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Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.

Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.
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Brisbane, QLD


Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.




2018/10/22 Anne Marie, Wedding Invites and Tax Heart Attacks

Anne Marie dropped by today to talk about touring with Ed Sheeran and karate. We played a round of what can you say in the bedroom and to the mechanic, Channel 7 weatherman Tony Auden called in to talk to Stav about the weather for his sky dive and we spoke about One Directions $45million tax bill! Abby also helped a fellow listener out with a Dear Abby about inviting an ex to the wedding. Lastly we speak about the best Instagram accounts to follow!


2018/10/19 Gary Vaynerchuck, Silly Beliefs and Underwear Troubles

Gary Vaynerchuck called in today for a very inspirational chat, we did a sound test for the GC 600 and Abby spoke shared her underwear troubles and we asked people what silly theory did they believe. We also spoke about the 12 year old that was the victim of a random attack in Kingston. Lastly it’s not Friday without learning what Matty learnt for the week.


SPECIAL PODCAST! Our full chat with Maggie Dent

One of Australia's leading parenting authors and educators, and absolutely one of our favorite chats of the year!


2018/10/18 The Royals, flight emergencies and talking to men

Maggie Dent joined us today… who is an expert in helping women talk to men – your welcome! We also spoke to Jason from Dubbo who was meant to meet the royals but it got rained and to make it worse his friend had a BBQ that blew up. Thursday’s mean Stav’s Suburban Song and we also trialled Stav’s money gun… and we’re undecided!


2018/10/17 Jonathan Thurston, Soap Bars and the Royals

Jonathan Thurston called in today for his first Brisbane radio interview for the release of his new book! We shared some suggestions for Stav’ Sky Dive location, Abby revealed why she has already sussed out the hospital menu for the birth of her bub and the royals were confronted with kerbside collection on their arrival, so we asked what gem did you find. Also Matty believes soap bars are forever gone… but Stav and Abby proved him wrong. And last we shared a Dear Abby about a bloke kicked...


20187/10/16 Anthony Mundine, Placenta and Fuel Myths

The man Anthony Mundine joined us to talk about his fight with Jeff Horn, Scotty to Hottie called in for Tradie Chat Tuesday talking about being “tough” and Abby spoke about eating her placenta. We also had the Ramblers Sky Dive Chief Instructor who told us what is possible for releasing the money. Fuel prices are up so we spoke to Lucinda from RACQ about Fuel Myths and we also spoke about people being on the public hospital waiting list.


PODCAST SPECIAL - How To Save Money on Fuel!

Lucinda Ross from RACQ joins us this morning to bust some fuel myths and try to help save us money!


2018/10/15 Nicks Cummins, Julia Morris and Releasing the Money!

Stav, Abby and Matt started the day with the talented Ruel in studio and we were also lucky enough to be visited by Julia Morris. We spoke about the latest law the QLD Government is trying to pass in regards to legalise abortions. On Sunday night The Bachelor’s Nick Cummins opened up about the brutal bullying he received so we asked… did he do the right thing? We also asked Brisbane… how should Stav realise the $10k?


2018/10/12 Ronan Keating, Dear Abby and Stav’s Sky Dive

Ronan Keating joined us today, talking about catching up with Leonardo DiCaprio and his new show on Channel 7. We covered the scientific area of Stav’s sky dive with Pr Alan Duffy, we also spoke about hail sizes, not needing men plus how you keep the spark alive! We heard from a young lady who was having trouble with her boss so Brisbane offered some advice and lastly it’s not Friday unless we hear what Matty learnt for the week.


2018/11/10 Nickelback, Money and a lawyer!

With Stav jumping out of the sky with money we asked… if you found money would you pick it up and Brisbane voted yes! Peta Stapleton joined us to talk about tapping therapy and we had a lawyer on to tell us what happens if you paid for your partners breast job and then you break up, who gets them? Nickelback are touring… and we’re all excited because their tickets went on sale today! Also it’s not Thursday without hearing Stav’s suburban song!


2018/10/10 Family History, Beauty and Babies!

Family History, Beauty and Babies! Today we busted beauty myths, spoke to a lady who is trying to find her son’s father, we found out whether or money is considered as littering and family shared some very emotional family history, which lead to the people of Brisbane sharing the interesting things they’ve found. Lastly Neale Whitaker joined us in studio to chat Love it or List it!


2018/10/09 Stav’s dropping money from the sky!

Stav, Abby and Matt spoke to Shelley Craft about the Block and Scotty Too Hottie for Tradie Chat Tuesday about Push Presents. Matty believes he is a behavioural expert after predicting the Bachelor ended up with no one, so he tried to help the people of Brisbane. Christmas items are already hot, so we told you what you need to get your hands on. And lastly we found out the Suzuki QLD want to give us money for the Stav’s sky dive.


2018/10/05 Bachelor… unfortunately Matty was right!

Bachelor… unfortunately Matty was right! The Bachelor chose no one last night… and unfortunately it meant Matty was right so we had to hear about it. Grant Denyer told us his little fib about Kylie Minogue being his relative we asked what little lie did you have to keep. After yesterday talking about obese people being healthy we got a cardiologist on to tell us what’s healthy for the heart. We’ve got a plan to help people find out why their exes broke up with them and Scotty is affected...


2018/10/04 Grant Denyer, Pets and Tom Walker

Grant Denyer called up to talk about his new show Game of Games, we heard how people hide their pets from the Real Estate and we spoke about Tessa Holliday being on the front of Cosmo asking is it healthy to promote obesity? Abby tricked Producer Scotty into filming her birth and Tom Walker was in for suburban song.


2018/10/03 Sleepovers, Surrogacy and Bachelor Chat

So Ten have restricted our access on the Bachelor, so we asked for people to call up if they know anything. We had Cassandra in for Do You Mind If I Ask, after she was a surrogate for his sister. Rori has discovered Google Home and Stav can’t handle it! Plus we want to talk a parking inspector and Facebook has been hacked!


We’re Back! Bachelor, NRLW and Abby’s pregnancy replacement!

After a great game on the weekend we spoke to NRLW Bronco’s player Chelsea Baker, Scotty called up for Tradie Chat Tuesday with a suggestion for Abby’s fill in whilst she has the bub… his idea – Scotty! We spoke about young people with old problems and the hazing and initation rituals that happen not only at Uni but work place. Also Abby gave us an update on the Bachelor rumour mill.


2018/09/21 - Where’s our recycling going! And Vance Joy!

It’s Friday so we thought we would do another round of Industry Insider and found out some juicy news! Alicia Silverstone said she wants another kid… with her ex, so we asked who did you have a kid with that wasn’t your partner. Vance Joy dropped in to talk about slap bands and we spoke to the man who knows everything about recycling Rick Ralph, the CEO of Waste Recycling Industry Queensland.