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Episode 20 - "Ralph Breaks the Internet" Thoughts

Welcome to Episode 20 of the podcast! On today's Episode, we welcome back both Nelson and Rissa from their trip to Disneyland they went on last black Friday weekend. Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched Ralph Breaks the Internet yet, please tune out of this episode right after we discuss the news article for this week. We talk about our thoughts on the movie in this episode, so join along and if you have some thoughts, please don't hesitate to share it with us! You can find all our media on...


Episode 19 - Special Collaboration with X-S Press Podcast

On today's episode, we have a special collaboration effort for you! Micha joins together with Matt of the X-S Press Podcast as an interviewee for his time during the Disney College Program. Take a listen to this collaborative effort between the two podcasts, and make sure you check out X-S Press Podcast as well! X-S Press Podcast: http://xspresspodcast.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xspresspodcast/ Thanks, everyone for the support, and make sure you check out the X-S Press Podcast...


Episode 18 - A November Trip to Disneyland!

On today's episode, we have a special for you coming from the Disneyland Resort! Micha and Nelson went on some adventures trying out different foods that they discussed on Episode 17, and one food that they didn't go over! Take a listen to find out how their trip went! Thank you for listening, and don't forget to check out all our media on our website: https://www.disneytimepodcast.com/


Episode 17 - The 2018 Foodie Guide to Holidays at Disneyland Resort

On today's Episode, the gang goes over two different foodie guides to Holidays at Disneyland Resort. The first foodie guide is the overall Foodie Guide to 2018 Holidays at the Disneyland Resort. This has every special food item related to the Holidays at the parks! The second guide is the Foodie Guide to the 2018 Disney Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure Park. Join us as we go over everything you need to know about the festival, and what we are going to try on our upcoming...


Episode 16 - Growing up Disney Fans

Micha and Rissa take a look at growing up as Disney fans and what they look forward to in the future with the Walt Disney Company. Make sure to check us out on our website as well: https://www.disneytimepodcast.com/ We update the vlog page whenever there is a new video and we have a new dining review of Lamplight Lounge so please check that out! Next week we will have Nelson back on the show, so please look forward to hearing about his travels to Disney World!


Episode 15 - Looking at Epcot's F&W Festival

On today's Episode, Micha and Nelson give their takes on Epcot's International Food & Wine Festival held annually at the World Showcase. They reflect on what they liked in the past, and what they would like to see in the future when it comes to the variety of foods. Please join us as we take a journey that is sure to please the palate! If you're interested in seeing more media from us, please check out our website at: https://www.disneytimepodcast.com/


Episode 14 - Disney Bucket Lists

In this Episode of the Disney Time Podcast, we take a look at something that isn't too often explored in depth: Disney Bucket Lists. Now we're not just referring to park bucket lists, we talk about everything that has to do with the Walt Disney Company, and that's a lot of things. Please join us as we take an in-depth look at some of the different things we would like to do in our lifetimes as part of our Disney Goals. We're going to have more content for you as well, so please look forward...


Episode 13 - Disney Guessing Game

On this week's episode, we have another go at a quiz game, but this time Nelson and Rissa face off against each other. This time Nelson is looking for redemption from his last defeat. Will he be able to overcome Rissa's Disney prowess to come out victorious? Listen and find out!


Episode 12 - Halloween Foodie Guide @ DLR/DCA

This week we welcome Nelson back from his trip to Disneyland with his family. We take a look at the foodie guide to Halloween Time 2018 at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure parks. If you haven't subscribed, please do so on your favorite podcast app and leave us a good rating/review. Also, we mentioned that our first vlog post is up! You can find it here: https://youtu.be/v7HXiR2yKWg Please subscribe to that channel too if you can!


Episode 11 - Top 5 Missed Defunct Disneyland Experiences

Micha and Rissa are back with another Top 5. This time it's the top 5 most missed defunct Disneyland experiences. These range from attractions, to shows, to dining experiences. Make sure to visit Werner Weiss' website Yesterland.com if you want to see more defunct experiences not listed in our top 5's.


