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Country #100: Iraq

R Dub wanted his 100 country to be different, special and downright insane, so he chose the most extreme destination he could think of: Iraq. Just getting in was hard. In this season finale, R Dub explains how his quest to see all 193 countries began, how he was able to get in to Iraq, and what his 48 hours in Iraq entailed: from his security, to the food, exploring the ancient sites of Babylon and wandering the corridors of Saddam Hussein's former palace. Fasten your seatbelt...we're...


Randy's 50 Travel Tips

On this special episode, Randy gives up his 50 best travel tips... some are no-brainers, while some you might never have thought of. These tips are designed to help you save time, money, hassle... and maybe even your LIFE! From tricks to get free flights,to advice on how not to get your teeth broken while eating Brazilian pizza, these tips are LIFE!


Country #60: Nauru (Part 2)

The country with the least amount of tourists is about to provide Randy with the most adventure. While day one (in part one) was the definiton of "chill," today's episode proves that the tide can change in an instant when you're on foreign soil. From fending off killer dogs, to being trapped in WWII Japanese POW cells, to being detained at the airport, Randy's last two days on the island nation of Nauru would be anything but relaxed!


Country #60: Nauru (Part 1)

It's the least-visited country on earth, an eight-square mile speck in the middle of The Pacific. No one goes there. Randy did. From being threatened by a crazy dog, trapped inside a Japanese WWII prison cell, and being detained by the Nauru government, it's safe to say this turned out to be one of the wildest trips to date—with surprises around every corner. This is part one of a two part series on the island you're not supposed to talk about: Nauru.


Country #79: Uganda

Come along for Randy's most life-changing trip, as he and his listeners bring clean water to a very special village in rural Uganda. This is the one episode of Destination 193 that may just change your life...and save others'.


Country #76: South Sudan

An ongoing civil war, a devastating famine, and absolutely no photos allowed...what could go wrong? Join Randy as he descends into adventure on a trip inside the world's youngest nation.


Country #68: Morocco (EXTREME LAYOVER EDITION)

Most people wait around in the airport during a layover. Randy gets out and Rambles. Today’s episode takes you through the city on a wild 14-hour layover in Casablanca, Morocco. You’ll travel alongside Randy for harrowing taxi rides, overly aggressive Berber rug salesmen, and the most awkward massage of his life; and almost not make it back to your flight!


Country #78: Burundi

Randy expected the tiny African nation of Burundi to be filled with palm trees, quaint villages and traditional handicrafts, but what he encountered was one of the tensest situations of his life. Find out how poor planning on Randy’s part led to his most frightening journey to date, where Burundi’s federal police drew a blurred line of being his best friend and worst enemy.


Country #72: Libya

​​Best travel destination for New Year's Eve: New York? Vegas? Paris??? Randy chose Libya. Despite all the signs saying "no," Randy said yes. Join him as he slips into a country with no official government, still in disarray from the fall of the Gaddafi.


Country #94: Tuvalu

After heart-pounding episodes about visiting rogue nations like Venezuela and North Korea, Randy takes a breather to enjoy the island paradise of Tuvalu. Take an audio tour of this ten-square-mile Pacific atoll which is one of the planet’s least-visited countries, and discover all the oddities and this very remote and tiny nation like no other.


Country #56: Venezuela

Teetering on collapse, today Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries on earth with almost zero tourists. Hear Randy’s reason why he went, how he got in, and how he stayed safe. A hell on earth, or Latin paradise? You decide on this episode of Destination 193.


Country #52: North Korea

In this episode, Randy takes you into the hermit kingdom that is North Korea. A country that Americans are no longer legally allowed to visit, Randy answers the questions: Why would anyone even want to go to North Korea, what do you do there, and why do some actually claim North Korea to be the safest country on earth?