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Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.
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Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.








Top of the Algarve tourism ladder - Dora Coelho

Show notes Albufeira Tourism Board:Desiderio SilvaRegional Tourism BoardAlgarve Tourism Association


The life of a DJ Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian Kiss DJ Mark is a wonderful character full of fascinating stories and he agreed to sit down for a chat with us. Join us for a great chat! Show notes WengenChristian F.Secret


Constantino Jordan on the most prestigious developments in the Algarve

Constantino Jordan He has worked on the most prestigious residential and hotel developments in the Algarve region including Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura. He has a very positive outlook for the future of the Algarve, find out in this informative half hour chat with me. Show notes LiechtenstenQuinta do Lago Resorton Wikipedia


Algarve Wines: The quickest way to discover them

Algarve Wine with Luis Figueira What is the quickest way to discover Algarve wines? Listen to this 40 minute podcast and you’ll be off! Luis is one of the most prominent wine figures in the region and who better to give us an unbiased view of the region than an owner of a wine shop? Enjoy the conversation (preferably with a glass of Algarve Wine), because everyone loves wine… right? See the FULL SHOW NOTES on my site:


Algarve success story - Izzy’s legendary beach bar

Isabel Mealha She grew up in the gorgeous medieval town of Silves and moved to Faro when she was ten. Having lived and worked in the Algarve all her life, she has a group of fascinating friends and has accomplished success as a restaurateur. We’re looking forward to hearing her story! Show notes to FaroVila AdentroGuaka Mexican RestaurantHotel Faro


Ecotourism and how to enjoy it in the Algarve

The father of the Via Algarviana João Ministro didn’t start the Via Algarviana but he has worked on it from the beginning and knows it really well. Through his company Proactive Tur he has made a tremendous impact on sustainable tourism and ecotourism in the Algarve. Nick sat down with him in his Loulé office and discussed a huge range of issues. Ecotourism in the Algarve show notes ProActiveTurAlmargem


Where to find the BEST cataplana in the Algarve with Nelson Carvalheiro

Nelson Carvalheiro Nelson is an award winning blogger and video maker hailing from the hotel industry. He took time out from his busy schedule to chat to Nick about food in Portugal and the Algarve in particular. We did this one over the internet as he had returned to Germany before we could meet. Listen up, there are some real gems in this one! Show notes experiencing a drought


What pro golfers do in the off season … practice in the Algarve!

Iona Stephen, professional ladies golfer Iona spends her winters down here in the Algarve, in the cosseted luxury of the Quinta do Lago resort. Listen to her discuss the famed Laranjal golf resort and assorted places and things to do in the area. Enjoy it! Show notes Laranjal Golf CourseQuinta do LagoCasavostra Pizzeria


Do you know who started surf tourism in the Algarve?

Toby Millage also known as Toby One Toby landed here in the late 70s and hasn’t stopped rocking since! He has made his name in surfing along with a troupe of other Toby’s, rocked the best gigs in Europe but remains rooted in the Algarve’s original center of surf: Lagos. Join us for a wild ride through the Algarve’s formative years as Toby relates his experiences, random musings and recommendations. Don’t take them lightly, he is one of Lagos’ legends. Show notes surf jets (!)“The...


Packaging, Print and Paradise - Dean Coleman’s story

Dean Coleman from The Print Shop Dean’s business, originally called “The Print Shop” is now called “The Works“, and he is based in Almançil (on a fairly noisy road as you’ll hear… sorry) and helps businesses with all their marketing needs. Have a listen to his story, it’s an interesting one! Show notes Nando’s


A ground breaking event explodes the Algarve tech scene

Creating a new tech conference in the Algarve Jorge Cabaço is a dynamic figure in the Algarve tech space, working passionately in digital marketing with Dengun and his very own Fresh Mint Consulting. Listen to our fun conversation about Information Technology in Portugal’s southern region! Show notes AlgarvioNERAAlgarData


Unfold your maps! Algarve Geography

If you know the Algarve well, stop reading here. This is meant for people who’d like to get to know the area a little better. Let’s take a 30 000 foot view of the Algarve and slot everything into place like a giant wooden jigsaw puzzle. No longer will you be confused about how far your mates are from your resort, or how long it will take to cruise over for a surf on the west coast. So unfold your maps (or click open Google Maps), and take a listen to my airliners view of our wonderful...


How to break a world record

Meet Francisco Lufinha He achieved fame for breaking the world record when he kitesurfed from Porto to Lagos in the Algarve. He currently holds the world record for the longest non-stop kitesurfing journey. Show notes Robbie NaishMini-Transat


Making a mark: Algarve Marquees with Tom Longhurst

Episode 12 / An interview in Burgau Tom hails from Wales and spent a few years in California cementing his love for sunshine and the great outdoors. After his return to Wales he decided that moving to Algarve was the best thing for the family, so he set up Algarve Marquees from his base in Burgau. Listen up to a really enjoyable conversation! Show notes This is a brief outline of what we’ve discussed water temperatureA [...]


Olhão outlaws and the Algarve Daily News

Episode 10 / Paul Rees, Editor of the Algarve Daily News Paul Rees owns and runs the Algarve Daily News, a digital news outlet that comprehensively covers issues of regional interest in the Algarve. His entertaining weekly email newsletter is read by thousands and keeps one abreast of many of the scandals and sometimes wildly outrageous issues of the day. We chose to chat about his home city of Olhão. Show notes All show notes from the Algarve Addicts podcast follow sequential order....


Stories from Silly Socks: a young fun business in the Algarve

Young start ups happen in the Algarve too! Sam and Lily recently started a company selling odd socks. Yes, odd socks. #oddsocks, #mismatchingsocks and ##sockstyle are all a thing. You name it, there’s a thing for it these days. Join us for a chat with these two super cool young entrepreneurs from the Algarve.


This podcast will make you understand more about Faro

A Faro native or “Farense” Technically you are only a “farense” if you have been born there. However, Paulo Gonçalves has spent most of his adult life living in and around Faro. We discuss his African roots and simultaneously the path that many Algarvians have followed back from the colonies to the motherland. Enjoy a few stories of what life is like in Faro and on the Ria Formosa where Paulo works with his company Algarve WOW.


What it’s like growing up in the Algarve

Episode 7 / A relaxed chat with an Algarve local Emma grew up in the Algarve and has since travelled a fair way around the world. We catch up with her and chat about how amazing it is to call the Algarve home.


Algarve History 101

A basic primer about Algarve History with Peter Booker, President of the Algarve History Association. Nick Robinson sat down with him in his home near Tavira and had a short chat about the history of the Algarve. Please excuse some minor sound issues. Show notes fish paste industry


How to REALLY get to know the Algarve

How do you REALLY get to know the Algarve? You set up an Algarve Magazine! Yayeri and Kyle did back in 2015 after arriving down south from Northern Europe. Find out why they came and follow their journey as they create Enjoy the Algarve, a brilliant free monthly digital magazine.


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