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The Home of "In The Rotation" & "We Got Heat". We cover all topics in the world, including Shit Stories, Rape or Not Rape, Top 5 Countdown, Pro Wrestling, MMA, World News and we love making our opinions yours!

The Home of "In The Rotation" & "We Got Heat". We cover all topics in the world, including Shit Stories, Rape or Not Rape, Top 5 Countdown, Pro Wrestling, MMA, World News and we love making our opinions yours!


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The Home of "In The Rotation" & "We Got Heat". We cover all topics in the world, including Shit Stories, Rape or Not Rape, Top 5 Countdown, Pro Wrestling, MMA, World News and we love making our opinions yours!






12 - Bullshitting With Brooks 8.3.20

Brooks & Ben discuss the week's news on this episode. The discussion starts with the Post Office purposely slowing down deliveries, which leads to talk about mail-in voting and Russian election hacking. The next story is about the ongoing saga regarding private contractors being hired by the US government to quell protest violence. Speaking of protest violence, law enforcement reports show that far-right extremists were the problem during protests and riots, not ANTIFA or BLM. In a...


53 - In The Rotation - "Because they're handicapped..."

ITR is back after a small break! On this episode, Ben & Vito discuss: - How is Vito doing quitting drinking? - Tattoo talk - Vito does body painting at a Swinger Party - Review of IWA-MS's King of the Death Match Tournament


EP1 "The Resurrection of Justice Jones"

This is the update from an interaction Vito had with Justice Jones back in 2014. Listen to this https://1gimmickworld.podbean.com/e/itr-throwback-the-self-distruction-of-justice-jones/ if this story is new to you. Justice Jones Talks About: - Owing Vito money. - Hanging a rope to kill himself - What saved his life? - Losing a child. - Life after wrestling. This is a must-listen to episode! Remember to share these episodes. It's super helpful!


11 - Bullshitting With Brooks 7.22.20

This week it's just Ben & Brooks covering the news and they cover A LOT in under an hour. On this episode, the discussion starts with Federal Agents being sent to Chicago, which leads to a discussion about how to stop gang violence. Changing gears, the boys talk about a new book that covers "Big Data Psy-Ops", which leads to more talk about Russian hacking, including Democrats calling for an investigation in a Wisconsin lawmaker. After that, the talk changes to QAnon being banned on...


1 - We Got Rotated - "Take The Olive Out"

A little bit We Got Heat, a little bit In The Rotation, this episode covers everything from ICW to Andrew Yang's 3-day weekend idea to WWE Theme Songs to an incel blowing his hand off with explosives. It's a little all over the place, but the regular 1GW shenanigans we've come to expect from Vito & Ben. Enjoy!


10 - Bullshitting With Brooks 7.15.20

This week...Vito's back! They start with some very brief wrestling talk (Did Brooks show GiGi a CM Punk match?). Then they get serious with breaking news about Twitter getting hacked and various other Twitter-related stuff. Then the boys discuss more evidence that Trump is working for Russia which leads to a discussion about the 2020 Presidential Race. COVID-19 is discussed in more depth than it has been in nearly as they discuss testing, the possibility that COVID antibodies disappear...


9 - Bullshitting With Brooks 7.5.20

Vito is back on assignment, so it's just Brooks and Ben this week. They start the discussion talking about the recent uptick in fireworks complaints across the country. From there they talk about Mya Moore, domestic terrorism, a town in Oregon that defunded their police years ago and what resulted, the costs of Medicare For All, Ghislaine Maxwell getting arrested, Jeffrey Epstein being a spy and finally in The Lightning Round, a neurologist explains what happens to the human brain on...


8 - Bullshitting With Brooks 6.28.20

On this episode, Vito is back! The boys start the discussion with COVID-19 talk which leads to Russia-Trump connections, Trump sharing a racist video, State Rights vs Federal Government and finishes with "The Lightning Round", a new segment called "Vito's Radical Idea of the Week" and we finish with a quote from Issac Asimov! Enjoy!


51 - In The Rotation - "The Show With No Name"

This week's episode starts with a 1GimmickWorld Blast From The Past from January 2014, then Vito and Ben discuss all of the latest news and chaos going on in the world at the moment. In a rare occurrence, the boys did not come up with a show name during the show. Nevertheless, enjoy!


7 - Bullshitting With Brooks 6.14.20

On this episode, Vito is still on assignment, so it's just Ben and Brooks this week. They start the discussion talking about the possibility that COVID-19 is a man made virus according to a Norwegian scientist and then they discuss the murder of Rayshard Brooks, ANTIFA, different ways to support a protest or movement, Fox News getting caught doing fake news and Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein. Enjoy!


50 - In The Rotation - "What Do You Have Against Pregnant Snakes?"

On this weeks episode, the boys talk about Vito giving his first tattoo, we debut a brand new segment and Vito reveals a new side project he's been working on. Enjoy!


Robert Ego Anthony is AEW Dark!

We get the exclusive interview with Robert after his 15 minute match with Jon Moxley. Hear all about it now!!!


6 - Bullshitting With Broox - 6.7.20

On this episode, Lockport Joe sits in for Vito. The boys start the discussion talking about Minneapolis disbanding their police department and from there they talk about renewable energy, Federal judge appointments, Mayan ruins being discovered, an asteroid that is going to pass Earth soon and the possibility of an Antarctic ancient civilization. Enjoy!


5 - Bullshitting With Brooks - 5.17.20

The show starts with talk about vitamins then we talk psychedelics, baseball, Tom Segura, the "r-word" and we finish the show talking about Chinese tech company Huawei and our buddy Tony Rican's new cookbook! Enjoy!


4 - Bullshitting With Brooks - 5.12.20

The shows start with a discussion about law enforcement goes into asteroids somehow becomes Capitalism and ends with a German airplane dubbed "Hitler's UFO". Enjoy!


49 - In The Rotation - "Let Me Wiggle It Around"

Vito & Ben give you a SUPERSIZED episode this week (almost 2 full hours)! On this episode: - Bullshitting With Brooks talk - "Wendy The Tool" - Vito angrily begs Scary Garry to come on the show - Ben gets his car stolen - What's your favorite 80's-early 90's sitcom? - Jackass talk


3 - Bullshitting With Brooks 5.3.20

This episode starts with Kim Jong Un talk and goes from there. We also have the debut of "Wendy The Tool", maybe the greatest music mashup in 1GimmickWorld history!


2 - Bullshitting With Brooks 4.26.20

The episode starts with COVID-19 stats and goes on an epic one-hour journey from there! Enjoy!


1 - Bullshitting With Brooks 4.19.20

The debut, stand-alone podcast of "Bullshitting With Broox". The conversation starts with COVID-19 and goes all over the place from there.


48 - In The Rotation - "It's Like Buying A Used Condom"

On this week's episode: - 1GW Zoom Watch Along discussion - Looking at Employment statistics pre-virus - How the new shop open came about - Man arrested teaching his dog how to drive - Aaron Lewis gets PISSED at people in the crowd ***BULLSHITTING WITH BROOKS*** COVID-19 stats and discussion Team America shenanigans Top 20 Wealthiest Comedians List More COVID-19 talk