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We travel to the deepest depths bad TV has gone. Join hosts Maura Kate & LaToya on their journey to the bottom of the broadcast barrel.

We travel to the deepest depths bad TV has gone. Join hosts Maura Kate & LaToya on their journey to the bottom of the broadcast barrel.
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We travel to the deepest depths bad TV has gone. Join hosts Maura Kate & LaToya on their journey to the bottom of the broadcast barrel.






Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno - Part 1 (Preview)

SNEAK PREVIEW: We're taking a walk down memory lane and rewatching Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Inferno. Subscribe to LaToya's Patreon and listen to the full episode here:


E109 - Emily's Reasons Why Not

1) He's too good at Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 2) I refuse to seek professional help about my total lack of communication skills. 3) My friends are laissez-faire enablers. 4) The Televoid is back! 5) If you had to watch a TV show that ABC didn't think was fit to air, you'd take a break too. 6) He chose his sister to go in the ambulance with him instead of me! 7) It's so bad, you guys. That's a real plot point. 8) We missed you. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs as we watch the show that was...


E108 - No Ordinary Family - 1x18 - No Ordinary Animal

Our resolution this year is to watch better Greg Berlanti super hero shows from this point forward. We revisited a super hero show outside the DC/Marvel canon that you probably don't remember because it was ironically, pretty ordinary, and watched No Ordinary Family. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs and returning guest @itslisae to discuss the physics of fake claws, the economics of police sketch artistry, and the things we do for Autumn Reeser. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: BRADLEY...


E107 - Clueless - 3x04 & 3x05 - Scream, Murray, Scream Pt. 1 & 2

We're baaaa-aaack and ready to celebrate Halloween with a treat in place of our normal tricks to discuss the cinematic cult classic turned television cult classic: Clueless. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs as we talk final girls, physical comedy heroics, and Sabrina: The Teenage Witch conspiracy theories. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: MICHAEL LERNER: ARMY CRAWL/SCREAM EXTERIOR HOMAGE SCENE: CREDITS:


E105 - Baywatch: Nights - 2x06 - The Cabin

No better time to introduce the concept of ghosts, monsters and other creatures of the night being real than the second season of your failing beach crime spin-off, right? Baywatch: Nights thought so. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs to discuss the whether nights ever were the same again. AS REFERENCED IN THIS EPISODE: SON OF THE BEACH: ALLIGATOR NONSENSE: SOCIAL NETWORK TRAILER: CREEPY KID SINGING...


E103 - CSI: Cyber - 1x01 - Kidnapping 2.0 (With Lisa Shininger)

We start the year off wrong with a terrible attempt at modern crime that hopes you don't know programming code doesn't turn red when a malware hits. It's time for the infamously terrible and shortest lived franchise spin-off CSI: Cyber! Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs along with returning special guest @ohseafarer to discuss why we're 99% sure this all takes place within the extended Don't Trust The B In Apt. 23 universe. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: THAT'S NOT WHAT SNUGGLING WORKS:...


E100 - One Tree Hill - 6x11 - We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)

100 EPISODES! For our centennial celebration we survived the waking nightmare that was the Chad Michael Murray written episode of One Tree Hill set in the mind of Chad Michael Murray's Lucas Scott circa 1940's North Carolina. Somehow it's even worse than it sounds. Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs to discuss the rampant misogyny, incoherent writing, and mind-boggling terrible accent work throughout. REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: KAREN'S CAFE MUG: LICENSE PLATE MAP:...


E088 - Romeo! - 1x12 - The April Fools (With Quiniva Smith)

It’s April Fool’s Day so what better time to take a trip down the Privilege Highway where no one can stay in their goddamn lane. We explore the show – and career – of Romeo! that exists purely through nepotism and venture down the even worse adventure of white people believing that they too can succeed at whatever they put their minds to. Even if that’s braiding black children’s hair against their will. Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs along with returning guest @quinivasc to discuss the...


E079 - Sliders - 3x12 - Season's Greedings (With Ryan Tumambing)

It's the most wonderful time of the year again and there's no better way to celebrate than a series of bad holiday pun centric episodes and a young Jerry O'Connell as a partical physicist! Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs along with returning guest @sortathatguy to discuss why Sabrina Lloyd deserved better and the bonkers behind the scenes of this oft-forgotten sci-fi gem. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: SLIDERS BTS DRAMA: PARALLELS FROM BIOSHOCK INFINITE:...


E078 - Growing Pains - 6x21 - Meet The Seavers (With Lisa Shininger)

If you've ever awoken to find yourself a rich television star, you too know the risks of this week's fourth wall breaking episode on Growing Pains' show within a show: Meet the Seavers. Join your hosts @mauraeand @lafergs along with returning guest @ohseafarer of @britchespodcast to discuss Alan Thicke's consummate professionalism and how great at playing a normal version of himself Kirk Cameron used to be! AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: BIZARRE OPENING CREDITS: LEO...


