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Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.

Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.
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Brisbane, QLD


Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.




2018/07/20 - Too foot or not too foot?

It’s cold… and what makes you feel good when it’s cold?? Singing! So we played a round of sound test with cold songs. Abby has been given the dilemma about ‘Too Foot or Not Too Foot’ so we asked our listeners what she should do. Love Island is making headlines for Grant breaking Tayla’s heart, so we wanted to know in Brisbane has been played? Mitch Robinson from the Brisbane Lions joined us and Matty shared a very emotional story about a family reunion… that took ten years. AND it’s not...


2018/07/19 - Relationships, health and Bebe Rexha joins us!

There are heaps of quirky QLD road rules, so we shared them with you. The Government is rolling out My Health to track your health, so we discussed the pros and cons. Have you ever had a day where everything went wrong… well Stav had that day and told us all about it. A survey has revealed who lets go of their weight sooner men or women when they’re in a relationship… so we asked Brisbane what they think. Teenage behaviour expert Michael Carr-Gregg joined us and one of our favourites Bebe...


2018/07/18 - Bill Shorten… goes food shopping with us!

Bill Shorten joined us in studio today to chat and go food shopping, playing “Shopping with Shorten”. Abby shared a scary story where she could have died, so we had Brisbane tell us their ‘meant to be dead’ stories. Will the plastic bag ban across QLD, we spoke to author Anita Vandyke about her book A Zero Waster Life. That dating coach from Channel 7’s new show Single Wives Matthew Hussey, and we spoke to Brisbane Mum Kim Jibson, whose kids had a very scary encounter. And we love...


2018/07/17 - The things you do for the ones you love…

If Matty ever had any doubt about his wife’s love for him… having to help him overcome constipation should be a good sign! And it turns out a lot of people in Brisbane love their partners just as much. Scotty too Hottie called up for baby chat for Tradie Chat Tuesday and Ben Fordham also called in to talk about Australian Ninja Warrior. Versace told us we’ve been getting the brand name wrong, so Abby shared what else we’ve been saying wrong. NSW are changing the laws on sexual consent so we...


2018/07/16 - We have a family announcement!

Today Abby shared the very happy news that her and hubby Scotty are welcoming bub number three at the end of this year. That means two become three so we asked… what happened when you went from two kids to three. It’s tax time so we had Mark Chapman from H&R Block let people know what they can and can’t claim. Matty gave us an update on his broken ankle and Cody went to the Logies, so we found how he went. Mel Ward who had her breast implants removed after falling ill, called in and share...


Relive The Goon Raft - Special Edition Podcast

Remember back in Febuary when Stav, Abby and Matt sailed a raft made of goon bags across the Brisbane river? Relive it in now in this special edition podcast!


Should I Stay With My Partner Just For The Kids? - Special Edition Podcast

We recently had a listner call through to ask for Brisbane's help - when things go south, is it right to stay in a relationship to keep the kids happy?


201/806/28 - Logies, Logies, Logies! With Wilmer Valderrama and Tracy Grimshaw

Wilmer Valderamma AKA FES from That Show’s 70 and Tracy Grimshaw joined us to talk about the Logies. Stav had an awkward encounter at a carp park and Matty has an issue with House Rules he had to discuss. We spoke about the constitutes as a wave in traffic… get a driving instructor on to tell us the rules and after Peter Alexander received a complaint we asked Brisbane for the silly complaints they’ve received. Also Tracey Jewel was meant to join us… but we ended up with Sean from MAFS.


2018/06/27 - Dear Abby… should I stay with my partner for the kids?

We had a listener call up today asking for help… he doesn’t love his partner anymore but wants to stay together for the kids, our listeners helped him out with some suggestions. Stav shared a comic with Matty’s son Ethan… but Stav didn’t check it before he shared it and there was something a little naughty in it! Lord Mayor Graham Quirk called up to chat about what the city wants and Hunger Games star Sam Claffin joined us to chat about his new film Adrift.


2018/06/26 - The Code tracks the Gympie Black Panther!

Stav, Abby and Matt sent The Code to track down the Black Panther that’s been spotted in Gympie… so we had regular updates of his investigation. Alli Simpson joined Stav and Abby for a chat and whilst they were asking about her BF Conrad Sewell… she failed to mention they were on a break! Stav didn’t get to sky dive into the ‘Could’ve Been Legends of Origin’ game… so today we asked Brisbane where he should do. Tracey Jewel’s ex Sean Thomsen from MAFS joined us to talk about their...


Coulda Been Legends of Origin Full Recap! Special Podcast

The full recap of the Coulda Been Legends of Origin - from why Stav never jumped out of the plane as promised to some very off tune singing of the national anthem, and of course what took Matty off the field after just ten minutes!


2018/06/25 - QLD wins the ‘Could’ve Been Legends of Origin’

Over the weekend we held the ‘Could’ve Been Legends of Origin’ and QLD won! But there was a lot of drama through out the game with a broken nose and leg. Abby Cadabby and the Cookie Monster joined us… and Stav fan girled! And it turns out blonde women spend double the money at the hairdressers, which lead to the discussion… how much are you spending and how much do you tell you partner! Lastly… we love Monday’s because we play “What can you say in the bedroom and…” today it was at the...


2018/06/22 - Corey Parker, Jarrod Wallace and a Gympie Panther update!

Corey Parker phoned in to break the news to Matty… he won’t be at the Could’ve Legends of Origin. Jarrod Wallace shares his top for getting ready for the game and Abby called out Scotty for not coming. We had an update on the Gympie panther and spoke to Ashley whose baby Nixon we helped and as you know its not Friday unless we find out what Matty learnt in Things I’ve Learnt.


2018/06/21 - Guy Pearce, John Edward and Brisbane’s Black Panther!

The countdown is on to the biggest game QLD has seen… the ‘Could’ve Been Legends of Origin’ so today Stav shared his music parody “The Best”. Guy Pearce called in to talk about his music and John Edwards took calls for those who had lost loved ones. Abby is having trouble with Scotty and his cleaning with wanting praise, its turns the men of Brisbane all do this! There has been a panther spotted in Gympie, so we spoke to James who saw it! And Sportsbet have set up some odds for our...


2018/06/20 - Hughesy invites MAFS Nasser to the Logies!

Hughesy was on the show today… and he had a surprise call from Nasser, that resulted in him being invited to the Logies. We love Stav’s PC School and today it was time for more. Queenslander Ayla Cresswell, is trying to win her case and use her defacto’s sperm after he passed after in 2016, we asked Brisbane what they thought. Stav’s daughter Rori wants her ears pierced, so we had people tell us their rules for their kids and yesterday was the ‘Could’ve Been Legends of Origins’ first...


2018/06/19 - Julia Morris slams million dollar celebs against Eurydice Dixon!

Stav was confronted at the movies… we find out why! Scotty too Hottie called in for Tradie Chat Tuesday because Abby won’t let him play in the Could’ve Been Legends of Origin. We also spoke to Queensland SOO players Gavin Cooper, Josh Papali, Will Chambers and Andrew McCullough who shared with us what they really think about Matty’s footy skills. Author of The Period Manual, Lara Briden to talk about getting off birth control. Stav, Abby and Matt spoke about taking photos with kids… that...


Our Chat with Andy Samberg!

Just because we LOVED this chat so much, we wanted to share it with you in a special edition of the podcast!