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Ep. 9 Baegas

Priscilla is joined by Vegas experts, Jesse and Janine Jaurez as she reveals where her and Jorge will be celebrating their brithdays this weekend. Janine and Jesse share their top places to eat and hotels to stay out when enjoying a couples stay in Las Vegas. They also get vulnerable and talk about their love story and the ups and downs on the long road to marriage.


Ep. 8 Travel Rewards Credit Cards + African Safari

Priscilla is joined by Maritza Gouldbaum, long time travel agent who has been traveling for the past 30 years and has bee to over 30 countries ! She is Wanderlust goals! Maritza shares how she uses her Citi American Airlines card to rack up miles and fly for free to Hawaii and Europe (several times). She also shares the amazing experience she had on an African Safari along with her top travel tip.


Ep. 7 Israel, Ensenada & Taxi Drivers

Priscilla is joined by multi million page publisher Miguel (Pnut) Mendoza of Reality Magazine where he talks about his trip to the Holy Land of Israel. Miguel shares how the Bible comes to life while walking where Jesus walked and why believers and non-believers alike need to visit. He also shares an incredible story of how a cruise to Ensenada changed his life forever as he reunited with his father and finally got to share his roots with his family. And lastly, Miguel shares a travel tip...


Ep. 6 Travel & Fitness

Priscilla is joined by Debbie Diaz, owner of The Right Fit Gyms in Covina and Chino and a certified trainer for 15 years, with a BS in Kinesiology and a minor in Health Science from Cal State Fullerton. Debbie gives her advise on how to get motivated and talks fad diets. She shares how we can get fit just in time for that next vacation and gives us a sample meal plan and exercise plan to follow to stay healthy.


Ep. 5 How to Find the Best Travel Deals and Save Money

Priscilla has a big announcement (non-travel related) about her personal life and opens up about her struggles this past week trusting in God as she awaited this announcement to come through. Shortly after, she gives ALL her top tips/secrets for finding the best travel deals, the cheapest flights and hotels, and how she saves money while traveling. Including what websites and apps she uses to get those deals and she announces who her guest will be for next week's podcast.


Ep. 4 Travel Safety 101

Priscilla is joined by her Dad, Joe Gallegos, a former Sergeant in the Army, Special Agent in Counter-Terrorism & SWAT, Police Officer head of Emergency Preparedness, International Police Adviser in Iraq and current Lieutenant Federal Police Officer. He shares his top tips for travel safety, how to be on the look out through behavioral analysis techniques and what to do in case of a terrorist attack. Priscilla shares how although traveling can be scary in the days we live in, we should...


Ep. 3 The Traveling Military Wife

Priscilla is joined by her mom Lisa Marie who opens up about her experience working in the travel industry, the ups and downs of being a military wife, and how the possible ending of her marriage led her to walk El Camino de Santiago, a month long pilgrimage where she walked from one Spanish town to another. She shares tips and lessons learned on her journey.


Ep. 2 Travel Couple Goals for Life

Priscilla is joined by her husband Jorge as they explore 10 habits of a healthy marriage and their top tips on how to successfully travel as a couple. Listen in to hear about their love story and what makes their marriage strong. Priscilla will also be revealing the next trip she will be showcasing on her Instagram Finding Your Wanderlust.


Ep. 1 Finding Your Wanderlust

Priscilla introduces herself as she shares her travel journey and the three things she is most passionate about. She'll give a taste of what to expect in future episodes and reveals the travel tips she will be sharing in next week's episode that involves a special guest.