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Episode #77 - The Henry Cavill Superman Weirdness - Dave’s “Strong Thoughts” on Tom Haverford

This week: What the hell is going on with all this Henry Cavill Superman “firing” talk. We give a breakdowna and some theories. Plus, as Dave is watching Parks and Rec for the first time, he’s evidently getting some interesting opinions about the Tom Haverford character. What are they and why? You’ll have to listen to know. And, remember, as always, to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #76 - The Most Overused Characters Who Should Be Retired

This week, we do a deep dive and break down the Guardian’s list of overused characters From Jack Ryan to Sherlock Holmes. What do we think? How far off is it? Is there anything they left out? Well, you’re going to have to listen to find out! And, remember, as always, to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #75 - GOT - The Happytime Murders - Taika Waititi - Kelly Marie Tran - Star Wars the first time

This week, we talk about: Game of Thrones start date moving - Our ‘The Happytime Murders’ review. - Taika Waititi having a meeting with Marvel - Kelly Marie Tran breaking her silence - watching someone watch Star Wars for the first time - And, Remember as always, Like, Share and Subscribe!!!


Episode #74 - The “Most” Game - Season 2 of Luke Cage & Jessica Jones - Star Wars “Resistance” - Batwoman

This week, we figure out not what an actor’s BEST movie is… But what movie is them at their acting tropiest. We break down the second season of both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. We talk about the new Star Wars “Resistence” trailer AND we discuss the controversy (really?) of Ruby Rose being cast as Batwoman! Remember as always, Like, Share and Subscribe!!!


Episode #73 - Are the Oscars Still Viable? - The Death Of MoviePass - The James Gunn Incident

This week we ponder the future of the Oscars and the new category creation. The inevitable(?) death of MoviePass and what it will spawn. And, we unpack all the ins and outs of what’s been going on with James Gunn’s status with the Marvel Universe after his firing. Remember as always, Like, Share and Subscribe!!!


Episode #72 - Adam Sandler - It - The Joker - Oz - Leslie Jones

This week, we’re talking about Adam Sandler’s crew and if it’s the new Rat Pack - Dave finally got around to seeing “It” - Matt’s thought about some incarnations of The Joker - Dave waxes poetic about “Oz” - And Leslie Jones tweet after watching Infinity War. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #71 - Stranger Things - Star Wars - Rampage - Overboard

We are back this week with: The movies that may influence the next season of Stranger Things and Matt’s Season 3 Mall theory - Episode 9 Casting announcement - The new Clone Wars season - Dave liked Rampage…yes…really - The Overboard remake and Matt teases his feelings about the Bertlanti Universe. But remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #70 - Hotel Transylvania 3 - The Future Of Commercials - Cobra Kai - The Emmys

We are back this week with: Hotel Transylvania 3 is the number one movie this week. Monetizing content and the future of commercials. Cobra Kai IS SO AWESOME!!! Keenan Thompson was nominated for an Emmy (and the other noms as well)!! And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #69 - Technology in Movies - Fallen Kingdom - The new Indiana Jones - Are fans ruining franchises?

New show is UP! This week were are talking about: Matt’s review of Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom - Dave’s love of Michael Wincott -Chris Pratt Should be the new Indiana Jones - Are fans ruining franchises? - Setting a movie in a specific period fixes a lot of issues with movies. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #68 - Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood - The Connors - Jessica Jones & Luke Cage - Foggy - Kenan Thompson - Making It

HEYO!! Matt is back with us and this week were are talking about: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood - What kids shows would we spin off? - The Connors - Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Season 2 - Foggy is a Bash Brother? - Why Kenan Thompson is an SNL staple - Making it with Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #67 TEEN EDITION!! - Minecraft - Youtube - Twitch - Games - E3 - eSports w/ special guest host!

