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Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.

Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.
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Brisbane, QLD


Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.




2018/04/824 - Kmart Dad’s… Matty wants to make it a thing!

Today Andrew Denton joined us to talk about his new show, Scotty too Hottie spoke to Matty about launching KMART Dads and we had Apollo from Bachelor in Paradise join us. We also spoke about disciplining other people’s kids and asked Brisbane what else they think should be a social requirement. We spoke to Hugh Whitfeld, Channel 7’s Euro Correspondent about the royal baby and lastly, Jo from Brisbane joined us after taking a four week “Make Me Hot Again” challenge… and the result is...


2018/04/23 - We have a MASSIVE MASSIVE announcement!

Today Stav, Abby and Matt announced they will be giving one lucky person in Brisbane $70k! We also started Abby’s “Make Me Hot Again” where Candice came in studio and shared her weight loss feel good journey with us. A 12 year old flew to Bali by himself, which had has bemused… because we didn’t think 12 years old were that smart, and Brisbane didn’t prove us wrong, sharing their child fail stories. And Steve ‘Commando’ Willis joined us in studio!


Important Announcement!

Someone in Brisbane is going to win a prize so big they won't have to work for a whole year...


2018/04/13 - Amy and Emma Sheppard spill the beans of the Katie Noon feud for the first time!

Matty showed us his DJ skills this morning, Amy and Emma from Sheppard shared their views on Katie Noonan and we spoke about Khloe Kardashian having her cheating BF in the labour suite during the birth of her first daughter. And of course it’s not Friday without hearing what Matty learnt for the week.


2018/04/12 - Joe Jonas reveals just how much he gets to find about Game of Thrones!

Joe Jonas joined us today to talk about the unreleased Game of Thrones script and what he gets to find out as the fiancé of Sophie Turner. Bronco’s player Andrew McCullough spoke to us his partnership with Adidas and his lack of Facebook. Abby spoke about the invention of Chicken Salt after finding out it comes from Adelaide and Stav shared with us a hilarious version of unnecessary censorship with the Commonwealth Games.


2018/04/11 - Abby helps with a relationship emergency!

Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel joined us for a Brisbane radio exclusive to talk about Meghan Markle’s ex-husband and Harvey Weinstein. Matty is having trouble with his son’s friend choices so we asked for parents to share their advice. Stav was proven wrong once again when Abby and Matt called the US Police Department to find out if you can become a Sheriff for a day. Abby helped a man that asking for advice on his cheating boyfriend and she also revealed a massive HR loop...


2018/04/10 - Abby opens up about the effects of the #MeToo Campaign

Today Hughesy and Paloma Faith joined us and our Tuesday favourite Scotty too Hottie for Tradie Chat Tuesday. We asked Brisbane how much should people be spending on other kids presents and in a very emotional speech Abby shared the impacts of the Me Too campaign after Tony Robbins had to apologise for saying women use it to gain significance. And George from Sheppard called through after slamming Katie Noonan.


2018/04/09 - Stav’s sister planned something MASSIVE… and he had no idea!

We’re back from the weekend and Matty bought his wife Esther in for a round of ‘Do You Know Me Anymore’ which resulted in an argument over their first kiss. Abby surprised Stav with a call to his sister… who was in Las Vegas getting married! And Abby went to the Commonwealth Games on the weekend, so gave us the low down! Ohh and we tried our Boom-U-Rang phone, but didn’t have much success.


2018/04/06 - Royal etiquette expert sets the record straight!

Happy Friday! We spoke to Myka Meier a royal etiquette expert who has worked with the royals, she tells us where we went right and wrong with Prince Charles. Abby is thinking of buying a house with her friend so we asked Brisbane… is it a good idea. A father in Nevada held up a “SAY NO” sign during his daughters proposal… so we wanted to know who else has a brutal in law story. Abby told us last week about a hot guy at her high school reunion, so we tracked him down; much to Abby’s...


2018/04/05 - Did we get a Royal Exclusive… oh yes we did!!!

The royals Prince Charles and Camilla are in town, so we sent out show reporter Jase to ask a very important question and got an answer from the Prince himself! Matty has been complaining about his hip and today revealed he has finally been diagnosed. Abby has a friend who is love with two men and can’t decide, Matty didn’t think this could happen so we asked Brisbane… have you ever been in this predicament and Stav’s cat has gone on a journey and it hasn’t gone well!


