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A New Wave of Online Coaching with Jeff Dawson

What happens when 3 brothers, all alums of the Yale Men's Tennis program, are inspired by an Aristotle quote to create an online space to offer coaching from some of the best in the business? Rhabit! Repetitive actions, becoming habits, leading to excellence - that is the impetus behind this new platform that brings video instruction from top ATP/WTA coaches, current and former tour players, current and former college players, and others directly to you. Rhabit’s instructional videos teach...


Youth Tennis Tactical Progression with Todd Widom

In our last episode, we discussed the youth tennis progression in terms of the Red, Orange, Green, and Yellow balls. This week we will discuss the youth tennis progression in terms of tactics. Coach Todd Widom joins us once again to talk about the importance of integrating lessons on tactics alongside the technical training our kids typically receive. He gets into the details of how kids should learn the X's and O's of the game and how to tell when they are ready for a higher level of...


Youth Tennis (ROGY) Progression with Michelle Brown

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a ParentingAces Parent asking if I could do a podcast about the USTA's Red Orange Green Yellow ball progression. I posted my query on the various Facebook groups I belong to and got a great response! One coach in particular seemed to be the right one to help explain the progression, so I hope y'all enjoy hearing from Coach Michelle Brown! Michelle runs the Longfellow Red Ball Tennis & Youth Sports Zone (contact info below). As a USPTA Elite...


Understanding Different Types of Coaches with Todd Widom

In our last episode, you heard from Coach Todd Widom about the role of the Tennis Parent throughout the Junior Development process. In this week's podcast, you'll hear from Todd again, this time about the different types of coaches and which one is appropriate at which stage. Coach Todd discusses the differences between a technical coach, a tactical coach, and a teacher. He explains when a child would need each of these and how parents can determine when it's time to move to a new coaching...


Role of the Tennis Parent with Todd Widom

The role of the Tennis Parent is crucial in the Junior Development Process. But, if we don't have a clear understanding of exactly WHAT our role is, it's much easier to make mistakes along the way. In this week's episode, Coach Todd Widom shares his thoughts on what we parents should be doing at each stage of the game. He starts with the early years, moving into the middle school then high school years, explaining how our role changes but also how it stays the same. As always, you can...


A Better Way of Monitoring Player Development with Furqan Iqbal

For years I have been asking junior coaches to do a better job of communicating with families. Everything from which tournaments to play to whether the child is progressing to how a child compares to his/her peers are questions most Tennis Parents have. Furqan Iqbal, the CEO of Tennis Locker, is a Tennis Parent himself who had similar questions for his son's coach. That coupled with his software development background led Furqan to create an app that would allow coaches to plan for and...


How To Do Junior Tennis on a Limited Budget with Mike Belangia & Will Segraves

A few weeks ago I received an email from a member of the ParentingAces community. It said, "We have a limited budget for tennis and you know personally how expensive it can be with all the costs adding up. I would love to hear a program on how to get the most bang for your buck. That is, ways to help your child become a great tennis player when you don't have a large income to draw on." Ask and ye shall receive! In this week's episode, we address the topic of developing a high-level junior...


The Backdraw Flu with Marc Lucero

Withdrawal from the backdraw of our biggest national tournaments has reached a ridiculous level. At last week's Kalamazoo Tournament (Boys 16s & 18s National Hardcourts), backdraw walkovers were at 16.89% up from 5.88% only fifteen years ago. Why are so many players pulling out once they lose in the main draw? What can coaches and parents do about it? What SHOULD coaches and parents do about it? That's the topic of this week's conversation with coach Marc Lucero. He feels very...


Virtual School 3.0 with Kirk Spahn

Trying to decide which type of school is best for your child is a tricky proposition at best. If the child is an elite athlete striving to reach the highest levels of the sport, it becomes even more complicated. In this week's podcast, Lisa chats with Kirk Spahn, a former collegiate tennis player who is the mind behind Dwight Global Academy, an online extension of the prestigious Dwight School based in Manhattan. We think you'll find the conversation very (pardon the pun!) educational and...


Reviving Tradition with Jeffrey Goodman

Imagine being outside on a summer day surrounded by people who all share a love of the same thing. The only sounds are of feet skidding on green "clay", the contact of ball and string, and the occasional outburst of applause. You are hot and sweaty, but it doesn't matter because you are in your Happy Place doing what you love. Ten years ago, a long-standing tennis tradition in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, disappeared. Yes, this week's episode is personal. A few weeks ago, my...


