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SNN: That's So Zod, Not Harry

Greetings nerds! We are back half-heartedly talking about the latest installments of both The Flash and Supergirl. Our SNN host Sarah Belmont sees a flaw in one trinity pairing on Supergirl, meanwhile The Flash season four broke our SNN Producer, Will Polk. The duo continues to debate the merits of season four with those of seasons past and Arrow season six. Finally, our SNN hosts attempt to explain the ending of Krypton (1x08); because seriously WTF? We rant, we rave, this is Scene N’...


SNN: The One with Rabbit & Tree an Infinity War Spoiler Review

Greetings nerds, we are back to rapidly breakdown as many Avengers: Infinity War plot points as we can. We even had to bring back Pete (@PacingPete) to help keep the discussion both on and off of the rails. First we talk all things Thanos, beginning, middle, and end; because spoiler alert it's his movie. Then our SNN Producer Will Polk unpacks Peter Quill’s poor decision-making, which leads to a comparison to the Vision & Scarlet Witch relationship. We theory spiral, anticipate the road...


SNN: Arrowverse Feat. Daddy Issues, Too Many Feels, & Punches

Greetings nerds! We are back with an all new Arrowverse heavy episode. Returning Guest host, Polly Machor shares her thoughts on The Flash’s underwhelming performance this week and the crew debates if its focused too much on feelings or powers. Meanwhile our SNN Producer, Will Polk gives high praise to Supergirl and strong delivery of subtext. Finally, our SNN Host, Sarah Belmont gets lost in rants about every episode and finds herself on a Laurel Lance soapbox again. We rant, we rave, we...


SNN: Arrowverse Plot Twist...We Disagree

Greetings nerds! Tonight we have a classic Will & Sarah episode, where opinions diverge and clear show allegiances are formed. First our SNN co-hosts tackle Supergirl’s big return, and debated the choices of a Shott-alone episode. Then we they tackle Ralph Dibny on The Flash, warning someone is wearing rose colored glasses after seeing such a strong episode. The crew closes with a great discussion about Black Lightning’s season one finale and the show as a whole. We rant, we rave, we...


SNN: An Arrowverse Free4All Featuring Tamara Gaskey

We are back breaking down two of our favorite shows and a Schmoedown event for the ages! Tonight we are joined by Tamara Gaskey, who provides us with a solid breakdown about The Flash's recent missteps. Meanwhile, SNN Producer, Will Polk finds himself driving shotgun and anticipating a strong season five for The Flash. Then our SNN host, Sarah Belmont gives her point-by-point breakdown about this week's Arrow episode and its significance in respect to the series. Finally we tackle the...


SNN: The One with the Panda GIF at the End

We are back talking Arrow, Black Lightning, Kypton, & other shows that are currently featured in our nerdy TV rotations. First, we welcome back Veronica Rose to the show and she drops some profound knowledge about both Arrow and Black Lightning. Then Our Mister Producer Will Polk explains Sarah the terrifying “attic” ending in a recent episode of Atlanta. This leads to our SNN host ranting about her recent obsession with The Quiet Place; spoiler alert another movie she hasn’t seen. We...


SNN: Jessica Jones Season 2 & Krypton Pilot Review, plus Lightning Strikes

Greetings nerds! We are back talking about reasons for a unanimous disappointment in season two of Jessica Jones. Guest host, Patricia Miller returns to lift our spirits and shed some positivity on the latest Marvel Netflix installment. Meanwhile, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont gushes about Syfy’s Krypton even though the show clearly doesn't have the best budget for a genre series. Finally we review Black Lighting (1x08) where our SNN Producer, Will Polk, finds himself pleasantly satisfied with a...


SNN: Side-Tracked Headlines in the Multiverse

Greetings nerds! We are back talking about The Flash (4x16) and Black Lightning (1x07), among other things pulled from the geekdom headlines. Our SNN host, Sarah Belmont finds herself falling behind quickly on today’s rundown, but in her defense it was Steve Trevor’s fault. SNN Co-Host, Will Polk finds himself protecting Iris West and Barry Allen at all costs from Sarah’s continuous cynicism to The Flash season 4. Then we talk about recent events on the Schmoedown. We rant, rave, and get...


SNN: A Schmoedown in the Arrowverse with Polly Machor

Greetings Nerds! We are back with another Arrowverse discussion with new Guest Host, Polly Machor (@p_machor). She is part of The Flash fan base and shares with us a very unbiased opinion about the fourth season. Meanwhile, our SNN Producer, Will Polk finds himself breaking down Black Lightning (1x07) and trying to figure out the source of tension between Lynn and Gambi. Finally, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself asking a lot of questions, and letting the rants rise during our Arrow...


SNN: I Would Rather Watch Not This with Lacy Baugher

Greetings nerds! We are back with a big discussion about current storytelling flaws occuring in The Flash season 4. Guest host, Lacy Baugher breaks down UnReal season 3, episode 1 and her newfound confidence in the season. Meanwhile, our SNN Co-Host, Will Polk finds himself seeking refuge from his disappointment with The Flash in Black Lightning. SNN co-host, Sarah Belmont just rambles her way through another Sunday night recording...This is Scene N’ Nerd! Approximate times of...


