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MENTAL PROJECTION (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #031

We are extremely excited to announce our new addition to the family! Mental Projection from Brazil. A young producer that has progressed in leaps and bounces with his production skills in a very short time. He is creating a unique style with this project and we are proud to have him a part of our psychedelic movement. This live set he has put together showcases tracks from his latest releases as well as a few sneaky unreleased gems. The have been blasting dancefloors around Brazil and will...


MOTION THEORY (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #030

We have been waiting to get this power mix out, perfectly executed by Motion Theory! You are gonna be blown away by his attention to detail and insane track selection! , one of our latest additions to the PsynOpticz familia from Cape Town. We are proud to have him representing the label with his passion and enthusiasm for the psychedelic scene, and every set we see him play, he creates unique experiences for the dancefloor. The way we like it and the way you love it!...


DJ HO-C (Japan) | PsynOpticz Podcast #029

We would like to welcome DJ HO-C from Japan to the PsynOpticz family! Hoshiya Yoshiyuki is the man behind the alias, a passionate dj as well as a talented audio engineer managing his own sound system for many festivals and events. His style is driving, energetic and very psychedelic. Always getting the dancefloor into a solid groove and creating powerful, positive vibes. Japanese style! We are very proud to have him part of the family and we look forward to growing more with the Japanese...


NYX (Canada) | PsynOpticz Podcast #028

We are excited to present to you the second podcast from NYX. Our full power representative in Canada. This set has blown our minds and we are sure its going to take you on a journey. Flawless mixing, killer track selection put together with a creative finesse. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Growing up in sunny South Africa, she was initiated in the twilight tribe . . . she knows firsthand why the region birthed such a sound. Stomping her way...


STEREOXIDE (Mexico/Switzerand) | PsynOpticz Podcast #027

2018, go big or go home? We decided to go big and with our first podcast of 2018, we bring you, STEREOXIDE, the master blasters from Mexico & Switzerland. This powerful duo has taken the world by surprise and are banging out some of the most insane psychdedelic beats! Pushing releases out on some of the biggest labels and creating a unique energy of madness on every dancefloor they blast their music on! We are proud to release this as a start to a new year! Also to accompany this podcast is...


EGOFLAME (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #026

Welcome to our 26th edition of the PsynOpticz Podcasts, Egoflame! With his latest ep, "Meaning of Life" which just came out on PsynOpticz, we were very excited to get this powerful live set out to show you all what a full experience of this musical mastermind is all about. High energy, psychedelic melodies and phat basslines drive his passion into the soundsystem and into your body and mind on any dancefloor around the world. Brazilian groove, bring it on!...


SINESTESIA (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #025

Welcome to our 25th edition of the PsynOpticz Podcasts. We have briefly introduced Sinestesia to you all when we signed him earlier this year, and now we would like you to hear this full power live set from him including tracks from multiple releases as well as a few up & coming. Some of the PsynOpticz artists have blasted his tracks on dancefloors around the world in including Jungala in South Africa, Modem in Croatia, Moonshine in Mexico, festivals in Portugal and ofcourse at many events...


NYX (Canada) | PsynOpticz Podcast #024

We are proud to present to you the latest addition to the PsynOpticz family, NYX from South Africa but now living in Canada. Growing up in sunny South Africa, she was initiated in the twilight tribe . . . she knows firsthand why the region birthed such a sound. Stomping her way through Johannesburg’s starry nights, she sought the sun, and as the dawn broke through one morning, NYX was reborn. With a lifelong love kindled, she carried her passion across the long waters to Vancouver, pursuing...


BREAKER (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #023

We are proud to present to you the latest addition to the PsynOpticz family, Breaker from Cape Town, South Africa. Anton Raubenheimer, one half of The Commercial Hippies signed to Nano Records, has been creating electronic mind boggling beats since 1997 and played guitar since the age of 13. Music has always been a big part of his life. He created Breaker as a progressive solo project to release his down and dirty thoughts onto dancefloors around the world! We are excited to have this...


BREATHEAD (Mexico) | PsynOpticz Podcast #022

We would like to welcome Breathead from Mexico to the PsynOpticz family! Here is an exclusive live set full of his latest powerful psychedelic tunes ready to blast your mind into the next dimension! We have been following him for years now and to have such a creative and professional producer part of the label is a big jump to connecting our PsynOpticz South African roots to Mexico! We know you will be blown away by his latest creations! Breathead is the solo project of Vicente Marin who was...


