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Discover travel destinations through the voices and stories of locals who live there and travelers who have been there, along with practical advice to help you plan your next vacation

Discover travel destinations through the voices and stories of locals who live there and travelers who have been there, along with practical advice to help you plan your next vacation
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Lake Tapps, WA


Discover travel destinations through the voices and stories of locals who live there and travelers who have been there, along with practical advice to help you plan your next vacation






Bucket List Africa Safari Trip Advice w Nick Bratton

Is a safari in South Africa on your bucket list? This one's for you! Get Africa safari vacation ideas and think about planning your bucket list Africa vacation experience in this short travel podcast. Hear advice from the adventurer and explorer Nick Bratton as he hears travel podcast host Laura H share her ideas on her bucket list Africa safari trip that she's been thinking about for years. Places talked about: South Africa, Cape Town, Kruger, Namibia, Dune 49, salt pans in Namibia,...


Africa Adventure and River Rafting w Nick Bratton ; Everywhere Travel Podcast

This is a story about Africa and an adventurer named Nick. It's a life story about family, travelling, growing up and discovering yourself through things like exploring...and river rafting...and safaris...and stargazing. Itls also got some great Africa travel tips. Hear a unique story of experiences in Africa told through the voice and opinions of Nick Bratton who (although American) spent much of his childhood in Africa exploring with his parents. After college in the US, Nick returned to...


Opinions on British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth is Great and Prince Harry is my Favorite

In this podcast, we're back in Scotland again exploring the culture and the country through the stories, opinions and voice of a Scotsman. With Britain's Royal family all over the news these days with new babies and upcoming weddings, this short podcast episode is about the Royal Family from a different view. Through story and opinion, hear a Scotsman share about how he thinks Queen Elizabeth is a great lady... and why Prince Harry is his favorite. Along the way, you get to hear a story...


Discovering Italy with my Teenage Daughter; A First International Trip Story

This is a story of a Mom and her teenage daughter who traveled together internationally for the first time, hopping on a plane to Italy just a few short weeks after a high school trip was cancelled. It's about exploration and togetherness of shared family travel experiences, and how expanding family travels outside of the US can lead to great experiences, and catching the international travel bug. Erinn's story of international travel starts with that first trip of taking her teenage...


Can You Apply for Irish Citizenship? Trace Your Irish Heritage

Do you qualify to apply for Irish Citizenship? Maybe. Even if you were not born in Ireland, and your parents were not born in Ireland, you might be able to apply for Irish Citizenship if one of your grandparents was an Irish citizen who was born in Ireland. It's called Irish Citzenship through birth or descent. Explore this topic in a quick Ireland travel podcast episode. https://www.irishfamilyhistorycentre.com/ https://www.nidirect.gov.uk/proni...


EP 36 A Virtual Tour of Dublin's EPIC Museum - The Story of Irish Emigration

This is a unique, virtual tour of the famous, EPIC Irish Emigration museum in Dublin, Ireland. As the world's first full interactive digital museum, this is an impressive stop on it's own. But, with 70 million people worldwide claiming Irish heritage it is also a beacon from a homeland with a rich tapestry of stories to share. EPIC is the story if Irish emigration and what happened across the world as a result of the Irish influencers worldwide who have shaped our modern societies through...


Unexpected Ireland Adventure; Kayaking in Cork w Altantic Sea Kayaking

The Ireland of the travel ads, with people absorbed in Celtic history yet enjoying the end of the day with a pint of Guinness in a pub is real... but it's not all of Ireland. For those who appreciate and enjoy being in nature with authentic connection experiences, there is more. There are trails to walk, mountains to hike, bike trails to ride, and oceans to explore by kayak. This is Ireland. An Ireland that the locals enjoy on weekends, and the tourists may happen upon an opportunity to...


Take a Bike Ride in National Park, Ireland Vacation Idea

Do you ever do bike tours or rent a bike to get around when you are on your vacation? We do! And here's a virtual experience piece and advice for renting a bike and cycling in Killarney National Park in Ireland. You'll learn about the two most popular biking routes in Killarney National Park (paired with map images below) and can then imagine yourself as part of a ride, at a pitstop conversation that happened along the cross lines of a lake shore, a view of Innisfallen island, a large lime...


Experience the Belfast Political Taxi Tour, Peace Wall, Northern Ireland travel podcast

Are you planning a trip to Ireland and wondering about visiting areas of Northern Ireland and the city of Belfast? With a storied and troubled past, coupled with beautiful scenery and a hopeful bright future of continued peace, this is a unique place and moment in time for visitors to experience and learn about Northern Ireland. This travel podcast episode gives you a taste of that. It is virtual experience from part of a political tour in Belfast that recalls both the troubled past from a...


