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Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep.

Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep.
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Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep.






49: Westworld Season 2 Episodes 7 and 8 - Recap and Review

They finally attack the Mesa plus we get Akecheta's backstory. What a couple of great episodes. Join us as we dive deep to see through all the mystery and hopefully shed some light on some of the scenes from these two episodes. Corey is out this week so Clay has a guest co-host: Kevin. Who definitely did not bring any notes. But we are pretty sure he had some written . Ha! Remember follow us on social media and subscribe wherever you listen to our podcast.


48: Solo: A Star Wars Story - Recap and Review

Join Clay and Corey as they tackle yet another divisive movie in the Disney era of Star Wars films. The Two Dads have their special guest back, Brian Jay Jones, to add his expertise to the conversation. And as the author of the George Lucas biography, _George Lucas: A Life_, he knows more than most. 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' has fans divided once again between those that like and those that hate. On this recap and review, we address the fact that Disney must have taken a list of references...


47: Westworld Season 2 Episodes 5 and 6 - Recap and Review

Wait...wasn't Solo supposed to be this week? Well plans change and probably for the better. Having Clay and Corey try and do 3 Episodes of Westworld next week would have been nuts. So they have switched their review of Solo to next week. Besides from the box office, it looks like none of you all went to see it anyways. Tisk. Tisk. Now, on to more important things! We got to see Shogunworld this week and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Samurai, ninjas, battles, sword play. Come on...what else do we...


46: Deadpool 2 - Recap and Review

Join Clay and Corey on their numerous tangents as they recap and review Deadpool 2\. With so many pop culture references, meta jokes, recalls to the first Deadpool, and Ryan Reynolds man-crush on Hugh Jackman, these tangents were bound to happen. The Two Dads try to touch on most of the jokes and references in this film, at least the ones that didn't go over their heads. Promos this week are for our friends over at Ghosts of the Stratosphere (@gotstratosphere) and Rise of King Asilas...


45: Westworld Season 2 Episode 4 - Recap and Review

"The Riddle of the Sphinx" So much for Clay and Corey to unpack in just the title of this episode. Maybe that is why this is yet another barn burner of a podcast. They leave no stone unturned, no theory unspoken, no plot twist unwound. Join the Dads as they cover every possible meaning of Lisa Joy's directorial debut. This episode conveyed a lot of information without seeming slow. Which is the sign of a true artist. As a beginning side conversation, the Dads also cover the shows that are...


44: Westworld Season 2 Episodes 2 and 3 - Recap and Review

Ladies and Gentlemen, this was a large production. The Two Dads not only reviewed 2 episodes, Clay decided to order the events of the two shows chronologically, AND add audio clips from the show into this as well. Needless to say this episode is one of, if not the longest we have done. Join Clay and Corey as they cover a lot of information and try to make sense of all that is happening over these timelines. We also introduce a few friends of the podcast: The IMDB Journey Podcast and the...


43: Avengers: Infinity Wars - Recap and Review

Hang on to your Infinity Gauntlets. Grab your box of tissues. The Two Dads recap and review of 'Avengers: Infinity War' is here. Surprises were around every corner but none more than all the 'feels' this movie pushed onto us. This action packed romp, 10 years and 19 movies in the making, did not disappoint. This extra-long podcast covers everything we could think of. From back stories and tie-ins to the comics, our idea of what all that happened means and even our predictions of what the...


42: Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 - Recap and Review

Back to our bread and butter! Back to what started this whole podcast off! Reviewing TV shows. This week kicks off Season 2 of HBO's Westworld. And it does not disappoint. A lot of paths are set in motion, games are begun, lives are in danger, and all because of an amusement park. Join Clay and Corey as they trample through the story line, while interweaving what is sure to be incorrect guesses as what it will all mean by the end of the season. They also say "dick" like 20 times in less...