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UNT 68: Glass

What do you get when you cross M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable with M. Night Shyamalan’s Split? Why, you get M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass, of course. Okay, I’m sick of typing Shyamalan now. Anyway, for our latest episode, we welcome friend of the show, Mike Dipasquale to analyse and review the new, hotly-anticipated movie... Glass. So avoid water at all costs, step into the light and hold onto your motherf**king butts, because UNT 68 is about to bust out its capes (and rain ponchos), erase...


UNT 67: Aquaman

Every day since the release of Batman v. Superman, Tim has walked from his lighthouse to the end of the pier, gazing wistfully at the ocean as he longs for the return of his beloved sea king. And each of those days, Jared has been at the bar, laughing at Tim for holding out any hope for a DC movie. And now, Jason Momoa has arrived — wet, glistening and mostly shirtless — with a billion-dollar international hit Aquaman movie. So who's laughing now? Probably still Jared. The whole crew comes...


UNT 66: Bumblebee

Travel back to the 80s with us as we grab a Hot Dog on a Stick, crank up the Stan Bush and squeeze into the back of a Volkswagen (we’re looking at you, Kevin Smith) for the latest offering from the Transformers franchise... Bumblebee. With Tim still MIA in the sub-Atlantic, we invited fan-favorite, Transformers aficionado and all-round nostalgia critic, Yoshi, back on our show to give his thoughts. And boy did he... Everything you wanted to know about Transformers fandom is touched on in...


UNT 65: Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Get your THWIP on, with not one, not two, but a multitude of Spider-Men (and women), as we dive mask-first into the new animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Friend of the show, Mateo Morales returns to explain exactly why he named his son Miles (you heard us), Greig and Jared argue about... sorry, ‘ponder’ the future of the Tom Holland Spider-Man series, and of course, we gush over the phenomenal animation techniques used in bringing this film to life. All this and more on an...


UNT 64: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The lights are up, the egg-nog is ready, the mistletoe has been hung and most importantly, the Jewish member of our team asked us to review National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. So we did. Our bah-humbug trio of Christmas elves set aside their year-long surliness to bathe in the glory of Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo. (Okay, mostly Bevery D’Angelo.) We reminisced about this beloved Holiday classic, with the 25 000 Christmas lights, yet another recast pair of Griswold children and of...


UNT 63: Creed Vs Creed II

Hey yo, we didn’t hear no bell, so like... we thought we’d get together and go the distance to talk about the new films revital... reinvigor... uh, re-imagining the Rocky Series - Creed and Creed II. Special guests, Teek Hall and Mega Ran join us from the Mat Mania Podcast to help break down both films, gush over all things Philly and peruse those old photographs of Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones. You’d have to be punchy not to get excited for this one, so break out your boxing gloves, ramp...


UNT 62: Daredevil Season 3

Kick back, take it easy and settle into your five (or is that six?) superior senses, as we take a slow ride into Season 3 of everyone’s favorite Netflix Defender – Daredevil. We welcome back fan-favorite, Yoshi to the Unfunny Nerd Tangent team, as he and our trio of Foggy podcast Kingpins try to turn the (Karen) Paige and hit the Bullseye. Or Poindexter. Whatever. Thanks to Tim, we may have broken the mould on this one, so get to your confession booth, call your mom (hopefully not at the...


UNT 61: Planes Trains And Automobiles

As Thanksgiving approaches, your favorite Unfunny travel companions rug up in their winter coats and dive into a classic comedy from the 1980s - Planes, Trains & Automobiles. Our fearless trio share some of their own horrific travel stories, before the two Americans explain the importance of getting home in time for Thanksgiving to the lone Aussie. Greig and Jared may have inadvertently stumbled onto the secret origin of Tim's Veronica Mars obesession, Korg returns, we all ponder what's...


UNT 60: Beetlejuice / The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Ghost with the Most turned 30 this year, and Jack Skellington looks great at 25. So let's talk about all the weirdo icons that came out of Tim Burton's head, shall we? Your favorite Bat-Dads reunite to reminisce (and in Greig's case, give some first impressions) on the gothic god of gritty, Tim Burton and his seminal films, Beetlejuice and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Our tremendously terrible trio of petrifying, portentous podcasters delve into all things black-and-white-and-stripey,...


UNT 59: Venom

It took Sony over ten years to make it, but they finally got their Venom movie out in theatres. Critics of course, hated it, but what did WE think of it? Well, WE sat down and discussed the movie, its villain, its somewhat oddly-sexy moment, as well as its possible connection to the MCU. WE also went on some serious tangents with topics like Cameron Diaz, Little Shop of Horrors and Pink Unicorns popping up in conversation. So check out UNT 59 – Venom, because WE said so... or risk rolling...


