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ENP 14 National Park Week and Summer Travel Ideas

Description: Becky Lomax is the author of The Moon Guidebook USA National Parks - The Complete Guide To All 59 Parks. Just in time for National Parks Week, Danielle and Bryan talk with Becky about her favorite itineraries, tips for families planning summer trips, and her lifelong love affair with the National Park Service (NPS). For summer travel, Becky recommends looking to the mountain parks because they can offer some cooler hiking, biking and scenic drives. Some favorites on the east...


ENP 13 Ken Burns Reflects on the National Parks

Description: Ken Burns revisits his acclaimed documentary “The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.” In this personal, in depth conversation, Ken speaks to his perspective on the national parks ten years after the series broadcast on PBS: the parks as a patriotic paradigm for America at its best and his own family’s relationship to the parks. Resources: PBS - The National Parks: America's Best Idea Ken Burns Actions Subscribe to our podcast wherever podcasts are available or from...


ENP 12 Washington DC: Tips for Visiting the Cherry Blossoms

Description: Every spring people flock to Washington, DC to see the cherry blossoms and participate in the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Danielle speaks with Linda Samuel of KidFriendly DC, a go-to resource for recreation with kids in the Washington, DC-Metro area since 2010. Linda and Danielle share their tips for seeing the cherry blossoms and favorite events. Discussion includes the following: Resources: KidFriendly DC Tips for...


ENP 11.5 Everglades: Animals and Plants of a Fragile Ecosystem

Description: In episode 11.5 Danielle speaks with Everglades National Park volunteer and naturalist Carmen Ferreiro about the Everglades ecosystem and the biodiversityfound in this rich and fragile environment. Discussion includes the following: · Volunteering at the park (1:55) · Ecosystem and biodiversity of Everglades (4:30) · Threats to the Everglades (6:44) · Alligators and crocodiles are indicator animals for health of ecosystem (8:45) · Wildlife often overlooked by...


ENP 11.4 Everglades/Biscayne: Tips for Visitors from Everglades Park Ranger

Description: In episode 11.4 Bryan talks with Park Ranger Allyson Gantt about how people have affected the Everglades, conservation efforts and recommendations for how visitors may enjoy the park. Discussion includes the following: · What did the Everglades look like before settlement? (2:02) · Conservation efforts and relationship with agriculture (3:31) · Role of advocate Marjorie Stoneman Douglas’s The Everglades: River Of Grass(6:10) · Recreational activities (10:19) · Nike...


ENP 11.3 Everglades/Biscayne: Tips for Visitors from Biscayne Park Ranger

Description: In episode 11.3 Bryan talks with Park Ranger Denise Ratajczak about planning a visit to Biscayne National Park, including camping on the keys and her favorite spot for paddleboarding. Discussion includes the following: · Park creation (2:25) · Ecosystems and what makes up the park (5:35) · Iguanas and invasive species (10:50) · Fishing (14:12) · Swimming (17:50) · Camping (20:00) · Need for more boat service access (22:18) · Hikes (25:12) · Paddle Jones Lagoon...


ENP 11.2 Everglades/Biscayne: Trip Report (Part 2)

Description: In episode 11.2 Danielle, Bryan and their daughters talk about their trip to Biscayne National Park in Southern Florida. This is part 2 of the trip report. In Part 1 (episode 11.1), they talk about visiting Everglades National Park during the government shutdown. Discussion includes the following: · Support the National Park Foundation’s Park Restoration Fund (0.45) · About Biscayne National Park (2:25) · Boca Chita and other tours through Biscayne National Park...

ENP 11.1 Everglades & Biscayne: Trip Report (Part 1)

Description: In episode 11.1 Danielle, Bryan and their daughters talk about their trip to Everglades National Park during the government shutdown. The next episode will be part 2 of the trip discussing Biscayne National Park. Discussion includes the following: · How to help the National Parks recover from the impacts of the Government Shutdown (0:15) · Debate to cancel our trip during the Government Shutdown and current conditions of Everglades National Park (1:56) · Stop for fruit...


Announcement: New Episode Thursday

Announcement: New Episode Thursday


ENP 10.0 Looking Back and Looking Forward to 2019

Description: In episode 10.0 Danielle, Bryan and their daughters talk about their favorite experiences in exploring the National Parks, tips for families visiting and a preview of park we will visit in 2019. Discussion includes the following: · List of National Parks visited by Everybody’s National Parks (1:20) · Danielle and Bryan each share their top 5 National Park experiences to date (3:26) · Danielle and Bryan’s daughters share their favorite experiences and advice for kids...

ENP 9.3 Crater Lake: The Legacy of Mount Mazama

Description: In episode 9.3 Bryan talks with Park Ranger Mimi Gorman about how Crater Lake was created by Mount Mazama, what makes it special, mysteries about the lake, the legacy of Mount Mazama and tips for visitors. Discussion includes the following: · What is Crater Lake and why is it special (1:16) · Mount Mazama, how the lake was formed, and underwater volcanic features (2:50) · How does the water level stay consistent (5:20) · Gold Prospectors “discovered” the lake (7:24) ·...


