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Mac & Maud watch Archie and the gang navigate the perils of high school and a dark, twisted mystery in the CW's Riverdale

Mac & Maud watch Archie and the gang navigate the perils of high school and a dark, twisted mystery in the CW's Riverdale
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Mac & Maud watch Archie and the gang navigate the perils of high school and a dark, twisted mystery in the CW's Riverdale




Chapter 36: "Labor Day"

That’s right, Bulldogs, we’re back in the Doghouse! Archie’s going to jail, which, I mean, we all knew. But the writers took THE MOST CONVOLUTED route to get there. Meanwhile, Betty’s hooked on Adderall, Hot Dog’s gone missing, Cheryl is super extra, JOSIE AND SWEETPEA, Kevin issues an ultimatum, and Dilton and Ben are messing with some weird stuff in the woods. It’s a totally nuts episode with some highs and lows, and overall we’re really excited for where they’re gonna go this season. Just...


Season 3 Preview

[WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. SO IF YOU DON’T WANT THEM, DON’T LISTEN. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.] Hey there, Bulldogs! We’ve had a nice summer break to rest and relax but now that Archie’s been arrested and Veronica bought Pop’s, we’re ready to dive back in to the CW’s Riverdale! We get into all the new cast members (including a legit movie star or two), talk about clues dropped at New York Comic-Con, do a deeper dive on the trailer and, of course, make our initial WILD PREDICTIONS! We’re super...


Riverdale S3 Trailer & Announcements!

We've watched the new trailer for Season 3 of Riverdale and have some quick things to mention! Also, we've got some exciting new announcements here at the Doghouse. Enjoy this quick episode for your listening pleasure! You can email us with feedback at, or you can connect with us on Instagram (macintosh.and.maud) and Facebook. If you like the podcast, make sure to subscribe and review on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher, and tell your friends. Feel free to...


Riverdale S3 Trailer & Announcements!

Our instant reaction to the new trailer!!!We've watched the new trailer for Season 3 of Riverdale and have some quick things to mention! Also, we've got some exciting new announcements here at the Doghouse. Enjoy this quick episode for your listening pleasure!You can email us with feedback at, or you can connect with us on Instagram (macintosh.and.maud) and Facebook.If you like the podcast, make sure to subscribe and review on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher,...



Come in, have a seat. We've got some things we'd like to discuss, Riverdale...We did it, everyone. We binged ALL of season 2 while sitting in the Doghouse and besides our brains getting a little mushy from too much time on TV we have some refined opinions about this season. Some things are better, some things are worse, and some tweets from certain creative directors have us enraged. It's not all bad, though - we've got favorite parents, favorite Scooby gang moments, and some predictions...


Chapter 35: "Brave New World"

We're not mad, Riverdale. We're just disappointed.This was it - the season finale, the conclusion of a marathon season that saw a mid-season break and TWO hiatuses and it was. No doubt we're SUPER excited about Kevin and Moose, and we're very intrigued by darkness lingering in Polly Cooper's eyes. Dark Archie is the Archie we've been waiting two seasons to pop out again. But there's a whole bunch of shrug material in the middle, including that "shocking conclusion" that is neither...


Chapter 34: "Judgment Night"

Everything in Riverdale is burning...and Archie and the gang are about to get caught in the fire...There's a LOT going on this week, and we're here for all of it: the unmasking of one of the Black Hoods, the triumphant return of Penny Peabody, Hermoine and Hiram's grand plan getting unmasked, and the FREAKIN' HOT DADS OF RIVERDALE. We don't even need to qualify this one as a "good Riverdale episode." It's just a great episode of television, period. But even as some questions get answered...


Chapter 33: "Shadow of a Doubt"

We're closing in on the final chapter of this season, and with all the moving pieces we're a little exhausted. That is, until the whole town of Riverdale starts to descend into chaos...We won't lie - this was a hard episode to talk about. Not because there was anything particularly bad or gross. There's just so many moving pieces that the writers are trying to settle on the board. Between the Black Hood escalating his reign of terror, Hiram Lodge's plans spinning out of control and Jughead...


Chapter 32: "Prisoners"

IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Sorry...we just got excited for an epsiode that reminded us just why we love this show.A whole lot of stuff is going down in Riverdale as some loose ends get tied up and some mysteries get even murkier. The Black Hood is back and bloodier than ever, while Archie has to deal with the wrath of Nick St. Clair. Sheriff Keller is FINALLY being taken to task for not doing a good job, and the Cooper family has a very serious Chic problem. Welcome back, Riverdale. The...


Chapter 31: "A Night to Remember"

There's one thing Mac & Maud can agree on - Carrie: The Musical deserved to close after 4 performances.We're back from YET ANOTHER HIATUS for the biggest event of the season! Or at least the biggest event on The CW? Or the biggest...oh who are we kidding, this episode kind of stunk. Betty's Farrah Fawcett hair and the bellbottoms were quite hilarious and Fangs Fogarty is our new favorite person. Fred made us have ALL of the feels. But this's not so great. And Macintosh and Maud...


