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The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Ideal Home, & The Meg!

This week Jim & Ted tackle a theme they didn’t realize they were tackling. It’s sort of a dramatic comedic theme surround three very different trailers. One of these movies took more than two decades to finish. There’s lot’s of questions asked and some were answered leaving more questions to be answered. Well, that made sense in my head. Enjoy!


A24’s Under the Silver Lake, First Reformed, & How to Talk to Girls at Parties

With the success of Lady Bird and The Disaster Artist A24 has carved a special niche for itself with some interesting 2018 films spanning and hybridizing many genres. This week Jim and Ted take a look at Under the Silver Lake, First Reformed and How to Talk to Girls at Parties.


TAG, The House of Tomorrow, & The House with a Clock in Its Walls

This week Jim & Ted are back to their typical show. Not sure what happened last week, or why the Lady Junkies took over their mics. Perhaps it was an April Fools joke or something. Can you ever forgive us? There are three trailers this week, TAG, The House of Tomorrow, and The House with a Clock in its Walls. Enjoy the show. Jim asked the question, why are they called trailers when they come before the movie? Here’s the quick answer. Way back when, trailers came at the end of the movie,...


Can You Forgive Me? and Overboard 2018

This week Jim & Ted have a twist. They discuss two trailers this week that might be a little off beat from their typical discussion. They also talk about Ted’s childhood soap opera watching and how Jim struggles with pronouncing ethnic names. We just hope you want us back next week.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Avengers: Infinity War, & Sorry to Bother You

This week Jim & Ted discuss the desired time period of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series then get into reviewing Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. Avengers: Infinity War takes the stage and Jim rants about “Explosion Movies”. Finally, Ted finds a gem of a trailer with Sorry to Bother You. Leave us a review and enjoy the show.


Christopher Robin, DPG, and Isle of Dogs

Very close on the heels of the 2017 Fox Searchlight film, Goodbye Christopher Robin and the uber successful Paddington 2 here’s another world-renowned anthropomorphized bear movie. The teaser art even nods to a bear in a hat. The Junkies then review a faux marketing PSA when they discuss the Dinosaur Protection Group. They then wrap things up with the new Wes Anderson film, Isle of Dogs, with talk of a sparkler in Ted’s in steak.


Fahrenheit 451, Ralph Breaks the Internet & Ready Player One

This week Jim & Ted try to escape from the real world a bit with three films that discuss the limits of human thought. First up an HBO remake of the Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel, Fahrenheit 451. The two most popular Michaels are pitted against each other in this dystopian allegory about burning books. This is not the first film adaptation (in 1966 Truffaut adapted this) but Jim and Ted are excited to see HBO’s take on this subject. On the lighter side Ralph Breaks the Internet and Ted...


The Solo Cup Final for Best Trailer

For the complete experience visit This week we have a special poster. This is an image based on a Guillermo del Toro sketch and it evokes the passion of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss. As an auteur, Guillermo had control of every aspect of creation. TJP has our Solo Cup, Hockey has the Stanley Cup and Sweden has the Guldbaggen.


Deadpool 2 and Many Dark Hours

For the most complete expereince visit Diving into this week’s deep dive we find out that Jim’s just not into superhero movies. Ted does his best to angle for a few standouts like Black Panther and Deadpool. But this week we take a look at the Deadpool 2 trailer featuring Cable. Part of the fun of the Deadpool franchise is the self-referential nature of the humor. This is also the second week in our bracket for the TJP Solo Cup for the best Trailer. Call Me...


Star Wars Solo & Best 2018 Oscar Trailers

Wow! This week Jim & Ted cover a lot of ground. Before getting into the #TJPdeepDIVE for this week, Solo, A Star Wars Story, they discuss the trailers that premiered during the Super Bowl.


Comedic Darkness

This week we start with Groundhog Day. A movie has to be pretty powerful to spawn a genre breaking logline and this Bill Murray classic did that with this movie (I’ll save the title for the pod as Ted and Jim struggle to recall the name of this Tom Cruise sci-fi action flick.)


Joaquin Phoenix, A Trailer-Spective

Can you learn all you need to know about an actor from trailers? Jim and Ted try and find out. Joaquin Phoenix has had a long career and quiet a variety of films but something about his look gives his audience the idea that it’s him acting there, and surprisingly - that is a comforting feeling. Up first this week is this indie flick with Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara and Jack Black in the streaming film, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot.


Miller’s Crossing Poster Critique

This week Jim and Ted decided to critique this timeless movie poster.


Red Sparrow & Much More

This week Jim and Ted discuss four trailers, but before they get into the big screen they start off with a Syfy show that Jim has been watching, The Expanse. At only halfway through the first season, Jim’s already a fan. Ted, on the other hand, is not convinced, but continues to hold out for Ronald D. Moore’s return to the sci-fi genre. Not on Syfy, but with a new unnamed Apple show. Yes, confusing.


Game Over, Man!

This week Ted & Jim tackle the buddy-action-comedy, Game Over, Man! In the evolution of how Trailer Junkies Podcast does this here are the videos all in one place. The #TJPdeepDIVE is Game Over, Man! but it’s really about Netflix.


Ocean’s 8 & Book of Henry

This week the junkies discuss the gender swap on Ocean’s 8 and compare the newest installment to the other Ocean’s 11 films both Clooney’s and Sinatra’s. A suggestion from Anne, Ted’s wife and Terrence, his coworker – Ted and Jim look back at Soderbergh’s Ocean’s 11 trailer to speculate on the style of the two films.



WARNING: Jim is on vacation so the audio is a little rough but we wanted to get this one out to test another segment #TJPkidsTAKE Jim and Ted are joined by Ted’s kids, Audrey and Bryce (11 and 8 respectively) and they discuss the trailer for Ferdinand, then they go and see the movie and recap whether the trailer did a good job or not. Along the way we get Ted’s pitch for AMC Stubs Premiere membership (they are not a sponsor, yet) and a #TJPhotTAKE on Sherlock Gnomes. As well as Audrey...


Mortal Engines & The Greatest Showman

Please watch this Mortal Engines Official Trailer before listening. Jim and Ted agree on this one, the trailer as a trailer is a failure. Not a teaser, not a trailer but Ted explains what a lift is. With so much information missing Jim and Ted try and fill in the missing pieces but instead abandon the trailer until the next one. #Teds3wordREVIEW – Peter Jackson, WHY!


Paddington 2

The marmalade-loving bear is back at it with the Brown family in this gorgeous cinematically delightful sequel. Jim and Ted take a deep dive on this trailer and hijinks ensues. Ted flexes his film BA and his marketing MBA with some jargon and never forget Ted’s 3-word review.


12 Strong

De oppresso liber “To free the oppressed” is the Special Forces motto and this film, 12 Strong: The Declassified True Story of the Horse Soldiers commemorate the men who went to Afghanistan immediately after the September 11 attacks. During this trailer debrief – Jim’s military knowledge is tested and Ted tries to say dressage. But in the end the unknown outcome of these dozen warriors and their families will bring Jim to the theater. Ted’s three-word review gets workshopped and you’ll...


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