrome (16:54) and Louis CK’s untimely return (22:20) there’s a lot to hate. But Crazy Rich Asians gives them a lot to love as they talk about the movie Hollywood didn’t see coming (28:53). And it doesn’t even star Scarlett Johansson. They keep the positivity coming during Love It or Hate it (1:19:41) when Shelby brings up...


The Meg (Episode 7)

Everyone’s upset about the Oscars introducing a new “Popular Film” category (3:43) but Matt is just excited to be talking about award season already. Shelby leads them in a game of Rank Your Favorite Chris’s after breaking the news that talks to star both Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek 4 have stalled (24:33). There’s some music talk about Kanye, Justin Timberlake, and Nicki Minaj but the real star of the show is a prehistoric shark coming up to bite critics in the ass: The Meg...


Christopher Robin (Episode 6)

Shelby gives Matt the rundown on a little show called The Bachelorette and its final rose (4:00). Matt surprises everyone by bringing up the Marvel Universe to talk about the latest Guardians of the Galaxy drama (12:56). Then there’s talk of self-obsessed fans and Lady Gaga’s new Vegas show before they wrap up the Tell Me Something I Don’t Know segment with a look at the season premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians (21:00). But it’s good feelings only when they start talking about the...


Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Episode 5)

Matt is disappointed to find out he might have to watch Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born since it’s a Fall festival darling (12:30) and Shelby is only mildly interested in the backlash against Netflix's Insatiable. But the real drama is the announcement of a live-action movie musical nobody but James Corden wanted: Cats. After expressing disappointment in Taylor Swift’s career choices, Shelby shares the news of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s engagement which leads to a game of...


Skyscraper (Episode 4)

Jeff Goldblum on the Thames. Kylie Jenner mutilating her baby’s ears. MoviePass tries upselling surge pricing. There’s a lot to know, but Shelby only really gets going when it’s time to talk VMA nominations -- and snubs (18:34). Matt puts up with the Taylor Swift talk as they discuss music awards and whether or not they mean anything and then it’s on to the star of the show: Dwayne Johnson, the highest paid actor of the year (35:04). They talk about his career and the need for more...


Sharp Objects Premiere (Episode 3)

Shelby starts off with an update on Ariana and Pete and whether we can just let them live (1:53), then Matt catches her up on all the Emmy nomination drama (18:22). We also talk about Kylie Jenner and Forbes’ “self-made”-gate. Plus #Planebae breaks her silence making everyone involved feel dirty so Shelby and Matt take that as a cue to go full misery as they open discussion on HBO’s Sharp Objects premiere (32:22). They talk about Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl, and the trend of high brow...


Ant-Man and the Wasp (Episode 2)

Justin Bieber is engaged and Shelby can’t stop talking about it until Matt distracts her with a discussion on Zac Efron’s new look and whether two white people have a say in the conversation about cultural appropriation. Plus, there’s talk of Soprano’s prequel and an unbelievable Lady Gaga casting before exploring the viral #PlaneBae saga and the consequence of a social media obsessed world. It makes it hard to transition to Ant-Man and the Wasp but Shelby and Matt do their best as they...


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (Episode 1)

Shelby and Matt are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed talking about themselves and their great taste before challenging each other to a round of “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” (14:30) as they gab about Ariana Grande’s sudden engagement, an unfortunate dip in Johnny Depp’s finances, and the Tanacon disaster that rocked Youtube. Then it’s on to the feature presentation (30:50) with a deep dive into Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They talk about the Jurassic Park franchise and then head into...