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'Back To Goa' offers unique continuous mixes showcasing the latest and best new progressive, psybient, dark and full-on psy. The mission: to promote Psychedelic & Goa music and trance culture the world over. Encouraging both established and new DJs to showcase their energies via the shows mix slots.

'Back To Goa' offers unique continuous mixes showcasing the latest and best new progressive, psybient, dark and full-on psy. The mission: to promote Psychedelic & Goa music and trance culture the world over. Encouraging both established and new DJs to showcase their energies via the shows mix slots.
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'Back To Goa' offers unique continuous mixes showcasing the latest and best new progressive, psybient, dark and full-on psy. The mission: to promote Psychedelic & Goa music and trance culture the world over. Encouraging both established and new DJs to showcase their energies via the shows mix slots.




Back To Goa - Dark El Kante (Freeform)

An exclusive set of 'free flowing funky glitchy psychedelic disco' from the twisted imagination of Dark El Kante (Jorge Bazan). This set is both intelligent and accessible, spanning many musical bridges. We hope you enjoy it. Dark El Kante runs Random Records and is label DJ for Japanese 6Dimension Soundz. He is a big activist for native peoples around the world and proceeds from several of his releases have gone directly to charity, helping the indigenous peoples of Colombia and Ecuador...


Back To Goa - Aurora (Live Psydub Eden 2015)

Back to Goa’s founder and editor Aurora presents a set of psydub and chill recorded live on Ableton from his set at the Vishnu Lounge at Eden festival 2015. Eden festival is the foremost alternative music festival in Scotland promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness. Enjoy and please keep sending you mixes in. Track listing: Fallen Leaf Lake (Fingerprint Remix) - Egodasik Liquid Sunrise - Kaminanda Liberation - Kaminanda Time Travellers - Kaminanda Atmikha - Narcose...


Back To Goa - Aramaiti

Continuing Back To Goa's journey through the artists and DJs of psychedelic Scotland we present a lively and creative mix from Aramaiti. Aramaiti is Stephen Fraser, a passionate music promoter and DJ who continues to energise the music scene in his beloved Stonehaven and the north east of Scotland. Stephen has bravely experimented and networked to bring some unique festival and club experiences to this part of the world, as well as supporting others in their own creative endevours. His...


Back to Goa - Radioactive Cake Merger mix

An exclusive mix this month from Radioactive Cake's latest abum, Merger, released on Glitchy Tonic Records and available for download on and others. Robert has mixed together the complete album into one long continuous psychedelicious treat. Merger is Robert Hundt's fourth album and showcases his own remixes of some of his favourite tracks. The whole release is undeniably quality progressive psytrance. Enjoy! Cover artwork by Yaroslavers. 01 - Dr Strangefunk -...


Back To Goa - PhonoPhora

PhonoPhora is Freddie Brice. Raised in the lee of the rugged chaos of the Cairngorm mountains in nothern Scotland, Freddie's music naturaly radiates an organic free spirit merged with warmth and medatative depth. PhonoPhora has become an established part of the nu-breed of talented DJ/Producer's feeding the continued growth of Psychedelic Scotland and regularly plays at clubs and parties across the land. He also produces. Check out his latest creations on...


Back to Goa - Aurora (Psychedelicious)

Back To Goa's founder Aurora presents a mix he recorded live at Psychedelicious club night in the Tunnels nightclub Aberdeen. A more experimental style of psygressive that warmed up the floor from icy cold to a simmering and excited purr. Aurora would like to thank the organisers at Psychedelicious for putting on such a great night in the antient city of granite fame…..a night that swept aside the oil capitol's bling for some pumping ee-ching!! Track list: Exploring The Unknown -...


Back To Goa - AstroPilot exclusive mix 2015

An big exclusive for the show this month. A special Back To Goa mix from one of the masters of space ambient and progressive chill - AstroPilot. AstroPilot (Dmitriy Redko) hails from the cold and beautiful lands of Siberia in northern Asia and began his experimentation with music back in 2000. Since then he's released over 7 albums, many singles and contributed to dozens of compilations wordwide on a plethora of professional labels. More recently AstroPilot's ethereal soundscapes have...


Back To Goa - Pappe Delic - A little drop of sunshine

An exclusive new year mix from one of the masters of progressive psytrance - and Glitchitonic record stalwart - Pappe Delic. This is without doubt one of the best mixes we've ever hosted on the show - driving, bouncing but layerd with a dark atmosphere of captivating psychedelic textures. Pappe is a busy guy at the moment and some of this new production work can be sampled in this mix (check the tracklist). Firstly there's 'Fagin s Reject' on Radioactive Cake's remix album Merger. Then...


Back To Goa - Forest of Mother Parvati (Smoking Shiva)

Smoking Shiva.......and the messy discordant energy of the Indian sub continent. timelessness, rebirth and thumping earth space synergy. Peace and positive vibes Tracklist: 1)Audiodidakt -Jahbo 2)Early Reflections -Phonic Request vs.Akhoa 3)Dumping Physical Memory -Wizard Lizard 4)Baloo -Irie vs. Spiralz 5)Technical Instrument -Noise Gust & Desperado 6)Thunk! -Onkel Dunkel & Red eye Jedi 7)Magnetic FX -Mussy Moody 8)Oscilla -Derango 9)Fix the Fluff -Insane Behaviour 10)Lunatic...


