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Spooky Endings

This week the guys discuss their final holiday after an 11 month journey and 21 episodes of the podcast. Check out Happy Endings on Hulu it's a good show. Will Alex win the drag queen contest? Will Max make it to his weird gay turkey party? Can Brad defend Breezy Acres? All this and lots of Halloween talk on the final episode of Very Special Holiday!


Trick Or Treat

This week on Very Special Holiday the fellas welcome the return of Larry David to HBO and recap a very spooky Curb Your Enthusiasm. Is it rude to talk about golfing in front a disabled person? Is calling someone a bald asshole a hate crime? What age do you stop trick or treating? Must you spend the whole day with your wife on her birthday? All this and more on an all new Halloween episode of Very Special Holiday


Hot Off the Grill

After a short hiatus Very Special Holiday is back to celebrate Labor Day with the first family of Fox sitcoms, The Bundy's! Does Peg want to have sex with Al? Can you taste a dead relative if you BBQ their cremated ashes? Did Married With Children have an excessive music licensing budget? All this and more on the return of Very Special Holiday!


Fourth of July

This week the guys go back to their roots and tackle a very holiday episode of the the classic Saved By The Bell. It's the 4th of July and the gang has a lot going on. What's Screech's Uncle Sam costume look like? Is Stacy going to go to the big Fourth of July dance with Zack? Who will be crowned the new "Miss Liberty" and get that $500 savings bond? All this and the guys fire up some sparklers live on the pod! Enjoy a brand new "Very Special Holiday"!


A Very Tanner Christmas

This week the guys tackle Full House's "A Very Tanner Christmas" since it's only 6 months until the holiday. Why are there so many kisses? What will Steve major in Daytona Beach U? Who was the best Santa? How much did Uncle Jesse spend on all those snow cones?! The guys tackle all this and much more. Merry Leon Day! Enjoy a brand new Very Special Holiday!


Scenes From a Barbecue

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! This week on the show the guys break down the television classic Roseanne and the season 3 episode "Scenes From A Barbecue", Who played Dan's dad? Where is the new reboot going to be? Why does Bonnie sing so well? Slimb and Todd tackle these questions and more on a brand new episode of "Very Special Holiday"!


Everybody Hates Easter

This week the guys get in the Easter spirit by wearing their finest church hats, eating Peeps and watching 'Everybody Hates Chris'. Will Chris get that elusive "Easter Kiss" that Slimb knows so well? Is Tanya going to win the egg hunt? Is Julius getting double quadruple overtime? Most importantly, what will Rochelle's hat look like and will it win?!?! All this and more on an all new Easter special episode of "Very Special Holiday"!


April Fools

This week the guys go back to 1989 and check in with the Harpers on Mama's Family. Is April Fools a holiday? Was Naomi Todd's first sexual icon? What happens at the "Biggger Jigger"? Is Mama the ultimate con artist? What is Lemon Sponge cake? All this and more on an all new Very Special Holiday!


Bar Wars VII The Naked Prey

Hey Everybody! It's still St. Patrick's Day time and the guys are talking Cheers Season 11, episode 19 "Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey". Is this the longest episode title ever? Is Sam a glutton for punishment? Is Cliff committing a crime as a member of the federal post office? Is Gary illegally distributing pornography? Is Paul cool? Is Harry a psychopath with that endgame? All this and more on an all new "Very Special Holiday"!


St. Patrick's Day

Happy March Everyone! This week the guys dive right in to the St. Patrick's Day spirit, crack a couple cold Guinness and watch 30 Rock. Will Liz Lemon get in the St. Patrick's Day spirit and be able to tell Chris how she feels? Will Jack win the big board game? Are Jenna and Tracy going to break up forever? Will Kenneth have to save the day!! All this and more on a brand new episode of "Very Special Holiday"!


First Girlfriends' Club

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! We hope you had a better time then Shawn Hunter. This week the guys discuss the Boy Meets World episode "First Girlfriends' Club". Are Cory and Topanga going to work it out? Is Shawn going to get assaulted by these scorned lovers? Will Jack Hunter pull off a threesome? All these questions and more on a brand new episode of "Very Special Holiday".


My Funky Valentine

Welcome to February everyone! The boys get a head start on Valentine's Day and go to LA to meet with the folks of Modern Family in "My Funky Valentine". Will Manny tell Fiona how he feels? How old is Jay? Are Phil and Claire going to still get it on after this whole escalator business? All this and more on a brand new episode of "Very Special Holiday"!


Monday Night Football

This week on an all new Very Special Holiday, Slimb and Todd tackle How I Met Your Mother and the episode "Monday Night Football". Is Super Bowl Sunday a holiday? How hard is it for Barney to get someone to tell him a score? How good are these wings? Who was Mark? What time does Robin's TV gig end? Is Marshall the worst adult? All this and more on a brand new show!


Happy New Year Baby

The guys talk Fuller House NYE and 90s nostalgia. How many plots in this episode? Why does Jimmy Gibler bring up having a baby so early in a relationship? Is Steve going to pop the question? Will there be a wedding next season? All this and more on this week's episode of Very Special Holiday!


The Voice of Christmas

This week the guys breakdown The Voice of Christmas from season 1 of The Brady Bunch. Is Santa a Doctor? Should Bobby eat that present? Will Carol get her voice back? Do the Brady's force Alice to go to church with them? All this and more on this week's all new Christmas episode of Very Special Holiday!


The One With All The Thanksgivings

Slimb and Todd are back to dicuss their favorite "Very Special Holiday" episodes of TV. This week it's Friends - The One With All The Thanksgivings. Is carrot and knife play sexy? How bomb was that mac and cheese? Will Monica lose that flower? We"ll find out on this premier episode of "A VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY"!


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