E076 - Murder She Wrote - 4x10 - Indian Giver (With Quiniva Smith)

Happy Thanksgiving! We celebrated by tearing apart the racist garbage that was Murder, She Wrote! In this episode a bunch of old white people defend their town's land by fighting back against the oppressive Native American man who claims it rightfully his! Also: there is murder. Join your host @maurae and guest @quinivasc to discuss how the hell this show ever got nominated for Emmys. Plural. This episode literally aired in Murder, She Wrote's Thanksgiving slot. They gave zero fucks....


E075 - The Class - 1x09 - The Class Gives Thanks (With Crystal Leww)

Time for us to give thanks, once a year at least, for weird shows like this existing. Cancelled after only one season and trying things that were before its time, we watched The Class and are going to have a rare "this is good, you should watch this" episode for us all to take a break and be thankful for. Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs along with special guest @crystalleww to discuss the star studded cast and dark comedy that was gone before it started. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE:...


E074 - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit - 10x07 - Wildlife (With Carly Lane)

Remember the episode of Law & Order: SVU that ended with a monkey in a basketball and Big Boi smuggling tigers? It's hard to pick the worst episode of this show since there have been many a ripped headline and rug pulled, but we discuss one of the zaniest. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs along with returning guest @equivocarly to pitch our Empire spin-off starring Fin Tutuola, hero cop, as new CEO of Empire Entertainment. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: L&O SVU THEME:...


E072 - Stalker - 1x05 - The Haunting (With Ashley Reese)

Do you always feel like somebody's watching you? Check your basement drywall and local university's Occult Studies program for stray weirdo professors. It's time for an episode of Stalker. Join your host @maurae and guest @offbeatorbit as we take on the case of bad dads, creepy frat bros, and unrealistic real estate valuations. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: PEPE THE FROG: SECRET KARATE MASTER: STU MACHER:


E070 - Family Matters - 8x07 - Stevil (With Elena Rivera)

We're kicking off our Halloween month with one of the creepiest episodes we've watched for this podcast. The mysteriously hard to find and easy to traumatize episode of Family Matters in which Urkel's evil ventriloquist dummy goes on a murder spree in the Winslow household. Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs along with guest @elenaisawesome to discuss all things Stevil. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: KEY & PEELE'S FAMILY MATTERS: STEVIL IN ACTION:...


E069 - That 70's Show - 8x17 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hanging out! Past their prime! With not a thing left to do, That 70's Show paired off a stalker with his prey, put a main character into literal retirement and two off-screen, and for some reason kept Josh Meyers around for more than one episode. Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs to discuss where it all went wrong and, no, don't blame it on Africa. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: THAT 80'S SHOW: JACKIE & HYDE HOOK-UP: ERIC LEAVES FOR...


E068 - Coupling (U.S.) - 1x01 - The Right One (With Lindsey Kuhle)

It's time for the American adaption so poorly received that the BBC aired it's original version after the remake was cancelled just to re-establish that it was once a good show. We watched infamously bad Coupling (U.S.)! Join your hosts @maurae & @lafergs along with returning guest @thekuhlest to discuss the show's failed casting, writing, and directing hat trick. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: COMPARING UK v US: INTROS: US REMAKES OF UK...


E067 - The Sopranos - 4x03 - Christopher (With Julia duMais)

We watched the episode of The Sopranos that equates to an eighth grader's book report on the misunderstood heroism of Christopher Columbus. Join your host @maurae along with guest @juleshastweets to discuss the plight of the middle class white man. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: SOPRANOS CREDITS: JLO'S WAITING FOR TONIGHT: RL PIRATE STEVE VAN ZANT: Rate, Review, & Subscribe on iTunes! Do you shop...


E066 - The Big Bang Theory - 3x02 - The Jiminy Conjecture (With Lauren Mitchell)

We had our favorite Australian on to discuss America's favorite sitcom because we don't play by anyone's Simple Rules. We watched The Big Bang Theory. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs along with returning guest @lebmitchell while they delve into the black hole of The Big Bang Theory and try not to get sick to their stomachs. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: MOM IS PRETTY GREAT: BLINK 182: BOXCAR RACER: ANGELS &...


E065 - Body Of Proof - 3x03 - Lost Souls (With Nate Levy)

The devil is real. No, seriously. We watched the episode of Body of Proof that confirms that science is bullshit, even if Dana Delaney spends all her days bullying people about it's superiority. Join your hosts @maurae and @lafergs along with guest @levyontv to discuss bad dads, dairy cows, and Lucifer himself. AS REFERENCED IN THE EPISODE: MILK THE DAIRY COW: CHRISTINA HENDRICKS IS A DEAD TWIN: DR. BLAKE DOWNS: WHITE...