Tennis Takes with Ryan Lipman & his mom, Lisa

What happens when 3 tennis-playing brothers get together and start a website? Get the answer in this week's episode (apologies for the poor sound quality in the intro - it gets way better after that!) with Vanderbilt Men's Tennis Assistant Coach, Ryan Lipman, and his mom, Lisa. Ryan and his brothers, Maxx and Marshall, all played college tennis and all still love the sport. They followed very different pathways in the junior, college, and even professional game, but have now come together...


Talk College To Me with Marisa Meddin

In our last episode, we talked to you about how you can manage your college recruiting in the palm of your hand with the newest feature on the Match!Tennis App. This week, we discuss college scholarships and how best to get them. Marisa Meddin worked in marketing after a very successful college career at the University of Michigan. She found her greatest satisfaction, however, in volunteering to help high school students navigate the college application process, so she quit her corporate...


College Recruiting in an App? with Heath & Lindsey Waters

Last year, we were all introduced to the Match!Tennis App, a one-stop-shop for all your junior tournament needs - a calendar, rankings, ratings, medical release, weather updates, doubles partner search, and more. When I used the app during the 2017 Sol Schwartz #SaveCollegeTennis All-In Tournaments, I was blown away by all it could do from the Tournament Director side, too. And now the app has gone one better. You can use it to manage your college recruiting process by searching schools by...


Compete. Learn. Earn.

Barry Fulcher grew up in a Tennis Family. His parents and his siblings were avid players, so it was only fitting that Barry start honing his racquet and court skills as a toddler in the UK. His love of the game and of competition led him to a very successful junior tennis career such that he decided to go the professional route rather than come to the US to try his hand in our college tennis system (much to his mother's chagrin, I might add!). After realizing he couldn't sustain a pro...


Coach & Dad Talk Development Pathways with Todd Widom & George Opelka

How lucky are we to have both Coach Todd Widom and Tennis Parent George Opelka together in one podcast?!?!?! These two gentleman offer their wisdom on everything from the different developmental pathways to college vs. pro tennis and everything in between. They have spent many hours talking to each other courtside while watching their respective player's practice and compete and share those conversations with us this week. You can find Todd Widom and his academy online at...


The DIII Life with Matt Brisotti

June is prime recruiting season for many college coaches. That said, what better time to do a podcast about Division III and how it differs from DI? Coach Matt Brisotti leads both the men's and women's tennis teams at Hamilton College, a Division III school in New York that is part of the NESCAC, one of the stronger conferences in DIII. He played college tennis at Drew University (also DIII) and finished his collegiate career as one of the top players in Drew men's tennis history with 55...


The One with the Junior Tennis Official with Gary Link

A few weeks ago, I posted on our Facebook page that I would be doing an interview with a USTA official and asked you for questions to ask him. You did not disappoint! In this week's episode of the ParentingAces Podcast, recorded in person at Goldberg's Deli (!), I chat with Gary Link, an amazing official based in South Carolina who has committed the past 21 years to helping junior tennis players learn while playing. I have known him since my son's junior tennis years, and I can vouch for...


How Do You Survive the Puberty Years? with Katie Malinski

I know. No one likes talking about periods and puberty. But, it's a reality of life and a topic that we need to discuss if we're going to help our young players maintain a healthy body image and feel comfortable asking for help whenever and wherever they may need it. In this week's episode, Katie Malinski and I get pretty candid and raw in our conversation about how to talk to our children about their bodily changes, what to do if our daughter or other female player gets her period while on...


Using Nutrition to Maximize Performance with Jackie Slomin, RD

Jackie Slomin is a sports dietitian who helps high school athletes get recruited to top tier colleges on scholarship with her Fuel Your Full Ride program. Having previously worked with hundreds of division I and II athletes from all different sports and holding a master's degree in sports nutrition and exercise science, Jackie is an expert at helping athlete's discover how to improve their performance, energy and recovery time by up to 50% with advanced sports nutrition principles that can...


Repurposing Tennis to Help People Grow Up with Jorge Capestany

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could find a teaching pro who actually had a college degree in Tennis? What if she had an in-depth knowledge not only of teaching forehands and backhands but also sport psychology, injury prevention, nutrition, and communication? Well, thanks to several hard-working and forward-thinking folks, the Professional Tennis Management (PTM) Certificate is now a reality! Coach Jorge Capestany, the Head Tennis Coach at Hope College, is leading the charge to create the...