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Episode 328: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (December 1988)

True Jackal sounds? Check! Bad Michael Caine impression? Check! Teary muppet remembrance? Check! This week we discuss the bananas concept of women falling for ridiculous man-schemes and using those schemes against the very men who are perpetrating. Come listen as we discuss 1988’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 327: The Deer Hunter (December 1978)

This episode starts with more content warnings than we have ever done. We watched 1978's Deer Hunter and got so caught up talking about the plot and the psychological breakdowns we were witnessing that we totally forgot to talk about Christopher Walken's beautiful hair and Robert DeNiro's beautiful beard. We also didn't touch on weather the Russian-ness of the characters played into the games. Hopefully we make up for it with some deep thoughts. Email us at Twitter:...


Episode 326: Our First Year of Podcasting In Review

Amity and Lemuel take a break to look back at their first year as podcasters. They pick their favorites – movies, television, and podcasting moments. It’s a spoiler to say that their favorites are actually anyone listening to the show (or reading this) but it’s not untrue. Listen in for some fun! Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 325: Australia (November 2008)

Coming into this week we were fully unexcited for a three-hour movie, but it turns out we were wrong. Discussing Baz Luhrman’s 2008 epic Australia, we address the fan service of Hugh Jackman’s abs, how anyone gets anywhere in westerns, Iago-like baddies and Amity says dick a whole bunch. Happy Thanksgiving! Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 324: The Siege (November 1998)

Amity and Lemuel watched 1998’s The Siege – a twisty terrorism romp with a dash of martial law thrown in for flavor. Among the devastating explosions and Annette Benning’s several names and motivations, we find a pretty entertaining movie? It’s largely because Denzel is, in fact, the greatest actor of all time. Period. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 323: A Cry in the Dark (November 1988)

Content Warning: Child Death. We watched A Cry in the Dark and then tried to stay light. We discuss media and the justice system and the condemnation this movie has of both. We both fear the outback and Lemuel vows to never go to Australia, while Amity is still open minded provided she can wear long socks with her shorts so as to combat all the sharp poisons. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our...


Episode 322: Watership Down (November 1978)

We’re on the November side of Halloween, but there’s some horror left as we watch the dark side of rabbit life in 1978’s Watership Down. Amity is left aggravated by a lack of understanding of linguistics and ladies and Lemuel is just perplexed. Why is this the format? Why is there a music video in the middle? Am I supposed to care about them more or less because they’re rabbits? It’s so confusing. Listen as we try to sort it out. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find...


Episode 321: Halloween (October 1978 - 2018)

We rewatched a classic and watched a cult classic and a modern sequel and we discuss those three films along with the other 8 in the franchise. We tackle the entirety of the original(?) slasher franchise in this episode - don’t worry, the episode isn’t 40 years long and we don’t go into spoiler territory for the new one. We do talk about the treatment of women, the treatment of Michael, and why sanitariums and doctors might be the real bad guys. Just kidding – it’s the guy with the knife....


Episode 320: Changeling (October 2008)

CW: Sexual assault; mental health issues. We watched 2008’s Changeling and it combined with the current climate led to a perfect storm of discussion. This is a very good movie and the conversation is good – we try to keep it funny, but it’s not light. The plight of women in movies, on tv, and in society is discussed through the lens of this film. Do we solve it? Listen to find out. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and...


Episode 319: Rushmore (October 1998)

Description: Differing opinions abound in this episode as we tackle Wes Anderson’s sophomore film, Rushmore. Amity wants to know how come all these adults want o be friends with a child so badly – it seems fishy. Lemuel wants to know why Amity doesn’t like whimsy or Bill Murray. Listen along! Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 318: Alien Nation (October 1988)

Description: The original Bright and basis for television show, TV movies, novels and comics, we watched Alien Nation and had some questions about the timeline. Lemuel is unimpressed with the makeup and Amity is unimpressed with the callousness and racism. We also give a free warning against a current feature. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 317: Miracle at St. Anna (September 2008)

Two hours and forty minutes from the inexplicable opening, we get an inexplicable ending with no explication to be found. Amity and Lemuel watch the WWII epic Miracle at St. Anna. Amity wants to know why our hero is strapped at work and Lemuel wants to know how they expected to compress all of this information into a movie length – even an epic one. But really, why was that dude armed at work. And why did that lovely woman do something so unlovely? So many questions - listen along! Email us...