ENP 9.2 Crater Lake: Tips for Planning Your Trip

Description: In episode 9.2 Bryan talks with Park Ranger John Duwe about planning a visit to Crater Lake National Park, including tips for visiting the lake for the first time, hiking, camping, biking, swimming and fishing. They marvel at what makes Crater Lake a place of wonder. John Duwe is Education Coordinator at the Science and Learning Center at Crater Lake National Park. Discussion includes the following: · What is Crater Lake (2:10) · Where is Crater Lake (2:55) · Mt. Mazama...


ENP 9.1 Crater Lake: Trip Report

Description: In episode 9.1 Bryan talks with his brother Dan about their trip to Crater Lake National Park in September 2018. Bryan and Dan talk about appreciating the clear crystal blue lake from many different vantage points including swimming in the very cold lake. Discussion includes the following: · Mazama Campground and evening ranger program (2:17) · Cleetwood Cove Trail (5:25) · Swimming in Crater Lake (6:11) · Boat Tour (9:03) · Wizard Island (12:55) · Pacific Crest Trail...


ENP 8.5 Grand Canyon: Celebrating 100 Years Looking Back and Looking Forward

Description: Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its Centennial in 2019. In this episode Bryan speaks with Park Ranger Perri Spreiser about modern history of the Grand Canyon. Ranger Perri shares stories from Spanish explorers arriving at the Grand Canyon in search of gold to it becoming a tourist destination as well as plans for the next 100 years. This is episode number 8.5, the fifth episode in our series on Grand Canyon National Park. Discussion includes the following: · Spanish...


ENP 8.4 Grand Canyon: Learn About and Honor Native American Culture When You Visit

Discussion includes the following: · Native American tribes around the Grand Canyon (2:03) · Visiting Native American Reservations and Etiquette (2:51) · Tourist experience incorporating the Native American context to your visit to the Grand Canyon (4:33) · Rock art (6:55) · Native American interaction with Grand Canyon (9:52) · How does National Park Service interact with Native Americans (12:38) · Legends of origins (20:38) Resources: Grand Canyon National Park: People...


ENP 8.3 Grand Canyon: Geology and the Earth’s Story from the Rocks

Description: In episode 8.3 Bryan speaks with Joel Kane, seasonal park ranger and geologist at Grand Canyon National Park about how the Grand Canyon is one of the best geology classrooms in the world showing 2 billion years of geologic history visible to visitors. Discussion includes the following: · How was the canyon formed and why are we able to see so much of earth’s history (2:35) · Vishnu basement rocks at bottom of the Canyon and why named after Hindu God (3:56) · Plate...


ENP 8.2 Grand Canyon: Tips for Planning Your Trip

Description: In episode 8.2, Bryan speaks about planning a trip for families to the Grand Canyon with Mike Buchheit, the Field Institute Director for the Grand Canyon Association, the nonprofit partner for Grand Canyon National Park. Mike helps run the Canyon Field School for underserved children, as well as the Field Institute, which offers family tours and hikes of the canyon. Discussion Includes: · About the Grand Canyon Association and Field Institute (2:11) · How to plan a trip...


ENP 8.1 Grand Canyon: Trip Report

Description: Bryan and Danielle talk about their family trip to the Grand Canyon at Christmas time with the grandparents. The kids also share their impressions of the Grand Canyon. We also briefly talk about Montezuma Castle National Monument, which we visited on our way back to the airport. Discussion includes the following: · Logistics (2:02) · Grand Canyon Lodging, South Rim (3:02) · The Rim Trail (6:44) · Grand Canyon Village (8:16) · Trail of Time (12:05) · Shuttle System...


ENP 7.5 Olympic National Park: Pacific Coast

Description: In episode 7.5 Bryan speaks with lead coastal interpreter park ranger Jared Low about the wilderness of the Pacific coastline of Olympic National Park, what to see and do and a very special rescue effort. Discussion includes the following: · Description of coastal stretch of Olympic National Park (1:42) · Unique characteristics (4:12) · Marine species and tide pools (8:50) · Weather, swimming and sunbathing (13:31) · Endangered species and success story (16:52) · From...


ENP 7.4 Olympic National Park: Hurricane Ridge

Description: Bryan talks with park ranger Greg Marsh at Olympic National Park about Hurricane Ridge, why it is special and what to do when you visit. He also talks about the fun town of Port Angeles, his punk rock band and his annual spring family pilgrimage to see the whale migration. Discussion includes the following: · What is Hurricane Ridge and what makes it special (2:06) · Bicycling Hurricane Ridge Road (3:06) · Why is it called Hurricane Ridge (4:08) · How the forest changes...