Chapter 30: "The Noose Tightens"

We're all over the place this week before our next hiatus...some good, some bad, some weird. In other words, it's Riverdale.The writers really threw a lot of spaghetti at the wall this week. Toni rescued Cheryl, Alice gave up her Serpent hatred, and Archie's throwing down against the stupidest mafiosos in the universe. It's weird, but it's fun, and that's why it's Riverdale. Hopefully we're setting up for something amazing when we're back in two weeks.You can email us with feedback at...


Chapter 29: “Primary Colors”

Elections. Drama. Gaslighting. Redheads. It’s ALL packed into this week’s Riverdale.Despite all the misgivings and weird hiatus, Riverdale came back this week with an episode where some actual things happened . The gang is now firmly split into couples and setting up for a showdown at Riverdale High’s election...or are they? Meanwhile Mary Andrews is back in town, Ethel-Barb is getting her own damn #justice, Betty’s pulling out the crazy card with Chic, and we get maybe the worst cameo of...


Chapter 28: "There Will Be Blood"

There's a lot going on in Riverdale. The question is - does any of it matter?A fairly polarizing episode from our co-hosts this week. Maud's excited by the crazy developments (maybe a return of a deceased relative) but Mac...Mac's not into it so much. Between the very low-stakes mafia issues of the Lodges, the gooberish political aspirations of Fred Andrews, or the persistent face of teenage detective work, Betty Drew, there's a LOT going on. Just...does it mean anything?You can email us...


Chapter 27: "The Hills Have Eyes"

Riverdale comes back in full force this week as the gang heads to Lodge Lodge for some rest, relaxation and risky behavior...It's been too long, Bulldogs. We're finally back. And we're pleased to report that this episode was more of the Riverdale we really love to watch - a little high-school, a little sexy, and a ton of one-liners. Jughead and Veronica kiss, Dark Betty makes an appearance, Cheryl gets vulnerable with Toni and Kevin Keller just wants people to stop asking "are you with...


Chapter 26: "The Tell-Tale Heart"

Everybody's in too deep, and it's only a matter of time before things start to fall apart for the Scooby gang...In the end, it's not the crime that gets you. It's the gnawing guilt at what you've done. That's the hard lesson Betty Cooper is learning after bleaching the Cooper family kitchen to try and get rid of the mass of blood Chick spilled. Betty's struggling to keep it all together, and she knows she's gonna need help to fix this. Meanwhile, Archie's getting pressured by the "FBI,"...

Chapter 25: "The Wicked and the Divine"

Now THAT’s how you make a Riverdale episode! Dude. THIS is the Riverdale we’ve come to know and love. Everybody gets some action (especially Jughead and Betty) while the Lodges slowly take over Riverdale. Archie’s turning into a garnet-headed Goodfella, Veronica has to reckon with her sins and Tall Boy is still a total jerk. We’re here to talk about all of it in The Doghouse!You can email us with feedback at, or you can connect with us on Instagram...

Chapter 24: "The Wrestler"

We don't even know where to begin this week - there's good, there's bad, and there's some seriously crazy going down in Riverdale.This week was a BEAST in the Doghouse. Veronica is scheming with Mommy and Daddy, Archie's trying to impress Hiram Lodge, Kevin Keller gets to tackle his carrot-topped friend, Betty's learning about her dark side with Chick, and Jughead reports on a bombshell that he maybe shouldn't have told. Oh, and Cheryl has some serious chaos up her sleeve. We're grabbing...


Chapter 23: "The Blackboard Jungle"

You guys, we just got back to the Doghouse. Did you have to make such a mess fighting in here?After one long month, Riverdale has returned and HOO BOY is this one a rollercoaster. Archie’s working for the *finger quotes* “FBI”, Betty meets her long-lost brother and the Serpents are moving to Riverdale. And that would usually be enough, but when you throw in some really cheesy writing, inconsistency and very bad graffiti, we’ve got ourselves a real humdinger. Get your snacks and grab a couch...



We're officially on break from Riverdale, so that means it's time for the DOGHOUSE AFTER DARK!After everyone in their house got sick, Mac & Maud are finally ready to jump on their mid-season review of Riverdale. We've got a full tin of Jingle-Jangle and a ton of opinions, and we're here to share. The writers have a LOT of explaining to do, Alice and FP are our favorites, and we spend a good amount of time trying to determine whether there's too many plot points or not enough plot...


Chapter 22: "Silent Night, Deadly Night"

A cursory watch of this episode will make one feel as though the writers had done a pretty good job of setting us up for the 13 episodes coming in January. Upon further examination, however, this actually looks to be a real clunker. Why haven't we learned more about Penny Peabody and FP Jones, and what "debt" she is holding over the Jones family? Why did you decide to tell Veronica the family's secret business plans without ever trying to reveal them to us? And why, oh why, do you keep...