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Punch Drunk TV 125: The Punch Stops Here

Clinkers, we know it's been a while but we are finally back for one more -- and one final -- episode. Yes, it's true, after almost 7 years, we have decided it is now time to bring Punch Drunk TV to an end. This is Aaron typing, in case you didn't know. I started this show, back when it was first called Best Frienemies, and then revamped to the GeekNation show Pass the Effin Remote, for the simple reason that I wanted to hang out with Jack. I knew we had good chemistry, I was always...


Punch Drunk TV 124: Revenge of The Virgin Bachelor

It's our final episode before a self-assigned mini-hiatus and we're coming at you strong with some exciting news, hot takes, and more drunken idiocy. And clinker Serena sent us candy, so please excuse us because we got real hype throughout the recording of this episode. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: Taika Waititi is developing a "Time Bandits" TV series for Apple.AMC is developing an "Orphan Black" spinoff series.Showtime canceled "SMILF" due to misconduct allegations against show creator...


Punch Drunk TV 123: Luke Perry & Michael Jackson

A whole bunch of celebrity deaths and a disturbing documentary lead us into a more somber episode. We try to keep things as entertaining as possible, though. Welcome to Episode 123. #ClinktheDrink NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: Luke Perry died from a stroke at the age of 52.WWE wrestling legend, 450 lb King Kong Bundy, died at the age of 61."Arrow" will end after a shortened 8th season which will only consist of 10 episodes.Hulu's "Vampire Chronicles" series will begin production in Budapest...


Punch Drunk TV 122: Whiskey Cavalier, On the Rocks

Jack's work schedule is still nuts, and fatherhood is exhausting. But, we're back, delirious and drunk, and ready to pick apart the TV of the week. And we may even talk about Kim Kardashian for a hot minute. And we may be a little sorry about it. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: A Disney villains series is in the works for Disney's upcoming streaming service, titled, "Book of Enchantment." Nathan Lane and Natalie Dormer have been added to the cast of "Penny Dreadful: City of...


Punch Drunk TV 121: From Weird City, With Love

We're back after a week hiatus and, while Jack and I are both exhausted, we've still found time to drink and yell about TV -- for your aural pleasure, of course. It's also the end of this year's Winter Television Critics Association press tour and I may have hung out with the "American Gods" cast ... and I may have told Emily Browning that Jack requested I throw her in a sack. And it may have made things a bit awkward. You'll just have to listen to find out! NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS...


Punch Drunk TV 120: Ted Bundy, Carmen Sandiego and The Black Dahlia ... Oh My!

This week, we're faced with a bunch of horror reboots for the small-screen which could be good or bad news, depending on how you look at it. We also touch on those big TV winners from this past weekend's SAG Awards -- and you'll never guess who won Best Stunt Ensemble. Jack's wife, JoEllen, wants to know ... have you accomplished any of your New Year's Resolutions? Or are you like Aaron and prefer to make goals, instead? NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: A "Resident Evil" TV series, from the...


Punch Drunk TV 119: The CW ... Where Disney Teens are DTF

Aaron here -- after taking a week off my wife, her mother, my baby and I all got hit with the flu, we have returned for Episode 119 of Punch Drunk TV. There's a lot we go over in this episode, including the multiple Fyre Festival docs that hit streaming last week. Before we kick things off, Jack's wife JoEllen poses a question to us and you Clinkers: How would you describe The CW? Because they definitely have their own very specific brand going on. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: The CW...


Punch Drunk TV 118: The Masked Singer Is Dumb ... and Amazing

It's been a long three weeks but we have returned just in time for "The Masked Singer" to capture our full attention and for "The Sopranos" to turn 20. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: The Academy Awards will go without a host for the first time since 1989."Vikings" will end after Season 6.The CW has ordered a pilot for Ruby Rose's "Batwoman" standalone series.The Season 3 premiere date of "Stranger Things" is July 4, 2019.Netflix has canceled Buzzfeed's news series, "Follow This."Hulu has...


Punch Drunk TV 117: SAG Awards So White

It's our final episode of the year. And through Aaron's deliriously tired state and Jack's inebriation, we'd like to apologize for all the loud typing and random banging on the table (seriously, we didn't even realize it was happening until it was too late.) This week, we not only document our winners and losers of the week -- we go through the past year's programming and sift through the best and worst. And we also discuss the SAG Awards TV Nominations ... which, with just a few...


Punch Drunk TV 116: Kevin Hart-less

It's a weird week here at Punch Drunk TV. Jack just got back from a sad trip with the wife and Aaron learned his deceased father used to do biker porn in the '70s. So get ready, things go a bit off-the-rails for a bit. There's also some Oscars drama to discuss and the Golden Globe nominations were announced, so we sort through the most important TV nods. Who do you think should win? NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: Netflix canceled "Daredevil" but spent $100 million to keep "Friends" for...


