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Drop the Hype- PH021

With some of modern gaming’s longest-awaited titles dropping over the last few months, Judge and Crow look back fondly on some of their own most anticipated games and whether or not they ultimately lived up to the hype. Other topics include: Apex Legends impressions, Persona 5 Royal, Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Resident Evil 2 Remaster Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Better With You” by EGZOD (https://youtu.be/vDdKY0n-pzg) Outro: “Donkey Kong Jungle Japes (Dubstep Remix)” by Stephen...


Holiday Palooza- PH020

Ah yes, the beloved holiday season. A time of reunion, a time of capitalistic splurging, and a time of podcasting shenanigans with your two favorite pop culture junkies. Join a festive Judge and Crow this week as they celebrate the holidays the only way they know how: by coming up with racy and raunchy Mad Libs. Other topics include: “Have you heard about Bird Box?”, Playstation Classic Tragedy… Followed up with a tale of spicy romance between Judge and his Vita, Overwatch and Dead by...


Studio Subtext- PH019

Are game developers the creators of fine art, corporate money grabbers, or perhaps something a bit harder to define? Judge and Crow return after a lengthy hiatus to address the industry’s growing podge hodge of troubles. Other topics include: My Hero Academia, Vita Las Vegas!, 2018’s hottest releases, a buttload of patch notes, and the Game Awards Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: "This Way feat. Ari Gumora" by Ben Maxwell (https://youtu.be/CbYFVm8yjLM) Outro: "Royalty Free Retro Video Game...


Nostalgia in Video Games Pt. II- PH018

If you’re a gamer under 18 years old, odds are you don’t remember the dark days of triple-A batteries and candlelit grinds. Judge and Crow, however, vividly recall surviving the Wild West of gaming, and reflect on some of the biggest quality-of-life improvements to emerge since their boyhood. Other topics include: Diablo III Rant and Rave, the illusive Black Lotus Card, No Man’s Sky Next, Walking Dead, Spiderman Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Holiday (Off the Edge)” by On Planets & Hanz...


What is a “True Gamer”?- PH017

To be a true gamer, does it take passion, skill, heart, or perhaps something more intangible? Judge and Crow tackle this pseudo-philosophical bullshit premise with the straightest of faces. Other topics include: Wrecking Ball, e-sports news, anime game announcements, Shin Megami Tensei mobile game, Broly as a canon Dragon Ball character Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Inzo” by Overthinker (https://youtu.be/nTU3Bi0Wr7g) Outro: “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Retrowave-Synthwave)” by...


The King of (Bar) Games- PH016

Some days, you just need a cold brewski. Judge and Crow understand. The only thing that could make the experience better? Getting loaded with Spongebob Squarepants. Other topics include: Our brand spanking new Youtube, NieR Automata’s accessibility, new theatrical releases, JoJo’s Vento Aureo anime adaptation confirmed, Gorillaz gets a new gorilla Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Other Media Used: “8-Bit Retro Video Game Sound Effects 1” by Brand Name Audio (https://youtu.be/nzjtkaLCn60) Thanks for...


Road from E3 (2018)- PH015

E3 2018 has come to a bittersweet end, but Judge and Crow aren’t quite done milking the event for all of the podcasting material it’s worth. If you missed the conferences, don’t even trip, dawg - we’ve got you covered. Other topics include: Crow’s latest platinum, a guest rant, new Halloween trailer impressions, gaming and mental health, Dead by Daylight anniversary Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Vans (it’s Different remix)” by Arrested Youth (https://youtu.be/xY7BM4tAkr0) Outro: “Rhea” by...


Road to E3 (2018)- PH014

The road to happiness can be confusing, full of twists and turns and more than a few potholes you’ll only stumble across while walking down the sidewalk with your first surprisingly expensive bowl of Fro-Yo (R.I.P.). Fortunately, Judge and Crow are here to guide you down the road to 2018’s E3, and really, what is happiness if not new game reveals? Other topics include: FLCL Progressive premiere, Pokémon Let’s Go games, Fallout 76 announcement, another Walmart leak, at least three separate...


Dirty, Filthy, Corporate Sellouts- PH013

They’ve ranted about microtransactions. They’ve fulminated over the death of couch co-op. And now, Judge and Crow tackle corporate partnerships in the entertainment industry. (Fortunately, we’re not entertaining, so if anyone wants to sponsor us, that is still morally justified.) Other topics include: Playstation quality-of-life gripes, a battle royale lawsuit, the death of Runescape Classic, Dead by Daylight’s Curtain Call chapter, the upcoming Netflix series Disenchantment, Detroit: Become...


Pop Culture Letdowns- PH012

We’ve all been let down. From your first time voting against an overfed Oompa Loompa for president to your first shitty podcast episode to your first broken condom, let downs are as American as apple pie. That’s why we decided to round up a few of our most disappointing moments in pop culture and use a bit of that heavily unrefined salt to spice our chicken. Other topics include: Yanny or Laurel, Black Ops 4 and Rage 2 reveals, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux, Overwatch Two Year...


