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The home of “In The Rotation” & “We Got Heat”. Covering pop culture, world news, MMA & pro wrestling.

The home of “In The Rotation” & “We Got Heat”. Covering pop culture, world news, MMA & pro wrestling.
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The home of “In The Rotation” & “We Got Heat”. Covering pop culture, world news, MMA & pro wrestling.






WGH Throwback "We're Gonna Get You Some Ass"

Original Air Date: 05/14/17) This Week On WGH: - Mr 450 chokes out girlfriend. - A notch above Tamina and a notch below Natty - Fabulous Moolah sucks - Eeeeelllli Drake... - "I don't like Roderick Strong" - What did Billy Corgan buy? - Corp interview, fresh out of jail...


ITR Throwback "Don't F*ck Chickens"

(Original Air Date: 05/07/2017... This Week On ITR: - What Vito Google's - Ben & Vito decide what's rape and what's not rape - RIP Bitcoin - Fox Lake cop, more information coming forward - Vito's view on a possibility - DaddyOFive - "I'd hire Don King to be my hype man" - Guy fucks chicken


1GimmickWorld Special "Mash-Up 2"

We bring you four special clips this week to make up our podcast... - Jumping In A Port-O-Potty, ever climb inside a port-o-potty? - Talking Opiates, Josh Raymond comes on to talk about addiction. - Hall Of Shame, listen to KoK owner James Ryder come on to talk about a project he wanted to do that ended up turning into the Kult Of Kayfabe - Step In Our Office with Mike Dulton.


ITR Throwback "Cleaning Up The Chicago Scene"

Original Air Date: 10/01/2008 This episode is 10 years old!!! Listen to a very pissed off Ben & Vito talk about the Chicago wrestling scene. This is also the last podcast they do until Septemebr 2012. - Green Hit "why do buses stop at rail road tacks?" - Ben & Vito go to their first Gathering Of The Juggalos - Clean up on aisle 10 - Do you have a resume? - Why wait? - The Chicago Summit? - Let me know where I'm wrong


29 - In The Rotation "Guys Gotta Get Their J*zz Out"

This Week On ITR: - Crazy Cabbie from The Howard Stern Show sits in tonight. - Vito Green Hit "More About Justice Jones" - Have Your Heard The Justice Jones Saga? https://1gimmickworld.podbean.com/e/itr-throwback-the-self-distruction-of-justice-jones/ - UFC 229 Recap - Cabbie Interview - Life today - Time in the military - His time on the Stern Show - His thoughts on the Supreme Court - Watch us do this show on Facebook Live......


31 - We Got Heat "Wrestler Court"

This has been a crazy story that started last night around 11:30pm. Vito lost an eBay auction for a WrestleMania 13 event chair. He was super pissed. So pissed he couldn't sleep. Vito the reached out to the seller, promising to pay more for the chair if the seller would cancel the sale and sell it to him. The seller agreed. Vito started to brag on Facebook about this. Just to find out, the original buyer was a friend of his Robert Ego Anthony. So Robert demanded Vito step into Wrestler...


ITR Throwback "The Worst & The Best"

Original Air Date: 5/13/2013 Time to go way back and listen to a very unique episode of ITR. Listen to Ben, Vito & Pauly go three hours!!! Also on this episode the boys bring you a Shin2Chin MMA report with Lockport Joe, A very funny Step In Our Office with Jesse The Jackhammer & then we bring you the worst Step In Our Office with Human Tornado. Yes this was all one episode... - Indie wrestling talk - Mark Dice looking for a nigga pass - Jesse The Jackhammer (So Funny) - A very high...


ITR Throwback "Dylan Avery Interview"

Original Air Date:6/1/2013 The producer, writer & director of the most powerful documentary on the planet "Loose Change" stops by to talk with Ben & Vito. Hear what it was like to be a kid thrown into the world of politics.


1GimmickWorld Special "Austin Idol Prank Call"

On yesterday's episode of We Got Heat, the boys talked about pranking Austin Idol. So we are rereleasing this clip for you today!!! Ben & Vito use to have a segmaent called "Step In Our Office". It's where we would bring local indie wrestlers on to tell them they don't belong in the wrestling buisness. Sometimes Ben & Vito had their opinion changed by the person they invited on. That's very rare though. This episode, the boys landed a huge guest for "Step In Our Office", former territory...


