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EP 11 Deadpool 2 + Batman Returns + Seven

Rate on iTunes guys. Hey everyone first we apologise for the sound quality this week due to technical issues. join us this week with our lovely dovely guest Paul as we discuss this weeks chosen films and also your top 3 let downs (hopefully this episode isn't one of them).keep in touch via email and facebook@ Facebook @ the groovy movie cast Twitter @groovycast


EP 10 The Dark Knight + Batman & Robin

Click 5 stars on iTunes and please rate and review. this weeks episode is a tribute to everyone's favourite billionaire (after Tony Stark) the very broody and very dark knight, Batman. join us for a laugh and a load of nonsense as 2 clowns review the best and worse B-man films. Facebook @ the groovy movie cast twitter @groovycast please rate on iTunes


EP 9 Iron Man + Split

Hey guys and gals, your hosts Nath and Luke bring you the first part of there super-hero special. Jump in and join us as we chat about Marvels original son, Tony Stark. Its all fun and games with the groovy movie guys so get in touch and get involved, we need your top 10's. Email @ Facebook @ the groovy movie-cast Twitter @groovycast PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW ON iTunes


EP 8 Moonwalker + Peter Rabbit

on this weeks show, your hosts Luke and Nath bring you a whole load of Michael Jackson with his utterly insane movie Moonwalker. plus a loveable little rouge that keeps getting into trouble, no not Luke, its Peter Rabbit. join us for a whole load of fun and get in touch @ Facebook @ the groovy movie cast twitter @groovycast send your top 10's and LEAVE A REVIEW ON ITUNES, BOOOOM !


EP 7 Coco + An American Werewolf in London

On this weeks show we discuss the classic Pixar movie Coco and one of the most terrifying (comedy) films of all time, An American Werewolf in London. With comedy and a few bad impressions along the way, we invite you to join us. Get in touch with the show and lets have some fun. Subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. Facebook @the groovy movie cast Twitter @groovycast Email



A slight change to this weeks show, your hosts Luke and Nath present there own mini take on a classic film, Grease. With a lot of freestyling and plenty of laughs, join us and join in by getting in touch and submitting your top 10's and look out for the weekly top 3's on facebook and twitter. Facebook @the groovy movie cast twitter @groovycast UPDATE the Ant-man & The Wasp special will not be on next weeks show. Reason why revealed in next show. Chow for now


EP 5 Big Fish + Titanic + The Outsiders

This week Luke and Nath are eventually joined by there guest Adam, with his, shall we say …….. unique ideas and take on films. So join us for an interesting and hilarious show where we attempt to get blood from a stone and some presentable content from Adam. Also make sure to listen after the show for some amusing outtakes. get in touch at Facebook @the the groovy movie-cast twitter @groovycast


EP 4 The prestige + Aliens + Thats my boy

On this weeks show our hosts Nath & Luke are joined by guest Damon to discuss there choice of weekly movie reviews with quite a few different opinions occurring. With some movie news, a few story's from your hosts and quite a few laughs. so come join us, get your groove on and get in contact to be part of the show. Enjoy you lovely people. Facebook @the groovy movie-cast Twitter @groovycast


Jurassic World Special

A little late but still fresh from the cinema, here's the Jurassic World special, where Luke and Nath discuss most of the good points (and a few bad ones too) from the latest instalment. hopefully not too many spoilers as well so jump in and have a listen and get in touch with your opinions of the film. Facebook @ the groovy movie-cast twitter @ groovycast


EP 3 The Princess Bride + Ghostbusters

Hey listeners, on this show we discuss our movie choices and give our own take on a review, we also chat about upcoming movies and new trailers. Plus a few random and amusing stories from your hosts Nath and Luke. On a side note don't work an 11hr shift then try and record a podcast lol. Please take a minuet to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes follow us on Facebook @the groovy movie-cast on twitter @groovycast and get in touch


EP 2 Jumanji (welcome to the jungle) + Rocky IV

On this episode we drop our reviews/opinions on the weeks chosen movies. Lukes choice Jumanji and Naths choice Rocky IV. Also we have a top ten of upcoming movies of 2019 and our reactions, plus the usual movie news and trailer reviews. So tune in, turn it up and lets have some fun with the groovy movie-cast. email us your questions and movie suggestions to / find us on Facebook @The Groovy Movie-cast


The Groovy Movie-cast EP 1 Thor Ragnarok

Hi and welcome to The Groovy Movie-cast. A weekly show with your hosts Nath and Luke, in which we discuss movie news and gossip, trailer reviews and opinions and our groovy reviews of our chosen movies of the week. In this episode we introduce ourselves and just chat about what we aim to be doing with our Podcast. We also give you a mini review of Thor Ragnarok. So join us and lets have a laugh while we give our opinions on one of Marvels greatest films. get in touch with us at //...