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You Have Never Sounded More Attractive on This Podcast.

INTRO: (00:00) It's a very festive time of the year, as both Alison and Lulu are in Christmas shows right now. You can see Alison in The Winter Wonderettes at Stageworks Theater in Tampa, and Lulu is in The Christmas Carol at Hanesbrand Theater in Greensboro, North Carolina. So if you are in either of those places, come see the show and say hi! OBSESSIONS: (2:16) Lulu is obsessed romantic Christmas movies that she calls "fairytales for grown-ups". Just check out her insta story to follow...


It's Harry Potter!

INTRO: (00:00) Will we ever be able to remember what episode we are on? It's episode 50! We have a surprise guest, he may just be the cutest ever, so check out the youtube companion video! If you are wondering why the episode is titled "It's Harry Potter!", listen or watch around minute 43 and on. OBSESSIONS: (2:29) Alison is obsessed with rings, which she shows off for the youtube viewers with some jazz hands. Lulu is obsessed with honeycrisp apples, they are just the most consistently...


We Just Giggle. A Lot.

INTRO: (00:00) Alison starts off the episode by admitting that she's "reeeaallly tipsy". By the way if you missed last week's episode, "Our Skanket is Shook..." with OneUp, click here to listen and read about it. It was the perfect day-before-Thanksgiving episode. ALL the feels...and some laughs, of course. OBSESSIONS: (03:33) We've made a Holiday Gift Guide featuring our obsessions (and wishlist items) throughout the year, so if you are needing a gift, you can't go wrong with any of these!...


Our Skanket is Shook, We've Seen All the Beavers and Cried All the Tears... with OneUp!

INTRO: (00:00) We are excited to have two guest googlers - Jerome and Adam of OneUp are here with us. They were recently on The Voice - press pause and go watch their audition and their battle song. We hear all about how they met, and how they became a duo. We are all so emotional and we are only 8 minutes into the episode. OBSESSIONS: (15:31) Alison declares her obsession to be OneUp and Oat Milk Cortados. Jerome is obsessed with the boil on waverly in NYC. Lulu is obsessed with Ashley's...


It Would Be Like Me Taking a Vacation to Heaven!

INTRO: (00:00) We were on SiriusXM last week, which if you follow us ANYWHERE you know this because we were so excited and posted so much on social media. Just check our Facebook for proof. Also, check out our friend Alan Seales' podcast - The Theatre Podcast. OBSESSIONS: (05:00) Tis the season for holidays...and winter colds, meaning Lulu is obsessed with Puffs with Vicks. Alison is obsessed with Febreeze One in the new Bamboo scent. WISHLIST: (07:41) Lulu is freaking out about the Embr...


We call this one: Drunk on Gregg's Couch.

Another polished episode... INTRO: (00:00) Hi everyone! We are calling this episode Drunk on Gregg's Couch. It's pretty clear why. You can also go watch this episode's Youtube Companion video. It is fan-freakin'-tastic. OBSESSIONS: (02:29) Alison is exited about her obsession - oat milk. It is so much better in your coffee than almond milk. Lulu is obsessed with the Roosevelt Island tram. WISHLIST: (06:32) After discovering oat milk, Alison is wishing for a frother to make her at-home...


Happy Halloweeeeeeen!

Lulu's worried Alison will be cursed after her 10K Day. Listen and you decide! INTRO: (00:00) Happy Halloween! To celebrate we decided to a themed episode, where both of the places we visit have a spooky or sinister past. We're using scary voices, and holding flashlights under our chins. Reminder to tune into John Fugelsang's Tell Me Everything on SiriusXM on November 6th. OBSESSIONS: (04:02) Alison is obsessed with her new luggage! Apparently we are already looking forward to Christmas,...


Salt & Pepper For Everyone!

Free salt, bizarre Halloween costumes and more! INTRO: (00:00) Alison is excited about it being Episode 44, because she's obsessed with numbers and numerology. Lulu has been binge watching The Haunting of Hill House, which is so unlike her scaredy-cat self. TWO exciting announcements - we launched our brand new blog AND we will be guests on Tell Me Everything, John Fugelsang's show on SiriusXM on November 6th. OBSESSIONS: (08:00) Alison is obsessed with the Luna Play Plus. It's an amazing...


My Cheeks Hurt with Alan Seales!

We have NEVER had a more "official" googler! This is legit. INTRO: (00:00) We have a guest googler, who actually works at Google. Ooooohh, meta. It's Alan Seales! We are happy to have him on our podcast, as he is also in the podcasting world. He helps produce Brave New Weed and is also starting the soon to be launched The Theatre Podcast. OBSESSIONS: (6:52) Lulu is obsessed with the ability to see her text messages across all of her devices. Alan updates his long-time obsession with...


Cowboys, Aliens and Bath Houses.

We're not sure about anything except we love Cowboys, Aliens and Ramen. INTRO: (00:00) Lulu thinks it's episode 41. It's not, this is episode 42. But ahhhh, what a great episode 41 was. You can watch it here. After a fun month in NYC with amazing meals and amazing guest googlers, we are settling back in to everyday life. Thankfully we found this upgrade from your basic Ramen noodles that helps us not miss the bougie kind as much. OBSESSIONS: (4:28) Alison is obsessed with this cartoon her...