2018/04/03 - It’s guests galore with Hughesy and Ali from Bachelor in Paradise.

After a long weekend, we heard about Stav’s Easter, ‘Scotty too Hottie’ got told his not teaching his kids life skills and Matty gave us his view on the Cricket apology. Hughesy joined us to talk about his new show and Ali from the Bachelor in Paradise joined us after appearing on the show for the first time last night. And lastly we asked for partners who broke pacts!


2018/03/29 - Stav gets Matty Bad!!

Happy almost long weekend! With the Commonwealth Games around the corner, we asked for ladies out there that had to get induced for an event. After all the drama this week with Australian Cricket we found some old audio of David Warner saying he would never ball tamper and asked Brisbane… what have you said you’d never do and did? It turns a lot of people are guilty of it. With everyone heading off for Easter, we played sound test with road trip songs. AND what we’ve all been waiting for…...


Ashton from 5SOS full and unedited chat!

During the week we chatted to Ashton from Five Seconds of Summer, of course we had to edit it to make it radio friendly... but here's the full chat without any editing!


2018/03/28 - Constance Zimmer is on the show for a Brisbane Exclusive.

Big news out of South Africa with three members of the Australian being sent home, so we spoke to Merv Hughes, who was there! With all the Facebook data breaches out, we asked IT experts what else we need to know, Matty shared with the team something his been battling with and Abby got the shock of her life when she asked people when she can expect to kick her kids out of the bed! Ohhh and the lovely Constance Zimmer joined Stav, Abby and Matt!


2018/03/27 - Stav heals an old celebrity feud!

For years we’ve been trying to get Pauline Hanson on the show… and today was the day it happened! Scotty Too Hottie joined us for Tradie Chat Tuesday talking about MBA’s… missing bank accounts and it turns out a lot of people in Brisbane have them! And we put an end to two myths; how Stav’s pronounces tortoises and what stops saggy boobs! Lastly Stav couldn’t help but make light of the Cricket scandal and wrote a sketch for you.


2018/03/26 - 5SOS’s Ashton Irwin takes over!

Ashton Irwin joined us this morning to talk about 5 Seconds of Summers first new music in two years! We discuss what everyone is talking about… the Australian Cricket Team cheating scandal, asking the people of Brisbane “have you cheated” and plenty of people shared their stories! Kate McGrathy from the Brisbane Lion’s talks about their grand final defeat and Abby gives us an update after her high school reunion over the weekend.


2018/03/23 - John Cena talks love, movies and Mandarin!

Happy Friyay! Today we had John Cena on talking about his new film Blockers and Bachelor in Paradise contestants Laurina and Jarrod telling us the goss before the show starts Sunday. All this week Matty and Stav have been having a placebo version of the male contraceptive pill, so we spoke to Professor Easteal who is an expert of the effects of PMDD. There was research that came out today saying you should throw your old bras out to prevent saggy boobs… but it turns out not wearing a bra...


2018/03/21 - Explosive details about MAFS’s Ash, Sean and Justin! And an Ed Sheeran Proposal!

Today listener Karen called in to tell us about her night out with MAFS’s Ash, Sean and Justin at Brisbane’s Cloudland. We spoke to Shane who proposed to his girlfriend at Ed Sheeran’s first Brisbane concert and we spoke to Elinor who has been camping out at Suncorp Stadium since Saturday. Hughesy and Kate joined us for their final round of ‘Do You Know Me Anymore’ and one of our favourites Aussie singers Delta Goodrem joined us. And lastly Stav, Abby and Matt went to the dentist, so we...


2018/03/20 - Ed Sheeran… we just can’t get enough!

Today on the show, we had spare tickets to Ed’s show tonight and wanted you to have them… but there was a catch - you had to go by yourself! Well Brisbane did not let that stop them, with people ringing through to get their hands on the last tickets! Dami Im, stopped by for a chat and Matty wanted to find out… Brisbane were are the iconic make out spots! Also as Stav and Matt try taking the contraceptive pill we entered the safe space and let people whinge about how they it’s ‘that time of...


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