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On The Road Episode:1-Lima, Peru

Doug and Teresa record an episode from the road in Lima, Peru. They give us an update of the RV remodel and explain why they are in Lima. They answer five questions specifically about Lima. They also have some great travel tips if your planning on going to Peru. This is the first of the “On The Road Episodes” with more to come from distant lands.


An Adventure with American Wander Love(rs) Scotty King and Leslie Medley

We love talking to other couples that have also made travel a part of their life and partnership. In this episode we’re joined by kindred spirits/a kindred couple, Scotty King and Leslie Medley (aka @americanwanderlove). We chat about making the decision to live a life of adventure, and choosing the wide open world over corporate security. They are an American Adventure Couple, Nomadic Yogis (like super Yogis: “we-did-a-silent-retreat-where-yoga-started” Yogis), and Ambassadors for Living...


Caleb Barge, Comedian, Podcast Host and Gotham Podcast Network Engineer, tells us his travel tales.

Travel doesn't always mean leaving for a far away country, sometimes it can be an adventure to the town next door. Caleb, Comedian, Engineer for Gotham Podcast Studio and the host of the podcast, We're Going to Hell, (Gotham Podcast Network) tells us some funny travel stories that range from drunken Greyhound rides to epic fights in a neighboring town. We laugh so hard in this episode there are actual tears and stomach cramping.


Comedian Bronston Jones takes us on the Road

This episode we have with us Comedian, Producer & Director Bronston Jones. For the past six summers, Bronston performed at Edinburgh Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival based in Scotland. (HE HAS 3 SHOWS THERE RIGHT NOW ). In this episode Bronston shares with fascinating stories from his time on the road as a comedian, and the life changing journey’s he has taken. This is a fun show that is not only heavy on the travel stories but we spend equal amount of time talking stand up comedy,...


Bonus Episode = What in the world are we doing

In this Bonus Episode Doug & Teresa (us) talk about being off the grid, what is going on with then, #rvlife reality, RV remodel, future plans, orignal plans, what went wrong, what they still have left to do, they also argue about free commerce and the benifit or plight of big box stores. They also have a silent arguement. Stay until the end to hear the secret phrase to win cool stuff.


Artist, Jenn Nelson joins us to tell tales of Iceland and more

Artist, Jenn Nelson joins us to tell tales of Iceland and more Jenn Nelson almost died in Iceland. Okay, not really but she did some super crazy cave stuff while she was there. Jenn is a NYC Artist, and an executive(ish) at HBO. This is a super fun conversation wherein Doug forgets he is not talking to a comedian and gets a bit offensive and Jenn assures us that if she had the power, she would NOT book us for an HBO comedy special. We also talk about her extensive travels, solo travel, her...


Ready to go to Pakistan? with Comedian Amamah Sardar

It's time to travel to Pakistan! In this episode NYC comedian Amamah Sardar tells us stories about her visit too Pakistan, we discuss the geography of the country. Does the country have a beachfront? You will learn this and more. Many American's don't think to add Pakistan to their travel plans. Decide if you should after this episode. We also of course talk comedy in NYC and Amamah's EPIC show she has in NYC.


Comedian Sonja Savanovic, running loose around the world

Co-producer of the super comedy group: Comedians on the loose, Comedian Sonja Savanovic takes us with her on a journey to her favorite from Greece to a small town in Texas. This outspoken Serbian powerhouse keeps us laughing as she tells us all her stories (like a near death slide experience) and takes us behind the scenes into her world. She may be snarky but in a really sweet way.


Talking Disney with Disney Expert Phil Gramlich

Disneyland & Disney World are the most visited parks in the world. With all the options and attractions within Disney where do you go first? What can’t you miss? We are joined by Phil Gramlich, host of the popular podcast “From Ear to There”. Phil is a Disney expert and lifelong Disney aficionado. Hear his Disney stories, tips, tricks and Disney hacks


On the Road with Comedian John Saponaro

Comedian John Saponaro takes us with him on the road. Joining us via Skype from a hotel in Iowa, John tells us stories of his time on the road as a traveling, working, comedian.


Linette Palladino Takes Us to Europe

Description - From Military "Travel" to her honeymoon in Bali, Linette shares with us her travel tips and stories. Despite being about to pop out a human any minute, she takes the time to relay the funny details and experiences she has had around the world. Post Show Update: She has released her human girl baby into the world and is back on stage already.


