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Get a look into the adventures, perspectives, and discoveries of world travelers, and explore questions and lessons from life on the road to help you navigate your own path.

Get a look into the adventures, perspectives, and discoveries of world travelers, and explore questions and lessons from life on the road to help you navigate your own path.
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Get a look into the adventures, perspectives, and discoveries of world travelers, and explore questions and lessons from life on the road to help you navigate your own path.




EOCP #14: Henk van Dillen – Cycling 16,000 Kilometers from Rotterdam to Singapore and Adventurous Living

“Don’t worry about anything…You will solve problems as they occur.” – Henk van Dillen Cycling the World Excitement and adventure take many shapes and forms. Some people fulfill this through something like camping or trying an exotic food. For Henk van Dillen, he fulfills his adventurous side a bit differently. For example, some of the feats Henk did include: Cycling 16,000 kilometers from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Singapore over the course of a year. Skateboarding through Scotland and...


EOCP #13: Phillip Louie – Exercising and Living Healthy While Traveling

“Death is a stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to ‘die before you die’ — and find that there is no death.” – Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now Healthy Living on the Road Balancing health and exercise is a difficult task for many long-term travelers. How do we indulge in the foods and drinks of a culture without destroying our bodies? Or, erasing what we’ve done health wise before traveling? Healthy living might not be your main focus if your trip is only a week or...


EOCP #12: Phillip Louie and Olaf Nonkes – Volunteering Through Workaway, Hitchhiking Across Canada, and Visualizing Fear

Let’s talk Workaway! Olaf Nonkes from the Netherlands and Phillip Louie from Canada join this week’s podcast. This episode focuses on the world of Workaway and other exciting travel topics. Our discussion takes place while volunteering at the WaGaLiGong Surf Hostel & Bar in Dulan, Taiwan. We were able to land this opportunity thanks to the website, Workaway. Workaway is a platform to connect people (mostly travelers) with hosts. From their website, “It’s the world’s leading community for...


EOCP #11: Jason Patrick Irish – Professional Backpacker, Global “Yes Man,” and Lessons From Exploring 119 Countries (and Counting)

“Live in the moment. Be a ‘Yes Man.’ Be aware of your limits but also push your limits.” – Jason Patrick Irish Jason Patrick Irish (@jason.patrick.irish) is a professional backpacker, global “Yes Man,” and world explorer who creates his own opportunities, which has allowed him to visit 119 countries and counting. After graduation from university in 2009, Jason applied to a few odd jobs around the world. One of these was teaching English in South Korea. He received an offer, accepted, and...


EOCP #10: Jan Illner and Yannick Klijnsma – Ten-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

“Everything we have, everything that is existing, is just right now. Here in this second. Everything else – the future and the past – we are just constructing with our mind.” Ten days of silence. No cellphones or electronics. No reading, writing, Netflix, or any other external stimulation. Ten days of practicing meditation. Sitting cross-legged on a small cushion, walking slower than a sloth, and chanting unknown phrases in Thai. Surrounded by strangers but not asking typical questions...


EOCP #9: Sahan Weliwita – Perspectives From Growing Up and Living Around the World

“Destinations and landscapes aren’t a big thing for me…traveling has always been about visiting friends I’ve met throughout my life and establishing or maintaining the relationships.” – Sahan Weliwita In this episode of the Edge of Comfort Podcast I talk with Sahan Weliwita during a return trip to Singapore. While some might dub Austin Powers the “International Man of Mystery”, this title is actually better suited for Sahan. Answering the question, “Where are you from?” is often difficult...


EOCP #8: Sophia Iaquinta Part 2 – Packing Light, Creating Experiences, and Understanding Fears

“Just because you don’t know and aren’t familiar with it, doesn’t mean you should fear it…Try to understand how it’s different and what’s going on, because it’s normal to someone else.” – Sophia Iaquinta Missed Part 1 with Sophia? Listen here. While you met Sophia in Part 1 or our conversation, you didn’t learn much about her background. Thus, we start by discussing more on Sophia’s story and insights from her travels. After working as a nurse in a hospital Medical Intensive Care Unit for...