Episode 10 - A tale of two MaxPasses

We're back and with our 10th Episode! Sorry for the lack of upload for one week as we all came back from a trip to Disneyland! The main topic today will be a review of Pixar Fest in its last weekend and tips for maximizing the MaxPass! Please subscribe on your favorite podcast app and leave us a good rating and review! Thanks for your support!


Episode 9 - Favorite Dining @ DLR/DCA

Today, Micha, Nelson, and Rissa talk a bit of Disney news and go into talking about their favorite Quick Service and Table Service restaurants on property at Disneyland, California Adventure, and the Disney resort in Anaheim. Please leave a positive rating if you enjoy this content and want more! Thanks for listening!


Episode 8 - News, Disneyland/DCA Tips for Friends

Micha & Rissa are back with another episode, this time it's about Disneyland/DCA with groups of friends! Take a listen for tips as well as news on Disney. Also, the winner of our drawing has been revealed! Please continue to enjoy, and leave us a rating/review on your favorite podcasting app!


Episode 7 - Talking Top 3's

This week we talk top 3's as well as top Disney Movie of all time! Make sure you listen in for our GIVEAWAY! We pose the question for the Instagram giveaway as well at some point in this podcast, so make sure to listen! If you like this episode and would like to hear more, make sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast service and leave us some ratings/reviews!


Episode 6 - Revisiting the Song Game

Hello and welcome to Episode 6! Today, Rissa & Micha explore the tracks Rissa chose for the Song Game played in last week's episode and a little Disney news is talked about early on in the podcast. As always, visit the blog post for more show notes and details for this episode!


Episode 5 - SDCC & Name the Song Game

In today's episode, Rissa is back from SDCC and she shares her experience with Micha & Nelson. Also, a fun "guess the Disney Song game" is played between Micha & Nelson. Want to know the winner? Take a listen to the podcast to find out! As usual, find our Episode 5 notes on: disneytimepodcast.com Follow us on Instagram: @disneytimepodcast Follow us on Twitter: @DisneyTimePod


Episode 4 - Disney Weddings

On today's Episode 4, Nelson & Micha take a look at Disney Weddings. Everyone has thought about having a dream wedding at Disney at some point in their lives, but has anyone known anyone who has actually done a Disney wedding? Nelson's sister recently got married at Disney and we take a look at his experience with his sister's wedding. We also take a look at the FreeForm show "Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings" where they follow couples going through their own Disney weddings. Enjoy, and I hope...


Episode 3 - Disney Animation: Past, Present, and Future

Your hosts, Micha, Nelson, & Rissa are back along with their guest AJ to talk about Disney Animation from the past until today. Disney Animation has been such an integral part of the Walt Disney Studios that we had to take a look at what occurred in the past and what they have in store for the future. Episode 3 Notes: -Steve Jobs bought a majority share in Pixar in 1986 when it became a spin-off of Lucasfilm computer division -Andy Serkis founded The Imaginarium, aka Imaginarium Productions...


Episode 2 - Pixar Fest Food

Episode 2 of the Disney Time podcast! Micha & Nelson are back along with Micha's sister, Rissa. Take a listen to the Pixar Fest food selections as well as some of the merchandise available for purchase during Pixar Fest. As always, thank you for taking a listen to the podcast and please subscribe and enjoy! Also, visit us at https://disneytimepodcast.com/


Episode 1 - Welcome to Disney Time

Disney Time Podcast Episode 1 - Welcome to Disney Time Join Micha & Nelson as they talk about everything Disney! This episode includes topics such as Pixar Pier, Toy Story Land, and much, much more. Episode 1 Notes: -The new Adventureland area will be called "The Tropical Hideaway" where you'll be able to "rub elbows" with skippers and adventurers. There is no confirmation about alcohol in this location. -The rumor of alcohol in the park stems from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge where the cantina...