Maryssa Smith talks Portugal & a twist of politics

We have the co- host of the very popular podcast “Blamestorming”, Comedian Maryssa Smith ( twitter: @MaryssaSmith), as our guest. Maryssa talks about her trip to Portugal and the speical treatment she received as “Tina Turner’s Daughter” in this episode. We also talk politics, the racial enviorment outside of New York City and her experiences volunteering after Hurricane Katrina. instagram: @FashionablyFunnyNYC/


The Most Dramatic Road Trip Ever with Katharyn Henson- Episode #22

I don’t want to give away anything about this episode because you should discover this story as we did, listening enraptured as Kathraryn tells every fascinating detail. I will say this: get ready for the best story of the very worst road trip to Disneyland you have ever heard. There are tears & Laughter. We’re also joined by guest host Amber Rollo Connect with Katharyn Henson! Youtube Channel: nakedfamily Twitter & Instagram: @ewgirlyounasty


Colombia with Amber Rollo Episode #21

It’s all about Colombia AND Amber Rollo - a NYC comedian who is our guest on this episode. We talk Colombia, food stories, and her supermodel(ish) experiences in Brazil. She of course also tells us travel tales and we talk about her podcast “DaddyLess Issues” @DaddyLessIssues (also on iTunes) Connect with Amber! Website: Twitter & Instagram: @ambercrollo and see her her LIVE NY Comedy show @WeAreTheBoxShow


'Our Week Apart' otherwise known as “The Episode where Doug Cries”

We are throwing in an episode we just recorded about Teresa’s latest trip to England for a work trip. This week long trip was the longest time that Teresa & Doug have been apart since they started dating. (the previous record was 4 days) It was also Teresa’s first international trip since they’ve been together, without him. In this episode Teresa talks about her magical day in London, almost dying in Birmingham, becoming a thief, the many accomplishments of Shakespeare and all the little...


Lee Walker talks London and Life

We have the host of the podcast “Thank Me Later”, Lee Walker ( twitter: @goodlookinlee_ ) , as our guest. Lee is also a member of the Gotham Podcast family and in this episode, talks about London. We also discover that Lee and Doug are basically twins. They are the same person. Well, the same with slight differences. This is a hilarious and captivating episode that we are excited to share with you. It’s a crazy ride, and one you won’t want to get off of.


Solve the mystery & enigma that is Mike Ortiz: Sound Engineer & so much more.

On today’s episode we are joined by the enigma that is one of our favorite engineers on our show, Mike Ortiz. You heard us make fun of Mike, you’ve heard Mike say “no”. Now hear Mike’s story, and it’s a good one. Unravel the mystery that he is as he tells us stories of his favorite country to travel to: Greece!


Actor and Fight Director, Christopher Round, joins us to talk about Romantic Venice, Italy

Christopher Round is a British actor that joins us via Skype from the UK for this episode. He tells us romantic stories about traveling with his girlfriend for a magical holiday in Italy. We also talk about his time as a fight director, choreographing out fight/combat scenes in the theatre and TV shows. Christopher was a part of our “Wedding” in Scotland, during the Fringe Festival. So we reminisce about stories from our time there. If your a Anglophile you’ll appreciate this episode....


Will Carey & Chelsea Connor Part 2: Chelsea’s Story

Join in the fun! It’s time for part 2 of a brilliant two-part interview with Chelsea Connor, the Director of Communications/ Media Relations at one of the world’s largest Union & Comedian Will Carey. This episode is Chelsea’s time to shine! Sometimes travel is just fun & sometimes it can change the world, This funny & thought provoking episode will highlight the work Chelsea’s done for workers all over the world, growing up in NYC, our mutal dream to travel to Iran & her secret “” of...


Will Carey & Chelsea Connor Part 1: It's Will's time

This is the first part of a two part series with power couple NYC Comedian Will Carey and his girlfriend, Chelsea Connor who is the Director of Communications/ Media Relations at the world’s largest Union. In this episode Will answers our 5 questions, talks about his first international trip: to Cannes France to walk the red carpet in the Cannes Film Festival. He also talks about how he became a veteran traveller with the help of Chelsea and his first comedy show in Turkey. Together, they...