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Bonus Episode - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Teaser Breakdown

The first Teaser for Netflix’s new series, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” has landed! Alex is joined by Fil Araujo to breakdown all the witchcraft, dancing, and swimmer’s build Devils in this shockingly short trailer. They also discuss the casting decisions, how this show came about, and analyze what the first season may bring based on context from the comic series its based on. All that, plus an INSANE story about how Salem becomes a cat, on this special trailer breakdown from...


The Challenge of the Quizmaster: the Trials of Cris, pt3

Set your phasers to STUD, because on this edition of The Challenge of the Quizmaster,’sCris Araujo returns to take Quizmaster Al’s (and BuzzFeed’s) sauciest quiz to date, “Which TGIF Hunk Should You Go Back In Time And Bang?”! Will Cris be matched with the ABC Adonis of her dreams? Will she be stuck doing the Urkel dance the rest of her days? Will Al ever let a video game grudge from 1996 go?! Answers to these and other questions lie ahead, on this DADDY-tastic...


Episode 35 - (Everything I Undo) I Undo It for You

Start tossing your dough, because on this edition of Sabrina’s Witch trials, Sabrina gets into trouble by the slice, when her vague incantations lead to dangerous situations, its “Oh What a Tangled Spell She Weaves”! Join Alex and guest host Fil Araujo as they take a bite out of Sabrina for her abominable pizza production, and attempt to bring logic to this honestly ridiculous episode of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, complete with a pointless B plot, and an appearance from very 90s comedian,...


The Challenge of the Quizmaster: the Trials of Cris, pt2

We all know that Cris Araujo, media maven from, is a Sabrina, the Teenage Witch fan, but… is she a Sabrina, the Teenage Witch EXPERT?! On this quizzical edition of The Challenge of the Quizmaster, Alex finds out, as he administers “The Hardest Ever Sabrina the Teenage Witch Quiz”, to determine if Cristina digs Sabrina, or if she’s a pineapple head when it comes to STTW trivia! All that, plus a bitter sibling rivalry gets drudged up, on this installment of The Challenge...


The Challenge of the Quizmaster: the Trials of Cris, pt1

Call the witches Council and avert your eyes, because THERE'S A NEW QUIZMASTER IN TOWN! The first episode of Sabrina’s Witch Trials’ supplemental podcast, “The Challenge of the Quizmaster” has arrived! Each episode, our Quizmaster in residence, Alex Araujo, will be joined by a guest, to test them with the internet’s hardest and most ridiculous sabrina related quizzes! On this premiere edition of “The Challenge of the Quizmaster”, Alex quizzes that media maven from,...


Episode 34 - Closet Drama

Sabrina’s spilling the tea on this edition of the Witch Trials! Its Friday, the 13which means she’s free to tell Valerie and Harvey she’s a Witch! But, when Libby overhears, and Valerie and Harvey’s day in The Other Realm leads them directly into the center of a vortex, will Sabrina’s secret, and friends be gone forever? Join Alex and guest Cris Araujo (, as they analyze all the corn dogs, pomegranates, and ex Baseball players that makes “To Tell A Mortal” such a...


Episode 33 - Maw Maw Said Lock You In

More delicious than a bowl full of pudding and crackers, it’s a brand new Sabrina’s Witch Trials! On this edition, join Alex and guest Cris Araujo (CrisConquers.Com), as they meet Sabrina’s backwoods brethren, and attempt to analyze their hillbilly humor (and OVERT RACISM), its “Witch Trash”! From pork rinds, to outhouses, and even poor grammar, this episode packs in all the classic yokel tropes, and throws in the drugging of mortals and mortgage talk to boot! All this, plus the triumphant...


Episode 32 - A Witch in Time

Grab your flux capacitor, and your love beads, because on this psychedelic installment of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, Alex is joined by noted child of the 80s, Fil Araujo, to analyze what happens when Salem Saberhagen’s sardine scented sleepy time snack sends the Spellman’s to the sixties, its “Inna Gadda Sabrina”! Will Sabrina be able to regain her magical Time Ball from Salem, and send Westbridge back to the 90s? Will Hilda and Zelda put down the bong long enough to look for it? Will our...


Episode 31 - Children of the (Candy) Corn

Sabrina’s Witch Trials is back to HAUNT your headphones and SPOOK the shit out of you (sorry, but candy corn does that)! On this eerie edition of the show, the ghostest with the moistest, Alex Araujo is joined by the macabre media maven from, Cris Araujo to break down what happens when Valerie’s desire for Halloween hipness gets Sabrina a whole lot of TOIL and TROUBLE, its “A River of Candy Corn Runs Through it”! Also, TALKING FURNITURE!!! Remember, you can always...


Episode 21 - You Just Got Stoned

More mysterious than a brooding janitor with an eyepatch, it’s a brand-new Sabrina’s Witch Trials! Grab a cold compress, because on this edition of the trials, Alex is joined by media maven Cris Araujo to dissect all of the romance, backstabbing, and wasps wrapped into episode 21 of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, “As Westbridge Turns”! After Sabrina pops the top on a magical can of worms, her life goes from dull to dramatic. But, when she’s accused of stealing the engagement ring Mr. Pool...


