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EB #200: The Fall of the Sith

Echo Base is 200 episodes old! Lou, Erik, and Tim are joined by Andrea, Fred, Keri, and Tom to dig deeper into The Rise of Skywalker! In this episode, they discuss the robed puppet-master himself and his effect on both Episode 9 and the saga as a whole, and they discuss Kylo Ren's character arc throughout the trilogy. Don't miss this bicentennial episode of Echo Base!


ForceChatter Episode 9 Reactions, Part 2

Join Erik and Fred for part two of our series covering initial reactions to The Rise of Skywalker! Then check back for more episodes from our other network hosts very soon!


ForceChatter Episode 9 Reactions, Part 1

Join Tim, Lou, and Tom for part one of our series covering initial reactions to The Rise of Skywalker! Then check back for more episodes from our other network hosts very soon!


OR #112: Black Spire Visit

On this Outer Rim, Fred, Andrea & Keri recap their visit to a galaxy far, far away at Black Spire Outpost in Disneyland!


EB #192: Episode 9 Trailer

This week we have combined Echo Base and The Outer Rim for a special episode to cover the Final Trailer for The Rise of Skywalker. Join Fred, Tom, Lou and Andrea (for a short time) as they get excited about this new trailer.


ForceChatter Special: Episode 9 Trailer Discussion

Join us for this all-star ForceChatter Network special! The hosts of Echo Base and The Outer Rim team up to discuss the new Episode 9 footage. Whether it's classified as a trailer or a sizzle reel, this new footage has some pretty interesting reveals for the upcoming film! NOTE: We keep this episode spoiler-free, but we do discuss speculation on the footage shown, and some of that (if accurate) might give you more of an idea of upcoming content than you want. It's spoiler-free, but proceed...


OR #111: More Resistance

Welcome to the Outer Rim! This week we take a look at the Resistance season two trailer! We also continue our coverage of season one, covering episodes 10 through 15! This is where the show really starts to pick up, so we've got a lot of things to discuss on this episode of The Outer Rim!


OR #110: Rogue One

The Outer Rim is back from its summer vacation! This week we cover the first of the "non-saga" films, Rogue One!


OR #109: Galaxy’s Edge

The gates are open, and traffic is pouring into the Batuu docking bays as Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is now open to the public in Disneyland! There have been a TON of reviews and video covering the park, and so we're going to curate that for you and give you an overview of what people seem to like and dislike, hopefully preparing you for your best experience possible at Galaxy's Edge! (NOTE: Yes, we called this episode 110 during the recording. Oops!)


Outer Rim #108: Going Mando

Fred and Erik take a look at the upcoming Mandalorian streaming series, including their own history and interest in Mandalorians, a look at the cast and crew, and what sorts of things we might see from the upcoming series.


Outer Rim 107: Celebrating Celebration!

The Star Wars Celebration convention just wrapped up in Chicago! Erik moderates a discussion with veteran Celebration attendees Lou and Tim, as well as with first-time attendees Andrea and Fred. What were their favorite moments? What stories do they have to share? What did they think of the reveals? Join us here at The Outer Rim to find out!


Outer Rim #106: SW Celebration Survival Guide, part 2

Tim and Lou from Echo Base join Erik, Andrea, and Fred to continue the Star Wars Celebration Survival Guide. In this episode, we take a look at the panel options and do our best to explain the lottery system.


Outer Rim #105: Revisiting the Resistance

As Star Wars Resistance continues through its first season, is the show coming into its own? Can we alleviate the concerns of those who feel the show is lacking direction or feels disconnected from the greater galaxy? Join us as we discuss the show overall and take a look at episode five through eight.


Echo Base #174: Star Wars Celebration Survival Guide Part 1

This week we did a combine show with EchoBase hosting the folks from The Outer Rim to bring you part one of the Star Wars Celebration Survival Guide. Listen in as we give you tips to make Celebration better, or at least easier.


Outer Rim #104: The Last Jedi, part two

We had far too much to say about The Last Jedi to fit into a single episode, so here's part two! In this episode, we take a look at the character development of Rey, Kylo Ren, and more.


Outer Rim #103: Episode 9 Speculation

We're all hopeful that Episode 9 will bring the "Trilogy of Trilogies" to a fitting close. Join us as we take a spoiler-free look at what we'd like to see in the final film of the Skywalker Saga.


Outer Rim #102: The Last Jedi, part one

The Last Jedi is perhaps the most divisive Star Wars film ever, yet it's still loved by many. Join us as we explore the latest episode in the saga and examine the ups and downs of Episode 8.


Outer Rim #101: Coming in 2019

Resistance! Mandalorians! Theme parks! Books! Comics! Toys! And a new streaming service! This year brings many great Star Wars projects to look forward to... plus Episode 9!


Outer Rim #100: The Force Awakens, part 2

In this second part of our look at The Force Awakens, we discuss character development, especially regarding the primary hero (Rey) and protagonist (Kylo Ren). Is Rey too powerful? Is Kylo a compelling villain? Join us for a look at these questions and more, here on The Outer Rim!


Outer Rim #99: The Force Awakens, part 1

We've got so much to say about The Force Awakens, we had to split it into two episodes! Join us as we take a look at this new, controversial era of Star Wars!