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Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep.

Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep.
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Clay and Corey. Just two dads reviewing the TV shows, movies, and video games that we enjoy in the few hours our kids are asleep.






69: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 9 - Recap and Review

'Fire and Reign' One more episode to go. Will they we able to wrap up all these story lines they have dealt us? Join the Two Dads as they discuss Episode 9 of AHS Apocalypse. A little underwhelmed, the Dads think that things should have moved along a little more. But they have faith in the final episode. Also a little talk about Chris Pine's penis. Sorry folks, it could not be avoided. Remember to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications. This podcast is run by dads, so they never release...


68: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 8 - Recap and Review

'Sojourn' Hey, hey the Dads got this one out before the next episode. Everyone clap! In this show, the Dads, of course, do their deep dive into the episode. But more importantly, the Dads speculate and speculate some more on how the AHS team is going to wrap some of this tale up in the two episodes left. Let us know your theories. The Dads love this season but they are getting scared that it may not finish as strong as it started. Time will tell. Remember to share this little podcast with...


67: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 7 - Recap and Review

Yes, yes, the Dads know this went up after Episode 8 had aired. Sorry. Kids bring home colds, colds gets passed to the Dads, recording gets delayed. That being said, this episode was so fantastic to the arc of this story they had to put it up no matter when. And if that hasn't sold you on listening to this episode ... Corey tells a story about a waxing incident that went horribly wrong. Remember to share so others like you find this podcast too and as always subscribe and turn on the...


66: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 6 - Recap and Review

'Return to Murder House' Join the Two Dads as they review the directorial debut of Ms. Sarah Paulson. She and some of the old school cast take us all back to where it started. Murder House. These actors take up their original personas while leading us on the flash back filled story of Michael Langdon's origin. Does this episode deserve the 9.7 it currently has on IMDB, probably not BUT it is a very good episode that the Dads truly enjoyed. Remember to share us on social media, subscribe...


65: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 5 - Recap and Review

'Boy Wonder' Let's face it, Episode 4 was going to be a hard act to follow no matter the caliber of the episode. So while this week's episode didn't completely floor the Two Dads like last week, they do hope that it serves as a great bridge between last week and next week when we go back to the Murder House! Join the Two Dads as they recap this episode that included old timey style footage, a fabulously shiny hell, and a complete song by Stevie Nicks. Kinda felt like they were buying some...


64: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 4 - Recap and Review

'Could it be ... Satan?' Oh man, what an episode!!! This is what we have all been waiting for. Some amazing story telling in this episode. Listen as the Two Dads find very little wrong with this episode and gush over everything that was fantastic. Which was pretty much the entire episode. This season is shaping up to be one of the greats. Let's see. Warning, Corey and Clay go down a political rabbit hole for a little while. Not too long, but it ends in a a story about Corey's dad forgetting...


63: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 3 - Recap and Review

"Forbidden Fruit" The Two Dads were fairly impressed with this episode. Strong showing, gave us more questions, and did not let up the entire hour. Now the stage is set! Let's see how this all plays out. Join the Dads for their deep dive, speculation, and all around enjoyment of this episode. Remember to tell you friends about finding this podcast, subscribe where you listen, and turn on those notifications. And as always, thanks for listening!


62: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 2 - Recap and Review

'The Morning After' Yes we talked about a single tear for 10 minutes, so?! This episode did not 'wow' us like we hoped it would. Yet we still found a way to talk about, speculate and guess what plot lines could stem from everything we saw. Do we think this was much more than a good soundtrack and Evan Peter's soft core porn debut? Join the Two Dads as we try and decipher what all of this means. This episode made us sad, at least a more convincing sad than Langdon achieved. Don't forget to...


61: American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 1 - Recap and Review

Back at it! Time for the Two Dads to review yet another season of American Horror Story. Apocalypse is the title for this season and they do not hesitate in showing us that. All of our favorite actors are back and there is already conspiracy theories, ideas about how this season ties into the past ones and general what-the-f%&kery. Join us for this recap and review of AHS Apocalypse Episode 1 - 'The End.' Don't forget to share, like, and subscribe. And as always, thank you for listening.


60: Event Horizon - Recap and Review

This episode marks the end of the "Best of Horror by Corey" series. Well, to be honest, Clay actually picked this one. And to be even more honest, he is regretting that decision. 'Event Horizon' was the pick and even a long time fan of the movie couldn't bring himself to defend it too much. But it does spark some cool ideas for reboots or other stories in this universe. The Dads hope you all have enjoyed our little foray into horror. They are done reviewing movies in the theaters. When they...