Episode 20 - Ted-beat Dad

It’s a family affair on this edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, as host Alex Araujo is joined by noted child of the 80s (and 90s) Fil Araujo to break down Sabrina’s behemoth bitchiness, its “Meeting Dad’s Girlfriend”! When our teenage witch friend is blindsided by her father’s new bae, will she welcome the charming and sweet Gail into her life, or will she simply knock her asshole knob up to 11? (I mean, really?) All that, plus more of the Spellman’s trademark racial sensitivity, on this...


Episode 19 - A Cauldron of Purr-uption

Curl your whiskers, and brush your kitties, because on this edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, Alex is joined by media maven Cris Araujo, to analyze all the feline fun in episode 19 of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, “Cat Showdown”! When Salem and Sabrina enter the “Greater Boston Cat Show” in search of quick cash, will the duo have a PAW-sitive experience, or will the seedy underbelly of cat competitions, and an intricate blackmail scheme, leave them in a CAT-atonic state?! All that, plus an...


Episode 18 - Libby Nabbed My Nanna

Bitches and Biddies collide on this elderly edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, as Alex is joined by Media Maven Cris Araujo to analyze our resident teenage witch’s orgy of community service, self-service, and old man eviction, its “Sweet charity”! When her time masquerading as Libby inadvertently leads Sabrina to lose her adopted grandma to Westbridge’s mean girl, will she accept her Nana’s newfound happiness, or upset two other people in order to please herself? (Take a guess) All that,...


Episode 17 - My Froggy Valentine

Prepare to get a “Heart On”, because on this emotional episode of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, host Alex Araujo is joined by noted child of the 80s, Fil Araujo, to break down our resident teen witch’s first, frog filled valentine’s Day, its “First Kiss”! When she discovers that kissing Harvey could have disastrous results, will Sabrina be able to deflect his thirsty advances, or will her first kiss spell death for smoochy? All that, plus a well-hidden Vesta reference, lie ahead, on this...


Episode 16 - Strife On Mars

Grab your skis, and your Mitten Minders, because on this interplanetary installment of Sabrina’s Witch Trials, Alex is joined by Noted Child of the 80s, Fil Araujo, to analyze Sabrina’s run in with martian man candy, its “Mars Attracts”! Will our resident teen witch’s winter ski trip to the big, red planet lead to her relationship with Harvey permanently hitting a rough patch? Will Hilda’s rendezvous with apparent spy Chris Elliot lead to a love connection, or an abduction? Will Salem go...


Episode 15 - Let’s Youth-anize Ourselves

More appetizing than a bag full of hard boiled eggs, it’s an all new edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials! When Sabrina’s aunties transform into teens, with INCREDIBLE names, to chaperone her friends’ midnight trip to Boston to meet the DEFINITELY still relevant Violent Femmes, will our resident teen witch’s voyage be ruined by Hillary and Zellary’s assaulting police officers and inadvertent flirting, or will she end up having a rocking good time?! Join host Alex Araujo, as he, along with...


Episode 14 - A Flan New Attitude

More enticing than a Baltimore Orioles’ sideburn, its an all new edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials! When a chronic bad mood makes Sabrina flee the mortal realm for the other side of her mirror, It’ll take an MLB icon and talentless actor, not to mention a dump truck sized dessert, to help get her back to Westbridge. Join host Alex Araujo, as he flies solo, and head on into the orgy of monkey puppets, indoor rainstorms, and horrible haircuts that is episode 14 of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,...


Episode 13 - Drell-rose Place

More controversial than the Shipping News, it’s an all new Sabrina’s Witch Trials! On this installment of the trials, noted child of the 80s Fil Araujo joins Alex to explore Jennifer Kelly’s creepy crawly adventures through the other realm, its “Jenny's Non-Dream”! With telekinetic brains, calypso music, and lint gremlins galore, this episode has something for everyone, especially if you’re a fan of 80s music heartthrobs and half naked blondes! All that, plus an intricate analysis of the...


Episode 12 - All About that Base Times Height

A bit of easy math for you, 1 easily distracted teenage witch + 1 argumentative algebra teacher + 1 ridiculously rotund rump = 1 terrific new edition of Sabrina’s Witch Trials! This time, Alex is joined by “Ace Photographer” Brayan Casas to analyze Sabrina’s prosecutorial prowess, its “Trial by Fury! Will Sabrina and her aunties manage to convict her cantankerous math teacher Mr. Rothwell (Ed Begley Jr.) of being a big meanie, intern serving him his JUST DESSERTS? Will Salem convince his...


Episode 11 - Homies for the Holidays

Deck your halls and dawn your gay apparel, there’s an all new Sabrina’s Witch Trials! With dumpsters, contortionists and 90s rap icons abound, this joyous edition of the trials delves deep into Sabrina’s holiday hijinks, as media maven Cris Araujo joins Alex to unwrap a tale of a Christmas cat-napping, its “A Girl and Her Cat”! Will Sabrina manage to rescue Salem from his lispy abductor, and bring him HO HO Home? Will the Spellman’s irritating, foppish cousin Monty turn their holiday into a...