EOCP #7: Sophia Iaquinta Part 1 – Exploring Myanmar and Different Cultures

“In Myanmar, there are times when you don’t see any other tourists. You feel immersed in the culture and what’s going on in daily life…It’s also the land of five million trillion pagodas!” – Sophia Iaquinta You are listening to Part 1 of 2. Listen to Part 2. Sophia Iaquinta (@smiaquinta) joins the Edge of Comfort podcast during her exploration of Myanmar. Originally from Nebraska, Sophia attended university in Minnesota to earn a dual degree in Nursing and Sociology & Anthropology. She...


EOCP #6: Isa Lindberg – Working in Australia for a Year

“Traveling alone is something you just have to do…It’s such a good thing to do for your self-esteem and confidence. You will be a whole new person.” – Isa Lindberg Work and Travel in Australia On this episode of the Edge of Comfort Podcast I talk with Isa Lindberg (@isalindberg) from Boden, Sweden. Booking a flight to Australia on short-notice, Isa moved to Sydney during November 2016 to find work and travel. Isa originally planned to only spend 6-months in Australia. Her plans changed...


EOCP #5: Advice & Tips For Your Travels

Let’s take a moment to reflect and revisit snippets from past episodes with Lars Feste, Theo Moon, Ryoji Yoshimura, and Aqeel Karim. Each snippet is a part of our conversation that offers a good piece of travel advice, tip, or mindset. If you have listened to all the podcasts already, fantastic! These are great reminders and snippets to revisit. If you haven’t heard these yet, you will enjoy listening for the first time. Definitely go back and play the individual episodes once you finish...


EOCP #4: Aqeel Karim – Adventures and Insights From Over 250 Days of Travel

“I want to push myself to the limit, and this is what happens when you travel…When you travel, you appreciate what you’re doing. You get caught up in this traveling mode of, ‘Why not? Why can’t I go and do this?’ You start to get brave. You start to come out of your shell much more. That’s the beauty of traveling.” – Aqeel Karim Aqeel Karim (@muzzaabroad) is an avid and adventurous world-explorer pushing the boundaries of travel in the muslim community. In 2017 he embarked on a 250-day...


EOCP #3: Ryoji Yoshimura – Hosting 40+ Couchsurfers, Forming Global Relationships, and Life Changing Travel

“I never thought I was going to travel two or three years ago…it just came up to me…it was some sort of instinct saying ‘Let’s do it. Let’s go for it.'” – Ryoji Yoshimura Ryoji Yoshimura (@ryoji_o_yoshimura) is a veteran couchsurfing host based in Kitakyushu, Japan. Since 2015, he has hosted over 40 travelers in his home. These travelers are commonly called “couch surfers.” A couch surfer is a person who stays at a local’s place, often on their couch or extra mattress, for free. Meeting...


EOCP #2: Theo Moon – Following Your Passions, Adopting a Pura Vida Mindset, and Life as a Former Extreme Introvert

“We don’t have to stay the way we are. One of the most beautiful things about humanity is we can wake up everyday and choose what kind of person we are going to be.” – Theo Moon Theo Moon (@theo.moon.vs) is on a mission to create a passionate lifestyle around his love for music, travel, and writing. Dealing with expectations throughout his life to follow a typical corporate career track, he studied aeronautical engineering at Embry-Riddle in Daytona Beach. Despite doing well and having a...


EOCP #1: Lars Feste – Driving Across Iceland, Level 9 Northern Lights, and Saying “No”

In the first podcast episode of Edge of Comfort I talk with my long time friend, Lars Feste (@lars_feste), about his experience in Iceland. Lars and I have been friends since grade school and lived a few blocks away from each other most of our lives. We traveled together to countless summer camps, ski trips, family vacations, and even church choir tours during high school. Yes, I was in church choir… Although our younger travels were in the United States, we’ve both branched out and...


Edge of Comfort Podcast: Introduction with Lee Thornquist

Welcome to the Edge of Comfort Podcast (EOCP)! Get a look into the adventures, perspectives, and discoveries of world travelers. Explore questions and lessons from life on the road to help you navigate your own path. I believe in exploring the world through different perspectives. Challenging what we think we know about life. Pushing boundaries. For the next nine months and beyond, I plan to explore these beliefs in-depth while traveling through Asia, Australia, Hawaii, and New Zealand....