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Samer Kawar … has completed 145 UN countries, while marrying his passion for travel and architecture

Key links & critical information: Get your official Counting Countries apparelListen withSpotify We’re on Amazon Alexa More about Samer Kawar: Born in: San Francisco Bay AreaPassports from:USA, JordanFavorite travel book:Any Lonely Planet GuideFavorite travel film:Seven Years in TibetFavorite travel app or website:Nomad Mania, Atlas Obscura, TripadvisorMust carry: My sketchbook, Polaroid Zip photo printerFavorite food: Khao soi, torta ahogada, coconut curryFavorite drink:the local beer in...


Frank Grosse-Oetringhaus … has created a list of 5,000 places in the world to visit

Key links & critical information: Get your official Counting Countries apparelListen withSpotify We’re on Amazon Alexa More about Frank Grosse-Oetringhaus: Born in: GermanyPassports from: GermanyWebsite:Frank Grosse OetringhausMap:Nomad Mania A final note, with this episode, it will mark the end of Season 1. A great thank you to all the listeners as well as all of the great travelers I have spoken with. I look forward to speaking with all of you when Season 2 kicks off in early summer.


Jeff Shea summited the Seven Summits, traveled to all 193 countries, and much more!

Key links & critical information: World Parks, Inc.SISO Club Counting Countries is now on Amazon Alexa Listen on SpotifyBuy official Counting Countries apparel today More about Jeff Shea: Born in San Francisco, CAPassports from USAFavorite travel book: Bill Dalton’s Indonesia Handbook 1983Must carry: Headlamps, Neosporin, satellite phone if on an expeditionFavorite food: My wife’s cookingFavorite drink: Soursop juiceFavorite airline: Garuda and Turkish AirlinesInstagram: Travel The Whole...


George Kashouh has summited the highest mountain on six of the seven continents!

George has set two ambitious goals. First, he wants to summit the tallest mountain on each continent. Second, he intends to travel to every country in the world. He has made great progress so far, summiting six of the seven summits and has traveled to 78 UN countries. George has climbed the highest mountain on each continent, except for Mt. Vinson Massif in Antarctica, which is quite remote and expensive to climb. George has showed true grit. His first attempt at summiting Mt. Everest...


Babis Bizas - 193 countries ... and travels 300 days a year for several decades

Babis completed his quest for 193 in 2004, but has not slowed down at all. In the late 1970s, Babis backpacked the Hippy Trail which included Pakistan and Afghanistan. He eventually found his way to Sri Lanka and joined the crew of a Greek ship and travelled even further. Babis is one of the few who has traveled to both the North and South Pole. He shares with us an amazing tale of 19 hours in a helicopter traveling to the North Pole. And no travel career is complete without an arrest...


Artemy Lebedev - 193 countries ... and exploring over 1500 cities

Download Episode! Being a lazy workaholic propelled Artemy to become one of the world’s most traveled people Artemy had exploration in his DNA. As a kid he traveled the metro in Moscow visiting scores of different theaters, satisfying his passion of cinema as well as exploring the nooks and crannies of his city. As an adult, he made a pact with himself ensuring that at least once a month he would partake on a trip, whether the neighboring town or across the world. This led him to be ranked...


Jonny Blair - 113 countries ... a Northern Irishman in Poland

Jonny loves travel and he has a special interest in micronations. Jonny has met Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia and was the first backpacker to visit the nation. He also visited the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a unique political and geographical entity. Jonny shares stories of traveling to New Zealand and partaking in adventure sports and meeting tons of other travelers. He explains the challenges of traveling in China and the rewards that are earned by visiting this amazing...


Tony Giles - 110 countries ... and blind and mostly deaf

Download Episode! Tony has a sense of adventure not rivaled by many. Tony heard tales of travel from his Dad, a merchant marine. He also had two opportunities to study in the USA as a student. Yet, the gift of a kidney which prevented a life of dialysis supercharged his travel life, reminding him that his life is short. And did I mention that Tony is also blind and mostly deaf. Tony shows an incredible amount of poise, courage and optimism. Tony typically travels solo and revels in the...


Special Report - Turmoil In The Travel Community - The William Baekeland Controversy

A number of allegations have been made against William Baekeland by other members of the travel community. These allegations have not been proven in a court of law. Please listen in on this special episode. Photos provided with permission by Harry Mitsidis and Dominique Laurent. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts today! And write a review! Check out our friends: Chasing 193, Volume II: The Quest To Visit Every Country In The World and Large Minority. They organize international rallies around...


James Asquith - 193 countries ... and Guinness World Record Holder

Download Episode! James is the current world record holder as the youngest person to travel to every country in the world according to the Guinness World Records James has travel DNA. His grandfather regaled him with tales of spending time in Yemen. His mother lived in Hong Kong. His father was an airline captain who flew to international locales like Senegal and Ethiopia, James sometimes accompanying. James shares with us why people make such a big difference when visiting every country...