Episode 316: Ronin (September 1998)

Lemuel and Amity watch Amity's "favorite" style of film - a heist movie! What is DeNiro after? A box! What's in the box? It's not Gweneth's head, but beyond that, we couldn't say. Lemuel wishes there were more films by this director and we mock the temerity of asking Mamet for a punch up. Listen along! Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @ and @AmityArmstrong on Twitter Our Facebook group is here for those who consent:...


Episode 315: Eight Men Out (September 1988)

1919 World Series losers, the Chicago White Sox, colloquially known today as the Black Sox, historically threw the series. This is their story. We try to puzzle out who was up to what, but as with any good conspiracy, we are left wondering who was truly at fault. We definitely feel for the players, and do some quick math on what was really at stake, and we talk the problematic nature of professional sports. It's fun! Also - sorry about the car alarm - living in Oakland is an adventure! Email...


Episode 314: Gorillas in the Mist (September 1988)

Amity spoiled the end of this historically accurate movie while watching it by going to Wikipedia to try to make sense of the wonky timeline, so this episode starts with a bang. We get to watch a fantastic Sigourney Weaver performance and gorillas – so many beautiful gorillas (and chimpanzees playing gorillas – such range!). Amity wonders when any of this actually is and Lemuel learns us on Leakey. Listen along! Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @...


Episode 313: Babylon A.D. (August 2008)

Amity thought this was Treasure Planet. Or was it Titan AE? It was neither. Instead, Lemuel and Amity watched the 2008 moving picture Babylon AD. We discuss how quickly each actor finished filming their role, the merits of non-fatal bullet placement, and how much of a bad ass Michelle Yeoh is. Also whether or not Vin Diesel is inflatable and what that means for his tattoos. One of us tries to make sense of this travesty, the other has given up completely. Email us at


Episode 312: How Stella Got Her Groove Back (August 1998)

Amity and Lemuel watched a very long movie about a very short conflict, 1998’s How Stella Got Her Groove Back. It had us on Taye Diggs’ side all the way – she deserves this. We talk about smart “black” movies and how it’s all Amity wants to watch, we talk about the focus on a man when we can’t see anything wrong with this woman’s life and we talk about Whoopi’s legs – we didn’t even know she had them! Listen along. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @...


Episode 311: All In The Family S8E4 Edith’s 50th Birthday (October 1977)

CW: Sexual Assault; discussion of rape Lemuel has suggested an episode of television that changed the conversation in society - All in the Family season 8 episode 4: Edith’s 50th Birthday. This episode of television deals head on with sexual assault and is simultaneously one of the funniest episodes of television we have ever seen. We talk about comedy writing, how sexual assault is discussed in media, toxic masculinity, and the growth of problematic characters. Then we end with marching...


Episode 310: The Last Temptation of Christ (August 1988)

Amity and Lemuel watched Martin Scorsese’s 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ – yes, all 2 hours and 43 minutes of it – and they have feelings, bad bad feelings. So we talk about who Jesus was, what makes a good movie, how Harry Potter can help with modern understanding, and then there’s 20 minutes of good Stephen King discussion to cleanse the palate. Nothing like three good things to help deal with one bad thing. Email us at Twitter: @latecomerspod Find Amity @...


Episode 309: The Eyes of Laura Mars (August 1978)

Once Amity got past her disdain for the theme song, this watch was smooth sailing. Listen through the violent murder, a treatise on what is art even, a discussion of can we divide the art from the artist – and should we – and a quaint 70’s notion that photography isn’t even art to begin with. We get a very young Tommy Lee Jones, a fluffy haired Rene Auberjonois, a surprisingly sexy Brad Dourif, and an astoundingly unsexy Raul Julia, and we see it all through Faye Dunnaway’s enormous and...