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The View from Our Side of the Cockpit Door

The View from Our Side of the Cockpit Door


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The View from Our Side of the Cockpit Door




APG 538 – The Game of Pilot Life

[00:03:27] NEWS [00:03:45] NTSB AND US Navy will Recover the Wreckage of the DHC-3 Turbine Beaver that Crashed off Whidbey Island Washington [00:07:27] FAA Rejects Airline's Request to Turn Back Flight 3407 Reforms and Hire Less Experienced Pilots [00:17:35] Equa B190 Gear Collapse on Landing at Pointe Noire [00:21:57] India Express B738 at Muscat on Sep 14th 2022, Rejected Takeoff Due to Engine Fire [00:37:08] TSM SW4 at Saltillo on Sep 15th 2022, Forced Landing After Engine Problems...


APG 537 – Back-up Pilot

[00:03:53] NEWS [00:04:11] Tracep AN28 near Bukavu on Sep 10th 2022, Aircraft Missing but Officially Reported Crashed [00:09:56] Body Parts and Debris Found in Baltic Sea After "Ghost Plane" Crashes with Prominent Businessman, 3 Others on Board [00:19:20] Man Killed in Ultralight Aircraft Crash was Scattering his Father's Ashes in Minnesota, Officials Say [00:22:34] Binter AT72 at Las Palmas on Mar 14th 2022, Landed on Wrong Runway [00:27:28] Plane Wreckage from 1968 Crash Found on Swiss...


APG 536 – No See Wall

[00:03:21] NEWS [00:03:39] Tupelo, Mississippi Pilot who Threatened to Ram Plane into Walmart is Down, in Custody [00:14:07] Float Plane Crashes in Puget Sound, 1 Dead, 9 Missing [00:18:14] TAP A20N at Conakry on Sep 2nd 2022, Hits Motorbike on Landing [00:22:02] Two Air France Pilots Suspended After Cockpit Fistfight [00:26:39] Uni AT72 at Nangan and Taipei on May 10th 2021, Burst Both Right Tyres on Approach due to Impact With Wall [00:33:40] Southwest Airlines Pilot Asks Passengers to...


APG 535 – Chasing Beaver!

[00:03:47] NEWS [00:04:04] Report: West Sweden ATP at Isle of Man on Apr 9th 2021, Autopilot Refused to Disconnect [00:10:41] Alaska B739 at Seattle on Aug 22nd 2022, Engine Cowl Opened in Flight [00:14:16] Final Report - Runway excursion Incident Boeing 737-7H4 (WL) [00:28:38] FAA Moves Secondary Flight Deck Barrier Requirement Forward [00:32:27] Bald Eagle Onboard [00:39:45] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:09:59] COFFEE FUND [01:12:41] FEEDBACK [01:13:06] Adam - A Mind Reading Jet [01:23:27] Adam -...


APG 534 – Egad! What a CAD!

[00:03:09] NEWS [00:03:27] Incident: PIA B772 and PIA A320 Over Iran, TCAS Saves the Day [00:15:31] TUI B738 at Aberdeen on Sep 11th 2021, Deviation from Flightpath During Go Around [00:44:51] FEEDBACK [00:45:00] Capt. Nigel - Bang Seats [00:55:27] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:12:10] PLANE TALE - The Battle Above the Somme [01:38:15] NEWS [01:38:32] Incident: Ethiopian B738 at Addis Ababa on Aug 15th 2022, Pilots Asleep [01:57:19] Accident: Angara AN24 at Ust-Kut on Aug 17th 2022, Wing Tip Strike...


APG 533 – Just Hanging On!

[00:04:12] NEWS [00:04:29] Preliminary Report - Missing Pilot En Route to RDU [00:10:55] Report: Southwest B737 at Santa Ana on Jul 1st 2022, Flight Attendant Receives Serious Injury on Touch Down [00:18:38] FINAL REPORT - Accident: Ryanair B738 Near Frankfurt on Jul 13th 2018, Loss of Cabin Pressure, 33 Passengers Feeling Unwell [00:41:31] Fixing Chronic Problems with Flying Training was RAF Chief's 'Only Priority' and Could Take Years to Resolve [00:51:58] FINAL REPORT - Incident: Thai...


