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Ep. 14 "Big Air Barb" Peters | Early "Extreme" Comps and the Rendezvous

Barb Peters grew up in 1980's Crested Butte- a place far different than the Crested Butte of today. And yet in some ways, it wasn't that different- the kids of those times grew up as athletes just as many do today. Because of that, Barb competed in the first US Extreme Skiing Championships and quickly earned her nickname- Big Air Barb. In one of the most memorable moments of that competition that still exists today, Barb dislodged a huge car-sized chunk of snow which tumbled down the slope...


Ep. 13 Cooper Ott| Enduro Mountain Bike Racing

Another midwesterner now calling Crested Butte and the Gunnison Valley home, Cooper Ott has been dominating the professional Enduro mountain bike racing circuit for the past couple of years. Enduro racing requires the stamina to make it up to the top of the trails, but the timing doesn't really start until the downhill- so in some ways it's a mix of downhill racing and cross country racing. Cooper is also a coach with the local Devo team, teaching the next generation of riders the skills...


Ep. 12 Tara Tafi | Mine Reclamation

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Tara Tafi moved west for college and eventually put down roots in Crested Butte. Today, she works for the state of Colorado, travelling to mines across the western half of the state, developing plans for their reclamation. Colorado is a state born from mining, and Crested Butte is a former coal mining town (not a hard rock mining town like Telluride or Aspen, which is why we've always been different). So many of the roads and trails that we all hike, bike, and...


Ep. 11 Mary Boddington | Talk of the Town

Chances are, you've run into Mary Boddington somewhere in Crested Butte. Perhaps you've seen her snowboarding down Crested Butte Mountain Resort, or maybe she's poured you a drink at her bar, the Talk of The Town. In episode 11, Mary and I talk about her childhood in Colorado Springs, riding horses, skateboarding, and learning to snowboard. Her competitive snowboarding career took her from victories in Crested Butte to biggest mountains of Europe. Today, however, she is the new owner of...


Ep. 10 Dave Nornes | Irwin Brewing

What could be better than an episode about beer! Dave Nornes has been brewing for over twenty years, and his talents have taken him to Crested Butte's Irwin Brewing company, which opened in early 2017. We talk about Dave's start as a brewmaster in Colorado Springs, a brewing hiatus in British Columbia, and his return to Crested Butte. We recorded this episode onsite, and the new brewery is a beautiful facility, but more importantly it's brewing some great beer. I'd recommend the stout,...


Ep. 9 JC Leacock | Photography and Guitars

J.C. Leacock is one of the most well-known landscape photographers in Crested Butte. With a career that began in 1988, J.C. built a business and a following by producing some of the most well-known cscenes from Crested Butte. In this episode, we talked a lot about the changes in professional photography thanks to the digital revolution. The barriers to entry may be smaller today, but it's harder to become recognized with so much quality imagery in the marketplace. Moving beyond...


Ep. 8 Steve Banks | Mountain Guide

Steve Banks is an IFMGA mountain guide based right here in Crested Butte, CO. Steve's IFMGA certification means he can (and does!) guide across the globe, and he guides all the different disciplines including ski mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, and more. Learn more about Steve's childhood growing up in an active outdoors family (indeed, his brother is also a guide) that led him to becoming a guide. Wondering about skiing in Iceland? Japan? Chamonix? What it takes to become a...


Ep. 7 Pat Rauch | Shed Hunting and Combat Tuning

Pat Rauch grew up at the Roaring Judy Fish Hatchery, between Crested Butte and Gunnison. We discuss what it was like growing up there, and how things have changed over his lifetime. Pat's passion is shed hunting, which is searching for deer and elk antlers for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term. We spend a lot of time discussing that topic, as well as the new rules which limit when you can search for antlers in Colorado. Finally, we discuss ski and bike tuning- Pat has worked as...


Ep. 6 Bart Laemmel | Forensic Carpenter

Bart Laemmel has a lifetime of experience in the science of building homes and businesses. Years of seeing buildings fail took him to where he is now- a "forensic carpenter" hired to fix buildings that have moisture, energy, and other problems. Bart works with builders throughout the Crested Butte and Gunnison area, consulting them on proper building techniques, in addition to working with homeowners. If your home seems particularly drafty, or you're worried you might have a problem with...


Ep. 5 Danielle Riesz Gutter | The Sweet Life of a Pastry Chef

Danielle Riesz Gutter leads a sweet life- literally. As the owner and head pastry chef at Wildflour Sweets, her days are spent making the most delicious treats you'll ever experience. And her wedding cakes- they are as beautiful as they are delectable. In this podcast episode, Danielle describes her lifelong career as a pastry chef, as she traveled from upstate New York to Jackson Hole, Dallas, and Aspen before finally hitting the sweet spot of Crested Butte. Has a bear ever broken into...


Ep. 4 Ben Furimsky | Fly Fishing the World

Ben Furimsky lives and breathes fly fishing. From his home in Crested Butte, he organizes several fly fishing conventions from coast to coast. He's traveled the world, casting his flies for exotic fish on almost every continent, but he still comes home to his local streams and rivers in the Crested Butte and Gunnison area. In this episode we talk about the ones that got away, why he loves to tie his own flies, his favorite places to fish in the Gunnison Valley, and what it's like to run...


Ep. 3 Dave Ochs | Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association

Dave Ochs is the executive director of the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association (CBMBA), the "oldest mountain bike club on the planet". His infectious energy and passion for all things mountain biking are a tremendous asset for our community. We talk about CBMBA's plans for this summer, but more importantly their long term goals and involvement with the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative. One unique aspect of CBMBA is their stewardship of our public lands, particularly with the Crested...


Ep. 2 Mike Arbaney | Structural Engineering and Restoring Old Cars

Mike Arbaney is a Crested Butte fixture. Chances are, you've seen him out on the slopes, or out on the trails. At the very least, you've probably been in a home or a hotel that he had a hand in engineering. When he isn't busy at work as a structural engineer, he's probably taking apart an old car, trying to make it work again- or driving it on the streets of Crested Butte now that it's running again. Finally, if you've seen a skiing cookie monster or a box of Franzia wine skiing down the...


Ep. 1 Neil Beltchenko | Bikepacking and long-distance MTB racing

Neil Beltchenko started mountain biking and quickly realized he had both an aptitude and a passion for bikepacking and long distance mountain bike races, such as the Colorado trail race, the Arizona trail race, the Highland Trail 550 in Scotland, the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 in Alaska (in winter!) and the granddaddy of them all, the Tour Divide from Banff to Mexico along the Continental Divide. Learn more about bikepacking, Neil's favorite trails and routes in Crested Butte, and...


Ep. 0: Welcome to Crested Butte is Home with Frank Konsella

Welcome to Crested Butte is Home. This episode is a brief intro to the podcast, introducing the host, Frank Konsella, who I'm looking forward to interviewing, and why I'm so excited to be starting the Crested Butte is Home podcast. Stay tuned for more episodes exploring the mountain lifestyle and amazing community of Crested Butte, CO. For more information visit