SYSTEM THEORY (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #021

System Theory is the latest addition to the PsynOpticz family, based in Cape Town, South Africa. He puts together powerful psychedelic sets that attract many wondering minds to the dancefloor to let their energy thrive to the beats! System Theory, aka( Dane Mitchell) was formed from the undergrowth of the Eastern Cape psychedelic music scene. After years of success with the minimal/techno act, Dane Mitchell, System Theory was bred as a psychedelic side project which soon blossemed into the...


L.E.O.F (Mexico) | PsynOpticz Podcast #020

L.E.O.F ( Lysergic Experiment Over Frequency ) aka Mario Funes from Mexico, has put this powerful dj set together featuring tracks from our PsynOpticz Records releases as well as from the Jungala Festival 2016 playlist. Track list: Stereo Plug vs Underlevel - Ride With Us Ital - Evolution (Jungala 2016) Obliviant - Non Habit Form Forming (Jungala 2016) Endeavour vs DSP - Watermelon Substrate Prohecht - Error Breathead - Dandelion Zezia - Nature Faces Shockwave - Inner Bliss 28 vs Eclipse...


LIQUID VIKING (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #019

Liquid Viking, a young extremely talented artist from Cape Town, South Africa is blowing dancefloors away with his unique powerful progressive beats. With his debut live at Jungala Festival 2014, he is continually keeps pushing his boundaries and coming up with more creative ideas to expand minds and keep the body rocking! Take a listen to this live set filled with his latest creations and catch him at Origin Festival at the end of January 2017!...


PIERRE (Brazil)| PsynOpticz Podcast #18

Dj Pierre is a well renowned Dj that has been part of the Brazilian psytrance scene for over a decade. From putting events together to playing sets at the major festivals in Brazil, Pierre brings his heart and soul into the music he plays and creates meaningful journeys through the psychedelic world to your minds. Here is a his latest progressive psytrance set! Na dança não é suficiente apenas sentir o que se faz, mas transmitir o que se sente. O DJ Pierre viveu toda a cena trance no Rio...


TECHNOLOGY (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #017

Technology is the psychedelic project formed in 2009 by Fernando Riberiro from Brazil. One of the latest editions to the PsynOpticz family. He has engineered a unique and powerful sound that is blasting dancefloors around the world with massive groovy basslines, intricate percussion and exciting melodies! Have your doors of perception opened and begin to welcome the knowledge and power of psychedelic music with Technology!...


HUMEROUS (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #016

David Miller, alternatively known as Humerous is a well-renowned producer and DJ in the South African trance scene. With an eclectic background and a grass-roots upbringing, Humerous spent his childhood surfing the beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard. He paid his way through Cape Audio College and successfully completed his Sound Diploma in 2009 with distinction. Humerous possess the rare trait and natural ability of having a phenomenal ear in the detail of his unique compositions. After the...


SWITCHCACHE (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #015

Label boss, SwiTcHcaChe, has revitalized his sound. New energy and fulfilling spirit. He has been inspired to go back to the roots and bring you full power psychedelic beats! A mix featuring some of the best names in the psychedelic world, this will take you on a journey and bring you back with a new found inspiration! Traclist :: 01 // Tristan & Raja Ram - LSD (Waio remix) 02 // Nukleal & K.i.M - Blackliters 03 // Space Vision - Into the Fire 04 // Eclipse Echoes & Telepatic - Holograma 05...


ECLIPSE ECHOES (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #014

Our next podcast is featuring one of our latest additions to the family, Eclipse Echoes from Brazil, performing live in Mexico at Ritual Festival. He has developed his own unique sound ranging from middle groove psychedelic to daytime melodic psychedelic and working with some of the biggest names around the world. He has a pure energy and has taken the world by suprise. He is playing all over representing the PsynOpticz family. You can expect alot more coming from him soon on PsynOpticz...


STEREO PLUG (Brazil) | PsynOpticz Podcast #013

Stereo Plug is Jefferson Cechinel, hailing from Brazil he boasts a full-on psychedelic flavour. He has shared stages with some of the best artists in the world allowing an international host of influences to further enrich his massive style of music production. Enjoy his latest selection of beats in this live set! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stereo Plug is the psytrance project of Jefferson Cechinel from Santa Catarina , Brazil . Involved with...


PHIXIUS (South Africa) | PsynOpticz Podcast #012

Phixius, one of the latest additions to the PsynOpticz family plays an amazing selection of the best progressive psychedelic beats. He is based in Cape Town and rocks many of the festivals and club dancefloors. Take a listen to this journey he has created and let your mind expand today and every other day you listen to this! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was introduced to Psy-Trance in high school was very fond of the music but was only till my...