SNN: Wakanda Forever

Greetings nerds this is Scene N’ Nerd live in Wakanda. Tonight our SNN co-hosts have discuss their thoughts about Black Panther, the MCU, and so much more. Will Polk applauds the film for giving us three-dimensional characters, specifically the general Okoye. Meanwhile, Sarah Belmont exposes the Wakanda metaphor for a hero’s burden and ships Shuri with all MCU male sidekicks. Brace yourselves for some of our best soap box rants, this is Scene N’ Nerd!


SNN: Summer Trailer Rants & Spring TV Rambles

Hello everyone, our SNN co-hosts spend the night chatting about the Schmoedown, recent trailers, and the current television landscape. Our Mister Producer, Will Polk finds himself given up on Waco, American Crime Story: Versace, and the Venom teaser trailer. Meanwhile, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont has a realization about the upcoming May box office and gives an honest opinion about Deadpool 1 & 2. This is a rant packed episode, because we finally talk about something other than the...


SNN: Going Devoe in the Arrowverse

Greetings Nerds! We are back with a final Arrowverse discussion before heading in a short winter season hiatus. The SNN crew talk about frustrating inconsistencies, nit-picks, and more with new Guest Co-Host, Nick. SNN Producer, Will Polk finds himself favoring Black Lightning over his other superhero favorites, not to mention starting a bromance with Nick. Meanwhile, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself stuck in some episode breakdown rambles and can't get over Devoe's creepy hovering...


SNN: Tales of the Thinker with Veronica Rose

Greetings Nerds! We are back talking all things The Flash, Arrow, Black Lightning, and This is Us (unintentionally). The crew kicks off the new year with brand new Guest Co-Host, Veronica Rose, whom they met over Twitter. She talks highs and lows of online fandom and Sons of Anarchy with us. Meanwhile our SNN Producer, Will Polk can't help but talk The Flash during our Arrow discussion. And SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds her self rearranging the rundown on the fly. We rant, we rave, and we...


SNN: Arrowverse Returns & Other Tangents

Greetings nerds. We are back celebrating our Mister Producer, Will Polk's one year podcasting anniversary, and talking all things the Arrowverse. Regular Guest Host, Patricia Miller returns to convince us that all Harrison Wells go by the same name. Meanwhile, SNN Host, Sarah Belmont finds herself running through the content and being setup for some great one-liners. We rant, we rave, this is Scene N' Nerd. Spoiler Alert: Supergirl 3x11 “Fort Rozz” The Flash 4x11 “The Elongated Knight...


SNN: Spring TV & TVAfterDark

Greetings Nerds! The crew is back to present to you our Spring '18 expectations for the Arrowverse, Krypton, and Jessica Jones season 2. The nerds are joined this week by the ever agreeable TV After Dark Editor-In-Cheif, Reagen Pierce, who drops some serious Supergirl knowledge. Meanwhile SNN Co-host, Will Polk tries to predict next half or The Flash and Sarah doesn't even attempt to do the same for Arrow. We bicker, banter, and rant about our TV opinions...because this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: War of Stars & Nerds

Happy new year! Tonight SNN Co-hosts Sarah Belmont and Will Polk debate, discuss, and rant about Star Wars The Last Jedi. Yes, this topic has been discussed everywhere, but we wanted to share our fresh thoughts on both the film and franchise. Things get a bit heated between the dynamic duo, but we are talking about Kylo Ren's strength; Rey's character type; and Finn's weakness. This is Scene N' Nerd in 2018!


SNN: The Punisher Season 1 Rants & a Review

Greetings nerds. The Scene N' Nerd crew is back to rant, rave, and breakdown the first season of Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix. The show may have been out for a while, but our special guest host, Patricia Miller has a lot to say on the matter. Meanwhile, SNN host, Sarah Belmont gets on her shipper soapbox about Frank and Karen. Our SNN Producer, Will Polk, explains why he just doesn't "get it". We rant, rave, and review...this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: Year's End, MCU & DCEU Debate

Greetings nerds! This a very special episode featuring a midseason review of The Gifted & more. Our SNN Producer, Will Polk, finally gives his Justice League review and opens a discussion about the DCEU outlook. Then SNN Host, Sarah Belmont breaks down the Avengers Infinity War trailer, while looking ahead for more marvelous gifts. We laugh, debate, and rant...this is Scene N' Nerd.


SNN: Mr. Robot Season 3 Finale Featuring GrantRose & Friend

Holiday greetings nerds! We are back breaking down the Mr Robot season 3 finale with some very special guests! Akira Spann from the Unmasked podcast serves as a guest host to provide a deeper perspective on Sam Esmail's universe. Meanwhile Mr Robot actor, Grant Chang joins the crew to give us the inside scoop; although he can neither confirm nor deny any Mr Robot fact. SNN hosts Sarah Belmont and Will Polk bicker, banter, and debate their own perspectives on this recording circus...this is...


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