APG 532 – A Böing on the Head

[00:03:29] NEWS [00:03:49] EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 [00:08:16] Alaska Airlines flight delayed because pilots couldn’t get along [00:18:14] Pilot informs Raleigh Approach that his co-pilot "just ran out the back of the plane" [00:28:56] 737 Crushes Tug at Laguardia [00:36:54] A Drunk Student Pilot Has Been Arrested after Landing on a Highway Out of Fuel [00:41:08] Chinook Crash in Salmon River Idaho [00:44:21] Airplane Crash Lands on 91 Freeway in Corona [00:48:44] GETTING TO KNOW US...


APG 531 – Oshkosh 2022 Live!

A special edition of our show, live from EAA AirVenture 2022. Enjoy! Special thanks to the EAA Media Center for allowing us to hold our show in their briefing room! VIDEO Don't see the video? Click this to watch it on YouTube! ABOUT RADIO ROGER “Radio Roger” Stern has been a TV and Radio reporter since he was a teenager. He’s won an Emmy award for his coverage in the New York City Market. Currently you can hear his reporting in New York on radio station 1010 WINS, the number one all-news...


APG 530 – Flies on my Thighs

[00:03:47] NEWS [00:04:53] NTSB Releases Final Report on Dale Snodgrass Crash [00:11:15] Meridian AN12 near Kavala on Jul 16th 2022, Impacted Ground After Engine Trouble [00:15:00] New Navy Flight Mask Could Prep Aviators to Avoid Blacking Out Mid-Flight [00:21:18] Pilots Cautioned Over Terrain and Weather Effects During Approach to New Hong Kong Runway [00:24:51] Parachute Saved Pilot as Sports Plane Crashed on Road [00:28:23] 10-Foot Amelia Earhart Statue To Be Unveiled At US Capitol...


APG 529 – Captain Jeff Tweets Away

[00:02:53] NEWS [00:03:12] PRELIMINARY REPORT - Serious Incident AIRBUS A320 Registered 9H-EMU On 23May2022 On Approach to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport [00:35:52] Fedex B752 at Tulsa on Jun 8th 2022, Landed on Wrong Runway [00:49:30] “MAYDAY-MAYDAY-MAYDAY. We Got Multiple Failures” [01:10:03] FINAL REPORT - Accident: iAero B738 Enroute on May 19th 2020, Dropped Parts of Vertical Tail [01:13:56] Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Swain County, NC [01:18:11] An Airline Was Forced to Delay...


APG 528 – The Captains Rap

[00:10:33] NEWS [00:10:51] Emirates A388 Gear and Fuselage Damage [00:24:14] United B39M at Pittsburgh on Jun 21st 2022, Landed on Wrong Runway [00:39:38] TAP A339 at Luanda on Apr 12th 2022, Became Airborne on Runway End, Dust From Runway [01:07:28] SAA A333 over Botswana on Apr 15th 2022, Both Engines Surged Until Landing Johannesburg [01:20:35] An Employee of a Major U.S. Airline Took $1 Million in Kickbacks To Divert Aircraft Parts Orders [01:24:10] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:53:56] FEEDBACK...


APG 527 – Collision? What Collision?

[00:03:28] SimVenture from PilotEdge [00:39:42] NEWS [00:39:59] Jetpack Man Back in the Sky? [00:46:28] “Stop the Takeoff”. Departure After Collision | ITA Airways 611 Airbus A332 [00:57:03] FINAL REPORT - Accident: Qantas A332 at Sydney on Dec 15th 2019, Hydraulic Leak Prompts Evacuation [01:11:00] Video: Air Marshal Brandishes Gun After Passengers Tried to Get into Flight Deck to Speak to Captain [01:20:00] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:26:57] PLANE TALES - RAF Form 414, Vol 17 [01:46:49] Rich -...


APG 526 – Top Gun: UK

[00:04:02] NEWS [00:04:23] Airplane Catches fire at Miami Airport After Landing Gear "Collapsed," FAA Says [00:29:09] Air Canada planes come at risk of colliding during Pearson takeoff [00:44:58] British Airways A388 Enroute on Jun 10th 2022, Waterfall on Board [00:49:17] Docket Released to Public - Accident: American A321 at New York on Apr 10th 2019, Wingtip Strike and Collision with Runway Sign During Departure [01:02:34] Easyjet A320 near Edinburgh on Jun 12th 2022, Captain Incapacitated...


