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Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.

Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.
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Algarve Podcast - Algarve Addicts interviews interesting people who live, work and play in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal.








Life on the Algarve coast - Sunseeker's perspective

Meet Steve from Sunseeker Steve Handy from Sunseeker Portugal Steve moved over to Portugal with Sunseeker as it makes a lot of sense for this international boat builder to have a presence down here in the Algarve. I got to chat to him about how it all started for Sunseeker in the Algarve and what life is like for Steve in Europe's favourite holiday destination. Listen along! Show notes Vilamoura BoliqueimePub 37Algarve Addicts Facebook groupEstamine RestaurantRestaurant A...


Trail runner!

Alexandra Vanstalle is a mother of four kids, husband of one and runs unbelievable distances along rural tracks. Her latest adventure is to train for a 111km long trail run… Listen to her story: Show notes Manta RotaPraia VerdePézinhos na AreiaCorridas a Sexta FeiraAlgarve Trail RunningRocha da Pena raceALUTQuerençaSalir Falesia MonchiqueCerro do São MiguelLoulé Ilha Desertaestaurant Estamineosta Vicentina)You can find Alex online on Facebook or at where she does...


The easiest way to gorge on the Algarve's gourmet delights and other stories

I interviewed Maria in the new Centro de Congressos do Algarve and we managed to sneak into an empty conference room as the sound was GREAT in there. Her life is really varied taking in a lot of projects like online tourism startups, the Lagos Food Fest, other big events, food tours, the Rota de Petisco (read all about it as we didn't have time to discuss it). Show notes Cabanas de TaviraAlgarve Tech HubShare Algarvefood tour companyRegião Turismo AlgarvePortugal TourismLagos food...


Move to Portugal, set up a business and kick back!

Jason Brown, originally from South Africa made the move to Portugal a few years back and loves it here. We met at my house in São Brás de Alportel and had a great 30 minute discussion filled with tips for people arriving in the Algarve and how to acclimatize to the area. Show notes Moving to PortugalVilamoura, Carvoeiro and LagosWhat more could anyone want?Why Lagos?blog postActivities in the AlgarveAlgarve Addicts Facebook groupBurgau Barbariansawful Where to settle in the...


The ONE piece of advice you need for enjoying your Algarve holiday

Yvette Martins Yvette grew up in Canada and moved to our beautiful Algarve. She now owns an online travel business and is brimming with advice and tips. Listen to her one important takeaway from this podcast. Show notes close to VancouverSabugal4 EstradasMoov Fitness Centrewww.olalocal.ptThe Holiday InnVLOG number 3genuinewww.influence.coYvette's Recommendations LouléLoulé CineTeatroFerragudohire a car!Sol e MarO Chiringuito Last ChanceCafe Q


Moving to the Algarve - advice, tips and stories

Moving to Portugal The Tilleys arrived this summer, hailing from Surrey and settling in the Algarve. We talk about where exactly a little later into the podcast. It was fantastic meeting them and great to hear their story! Listen along... View this post on Instagram A post shared by Louise-Marie Tilley (@loutilz) on Aug 24, 2018 at 3:44pm PDT Show notes São Lourenço churchPine CliffsAlgarve Tech HubShare AlgarveAlgarve...


Portugal's TOP paddle-boarder reveals HIS Algarve

Diogo Sousa, SUP Champion Diogo has lived in Albufeira for most of his life and still loves it. It's probably the most contentious city in the entire Algarve when it comes to tourism as many people hate it, others love it! Do you love it or hate it? Listen up for Diogo's take on Albufeira... Show notes night lifeZezé CamarinhaCentro NauticoAlbufeira MarinaPortuguese food!the websitenight life podcastPraia Santa EuláliaPraia GaléPraia da CoelhaAlgar SecoAlbufeira WatersportsSUP Albufeira.


Behind the scenes at the Algarve's greatest live show

Meet Becky. She dances at the Vilamoura Casino in their regular show, entitled "Timeless E-Motions" this year. It's on at all three SolVerde Casinos: Praia da Rocha, Vilamoura and Monte Gordo, so wherever you are in the Algarve you'll be able to catch a glimpse of this highly entertaining show (and no, they aren't paying me to say this!). Show notes Northern Ballet SchoolNorwegian Cruise LinesSolverde CasinosShowgirlsBecky's suggestionsPraia MarinaTivoli Vilamoura MarinaPraia da Rocha...


How a traumatic accident showed a young traveler beauty in the Algarve

I had no idea who Blair was... the only connection I had with this guy, was that he took a mesmerizing photo of Benagil cave. It was an image picturing his girlfriend. An image which was pretty sexual, but sensual, natural and bold at the same time. It showed that this guy knew a thing or two about photography but what it didn't tell me was that there was a brilliant story behind how he got down to Benagil. Blair grew up in Cape Town into a nature friendly family. His father was a nature...