Back To Goa - minosK (Psychedelicious)

It really is BACK TO GOA! The relaunch! minos K spins, teases, chops then kidney punches out a mix of dense thicket like pyschedelic prog recently pumped out at Aberdeen's foremost psychedelic trance night - Psychedelicious! minosK hails from Cyprus and has a ton of experience playing in clubs across Europe and within the UK. Check out his soundcloud space and bio below. Peace love and welcome back! Aurora x x 1. Gyrro - Zrkadlenie Duse 2. DoHm - As Giliame Sapne 3. Multiman -...


Back to Goa - Frequency Jammers (live)

An exclusive live set from the Frequency Jammers! Based out of Liverpool in the UK are the duo Kev Muldoon and Alan Farragher. Kev and Alan have worked together for four years now, producing and playing out their unique live sets, complete with drum machines and guitar. This set is a recording from a set performed at Cosmic last year. The guys also help organise the Alien Resonance nights and have a busy schedule ahead with appearances at several UK psy festivals including Alchemy, Eden...


Back To Goa - Cosmic Take Off (Rowan Elf)

Back to Goa continues…….the relaunch mix after a huuuuge break comes courtesy of the legendary and much loved Rowan Elf. The Elf's first mix was a massive hit with the listeners and expect no less from this latest offering…tapping into Rowan's renewed psychedelic spring. Rowan has a big and busy gig schedule ahead….check his webspaces for details! Welcome back and peace to all! TRACK LIST 1. Cosmos vibration - The eye of gaia 2. Interconnekted - Musical meditation 3. Digicult -...


Back to Goa - Para Halu (Ozora 2012)

A special treat for the listeners of the show….a recording of a producer set from the legendary Para Halu (Adam Hohmann), performed live at this years Ozora fest. These are all brand new and as yet unreleased tracks from Adam weaved together into a no-nonsense high energy electro-funk-adelic soup!! Track listing: Not yet available (new production material) - Para Halu Artists bio: The man behind Para Halu is Adam Hohmann from Hungary – a multi-talented musician and producer who,...


Back To Goa - ManteL FX

Presenting ManteL FX or Aamir Hamza to friends. Aamir originally hails from Bursa in Turkey and started mixing psy at the age of 22. He nows considers himself a native Indian living and working in the historic gateway city of Mumbai. Aamir says that psytrance had given his life a new meaning and direction and if this mix is anything to go by his personal star is on a very meaningful trajectory indeed! Hypnotic, banging and messy in all the right ways, this is a mix seeded with the...


Back To Goa - Floaty (Peyote Poetry)

The show is back from a big break….summer is fading….but creative energies are rising. Floaty (Nico Doring) picks us up and carries into mix bordering on dark minimal techno but unmistakably psychedelic. Play it loud and enjoy…peace and pos vibes :) Sentna - Kahos Ehenza Intro Disfunction - Magical Mantra Pick - And your Mama told u Ellis Thomas - Time and Space Melt - Irrational Impulses Pick - Blessing Zentrix - Drill and Clean Pick vs Ben - 2 Mad Cousins Sensient - Tokyo...


Back To Goa - Lions swimming in the ocean...for Snoo! (Pappe)

A short intro this month…the music is doing all the talking. Back with another blissful mix of psychedelic quirk and funk, Rene Pape presents Lions swimming in the ocean...for Snoo! intro.dewey cox-lets take acid withe the beatles 1.disfunktion-phanteophobia 2.ellis thomas-monster city 3.radioactive cake-monster wiggle 4.radioactive cake-nonsence 5.grouch-monster 6.minimal criminal-alice in acidland 7.slytrance&onionbrain-overthought 8.slytrance-mimi the machine 9.sonic...


Back To Goa - PsyUbik (Planet Monkey)

Exclusive mix! Continuing our series of mixes from Edinburgh's infamous Cosmic crew, this month we present an intelligent set of lush n' trippy progressive beats from Portugal's PsyUbik (co-founder of Planet Monkey). Much loved for his silky smooth mixing and undying passion for the development of psychedelic music within club-space and in the mystical forests and glens of Scotland. PsyUbik is also loved by those who know him as a kind and deep spirited guy with a huge heart. Peace and pos...


Back To Goa - 12 O Clock (Smoking Shiva)

Sorry for the delay with new mixes….busy, busy, busy! This new dark psy offering from Nepal's Smoking Shiva will hopefully go some way to make up for the silence, turbulent and dark with a shiva's characteristic layed-back mixing style. Bishal's last mix for the show was a massive hit with listeners, we hope you enjoy this one too :)) peace 1)Kulu & Karma: Strange Signal 2)UnreleazZ: Gde To Tam 3)Jaadoo: Alone Out There 4)Catatonic Brain: Chaos is my Life 5)XaBBu: Segmentation...


Back To Goa - Kalilaskov AS

This month we bring you a chaotic mix of psycore stoked with atomic energy! Introducing Kalilaskov AS (or Vadim Cherkashin to his friends). Kalilaskov means 'the kind one' in Belorussian and the AS stands for Atomic Station. Why, you may ask? Well, Vadim is a survivor of the devastation wrought by the nuclear meltdown at the Chernobyl reactor in the former USSR, living very close to the disaster as it happened. Soon after the catastrophe Vadim and his family moved to Israel where he first...


Back To Goa - Marciana Back To Mars

A psy mashup set of sorts….ethereal, rollicking and spacey trance weaved together with cleaner club sounding psy-tech goes someway to describing this superb set from Marciana (Back To Mars). Marciana is originally from Brazil but has been resident in Amsterdam since the 90s, where she stayed in the ELF community soon after arriving. Here she made her creative contacts including the infamous '9 lives of Hofmann' crew who she later teamed up with, investing her time and music energy into...