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S4E6: April, Daryl, and Garrett Ulrich drink V8 splash (the V stands for Vodka)

Heyo guys! Sorry for the extended break. April and Daryl had some unexpected life shit happen. Right?! Super lame, but don't worry! They're back and better than ever! Sort of. On this ep, S4E6: Baby, Talk Is Cheap, they sit down with super special guest Garrett Ulrich to talk all about his knowledge of the greatest show on earth, SATC! They also jump into how he made a baby a few years back, his luscious locks, what's it like to be with a girl who stuffs her bra, and so much more. Thanks...


S4E5: April, Daryl, and Brandon Jeddi drink V8 Splash (the V stands for Vodka)

Hey guys! Guess what? It's time for another amazing episode of #YSASATCP with April Lotshaw and Daryl Williams! This week we bust out S4E5: Ghost Town with our very first guest EVER, Brandon Nariman Jeddi! We talk about what he's been up to since last we hung out, we discuss what we would name our make believe bars, we share some gay stories, pick who'd we F-M-K and of course discuss some FASHION! Follow the show IG: @sexcitypod Twitter: @sex_pod FB: @SATCpod


S4E4: April, Daryl, and Kevin Bennett drink cosmos

Hey guys! Sorry for the week off. April and Daryl were too busy being awesome, but get ready to fill your ear holes with S4E4: What's Sex Got To Do With It? With special "guests" Kevin Bennett (and his 1 client French Accent)! On this ep. we dive in once again into the greatest show ever and talk about love, the majesty of Craig Bierko, what is the correct name for your John Thomas, we stumble across a deleted scene from Entourage, hear some phone messages from Miranda, discuss some fashion,...


S4E3: April and Daryl drink cape cods with Anne Flagg

What's up you guys?! Get ready for S4E3: Defining Moments! This week April and Daryl have a real special guest in to share her love for SATC, comedian Anne Flagg! On this ep. we have Anne play the Preshow Gameshow, we discuss if we could be polyamorous, we share a director's commentary clip, we vote on if we would wear an octopus broach, and so much MORE DOWNLOAD IT ALREADY! Spread this show like herpes! Give us a rating please. IG: @sexcitypod Twitter: @sex_pod Facebook: @SATCpod Email-...


S4E2: April, Daryl, and Gage Flick drink tequilla and cranberry

What's crack-a-lackin' my foolios? Ya'll get ready for S4E2: The Real Me with special guest comedian, Gage Flick! This week April and Daryl talk to Gage about his knowledge of SATC, we talk about the fashion (especially SJP's), we answer some hypothetical questions about dicks, and of course we throw in a little talk about this week's episode. Thanks for listening! NOW RATE THIS BITCH FIVE STARS! INSTA- @sexcitypod TWIT- @sex_pod FB- @SATCpod Email-


S4E1: April, Daryl, and Nick Petrillo drink various alcoholic drinks

Yo yo yo! What up foolios!? Can you believe we're already at season 4?! F-yeah you can! So start doing whatever you do with this podcast and get ready for S4E1: The Agony and the Ex-tacy So, April and Daryl kick off this season premier with a fabulous guest comedian, Nick Petrillo! This week we talk about some crazy dating stories, how much Nick watches SATC with his wife, the horrible fashion, and so much more you should just push play already! Good. Never stop being you. Follow the show...


S3E18: April, Daryl, and Tony Bartolone drink Flirtinis

Que pasa senors y senoritas! Lock in, sit back, and pour up some Flirtinis and get ready for S3E18: Cock-a-doodle-do. It's the season finale so April and Daryl brings in Tony Bartolone to bookend this season with a bang! This week we talk about which SATC gal would make the best Pro-Wrestling manager, running into ex's, how many words you can't use to describe transgender people, and Tony shares the time he shared an acting class with John Corbett! Follow the show IG: @sexcitypod T:...


S3E17: April, Daryl, and Tony Gartley drink cape cods

Whaaazzzupp! You guys!? Guess what? It's time for another fabulous episode of #YSASATCP with your ever faithful hosts April and Daryl! Get ready for S3E17: What Goes Around, Comes Around with special guest Tony Gartley. This week we discuss what the gals have been up to since last episode, we get a visit from some new radio hosts, we make up some McDoogle family rules, and we also play a round of "Is She Crazy?" Follow the show @sexcitypod @SATCpod @Sex_pod Email-


S3E16: April, Daryl, and Seth Woodward drink Chardonnay

Hey everyone! On this classic episode of Sex and the City, April and Daryl look at the reality of S3E16: Frienemies, dating a friend's ex, and whether girls be crazy (complimented with some girl talk). With special guest Seth Woodward, we get into the down and dirty with our four ladies, check it out! Follow the show @sexcitypod @SATCpod @sex_pod Email-


S3E15: April, Daryl, and Evan Cassidy drink white wine

Hey guys! Guess what? It's S3E15: Hot Child in the City! This week April and Daryl take on another great episode of SATC with the one and only Evan "The Cass Man" Cassidy! On this ep., we talk about whether or not teenagers are growing up too fast in this week's Girl Talk, Evan puts out #fockya vibes, we pick who we'd FMK, and we also pick the biggest ANTI-douche for the first time ever! Follow the show @Sexcitypod @SATCpod @Sex_pod Email- Go check out The Cass Man's...


