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Episode 39: The Bubble Boy

We're back! We're finally back. After a loooong hiatus, these two Moops are finally back to discuss Bubble Boys of the Seinfeld and Gyllenhaal variety. "Ohhh no! I'm so sorry it's the Moops! The correct answer is the Moops!” - George Episode Summary A fan asks Jerry to visit his "bubble-boy" son upstate. ------ Comments or questions? Email us at! Find us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter at


Episode 33: The Letter

Whether you “get” art or not, we’re watching The Letter on this week’s episode of That’s The Deal. Listen as we discuss integrity, Kramer’s sex appeal, and why you should never send your ex that letter. Seinfeld Episode Summary: After breaking up with his artist girlfriend, Jerry receives a heartfelt reconciliation letter. George is forced to buy some artwork. Elaine skips a bris to attend a baseball game, only to be thrown out after she refuses to take off her baseball cap. Kramer is a...


Episode 24: The Stranded

In this week's episode, we're watching Episode 10 of Season 3 - The Stranded. This week, we talk about party etiquette, Jaclyn's Disney Prince delusions, and Danielle's new venture: Seinfeld sex fiction. "The Stranded" in a nutshell: Jerry and Elaine are stranded at a party in Long Island waiting for Kramer after George leaves to hook up with a coworker. Comments or questions? Email us at! And why not leave a review on iTunes while you're at it! Thanks for...


Episode 15: The Note

On this week's episode, we play a round of "Sein by the Nine" before starting another season of TV's Greatest Sitcom(Episode 1, Season 3 - The Note). We discuss George's homophobia, the worst part of being blind, and whether or not Joe DiMaggio could really be a dunker. Comments or questions? Email us at! And why not leave a review on iTunes while you're at it! Thanks for listening.


Episode 11: The Statue

“That's what a coincidence is! There are no small coincidences and big coincidences!” In this week’s episode of That’s The Deal, Danielle discusses The Statue (Season 2, Episode 6) since poor Jaclyn is battling a cold and doesn’t say much. We also play a quick game of “Guess The Seinfeld Character” and update Kramer’s F*$% count! The Statue in a nutshell: After Jerry hires a grad student to clean his apartment, he notices a statue of particular importance to George has been stolen from his...


Episode 10: The Apartment

"...For I am Costanza, Lord of the idiots" In this week's episode of That's The Deal, we finally get a male perspective. We discuss befriending an ex, the high cost of rent in the city, and whether or not a ring "really don't mean a thing". The Apartment (Season Two, Episode 5) in a nutshell: Jerry immediately regrets his decision to get Elaine an apartment in his building, and George wears a wedding ring to see if he can attract women. Comments or questions? Email us at...


Episode 9: The Phone Message

Coffee isn't coffee. Coffee is sex. In this episode of That's The Deal, we discuss vote-shaming, red flags and relationship deal-breakers as they relate to Season 2, Episode 9 of Seinfeld: The Phone Message. We also discuss whether or not coming upstairs after a date implies sex. Coffee anyone? "The Phone Message" in a nutshell: After leaving several embarrassing messages on a date's answering machine, George decides to steal the tape. Comments or questions? Email us at...


Episode 8: The Chinese Restaurant

Cartwright! In this episode of That's The Deal, we discuss The Chinese Restaurant, one of the most iconic episodes of the series. We reveal the longest restaurant wait time we're willing to stomach, and our grossest make-out experiences to date. "The Chinese Restaurant" in a nutshell: Jerry, George and Elaine wait for a table at a Chinese restaurant in real-time. Comments or questions? Email us at!


Episode 7: The Jacket

On this episode of That's The Deal podcast, we talk about the fanciest purchases we've ruined almost immediately. The Jacket Episode: Jerry ruins an expensive suede jacket after meeting Elaine's intimidating father. Comments or questions? Email us at!


Episode 6: The Baby Shower

This week on That's The Deal, we discuss the art of burning bridges while reviewing the fourth episode of the second season: The Baby Shower. In this episode, Kramer convinces Jerry to get illegal cable, while Elaine throws a baby shower for a former love interest of George. Comments or questions? Email us at!


Episode 5: The Busboy

This week on That's The Deal, we talk about Jaclyn's obsession with washrooms, Danielle's near-misses with sexual assault, and our moms' unfortunate habit of taking on the accents and inflections of others. This episode covers episode 3 of season 2: The Busboy. George feels guilty after getting a busboy fired and Elaine shacks up with a new man for a week. Comments or questions? Email us at!


Episode 4: The Ex-Girlfriend & The Pony Remark

Up this week on That's The Deal, we discuss the first two episodes of season two: The Ex-Girlfriend & The Pony Remark. We also discuss the dumbest bets we've ever taken, and Kramer's levels. Episodes: The Ex-Girlfriend - George struggles to break-up with his girlfriend, who begins to date Jerry shortly after. The Pony Remark - Jerry accidentally offends the guest of honour at a family event, possibly causing her death. Comments or questions? Email us at!


Episode 3: The Robbery & The Stock Tip

In this episode of That's The Deal, Danielle and Jaclyn discuss whether or not good-looking men need to be funny, and that time Jaclyn hid inside a safe room while being robbed. Episodes: The Robbery - While Jerry is away on the road, his apartment is robbed after Kramer forgets to close the door. The Stock Tip - Jerry and George invest some money after getting a stock tip. Comments or questions? Email us at!


Episode 2: Male Unbonding & The Stake-Out

In this episode of That's The Deal, we review the second and third episode of Season 1: Male Unbonding and The Stake-Out. In Male Unbonding, Jerry tries to break-up with a toxic male friend. In The Stake-Out, Jerry stakes out the lobby of a woman he meets at a party, in order to avoid asking Elaine for her number.


Episode 1: The Seinfeld Chronicles

Two friends, a lifelong Seinfeld fan and a Seinfeld-virgin, discuss the first episode of Seinfeld.


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