59: Dead Snow - Recap and Review

Part 4 of 5 of our little series "Best of Horror by Corey." This time the Dads watched 'Dead Snow.' They happily retell this movie and give major props to the practical effects guys and pointing out a few loopholes in the plot. Other topics covered in the first half the show include: peanut allergies and our schools, diabetes, being different, and Nazi uniform aesthetics,. You are welcome, internet. Remember to share if you like what you hear and if you don't, keep your mouth shut and get...


58: The Final Girls - Recap and Review

The Two Dads are at their halfway point in their "Best of Horror by Corey" Series. This week they tackle a lesser known gem: 'The Final Girls.' With a cast of Hollywood elite, this comedic-horror romp entertains from beginning to end. All involved just seemed to love and respect what the writers and director were going for and executed it perfectly. Treat yourself and go watch this movie. The Dads also talk a little about 'Mile 22' and its insane editing. Surely other things are rambled...


57: Black Christmas - Recap and Review

This episode is part 2 of our 5 part series titled: Best of Horror by Corey! The Two Dads go into the 2006 version of 'Black Christmas.' Don't worry, we talk some about the original 1974 version as well. It is such a horror classic, certain elements had to be discussed. Also, if you are a fan of the Two Dads Rants, we start an official new segment for the show. We called it 'What Grinds our Gears" but we may find something more official to name it if we keep finding stuff to complain about....


56: Evil Dead 2 - Recap and Review and Some Ghost Stories

Welcome to Part 1 of our 5 part series titled "Best of Horror by Corey." This week we tackle '**Evil Dead 2**.' A true cinematic classic and follow up to the original 'Evil Dead.' This movie is considered by many to be the best of the trilogy and the Two Dads agree. The conversation takes a turn to personal stories of the supernatural. Which means one of the Two Dads probably didn't sleep too well after the recording. From werewolves, to ghosts, to creaks in the night, they go into it all....


55: What's Next for the Two Dads?

WHAT?! The Two Dads are back!? They took a break!? Well we are kind of back. First, we got a great 1 year podcast anniversary present from MoviePass: not being able to see any new release movies. That's fine, we will adapt and we will overcome. This episode is a bit of us rambling. We talk a little about Equalizer 2 and Mission Impossible Fallout. Then we decide what to review for you next episode. We will be reviewing Corey's favorite horror movies in these weeks leading up to American...


54: Skyscraper - Recap and Review

This episode was our 1 year anniversary of our first podcast episode being posted! So congratulate us, dang it. That being said, let's talk MoviePass first and their wonderful peak pricing. This part of the conversation got away from us. Let us know your thoughts. But the Two Dads do get to the topic of the show: Skyscraper! The Rock's take on Die Hard but only harder and more crazy. This movie entertained us while also being totally unbelievable. Have listen and see what we think. Remember...


53: Ant-Man and The Wasp - Recap and Review

We'd like to say this entire episode is about the awesome movie that is "Ant-Man and The Wasp." But it is not. Clay and Corey had an interesting time at the theater, but it was bound to happen with as many movies as we go see. Once the Two Dads get around to the movie, it goes about as well as can be expected. We are horrible with names and Clay's notes were sub-par. But fun was had by all. Join in and have a listen. Next week: "Skyscraper"


52: Westworld Season 2 Episode 10 - Recap and Review

"The Passenger" Westworld Season 2 is finally over and they answered almost no questions. While throwing curve balls and misdirects, the show runners never wanted to answer a majority of the questions that have been brought to light in these past two seasons. Join Clay and Corey, as they analyze the finale episode, tell a few dad stories, and generally talk for way too long. Remember to follow us on social media, subscribe to this podcast and turn on those notifications. Next week: Recap and...


51: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Recap and Review

If a Rube Goldberg machine was made into a movie, this is that movie. Join the Two Dads as they reminisce about the magic of the original Jurassic Park and then wonder how we got here. If you want to see lava, volcanoes exploding, dinosaurs fighting dinosaurs, a monster in the house, and the largest number of people doing the dumbest things possible...this is your movie. Next week will be our review of the Westworld Season 2 Finale. So remember to subscribe and turn on those notifications....


50: Westworld Season 2 Episode 9 - Recap and Review

"Vanishing Point" Corey is back! Just in time to talk about all the interesting, crazy, and 'out of left field' stuff that happened on Episode 9 of Westworld Season 2\. Join the Dads as they dig into this penultimate episode. Also, they talk a little about the Star Trek news this week. What new shows are in the pipe now that Alex Kurtzman is in charge? Only time will tell.