Storytime- PH011

This is the first episode where Judge and Crow are in the same room as each other, so we decided to shake things up a bit. Grab your favorite beverage, prop up a chair, and relax as we present to you two terrible readings of fanfiction. It'll be fun, we promise. Other topics include: Judge acting like bowling is a sport (again), Walmart leaking E3, Fortnite x Marvel, Nintendo's online service strategy, FTC ruling in favor of self-repairing consoles. Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: "Free Fall"...


Biggest Baddest Bosses- PH010

Your long journey is near its end. You’ve spent months taking on the orcs and goblins, and now you think you’re ready to slay the dragon. Until it incinerates you with an open-ended essay question. Wrap up your semester the right way with Judge and Crow as they discuss five boss fights that left lasting impressions on them. Other topics include: Fortnite updates, Dead by Daylight reworks, Attack on Titan season 3 release date, and Nintendo news *SPOILER WARNINGS* Kingdom Hearts 2 Last of Us...


Single Player is Dead(?)- PH009

With the death of couch co-op in video games, can single player be far behind? Join Judge and Crow this week as they mourn the loss of their innocence as the single player games they’ve come to know and love are threatened with extinction by the more financially lucrative online multiplayer model. Other topics include: Some dope music releases, God of War’s welcoming reception, Campo Santo Studio recently acquired by Valve, iPhone SE 2 rumors, and... Mail-Order Brides? Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow...


Silent Protagonists- PH008

They don't talk, so we do the talking for them. How does a main character being a "blank slate" impact storytelling? Join Judge and Crow this week as they hash out the pros and cons of silent protagonists in video games. Other topics include: Overwatch Retribution event impressions, Billy Mitchell no longer the "King of Kong", Shenmue 1 and 2 remasters. Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Too Far (feat. Eskayi)” by Kerbside (https://youtu.be/u76ns6m8PU8) Outro: “Safe On Your Own” by Dreamhour...


Minigames- PH007

Yo dog, we heard you like games. So we put games inside your games. Judge and Crow talk about some good and some not-so-good minigames. Other topics include: an unlikely partnership between PUBG and KFC, April Fools shenanigans, Persona 5 animation. Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Man That I Was (feat. HVNNIBVL)" by Poorchoice (https://youtu.be/IXGmCUlRjpA) Outro: “Find a Way” by New Arcades (https://youtu.be/grbsFH3i3pQ) Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to reach out to us at...


Gaming Confessions- PH006

Some things are best left unsaid. Naturally, we decided to say them. Join the Judge and Crow as they reveal some of their deepest, darkest gaming confessions. Other topics include: Big Dead by Daylight announcements, Luminous Productions, Deadpool 2 Trailer Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Drive (feat. Rookie)” by Olmos (https://youtu.be/MzdNi8sZLGo) Outro: “Future Vision (Futurecop! Remix)” by Waveshaper (https://youtu.be/1g3fxAssE9M) Other media included in this episode: "Arioso from Cantata...


Crossovers- PH005

Everyone loves a good crossover. This week, Judge and Crow talk about what happens when worlds collide. Other topics include: Atari VCS, first impressions of Brigitte in Overwatch, the joys of jumping rope. Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Out of the Dark” by Bishu (https://youtu.be/fpdE23wJIdQ) Outro: “Video Game Music Mix: Session 3” by thepeterson (https://youtu.be/vIpacD8a6lU) Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to reach out to us at contact@podgehodge.net!


Women in the Media- PH004

This week is all about the ladies. Other topics include: Catnado Special Announcement, Nintendo Direct recap, "Violence in Video Games." Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow, Catnado Intro: “Lost” by Sinner's Heist & Unknown Brain (https://youtu.be/Cz2OFJuAw2M) Outro: “Mongolian Throat Singing” by Batzorig Vaanchig (https://youtu.be/1rmo3fKeveo) Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to reach out to us at contact@podgehodge.net!


Top 10 Anime- PH003

This week, Judge and Crow count down their top 10 anime. Other topics include: Dead by Daylight nonsense, upcoming Overwatch character Brigitte, Xbox One X enhancements for select 360 games. Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow Intro: “Mates” by Weero (https://youtu.be/mIbJpx16-Og) Outro: “Memories” by Starlight (https://youtu.be/DCspasXOGmU) Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to reach out to us at contact@podgehodge.net!


Unfinished and Buggy Video Games- PH002

This week, the triad tackles the topic of unfinished and broken video games. Other topics include: Dead by Daylight Lunar Event, Upcoming Overwatch character reworks, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and the delay of the System Shock remake. Crew: JudgeRuled, Crow, Catnado Intro: "Here at Last" by William Black & Rico & Miella (https://youtu.be/KrFSVv0_vFQ) Outro: "Tears in the Rain" by MK Ultra (https://youtu.be/ASEL-TwukKg) Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to reach out to us at...