UNT 58: The Predator Series

What’s better than one ‘Yo Mama’ joke? A whole UNT worth of them! With the newest addition to the franchise, The Predator, out in theatres, we sat down for our usual ‘Group B’ therapy session and discussed, reminisced and hypothesized about all things Predator. We welcome newcomer and Yautja expert - Vance into the fold. Jared and Mateo compete for the best/worst ‘Yo Mama’ jokes. Greig wants to see more from Olivia Munn (it’s not what you think), while Tim’s Porta-Potty-related PTSD has him...


UNT 57: Saga

Hey nerds, are you looking for your next obsession, something on the level of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or even Star Wars? Pause the Netflix, head to your local comic-book shop and pick up Saga. This epic sci-fi fantasy from writer Brian K. Vaughn and artist Fiona Staples has everything — sex, drugs, war, weird aliens, more sex, friendship, betrayal, rocketships, even more sex, cool weapons, magic, talking animals, gut-wrenching death and (as DATES viewers know) #robotdicks. Best of...


UNT 56: Disenchantment

Has Matt Groening still got it? The Simpsons was an instant classic, while Futurama blew our minds and broke our hearts. But somehow, getting our friends to watch the animated Netflix series Disenchantment is harder than dragging a one-eyed lady giant to a royal ball. Maybe it's the tired, status-quo structure of the season's middle episodes. Maybe the characters and jokes just aren't edgy enough. Maybe King Zøg reminds us a little too much of our friend Jared. Hang on a second, Leave-o....


UNT 55: Westworld Season 2

We didn’t forget, it just took us a while to wrap our minds around Westworld season 2, and to be honest, we’re still not sure we understood everything. After all, we might already be inside the thing, right? While Tim gushed over yet another Veronica Mars connection (despite not actually having seen the pivotal flash-forward scene), the rest of us pondered the philosophical nature of life, souls, clones and resurrections, tried our best to pronounce ‘Akecheta’, found way too many comparisons...


UNT 54: GLOW Season 2

Get out your glitter, your leg-warmers and your Canadian bacon, as we ring the bell on another round of the Netflix series, GLOW. While Greig battles what might technically be pneumonia, the rest of our illustrious international panel discuss the trials and tribulations of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Debbie, Sam, Ruth, Bash and even the new Junkchain earn a mention; we discuss the relevance of certain PSAs, explain a plot point to younger viewers and even bring up what might possibly...


UNT 53: Ant - Man & The Wasp

Get ready for some pint-sized action and small-time laughs as we discuss Ant-Man & the Wasp. Tim fantasizes about that moment from Batman Returns (it’s not what you think – it’s worse), Jared continues his streak of things he hasn’t seen, we learn that Greig’s Luis impression is oddly similar to his Korg and Bryan... well, Bryan was there too. We recorded this one in our miniaturized suitcase podcast studio, added wings and blasters to our super suits and ‘marveled’ over the 20th, yes 20th...


UNT 52: Incredibles 2

Squeeze into your spandex, forget everything you thought you knew about math, fire up your Incred-i-mobile and get ready to tweet about #thicc, because Episode 52 of our animated little supershow is all about The Incredibles. While we celebrated the growing list of films, television shows and video games that Jared hasn’t gotten around to, our non-super-super trio also manages to pay tribute to the late-great Steve Ditko, compare Incredibles 2 to its predecessor, deliver a stirring public...


UNT 51: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Hey, remember Jurassic Park? The swell of John Williams' awe-inspiring score as we marveled at our first glimpse of CGI dinosaurs that still look real 25 years later? How smart Michael Crichton made us feel as we soaked up cutting-edge math and science? How Steven Spielberg once again redefined the summer blockbuster? Well, hold onto your butts. Five movies in, this inconsistent franchise is sitting on top of an active volcano, and it's about to blow. Cashing in on the massive success of the...


UNT 50: Jaws

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into podcasting, we hit Episode 50. We certainly needed a bigger boat to handle this one, as we focused our attention on the all-time classic, Jaws. Is Brody a poor man's John McClane? How fake does that shark look to you? Does Quint have a death wish? What's the secret with the Jaws theme? Who the hell goes SCUBA diving anymore? And wait... was that a nipple? All of those questions and many more are answered by our illustrious panel of nerds, who...


UNT 49: Solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story has hit movie theatres to find itself in the midst of a socio-political situation not seen since Senator Palpatine seized the Senate. Our resident Jedi Master, Flo returns to the show to help us make sense of this so-called fanbase uprising, as well as, funnily enough, discuss and review the actual movie. New actors taking on iconic roles, that cameo from that character, Lord & Miller Vs Ron Howard, and the nature of life and death in a galaxy far, far away... all...