WGH Throwback "Tom Flair & Dana Nash"

Two days go we released a ITR Throwback. On that episode, Ben & Vito talked alot about the We Got Heat from that week. They mentioned their new alter-ego's Tom Flair & Dana Nash. So we felt you had to hear this episode for yourself! Enjoy! This Week On WGH Throwback: - Vito is coming back to pro wrestling - Mike Modest falls off the rail - "Who potatoe'd you?" - Squid writes to ROH for a job - How to get your pro wrestling name & catch phrase


ITR Throwback "17 Shades Of Kevin Bacon"

This is from two years ago to the day! Enjoy this weeks THROWBACK! - Vito's Green Hit "Ripping Out Your Plumbing" - Gotti goes missing - Use 1 Gimmick Board - Joe Biden is a predator. Watch for yourself ​- Dude rolls $1k joints - Florida man dies in a meth lab - Candlebox had two hits. ​- Far Behind From Rehab gimmick - Common Core is a good thing, click here for video


28 - In The Rotation "A Turkey Baster With A Battery"

This Week On ITR: - Vito goes into detail about a death in his family. - Shit Stories. - What Are We Watching On Nitflix? - Forced Abortions? How To Pull It Off... - Man charged with domestic violence after attacking a women with a pizza. - We go to Facebook LIVE https://www.facebook.com/vitosworld/videos/10156757809197164/ - We give you an ITR Thowback... "Who Said It?" Mitt Romney or ICP?


'ITR Throwback "Giving The Boss A Handy"

Jason DeCanio has been on the show more than any other quest in the history of ITR. This is one of his best interviews. He was going through a change in career. Lots of things happened in a short period of time. Below is the original show breakdown. Enjoy! Original Air Date: 7/6/2017 This weeks episode is for our long time listeners of ITR. This week making his 6 appearance on the show, Jason Reign aka Jason DeCanio aka The Bag Of Chips aka Just Jason. Jason comes on and explains the...


ITR Throwback "Mike Quackenbush"

Original Air Date 2/8/2008 Ben & Vito started this journey back in 2008. Mike was one of their first big interviews. Mike gives the listeners a full wrestling lesson here. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Original Show Description: Producer Sal Thomaselli does it again! After booking a star-studded two-hour show this past Sunday, "Everyone's Favorite Thomaselli" has come out of the box strong this week. CHIKARA senior wrestler and trainer at the renouned CHIKARA Wrestle Factory, "Lightning"...


1GimmickWorld Special "MashUp 1"

We are brining you four of the most requested clips from the 1GimmickWorld Podcast Network! - I Fired A Crachhead - Dr. Joe/Burt Prentice Saga - Ever Hit A Deer? - Vito Prays With Customer To long time listeners, these clips need no description. If you are new, you are in for a treat! Click Play NOW!!!


30 - We Got Heat "Ultimate Cuck Of The WWE"

This Week On WGH: - We update everyone on the Death Pool - Joey has a run in with Jake THe Snake Roberts - Zack Ryder is a cuck


1GimmickWorld Special "Eats The Snowball Out aka The Mae Young Bracketology"

You heard last years, so now listen to this years! Watch us after we record the episode, on Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/vitosworld/videos/10156715018157164/?comment_id=10156715046497164&notif_id=1536204337026834&notif_t=video_comment


29 - We Got Heat "That Was Just Drunk Talk"

This Week On WGH: - Robert "Ego" Anthony sits in the studio for two full hours! - Ego paid Vito - All In talk, Cody Rhodes NOT All In - GCW talk - Evolve's Gabe is a douche - The full Resistance Pro story - Ego ripped off an old lady? - Ego's collectibles


1GimmickWorld Special "Take Care Of The Kid"

This time on Table For Rats we have Maryse, Kelly Kelly & Eve Torres. This is mind-numbingly bad. Just click play...


27 - In The Rotation "Beat Off Before You Make Any Decision's"

This Week On ITR: - 1GW update - Vito Green Hit "You're not invited to my funeral" - Busting into a underground brothel - Prison talk - The Staircase - Shit stories