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23 - Leroy Brito: Comedy, Crossfit & Jay Electronica

Leroy Brito is a stand-up comedian and writer. He joins Geraint to talk about the cult of crossfit, football, stand-up comedy in the states and USA and the long, long wait for Jay Electronica to drop his first album. Follow Leroy on twitter @LeroyBrito Support Not That, This! - Email Geraint -


22 - Alejandra Gutierrez: Star Wars, Star Trek & Big Brother Magazine

Alejandra Gutierrez is a comic book artist who most recently worked on Twisted Romance, written by Alex De Campi and published by Image Comics. She talks to Geraint over the internet about her pathological dislike of Star Wars and Star Trek, nerd culture in general and her love of the dumb, but funny Big Brother magazine by the creators of Jackass. They also talk the comic book industry, drawing porn and Gossip Girl, amongst, like, a whole bunch of other stuff. Check out Alejandra's work...


21 - Nikesh Shukla: The Good Immigrant, Morrissey & Akhil Sharma

Nikesh Shukla is the author of Coconut Unlimited, Meatspace and many more, also the editor of The Good Immigrant he meets Geraint to talk about the privilege of mentoring young writers on Rife Magazine, the process of curating The Good Immigrant and working with the likes of Riz Ahmed and Himesh Patel. He speaks about the awfulness of Morrissey and The Smiths before sharing the joys of Akhil Sharma. There's also some pretty epic shade thrown on Jonathan Franzen. Follow Nikesh on Twitter...


20 - Fern Brady: Death, James Corden & Six Feet Under

Fern Brady is a Scottish Comedian who's appeared in shows such as Russell Howard's Standup Central, Stewart Lee's Alternative Comedy Experience, 8 Out of 10 Cats and many more. She joins Geraint to talk about why comedians are so preoccupied with death, how James Corden, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump exist on the same venn diagram and why Six Feet Under is the best show ever. Also there's some stuff about how great octopuses are. Follow Fern on twitter @FernBrady Support Not That,...


19 - Dan Thomas: Comedy, Harry Potter, Victoria

Dan Thomas is a standup comedian, actor and writer. He joins his friend Geraint to talk about returning to the Edinburgh Comedy Festival, his pathological dislike for the Harry Potter movies, and his admiration for the one-shot heist movie Victoria on Netflix. It's a chat that encompasses horror movies from the 30's, unknown film festivals, Breaking Bad, Spoilers and Kids TV and much more. Follow Dan on Twitter @danthomascomedy Support Not That, This! -


18 - Malaika Kegode: Performance Poetry, Inspirational Poems & Musicals

Malaika Kegode is a Performance Poet who's first book Requite has just hit all good bookshops. She meets up with Geraint to discuss the battle between Performance and Page Poets the sickening and cynical nature of inspirational poems from the likes of Prince Ea before singing the praises of musical theatre, from Singing In the Rain to South Park: The Movie to La La Land. Follow Malaika on Twitter @MalaikaFKegode and buy her book 'Requite' here -...


17 - Martin Pilgrim: Viral Jokes, Doggos & Emo Music

Martin Pilgrim is a Comedian and Viral Joke writer. He meets up with Geraint to talk the intricacies of internet plagiarism, with special mentions for the LadBible. Then he wonders why a younger generation think they've invented dogs, segueing into Toy Story, Tamagotchis and Pokemon before explaining why Emo Music is so important, from My Chemical Romance, Jawbreaker to Brand New, to a generation needing to feel less isolated. Follow Martin on Twitter @MartinPilgrim1 Support Not That,...


16 - Anna Girvan: Shakespeare, Micro Scooters & Point and Click Games

Anna Girvan is a freelance director and assistant director for theatre. Often working with the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company she teaches Geraint about directing, defends Shakespeare (although not wholly) and bonds with our host over a mutual hatred of adults who use micro scooters. There's also some Monzo Card wrath and huge love for the Point and Click adventure game genre - Especially Thimbleweed Park. There's also time to get into the Godfather trilogy, Ralph Ellison's...