All the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask your kid about Minecraft - Youtube - Twitch - Games - E3 - eSports! THIS IS A NOT TO MISS SHOW!! Well, Matt is out sick…. soooooooooooo We brought in Dave’s nephew Ciaran and asked him all the nerdy questions that parent’s ask Dave regularly. It’s a show not to miss if you’ve ever stared at your kid blankly when they talka bout the stuff they do online and talka bout with their friends. And remember as always, Like, Share and Subscribe!


Episode #66 - DC movies - Geoff Johns - Spawn - It - Christopher Robin - Disney to Broadway

DC Day! We start by talking up some DC movies. Geoff Johns leaving. Jamie Foxx in the new Spawn. The adult cast of It! Christopher Robin. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


A MADS Special Opinion piece! - Kelly Marie Tran (NSFW)

NOTE: This is not a regular episode. We just had a couple of things to get off of our chest and really wanted to put out in the ether how f*cked up we think this whole situation is. We’re pretty passionate about the subject and some of our opinions may not be perfect, but we just really wanted to get this out here as fans of Star Wars that are just REALLY effing over the toxic side of the fanbase. Also, we (Dave) swears a LOT more than normal. So….sorry.


Episode #65 - We are BACK!!!! Star Wars - Spaceballs - Roseanne - Avengers - AND DAVE WATCHED THE JL MOVIE!!

We. Are. BACK!!! We start by talking “Solo”. Is Star Wars a genre? Battle Beyond The Stars. What was our First R Rated movie? Spaceballs on The Goldbergs. Roseanne… Tracking Netflix. Avengers: Infinity War. DAVE ACTUALLY WATCHED JUSTICE LEAGUE!! And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


OUR “ON BREAK” RETRO SHOW DROP: Episode #1 - Our first show EVER!

This week in our retro show break: Episode: 1!! We start at the very begining! It was SO weird listening to this show to write the description. The drinking game was still in effect. Halloween movies. We still did show prep. Matt spoils Psycho. It was only a half hour. Ahhhhhhhhhh memories!!


Episode #64 - The Music Episode…ish! (Plus some Facebook talk and some Fortnite…and we talk about our break)

This Week: It’s The Music Episode…ish! (Plus some Facebook talk and some Fortnite) WE WILL RETURN IN MID MAY!!!!!! STAY TUNED!!! And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #63 - Archie Bunker - Batman - Movie marathons - The Mandarin - The Muppets - G.I. Joe - Bloodline - Kelly Marie Tran.

This Week: Would ‘All In The Family’ work in this day and age? Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Movie marathons. The Mandarin. The Muppets. G.I. Joe. Bloodline. Kelly Marie Tran’s fandom and fans. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #62 - Tommy Wiseau - Mark Hammill - Terminator Reboot - Black Panther - Netflix Cheating.

This Week: Tommy Wiseau is coming to Tampa and we want to interview him. Mark Hamill gets his star on the Walk Of Fame. A Terminator reboot and how we would do it better. Dave finally saw the Black Panther and Netflix cheating. (Matt tells you to shut the show off at 46 minutes if you haven’t seen Black Panther… Don’t it only lasts like 8 mintues and we talk about other shit after.) And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #61 - Puppies! - Joss Whedon - Cobra Kai - Uncle Drew - Reboot! - WB, let us fix your sh*t.

This week: We introduce Estelle the show dog. Are they talking about DC movies again? YEESH! (Joss Whedon is stepping down from Batgirl) The Cobra Kai youtube show! Uncle Drew…the movie? (and should you make commercials into movies?) Dave has some STRONG opinions on the Reboot reboot. Would Matt direct a Last Starfight remake? And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #60 - Black Panther - Disney or Pixar - Disney and Universal - Savior Squad - Sherlock - Jeffrey Tambor

This week: Matt saw Black Panther. Who made it, Disney or Pixar? Drankin in Disney and Universal. We are proud members of the Savior Squad!! (and what the hell that is) Dave caught up on Sherlock and The Jeffrey Tambor allegations and fallout. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!”