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Super S - Anime Podcast E.053

053 - Welcome to this week's episode of the show. We're catching up on our re:Tokyo Ghoul:re... cap, which means we're covering episodes 7 through 10. That also means that we're going to have plenty of spoilers so make sure you're up to date if you're watching the show along with us. There's a new segment this week as well, let us know what you think, and please ask Lindsay a lot of questions. Preferably Yes or No. Lindsay Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga Dustin Alice or Alice Crossing Time My...


Super S - Anime Podcast E.052

052 - We've got our guest crew with us today. Welcome back Erika and Sean to the show. We struggle with a theme to the episode, but ultimately we settle upon love... in all, it's freaky forms. There is no Tokyo Ghoul: re... cap this time around, but we'll cover four episodes next time. Now sit down or continue driving while you listen to the 52nd episode of Super S - Anime Podcast. Lindsay Tada Never Falls In Love Erika re: LIFE Aggretsuko! Sean Chaos Dragon Knights of Sidonia Dustin...


Super S - Anime Podcast E.051

051 - We're on our way to 100! Thanks for tuning into another episode of Super S, you may have noticed some changes in the feed, or if you're a first-time listener, you may have been able to find us easily. We're hosting the website on another site now, but you shouldn't have any subscription problems. We're back with some follow up anime reviews along with some new shows to talk about as well. Don't forget to keep up with and or watch Tokyo Ghoul: re with us. We'll be covering episode 5 &...


Super S - Anime Podcast E.050

050 - We made it! Celebrate the 50th episode with us! Like all good shows, we're just doing a clip show... not really, who has the time to edit something like that? Nah, we're just doing our regular stunning show filled with car noises in the background, laughter and bad anime... and good anime! Also, don't forget that we're continuing our coverage of Tokyo Ghoul: re, so catch up before we spoil the fuck out of it. Leave us a comment or something and thanks for listening!


Super S - Anime Podcast E.049

By Dustin Cabeal & Lindsay Mallard 049 - We have one of our longest episodes ever for you this week. It's probably because for the first time we have not one, but two guests! This also marks the start of our Tokyo Ghoul: re discussion that will continue until the season's end. If you're watching, follow along with us. Lindsay * Devils' Line Dustin * High School DxD Hero * My Sweet Tyrant * Tachibanakan To Lie Angle Erika * The Ancient Magnus' Bride * My Hero Academia Sean * Made In Abyss *...


Super S - Anime Podcast E.020

By Dustin Cabeal E.020 - This time on Super S we find out how Bak-Anime was, which I thought was spelled "Bake Anime" the entire time we talked about it. After that, it's on to what we've been watching. Our genre pick this week is Romance, so find out which animes we each recommend if you're looking for a little post-February love. As always thanks for listening, leave a comment, a review or just let us know we're reaching your ears somehow.


Super S - Anime Podcast E.019

By Dustin Cabeal E.019 - Today on the show we talk about shirts! That's right, everyone got new shirts. After that's its anime talk and a genre recommendation. Also you'll have to excuse us because Lindsay has a cold or the flu or something and I just butcher words... constantly.


Super S - Anime Podcast E.018

By Dustin Cabeal E. 018 - We're back with another entertaining episode all about Anime! Well, two of us are back as Robert has taken a break from the show to catch up on life which is currently striking his balls. Speaking of balls, here's what we watched this week!


Super S - Anime Podcast E.017

By Dustin Cabeal Episode 017: We're back! That's right, the only anime podcast you need has returned! After catching up we dive into a group review of Yuri on Ice. After that we do the rounds, here's what we watched and discussed.


Super S - Anime Podcast E.016

By Dustin Cabeal Today it's all about our #1's! That's right, we've made it to the #1 spot on our Top Five lists. After we run through our top picks we spend the rest of the episode talking about the honorable mentions, the ones that were close, but just not close enough to making our lists.