LIVE! From New York with Jason Wetzel!

10K Dollar Day is LIVE at The Triad Theatre in New York City! INTRO: (00:00) The ladies recorded this episode in front of a live audience in New York City, you can watch the video here. The ladies share the differences of Lulu's single-gal-in-NYC life, and Alison's wife-and-mother life, and the hilarity of their stories elicits a hefty round of applause. Having a live audience is FUN. OBSESSIONS: (4:55) Lulu's discovered she's been wrapping her MacBook power cord incorrectly and is...


Finding Navajo and Goats in Trees with Vanessa Ray!

Another EXTENDED Episode because we've got Vanessa Ray and it just doesn't get any better than this! INTRO: (00:00) We are at our guest googler's apartment, who is the hostest with the mostest! I mean, we have a cheese platter, hummus spread, and there are heirloom carrots! Oh, and it's Vanessa Ray! Currently you can see her on Blue Bloods. Vanessa loves the podcast, especially the episode where Alison buys the vacuum cleaner. OBSESSIONS: (22:24) Alison is obsessed with uberPOOL. Lulu is...


Space Jams with Gaelen Gilliland!

A special EXTENDED episode because it was ALL too good to cut! INTRO: (00:00) We are on a guest googler streak. This week we have Broadway actress Gaelen Gilliand, who is about to close out Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical. It gets a bit verbose. That's what happens when you combine friends and wine. OBSESSIONS: (10:38) We are working on stuff for our Youtube channel, and Alison is obsessed with putting together the footage in iMovie. Lulu is in rehearsals for a show, and so she...


Scatting and Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears with Christina Bianco!

Another guest googler but this time she's got her OWN 10K Day! INTRO: (00:00) It’s a guest googler episode, and this time we have Christina Bianco here with us! Surely you’ve seen her on youtube, especially her impressive appearance on ellen. She has a live album being released on October 6th, and if you stream the whole episode to the end you get to hear our EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PREVIEW! Christina talks about how much she loves 10k Dollar Day because she travels a lot, but in real life. She...


SpaghettiOs and Colt 45

Treehouses, peeing statues, and a hat shop wood shop. Enough said. INTRO: (00:00) It's another video companion episode! It's very exciting to pretend to spend lots of money...come join us in dreaming, won't you? Cheap, un-bougie food and beverage is the topic du jour of most of the first five minutes of this episode. OBSESSIONS: (5:48) Lulu is obsessed with this Blender Bottle. It has a snap on container for your protein powder! Alison is (still) obsessed with Vinnie Louise, the boutique...


You Had WOMAN Tattooed On Yourself?!?

Things get deep on episode 36. Then, we throw tomatoes! INTRO: (00:00) REMINDER: This is all imaginary. And hey, come to see us live at The Triad in New York on September 8th at 3pm. Alison adjusts back to regular life after her real vacation she told us about last week. Lulu is totally fine, until she's not. OBSESSIONS: (4:12) Lulu is obsessed with spending her time networking with other podcasters. She's really into What's Her Name. Also, did you know that only 33% of podcasts are...


A Cave Made Out of Listerine!

Caves are all the rage this episode... oh, and Alison teaches Lulu how to "Call the hogs!" INTRO: (00:00) To all our listeners, if you feel like skipping around, or only want to listen to part of the show, check out our show notes. Each section has a time stamp, so you can skip around! Alison went on vacation - a real one! - for the first time, to Hawaii, and she shares some of the highlights from her incredible trip. OBSESSIONS: (17:48) Lulu is obsessed with this luxe yet inexpensive Pre...


Alpacas and Tech Issues with Maria Flores Ragen!

Another guest googler, another sound issue... we're on a roll! INTRO: (00:00) Another guest googler episode! Welcome, Maria Flores Ragen! For those that don't yet get it, we don't actually have $10,000, or actually go anywhere. It's called an imaginary travel podcast for a reason. OBSESSIONS: (4:04) Guest googler Maria is obsessed with authenticity. We discuss whether our current era of social media is a help or a hindrance to owning who you are, especially for youth. On a completely...


Let's Put a Pin in It!

Some words shouldn't be said on air. INTRO: (00:00) EXCITING NEWS! We have a live show coming up! At the Triad theater in New York City on September 8th at 3pm. You can get tickets here, and if you tag us on social media about the show we will send you a discount code for tickets! Also subscribe to our Youtube channel here. OBSESSIONS: (4:19) Alison feels so bougie with her new found obsession - Poo-Pourri Spray. Even her 4-year-old uses it. Lulu is obsessed with chips and...


I Was Not Shooting a Porn.

Listen here, or check us out on youtube - it's our first YOUTUBE COMPANION episode! Subscribe HERE! INTRO: (00:00) If you’re not watching on youtube you are missing out because if its possible, watching us is even better than listening to us. For us, it’s the same as recording audio, except we have makeup on…pants too. Goals - one of us likes to share them out loud a la The Secret and because Oprah says. The other of us thinks keeping them private is the way to go. Can you guess which one...