S3E14: April, Daryl, and Amber Scalzo drink red wine with ice

Hey guys! It's your favorite Sex and the City based podcast! Get ready for S3E14: Sex and Another City. This week April and Daryl sit down with special returning guest Amber Scalzo. We talk about how much SATC has changed her life since the last time she was on, Daryl shares his time he went to the Playboy Mansion, we discuss how hot Vince Vaughn is, we nominate some douches, and play a round of F-marry-kill. Thanks for spreading the word that you love the show! Follow @sexcitypod @sex_pod...


S3E13: April, Daryl, and Andrea Guzzetta drink east coast sunrises

Hey guys! Welcome to another edition of #YSASATCP Get ready for S3E13: Escape from New York w/ special returning guest Andrea Guzzetta! This week April and Daryl discuss with their guest the hardships of dating, how to drive a stick shift, what's a dildo, we share some deleted scenes from the ep, and who the biggest douche of the episode is! Thanks for sharing and subscribing! Oh you haven't yet? Well get on it! Follow the show @sexcitypod @sex_pod @SATCpod Email- If...


S3E12: April, Daryl, and Robert Zoref drink sparking wine

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, but all good things come when they're horny! Or something like that, anyway. Get ready for S3E12: Don't Ask, Don't Tell. This week April and Daryl invite Robert Zoref back on the pod to share his unique take on the gals of SATC. We also share some cheating stories, some HS band stories, and a story so crazy you'll have to be crazy to listen to it. Don't forget TRINKETS! If you're in LA and want to check out a great comedy show, go here Bear Grenade...


S3E11: April, Daryl, and Robyn Beck drink cosmos

What's up guys! Get ready for S3E11: Running With Scissors. On this episode April and Daryl have a very special guest to talk about the gals of SATC. She's a millenial, has a BF with a large member, she's funny, and she's Daryl younger sister, Robyn Beck. Throughout this ep. we talk about her BF's dick, how crazy Carrie is, what type of sandwich you'd date, and how big Robyn's BF's dick is. Thanks for downloading. If you love, hate, or are indifferent towards the show, hit us up at...


S3E10: April, Daryl, and Kelly Ryan drink scotch

What's up ya'll, this is your host April and Daryl we are looking at s3ep10 of Sex and the City this week! Joined by HILARIOUS comedian Kelly Ryan, we examine the trials and tribulations of an affair, evil twins, and a lot of terribly interesting 90's fashion trends. My sluts, you've already hit download, I know, but if you need more incentive we enjoy some girl talk about phone sex, and the morality behind landlines! Get in on this episode, and lets watch these ladies fuck shit up! Follow...


S3E9: April, Daryl, and Jeremiah White drink Biskey.

Hey guys! You miss us? Of course you did! Well get ready for S3E9: Easy Come, Easy Go! This week April and Daryl share some laughs, some tears, and some boxed whiskey w/ special returning guest Jeremiah White! On this ep. we dish some "Girl Talk", we peak into a marketing session for Biskey, and we pick who we'd F, marry, and kill. Plus so much more, you'll have to get it in your ear holes right now! Follow the show yada, yada, yada, @SexCityPod @Sex_pod @SATCpod


S3E8: April, Daryl, and Ishpal Sidhu drink red wine

What's up with our YSASATCP peeps?! Are you ready for S3E8: The Big Time ?!!?! Damn Skippy you are! (Skippy's not in this ep btw, but Mr. Big is!) Get ready for another great episode with special guest Ishpal Sidhu. This week April and Daryl discuss with Ishpal her knowledge of the show and when she first watched it. We also hear from Prof. Daryl on how to pick up a trophy wife and the proper way to order a Bellini when you're already hammered. We also talk about the episode for almost half...


S3E7: April and Daryl drink red wine with Berenice Ashikian

Hey guys! Yo yo yo, get ready to laugh your used underwear off with S3E7: Drama Queens w/ special guest Berenice Ashikian! This week April and Daryl sit down with Berenice to talk about her knowledge of SATC, we have a session of "Girl Talk", Bernice talks about how she passively tortured her ex-boyfriend, and we figure out who'd we F, marry and kill on this episode! FOLLOW, RATE, LEAVE US YOUR FIRST CHILD @sexcitypod @sex_pod @SATCpod Email-


S3E6: April and Daryl are hungover

Hey guys! Get ready for S3E6: Are We Sluts? This week April and Daryl are without a guest (wah wah). But don't worry! They still tear this episode apart with so much hilarity you'll have to check your pants afterwards. During this ep. they talk about romantic scavenger hunts, the oldest Harlot in Amsterdam, and they make over a murderer! They also endorse Cynthia Nixon for NY Governor and talk about SATC briefly. Follow the show @sexcitypod @sex_pod @SATCpod Email-


S3E5: April, Daryl, and Ramon Hernandez drink boxed wine

Hey ya'll! Get ready for another fabulous episode of YSASATCP with S3E5: No Ifs, Ands, or Butts and special returning guest, friend of the show, and stand up comedian, Ramon Hernandez! This week April and Daryl sit down with Ramon and discuss his opinions on some recent pop culture topics, we get into a round of "Girl Talk" and "Boy Talk", and Ramon shares some awkward gym stories. Don't forget F*ck, Marry, Kill and the biggest douche of the episode! Follow the show @sexcitypod @sex_pod...