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7: The Tinder Minisode...Live Action Tindering (so you don't have to!)

In this episode we take a walk down the shameless streets of tinder (so you don't have to!) I go through some of the gems that have popped up on my end, including a little live action tindering. I also talked about some of the "lessons" learned from tinder With a friendly PSA to the fellas (please no dick pics) If you want to see the pics that I flipped through and gave a live narration of you can view them all...


6: The Importance of Human Connections (aka: No One Puts Bali on the Back Burner!)

In this episode I discuss two significant human connections that I've made through travel (and living as a vagabond) that have really shaped me as a human. Why these connections are important, and how you can benefit from traveling alone to make the most of human connections. Also a little back story about Bali, and why it was so important to have my faith restored in humanity at that very moment in time! I'm planning Season 2, so if you have something specific you want to hear please reach...


5: Things I can't live without, and the embarrassing reasons why!

In this episode I talked about a lot of my MUST HAVE items! I hope you found it helpful (and entertaining)! As promised I'll link them all below for you guys! Here is the blog post where I listed some of the items I talked about in this episode [Travel Must Haves (Take You in My Backpack)](http://www.takeyouinmybackpack.com/2018/02/travel-must-haves.html "Travel Must Haves") I'm working on planning for Season 2 and would love feedback/suggestions about what you would like to hear! More...


4: Traveling along as a woman, yes you can!

If you've ever had the urge to travel to far off lands but then chickened out because you didn't have a travel partner, grab that travel bucket list, a credit card, and your computer and get ready to book your dream trip, because ladies, a penis doesn't mean you're more able to travel alone or more deserving of amazing experiences. We all are fully capable of living our lives out loud, so what's stopping you? Thanks so much for the support and listening! All you need in life is sass,...


3: Living Abroad, and keeping it real!

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in another country? Have the opportunity presented to you and you're having a hard time making the decision? About to move abroad and you're scared shitless? Want to know about some first hand experience? I have all of that for you in this episode. I've been living abroad for 7+ years and have done so on more than one continent. Does that make me a professional, hell no, but hopefully it makes me moderately helpful! In living abroad there are so many...


2: Online Dating in Your Late 30's

It's a jungle out there, navigating Tinder, POF, Match, OkCupid, and the liars who inhabit those stomping grounds! Plus I'll share one of my prized dating disaster stories! Dating advice for anyone starting out in the online dating world. If you want to read the rest of my dating disasters check out the mini series on my blog www.takeyouinmybackpack.com Feel free to connect with my if you have a story that you'd like to share, maybe we can get you on the podcast and collaborate! Want to save...


1: Who the heck is A Glittery Affair?!

Some background info on A Glittery Affair, who I am (Laura), and what to expect in the upcoming season. I can't wait to share these shenanigans with you guys! Some stories are just better told than written! What it's like to be in your mid 30's not following the "norm", going to your own beat, DATING, traveling on your own. Expect it all! Want to save money while shopping online? Get cash back on items you're buying anyways https://www.ebates.com/r/SNELLL9?eeid=28187 Twitter: AGlitteryAffair...