15 - Tony Law: Ladism, NFL & Documentaries

Tony Law (@mrTonyLaw) joins Geraint in a mad cap episode that takes in all of pop culture, filtered through his unique mind. Ladism, Documentaries, NFL, Soccer, Amadeus and the work of Dave Eggers all pop up amongst many others. This is Tony being Tony, brilliant.


14 - Gavia Baker-Whitelaw: Fan Fiction, Game of Thrones & Black Sails

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw is a geek culture journalist and host of the Overinvested podcast. She talks to Geraint about the idiosyncrasies of Fan Fiction, the problems with Game of Thrones and the TV perfection that is Black Sails.


13 - Dominic Berry: Weird Playlists, Nice Poems & Shining Force

Dominic Berry is a spoken word artist currently touring his show No Tigers. He tells Geraint about going through all his music alphabetically by artist, his hatred of 'nice poems' and his love for the old Mega Drive game Shining Force.


12 - Vinay Patel: Murdered By My Father, Reality TV & Starship Troopers

Vinay Patel is the writer of BAFTA award-winning BBC drama - Murdered By My Father. He tells Geraint about his creative journey telling that story, ends up defending Reality TV to our host and praising the secretly transgressive Starship Troopers.


11 - Grace Petrie & Hannah James: Glastonbury, Viljandi Folk Festival & Darren Hanlon

Grace Petrie and Hannah James are folk musicians from either side of the spectrum. Meeting up with Geraint while on tour together they talk about the Folk music divide, naked emperors at Glastonbury, the joys of Viljandi Folk Festival and the lyrical brilliance of Darren Hanlon. With a whole lot more besides.


10 - Dean Burnett: Katy Perry, Bill Hicks & The Associate

Dean Burnett is a Neuroscientist, Guardian Blogger and Author of The Idiot Brain. In this episode, he has to deal with Geraint's jealousy, talks the cynicism of Katy Perry and how Bill Hicks is overrated - before spreading some love on a forgotten Whoopi Goldberg classic.


9 - Jeffrey Cranor: Podcasting, Twin Peaks & Roy Andersson

Jeffrey Cranor is one of the writers and creators of hit fiction podcasts Welcome to Night Vale and Within the Wires. He talks the joys of podcasting, tells Geraint why he doesn't like Twin Peaks and why the work of Roy Andersson is brilliant.


8 - Becky Brunning: It's a Wonderful Life, Croissants & Goodnight Sweetheart

Becky Brunning is an Actor and comedian best known for her role as Lindsay Lucas in award-winning drama Broadchurch. She has a pop at the message of It's a Wonderful Life, the offensive blandness of croissants and why Goodnight Sweetheart is brilliant, despite all its obvious flaws. She also calls Geraint out on his misleading magnets.


7 - Kate Copstick: Criticism, Football & The Secret World

Kate Copstick is one of the most fierce and feared critics in British comedy. She fills Geraint in on the declining standards of criticism itself, why she can't understand the domination of Football on TV (at the expense of her beloved Moto GP) and how The Secret World made a bit of wee come out.


6 - Ben Norris: Commercial Radio DJ's, Bodhan Piasecki & Zoe Coombs Marr

Ben Norris is a spoken word artist, actor and writer coming off the back of his BBC Poetry Slam victory. He talks to Geraint about the pressure Commercial Radio DJ's make him feel to live life to the fullest, the wonder of Bohdan Piasecki's poetry and the off-the-wall brilliance of Zoe Coombs Marr.


5 - Arun Gandhi: Anger, Greed & Charity

Arun Gandhi is an author and activist, he also happens to be the grandson of the great Mahatma Gandhi. Joining Geraint in a lovely little bookshop in Bath, Arun talks about the gift of anger, the dangers of fear, greed and this new wave of right-wing populism before finding time to promote the incredible works of some lesser-known charitable projects.


4 - Grace Knight: VR, Scrabble & Grace Petrie

Grace Knight is a scriptwriter who's work has been produced for the stage and radio. Currently working on an entirely VR movie, she talks to her newest friend (Host, Geraint Evans) about the birth of a new medium, why Scrabble is maths and the absolutely perfect Grace Petrie.