The startling truth I stumbled upon over the last three years

This podcast is slightly different from my regular show where I interview people and chip away at their stories of the Algarve. Today, I speak about my experiences as I changed my career (call it a mid life crisis if you will) and stumbled across the harsh reality of the changes our beautiful planet is reeling from. Have a listen, it's only a quarter of an hour... Show notes Global animal populationBoyan SlatThe Ocean Cleanup


The captivating tale of a charismatic journalist from Aljezur

Natasha Donn Natasha is an engaging and delightful character, brimming with personality and juicy tidbits of life in the Algarve. She is a career journalist, reporting on all the fascinating stories in the Algarve. Let me tell you there are some miraculously scandalous stories about! Listen on to her engaging tale: Show notes Premier FXSalgados DevelopmentAlgarve Oilstories about bullfightingPANAlgarve Daily News.CordoamaCastelejoIngrinaZavialSalemafalling into a sculpture


A craft brewery in the Algarve - the story of Algarve Rock Brewery

Algarve Rock Brewery Their website reads. "Algarve Rock was started by two guys that are passionate about drinking real beer. Somebody had to do something about the lack of quality craft beers available in the Algarve; why not us? That’s why we created Algarve Rock. We’re here to put Portuguese craft beer on the map." They certainly have! I interviewed Neil from Algarve Rock Brewery. Have a listen! Show notes Cheeky PupPortugal 2020www.algarverockbrewery.comPiri Piri Pilsnerzero...


What you REALLY want to do this summer - Algarve events

It's wonderful to welcome Fiona Butler from She has been running her website for ten years now and has picked up an awful lot of great information in the process. She shares it with you on the latest episode of Algarve Addicts. Thanks for listening! Fiona Butler show notes Chris the pilot)Carlos in Episode 29www.myguidealgarve.comLoule JazzLagoa Jazz FestSilves Medieval FestSilves Beer FestAlameda Beer FestBPM FestivalSummersoundOktoberfest in PorchesPercevesAlvor...


Whats cooking in the Algarve... Economically!

Professor Luis Coelho Meet Professor Luis Coelho from the University of the Algarve. He is a lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and is a respected voice in the community, writing for an online magazine as well as his day to day work and being invited to sit on various conference panels. I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and I am sure you will too. Listen here --> Show notes actuallyUALGMonte GordoMaria do MarConstantino Jordan'sSTRONGCRIAThe Algarve Tech HubAlojamentio Local". Wax...


Great recommendations from Carlos, Faro tour guide

Carlos from Take Algarve Carlos runs regular tours around Faro through his company Take Algarve. Listen to his story. Show notes Café AliançaTake Algarve"Some people call it Algarve. We call it home."Algarve Historyplans for a developmenteventsJardim Manuel BivarJardim das DocasHotel EvaBaixa Street FestCastle Beer FactoryTeatro LethesRestaurant TravessaMoinhos do GrelhaBaixa CaféEme CaféNautico CaféLab Terrace Café


Portugal, confidentially speaking, the story of an online business in Olhos da Agua

Greg Boegner from Meet Greg, who moved to the Algarve from the USA in 2008. He runs a successful website all about Portugal over at Listen to his story. Show notes Portugal ConfidentialPacific Artsyoga videos with Ali McGrawTaviraPraia do BarrilPraia da MarinhaCacela VelhaCasa do Polvonew guide to Comporta


The life of a professional hair designer in Faro

Bradley Querl (really it should be Curl, shouldn't it?) has practiced hair design (now with his salon called B Hair Design) all his life and is a 3rd generation hair designer. Bradley is the consummate professional and does a fantastic job with anyone's head, even throwing in a super relaxing head massage into the deal. I checked in with Brad to here his story and what his take is on life in the Algarve. If you resonate with any of his suggestions, let us know! Tune in to Bradley's...


Top of the Algarve tourism ladder - Dora Coelho

Show notes Albufeira Tourism Board:Desiderio SilvaRegional Tourism BoardAlgarve Tourism AssociationEating Algarve Food Tours


The life of a DJ Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian Kiss DJ Mark is a wonderful character full of fascinating stories and he agreed to sit down for a chat with us. Join us for a great chat! Show notes WengenChristian F.SecretPraia Senhora da RochaQuarteira"there are not many horrible places in the Algarve".Whats upKissFM KissFM


Constantino Jordan on the most prestigious developments in the Algarve

Constantino Jordan He has worked on the most prestigious residential and hotel developments in the Algarve region including Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura. He has a very positive outlook for the future of the Algarve, find out in this informative half hour chat with me. Show notes LiechtenstenQuinta do Lago Resorton WikipediaOlhãoResort DevelopmentMonte da QuintaVilamouraMorgado do QuarteiraEstalegem do Cegonhahistory of Vilamoura in photosvibrant tech sceneArtigo 3 in LouléPizzeria...