The Mitchell Family on Vacation in Ireland, Making the Most of Teenage Years

Meet the Mitchell family from Chatanooga, Tennessee who has made a priority the past two years to explore the world together and seems to be having a great time doing so. During their kids' teenage years, the Mitchell's decided to spend the most of their time together as a family by not going on vacation to the same place twice. That decision led them to some amazing school break vacations, seeing about 10 different countries in the first two years. You get to meet the Mitchells at a stop...


My First Trip to Guatemala with Tristanne Edrina, Women Travel Podcast

This is a ‘before and after’ story about travel transformation. It is about overcoming worry and fear while catching the travel bug. In this travel podcast episode, you will hear the story of Tristanne Edrina, who wanted to travel and explore the world. Despite the well-meaning worry advice from family and friends, she overcame her own fears and booked the trip. With Guatemala in Central America as Tristanne's “first adult passport stamp”, she shares her three favorite travel experiences...


Value Family Travel Experiences Over Things -Women Travel - w Laura Hoffman and Cindy Loe

You don't need to quit your job if you want to travel the world. Some people choose to do this, but you don't have to. It is possible to keep prioritize having world travel experiences in life while also having a career and family responsibilities. We're not saying it is easy, but it could be possible. Hear travel stories from women world travelers Laura Hoffman and Cindy Loe as they share things they've done to prioritize keeping travel in their busy lives and how shared family travel...


Great Ireland Vacation Experiences w/Cindy of One Perfect Day In Travel

Are you looking for great vacation experiences in Ireland? If yes, then this is an episode for you! We sit down to chat and compare our '3 Best Experiences' from Ireland vacations along with Cindy Loe of the One Perfect Day In Travel (guide books, travel blog and a travel podcast). It was hard to limit to just three experiences, so there are some extras thrown in here.... Ireland vacation experiences include visiting ancient Ireland sites, taking a boat ride around the Eye of Ireland in a...


Remarkable: Allie Sherlock 12 Year Old Street Musician from Cork Ireland

You've gotta hear this.... the music and voice of a remarkable 12 year old girl Allie Sherlock from Cork Ireland who once turned down the opportunity to fly to New York to be on the Ellen Degeneres show. Allie is a petite powerhouse with a huge smile and rich voice who is captivating people all across Ireland. Allie is a busker, she performs on the streets of Ireland in both Dublin and Cork singing her heart out for the love of music and to sell CDs of her music. This podcast shares both a...


3 Opinions on Cork Ireland, the Rebel County vs Dublin, & if Tourists Should Visit

So, what’s up with Cork? Is Cork the capital of Ireland? Is it the Rebel County? The Republic of Cork? Why do Cork and Dublin have a rivalry? Should visitors include Cork in their Ireland vacation plans? What is there to do in Cork and why visit? When travel podcast host Laura planned her Ireland vacation, she included Cork but did not have activities planned other than a kayak tour. When asking about Cork from other visitors a common response was ‘Why are you going to Cork? What will you...


Travel Can Change Your Life w Rachel Hill Solo Female Travel

Happy New Year from the Amidlife Traveler podcast! This episode is for anyone who has travel as a New Year Resolution…. or anyone who is interested in travelling and explore the world, but could use a little motivation or inspiration. Today’s episode is about taking the courageous steps to make your life what you want it to be, and how travel can be a path to self-discovery and empowerment. And if you don’t have already a new year resolution to travel, perhaps this will be your catalyst...


Remembering Gaelic in Scotland's Modern Culture

Hear a Scotsman share about Scottish culture and Scottish Gaelic translation. More specifically about the historic divide and differences between mainland Scotland culture and history knowledge and the more remote Scottish Highland and Hebrides Islands where things like Scottish Gaelic language has remained woven into daily life and regional culture. This travel podcast episode is a is a rare treat that combines a personal story and also a brief audio lesson in Scottish Gaelic translation....


The TripAdvisor Effect: Can we trust reviews & are Scotland's Fairy Pools fake?

The TripAdvisor Effects: Should we trust all online reviews we read? And are the famous Fairy Pools in Scotland a made up story from tour guides? TripAdvisor has been in the news this week with breaking story across media sites about how one London man managed to get his garden shed listed on TripAdvisor as a restaurant then through a series of fake photos and reviews earned the coveted #1 ranking for best restaurant in London. If you haven’t heard the story, there are four articles below...


Craft Beer Killarney Ireland 7 Trending Breweries

The craft beer movement is growing in Ireland, and tourist destination Killarney is not exception. Hear Killarney local Patrick McGrath talk about the craft brewing trend in Ireland, and notable craft breweries around Killarney area. Irish craft breweries mentioned in this episode; Torc Brewing, Killarney Brewing, 9 White Deer, Dingle Brewing Company, 8 Degrees Brewing, Cronin Cider and Stonewall cider. Show notes and links for additional information on our website at...