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Goa, India






Mopsyin - Khalifa (Original Mix)[FREE DOWNLOAD]

New Track Released under Maio Sounds (free download). Check out & don't forget to share around. Connect Mopsyin Networks: #facebook : facebook.com/mopsyin #instagram : instagram.com/mopsyin #twitter : twitter.com/mopsyin #soundcloud : @mopsyin


WARRIORS Ft.Kemist - We Are Warriors (Mopsyin Remix)

Remix Contest this time!!! show some support & don't forget to share around... Connect Mopsyin Networks: #Facebook : facebook.com/mopsyin #Instagram : instagram.com/mopsyin #Twitter : twitter.com/mopsyin


Mopsyin - Keep Moving (Preview)[Release: 29 June 2017]

Hello People of the world, here i present to you my upcoming track called "keep moving" releasing next month [29 June 2017] Worldwide this track describes sad & Happy situations with the power of Hip psyche ranging Melodies. it generates underground style which we call it as a psytrance scene... No feelings Just Keep moving... Mastering by: Waveskraft Mastering Artwork by: Mriganka Das & Chrissy Roald


Cyber Spirit - Passionate Mind (Mopsyin Remix Preview).wav.asd

"Passionate Mind" By Serbian Guy @Cyberspirit Remix By Myself #onprocess Take a look at Preview


Pulsar & Thaihanu Ft. Spinney Lainey - Duerme (Mopsyin Remix)

New Remix Has Successfully Landed on Souncloud... This One Includes in My Debut Ep Called Be Psychedelic Big Thanks to Pulsar & Thaihanu for opportunity Peace:)


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 022 (Kirill Bukka Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 022 is a month end chill mix exclusive Guest from Germany with Kirill Bukka More info: https://soundcloud.com/kirill-bukka Tracklist: 01. Close feat. Fink - Wallflower (Quantum Entanglement Remix) 02. Mano Le Tough - Everything You've Done Before (Dixon Remix) 03. Alok & Icy Sasaki - Snoop Sings (Original Mix) 04. NTFO Karmon feat. Stee Downes - Beating Heart (Original Mix) 05. Thomaz Krauze feat. Stee Downes - I'm Still Standing (Going Deeper Remix) 06. Andrey Exx & Fomichev -...

Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 021 (Jam Pietri Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 021 is up with exclusive Guest from São Paulo, Brazil Jam Pietri More info: https://www.facebook.com/jampietriofficial http://soundcloud.com/jampietri Tracklist: 01. Ferdinand Dreyssig & Marvin Hey - Coeur De La Nuit (Worakls Remix) 02. Kirill Bukka - Only One (Sanosch Remix) 03. SuCré SaLé - She's Like the wind (NIconé & Sasha Braemer Remix) 04. Humo - Freshdeep 05. Thomas Atzmann - Chordophon 06. Scotty. A - Sense of an Ending (Navar Remix) Jam Pietri guest mix 01. Jam Pietri...

Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 020 (Ben Solar Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 020 on air with exclusive Guest from Belgium with Ben solar More info: https://soundcloud.com/nuttyproducer http://bensolar.be/ Tracklist: 01. Nico Parisi - Soulit (Original Mix) 02. Andrey Exx & Fomichev - Too Much Love (Deepah Remix) 03. HVOB - The Last Song Ever Written (Original Mix) 04. Simone Vitullo ft. Lady Vale - My Darling (Original_Mix) 05. Deep Alexander - Midnight Launch (Original Mix) 06. Emilie Brandt - Human (Rob Bellos Balearic Remix) Ben solar guest mix 01. Ben...

Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 019 (Humo Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 019 coming from saudi arabia this week with Guest from Spain with Humo More info: https://soundcloud.com/humomusic Tracklist: 01. Frankie Doc - Don't stop me when i play (Moin Pothead Remix) 02. Alex Clare - Too close (Fomichev,Andrey Exx remix) 03. Mark Lower - bad boys cry (original mix) 04. Minitronix, Mix'usha - If You Go Away (Original Mix) 05. EDU Kristoffer & Ljungberg - Around the Sun (LTN Remix) 06. Fran Von Vie Feat. Cio May - Lonely Nights (Original Mix) 07. HVOB -...

Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 015 (Dj Fenix Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 015 coming from Goa! this week Lost Vibes exclusive guest comes from Moscow, Russia with Dj Fenix More info: http://www.djfenix.com/ https://soundcloud.com/djfenix https://www.facebook.com/djfenixofficial Tracklist: 01. Escenda - Sisters(Outlook Remix) 02. Mahmut Orhan - Without You (Original Mix) 03. G Point Project - 5th Avenue (Original Mix) 04. Beanfield & Christian Prommer - Duckwalk (Dinky Remix) 05. Mika Olson - Standing On The Line (Original Mix) 06. Vintage Culture &...

Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 014 (AtomKi Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 014 coming from Bangalore! this week exclusive guest comes from Mexico AtomKi. More info: https://soundcloud.com/atomki-dj Tracklist: 01. Justin Oh - Good Morning (eleven.five Remix) 02. Kirill Bukka - Only One (Sanosch Remix) 03. Kyau & Albert - The One PingPong Remix) 04. Christian Loffler - A Forest 05. lissat & voltaxx marc fisher – groovejet (andrey exx & fomichev remix) 06. Booka Shade Ft. Fritz Kalkbrenner - Crossing Borders (Kolombo Remix) 07. Gareth Bilaney - Undone...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 012 (DJ. Roberto Fernandes Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 012 landed with Guest from São Paulo, Brazil DjRoberto Fernandes More Info: http://flashhouse-decada90.blogspot.com.br/ http://www.facebook.com/studioactiondj https://twitter.com/DJRobfernandes 01. Dj Sveta & Alexsandra Mell - Track To Infinity (Philip Aniskin Remix) 02. The Forest & stimmhalt Ft. kowalsky - sun regrets (original mix) 03. The Forest & Stimmhalt Ft. Elenika - Love Is A Lie (Original Mix) 04. Sandy Rivera - Avenue (Main Mix) 05. Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau (Tim...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 010 (Mr. Hemp & Noa's Art Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 010 Coming from Mumbai India this week with guest from Portugal Mr. hemp and Amsterdam Netherlands noa's art More info @ https://soundcloud.com/mr-hemp-1 https://soundcloud.com/noasartproject Also don't forget to catch their orange room live sessions on: http://www.orangeroom.tv/ check out: Suga Factory, A Entertainment Community Focust on Good Music, Beautiful People, Articles, Photos, Djs, Lifestyle, Venues and All the things Humans Love! https://www.facebook.com/theS.Factory...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 009 (Relative State Formulation Guest Mix

Lost vibes 009 is now in air with guest from united kingdom relative state formulation more info @ https://soundcloud.com/relativestateformulation Tracklist: Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 009 (Relative State Formulation Guest Mix) 01. Crookers - Cooler Couleur (feat. Yelle) (Voyou Remix) 02. Matt Fear - Times (Original Mix) 03. Rufus - Desert Night (Jesse Rose remix) 04. Norbert Honkisch - Daydreaming (A Eryomin_remix) 05. Atomki - Pretty Mind 06. Josh Abrams - Dark Night (Jelly For...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 008 (Jan Kinčl Guest Mix)

Lost Vibes 008 is now ready to stream & download with guest from Zagreb Croatia. Jan Kinčl more info @ http://www.jankinclzero.com/ also catch his zero radio show each week live broadcasting on http://radio808.com/ Track-list: Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 008 (Jan Kinčl Guest Mix) 01. Stereoclip - Lost In Brussels (N'TO Remix) 02. Humo - Freshdeep 03. Morten Granau - Tusindfryd (Original Mix) 04. Haze M feat. Cucumbers - Indian (Original Mix) 05. oliver schories - anna (original mix)...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 007 (Back2Back.TM Guest Mix) [Valentine's

Happy valentine's Day! Lost vibes 007 arrived. Valentine's Special mix for the couples across the globe with guest from Greece Back2Back.TM The Back2BackTM is a dj’s group which comes from Greece. It consists of the dj’s & producers Martin Levon & Pammi Pasqual http://www.beatport.com/artist/back2backtm/234942 https://twitter.com/back2backTM https://www.facebook.com/Back2Backtm TRACKLIST: Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 007 (Back2Back.TM Guest Mix) [Valentine's special] 01. Downtown...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes podcast 006 (Mr. Gargoyle Guest Mix)

lost vibes 006 is up! this week guest from the Netherlands Mr. Gargoyle more info @ http://glowrec.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Glowrec.edmlabel https://soundcloud.com/glowrec Tracklist: Moin Pothead Lost Vibes Podcast 006 (Mr. Gargoyle Guest Mix) 01. Douglas Greed feat Delhia de France - Shiver (Ruede Hagelstein Remix) 02. Gui Boratto - Too Late (Original Mix) 03. Magic Eye - Inside My Love (Original Mix) 04. Sound Stealers Feat Matt Haronian - The End (Ewan Rill Remix) 05. Eva K - Love...

Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes podcast 005 (Mcjaybee guest mix)

lost vibes 005 is up! this week guest from Johannesburg South Africa Dj Mcjaybee. more info: www.facebook.com/Mcjaybee4Mmp Tracklist: Moin Pothead Lost Vibes 005 (Macjaybee Guest Mix) 1 FRANKIE Doc - Don' t stop me when i play 2 tom demac vs silverclub - throat trip (tiger stripes remix) 3 Nhar - An Ubiquitous Matter (Original Mix) 4 Avicii ft Aloe Blacc - Wake Me Up (Ping! Slow Things Down Remix) 5 Oliver Schleenvoigt - Give & Take (Dan Caster & Toby Montana Mix) 6 Chamae and Nikola...


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes Podcast 004 (Dj Chris Colby Guest Mix)

lost vibes 004 is up! this week guest from Philadelphia U.S.A more info @ http://djchriscolby.com/


Moin Pothead - Lost Vibes podcast 003 (Ronski Speed guest mix)

lost vibes 003 is up! in this show we have a special guest from Germany. he is producer as well as dj ronski speed! more info @ http://www.ronskispeed.com/index_content.php https://soundcloud.com/ronskispeed


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