Punch Drunk TV 115: The Kurt Russell Santa We Never Knew We Needed

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: Netflix has invested $1Billion dollars in a Roald Dahl deal that will bring 16 of the author's books to life -- including, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, The BFG, The Twits, George's Marvellous Medicine and The Enormous Crocodile -- in multiple animated shows.Netflix is developing a 10-episode, live-action "Cowboy Bebop" series."Ugly Delicious" has been renewed for a second season.The planned spinoff to "The Middle" has been scrapped by ABC"Take Two" has...


Punch Drunk TV 114: Crack Pie in the Sky

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! It's turkey week and, while you're stuffing your face while arguing with that crazy uncle of yours, enjoy sneaking an earbud into your ear to take a listen to our wild and crazy show. Oh, and we ate some Crack Pie, courtesy of Momofuku Milkbar. And it was fuuuuckin' tasty. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: "Big Mouth" has been renewed for a third season.Jon Cryer has been cast as Lex Luthor on "Supergirl."Benedict Cumberbatch was almost cast as Vampire Bill in...


Punch Drunk TV 113: American Horror Story: Kathy Bates Robocop

In this week's episode of Punch Drunk TV, we stuff our faces with rolled-up meats while asking the important questions, like: Which John Leguizamo is the best John Leguizamo? Is it the clown from "Spawn" or Benny Blanco From the Bronx? Choose wisely... NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: "Game of Thrones'" final season will premiere in April of 2019.Stan Lee died on November 12 at the age of 95."The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" will release a special holiday episode to Netflix, titled, "A...


Punch Drunk TV 112: Die Rick Grimes Die!

Has it been two weeks or three weeks since we last recorded? Jack and Aaron disagree on these numbers (it's been two weeks, but whatever). Still, it doesn't really matter because we are back! Jack is back from Japan, Aaron has left his couch, there's a bunch of interesting TV news worth discussing, Rick Grimes didn't die, and somehow witches are once again all the rage! NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: After Sunday's episode aired, AMC released the news that three "Walking Dead" TV movies are...


Punch Drunk TV 111: Hill Houses Be Haunting

Being that we're smack-dab in the middle of October, you best believe there is a "fuck-ton," as Jack likes to say, of horror goodies available to peruse on the small screen. And more are coming. Not only do we end up highlighting some of those items to look forward to, but we also go almost three hours in this episode -- because Jack's going to Japan for Halloween leaving me in my baby poop bunker just 'a shaking my fist. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: In its second episode of Season 9,...


Punch Drunk TV 110: Better Call Saul Better Win Big

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: The Walking Deadhad its lowest ever ratings for a season premiere on Sunday with Season 9's premiere bringing in 6.08 million viewers. That's a 50% drop compared to Season 8's premiere.The debut of Jodie Whittaker as the newDoctor Whodrew 1.37 million viewerswhich was a 48% increase in viewership of the series. In the UK, the BBC simulcast brought in 8.2 million viewers, beating the first episodes of both Matt Smith's and Peter Capaldi's runs as the Doctor.Damon...


Punch Drunk 109: American Horror Story: Dumbpocalypse

After a longer-than-normal hiatus, we have returned. And Aaron is now a father. Lacking sleep, but not alcohol, we catch you up on the weeks you've missed and then dive back into TV's craziness. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: Norman Reedus says he never wants to leave "The Walking Dead."James Wan and New Line Cinema have teamed with Warner Bros. digital content creator Stage 13 for "Night Vision," a unique competition horror reality series. For the series, 13 filmmakers will be chosen by a...


Punch Drunk TV 108: Ozark in the Dark

Aaron here. I'll just cut to the chase: my baby is coming any day now. That said, Jack and I recorded this new episode a bit early in the week. As I type this, it's almost midnight on Wednesday and I'm prepping to schedule this to post on its own. Because who knows where I'll be!? Breakfast Pruner is almost here. NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: "Dark Tourist" is being investigated by Japan's Reconstruction Agency and Fukushima Prefectural Government. Henry Cavill will star in Netflix's new...


Punch Drunk TV 107: Lethal Weapon Gets Riggs'd

Did you want a three-hour episode? Well, your wish has been granted. Maybe it's due to Jack's fluid work schedule. Maybe it's because Aaron's unsure if his baby will be born before next Friday. At any rate, we hope you enjoy Episode 107. Who knows when Episode 108 will happen?!? NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: "The Walking Dead" has cast Ryan Hurst, better known as Opie from "Sons of Anarchy," to play Beta, one of the new villains in Season 9.Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott are reprising...


Punch Drunk TV 106: Power Rangers: Stranger Danger

After a few weeks of exploring the netherworld, where we battled three-headed Trump-beasts and drank from the fountains of Cola Mountain, Jack and I have finally returned to bellow our opinions into the TV chasm. Didja miss us? In all seriousness, Jack started a new job at CryptTV and was in heavy production mode which had us go dark for a time. I can only assume that'll be happening more frequently as Baby Pruner touches down. But until then ... NEWS HIGHLIGHTS THIS WEEK: CNN is doing a...