Pongtharin Tanthasindhu - 113 countries ... and travelling on a Thai passport

Pong has travel in his blood. He started traveling to nearby Asian countries and Europe with his parents as a kid. Pong spent a year as a thirteen year old in Bangalore, India learning English at a strict boarding school. He continued his schooling in Canada as he went to high school and university. Instead of heading back to Thailand on summer break he ended up visiting his classmate in the middle of Russia in the Urals for two months, living like a local. During university, he took a...


Arvinder Bahal - 178 countries ... and on his way to outer space!

Download Episode! Arvi is nearly finished in completing his quest to travel to all 193 countries, and has had some amazing experiences on the way. Arvi only has 15 countries left and is hoping to finish this quest in the next year. During his travels, he has visited both Antarctica and the North Pole. He sailed around Antarctica from New Zealand to Chile, stopping and visiting McMurdo Station via helicopter during his 30 day cruise. He joined a Russian nuclear ice-breaker as it journeyed...


Nina Sedano - 193 countries ... and one of the few women to accomplish this goal

Listen to Nina’s inspiring story to learn how an offhand comment by a friend set her on the path of becoming one of the approximately 10 women who have visited every country in the world. Nina grew up in Frankfurt in a single parent home. As a child she dipped her toe in the water and traveled within Europe, visiting England on a language exchange program. She began to travel and explore more after university visiting a couple dozen countries. At the age of 36, she quit her job in the...


Ellany Lea - 104 countries ... and living as a digital nomad

Download Episode! Ella made a drastic decision after graduating university and starting her first corporate job. She quit on her 89th day. Despite having a great opportunity in the corporate world, she realized quickly that she craved a life of independence and freedom. She ended up living in Rwanda working for a NGO for 6 months. And this started a transition to becoming a digital nomad and beginning a career as an elite success coach. This new role allowed her the flexibility to live...


Jakob Øster - 178 countries ... and travels with his family to Somalia and Afghanistan!

Download Episode! A family that travels together stays together. Jakob travels frequently with his girlfriend and two young children. Jakob travels often with his girlfriend and two young children. Family vacations include overland West African road trips, visits to Somaliland, and family excursions to Afghanistan. His children aged 10 and 8 respectively have traveled to 72 and 55 countries respectively. Jakob also hits the road solo as well. He recounts witnessing a secretive Satanic...


Maurizio Giuliano - 193 countries ... and in 2004 was the youngest person to travel to every country in the world!

Download Episode! Maurizio was a travel outlier at a young age. Riding the rails in Europe independently as a 13 year old. At 17, he left Italy to travel the Trans-Siberian to visit his penpal in Mongolia. After university in the UK, be began an international career as a journalist and NGO worker. This allowed ample opportunity to travel and lives overseas. Maurizio has spent time living in Haiti, Brazil, Mali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Central African Republic amongst others. Maurizio shares...


Fabio Cao - 180 countries ... and counting!

Fabio is closing in on his goal of 193 countries as he narrows down the list! Fabio was born in Milan and spread his wings as a model as he travelled to Miami and then moved to East and Southeast Asia before he was even 20 years old. Before he knew it, he had visited dozens of countries and he was on his quest. Fabio shares with us why Kabul and Caracas are the most dangerous cities in the world. Fabio recently visited Libya, and explains how he wrangled a visa and what his experience was...


Drew Binsky - 110 countries ... Guinness World Record Holder!

Download Episode! Drew is 26 and has already been to 110 countries and holds two Guinness World Records. As a ten year old, Drew spun a globe in his room and memorized the countries of the world. As a college student, he did a semester abroad in Prague and visited 20 European countries. After college, he moved to a small town in South Korea to teach English and started his travel blog. Drew now travels full time professionally and works with brands and tourism boards who support his...


Randy Williams - 86 countries ... and counting!

Randy is a well-known radio personality who happens to be on a quest to travel to every country in the world. Randy became intrigued with travel while listening to his Spanish teacher’s travel stories. At the age of 26, he ventured abroad for the first time, and immediately became smitten with Brazil. He traveled there over 30 times, and lived there for two years. While discovering Brazil he decided to visit every country in the Americas before the age of 40. That goal transitioned to...


Eric Nguyen - 193 countries ... at the age of 24!

Download Episode! At the age of 24, Eric visited his last UN country beating Guinness World Record Holder, James Asquith. Eric grew up in northern California, the son of Vietnamese immigrants. He had the opportunity of international travel with his family growing up. But his travel began in earnest when he went backpacking in East and Southeast Asia when he was just 18. He was inspired to visit every country in the world and attempt to break the world record for three reasons. First,...


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