APG 525 – APG in the #2 Hole

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:54] NEWS [00:04:12] Marines Killed in Osprey Crash in SoCal Desert [00:07:00] U.S. Navy Plans ‘Safety Pause’ After Series of Aircraft Crashes [00:11:10] Bodies of Two Brothers Discovered in Landing Gear of Barcelona-Bound Plane [00:19:38] Wizz Air Boss Sparks Backlash Over Fatigue Request [00:27:33] RAAF Super Hornet Aborted Take Off- Report [00:40:10] Jetstar Asia A320 at Singapore on Jul 27th 2021, Takeoff from Unlit Runway [00:48:49] GETTING TO KNOW US...


APG 524 – Pilot Deviation

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:36] NEWS [00:04:00] VivaAeroBus A20N at Chicago, Rejected Takeoff from Taxiway [00:12:47] Getjet Malta A320 at Paris Descended Below Safe Height on Approach Twice [00:20:11] Accident EDI Express Turbine Express 2000 RG N44508 [00:27:40] Con Artist Gets Nearly Four Years in Jail for $550,000 Lost Luggage Scam That Duped American, Alaska and United Airlines [00:32:35] Woman Who Knocked Out Southwest Airlines Teeth Ends Up With 15 Month Prison Sentence...


APG 523 – I Love Böing

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:10] NEWS [00:03:30] Jetstar B787-8 at Melbourne and Coolangatta, Lightning Strikes [00:09:56] Two Rafale Fighters Collide During Air Show in France [00:21:47] Tara DHC6 near Jomsom Nepal [00:28:04] West Atlantic B734 at Exeter, Hard Touchdown [00:43:07] KLM B738 at Amsterdam, Takeoff with Erroneous Takeoff Data [00:53:29] President Zelenskyy Wants To Build Second An-225 [00:55:32] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:17:30] COFFEE FUND [01:19:18] FEEDBACK [01:19:42]...


APG 522 – The Show with No Name

Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:04:50] NEWS [00:05:08] Small Plane Crashes on Miami Bridge, Hits SUV [00:13:06] Tibet A319 at Chongqing on May 12th 2022, Runway Excursion on Takeoff [00:19:39] Update on the Pilot Who Fell Unconscious [00:24:21] Qantas B789 Flew Across Pacific with Fan Cowl Static Port Covers On [00:25:00] The Aviation Herald [00:34:59] Volaris A20N at Mexico City on May 7th 2022, Cleared to Land on Occupied Runway [00:44:36] UPDATE - F.A.A. Revokes Pilot Licenses After...


APG 521 – Built Like a Brick Shorthouse

Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Nick Camacho, Captains Nick and Jeff, and Producer Liz Pyper. Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:43] NEWS [00:04:00] Glen Towler Flies West [00:12:58] Remembering Glen at OSH [00:16:16] Passenger Lands Cessna Caravan PBI [00:31:18] Cargo Carriers SH36 at San Juan on May 4th 2022, Gear Up Landing [00:34:49] Virgin Flight Turns Back to Replace Pilot Who Had Not Done Final Flying Test [00:47:12] Aeromexico B788 near Mexico City Inflight Damage to Nose Cone and Wings...


APG 520 – Sinko de Caravan

Our crew today: Miami Rick, Captains Nick and Jeff, and Producer Liz Pyper. Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:04:20] NEWS [00:04:37] ATC/Instructor Argument on Frequency [00:14:00] UPDATE - Incident: France B773 at Paris on Apr 5th 2022, Airplane Did Not Respond to Commands [00:45:45] Pilot Smoking Cigarette Caused 2016 EgyptAir Crash [00:52:48] Israel Airport Chaos as Family Brings Unexploded Shell [00:55:34] GETTING TO KNOW US [01:11:58] COFFEE FUND [01:13:41] FEEDBACK [01:14:02] Larry -...


APG 519 – Mountain? What Mountain?

Our crew today: Dr. Steph, Captains Nick and Jeff, and Producer Liz Pyper. Photo Credit: Nick Anderson [00:03:05] NEWS [00:03:22] UPDATE: Crash: China Eastern B738 near Guangzhou on Mar 21st 2022 [00:06:01] FINAL REPORT - Incident: Air France B772 near Douala on May 2nd 2015, GPWS Averts Controlled Flight into Terrain at FL090 [00:30:57] Army Golden Knights Demo at Nats Park Causes Brief Capitol Evacuation [00:38:11] FAA Investigating Failed Red Bull Plane Swap [00:58:05] Military Planes Go...