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Ask Me Anything! Reddit tries to stump Get Outta Here!

Reddit “Ask Me Anything!” sessions are a wild and crazy tradition. “Get Outta Here!” host Beth J. Harpaz recently participated in a Reddit AMA and it was so lively that she and a couple of colleagues from Associated Press decided to read the AMA transcript _ actually, act it out _ for our podcast listeners. You’ll learn everything from the name of the best dive bar in Cleveland to the weirdest advice ever given to a traveler to a strange and secret food that Harpaz always carries in her...


Water, woods and lobster dinner on a Maine vacation

Maine is nicknamed Vacationland for a reason. In this episode of “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel Editor Beth Harpaz and Patrick Whittle, who covers Maine for The Associated Press, share their favorite Maine destinations, from Acadia National Park to Old Orchard Beach, from whitewater rafting to shopping, the arts, and of course, where to get a seafood dinner. We’ll also talk about Maine’s new national monument, Katahdin Woods and Waters _ why it’s controversial and how to experience...


Little Women at 150: Visiting Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House

The beloved novel “Little Women" turns 150 this year, and it's a great time to plan a trip to Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts, to honor this enduring literary classic. This is the house where author Louisa May Alcott lived and where tours offer insight into her life, times and the book. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz speaks with Sarah Betancourt, an AP reporter based in Boston, who recently toured Orchard House...


When is travel insurance a good idea, and when is it probably not worth buying?

Every time you book a flight, cruise or sometimes even tickets to a museum, you get prompted to buy insurance. Well, the fact is that you don’t need insurance for every trip or event you buy a ticket for. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz talks with Beth Godlin, president of Aon Affinity Travel Practice, about situations where you really don’t need to buy travel insurance. Godlin also talks about how to figure out when...


Travel agents: What can they really do for you?

When you can book every aspect of your trip yourself, online, in minutes, why on earth would you ever need a travel agent? In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz attempts to answer that question with help from Erika Richter, communications director for the American Society of Travel Agents. How do travel agents earn their money? How can they save you money? And how do you find a good one? We’ll explore all these questions and...


The real story behind Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty and other American icons

Did you know that the original symbolism of the Statue of Liberty had nothing to do with welcoming immigrants? And that there was barely a mention of slavery surrounding the Lincoln Memorial when it first opened? And that Mount Rushmore was basically built as a way to get road-trippers to South Dakota? You’ll hear the inside stories on these American icons and many other attractions from Geoffrey Baer, host of the PBS series “10 That Changed America,” in this week’s AP Travel podcast “Get...


Pack like a pro with these tips from frequent flyers

Packing your bag can be such a drag: the hassles, the mistakes that get you in trouble with the TSA, the impossibility of ever learning to travel light for a change. In this episode of the Associated Press travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel Editor Beth Harpaz talks with two AP journalists who’ve spent a lot of time in the air, Scott Mayerowitz and Lisa Lerer, to get their advice on how to pack the perfect bag. We’ll hear about luggage considerations, tricks like using the space...


New York City: New Frommer's guidebook offers trip-planning advice

Planning a trip to New York City can seem intimidating. So many choices, such high prices and those New Yorkers have quite a reputation! In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz gets insider tips and advice about visiting New York from Pauline Frommer, who’s just come out with a new guidebook called “Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City 2018.”


Synchronous fireflies: In a dark forest, tiny creatures flash in unison and light up the night

It’s not unusual to see fireflies flashing in backyards here and there this time of year. But deep in a Pennsylvania forest, synchronous fireflies blink in unison, a rhythmic display that lights up the night. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz invites her colleague Ted Anthony to describe his visit to the Allegheny National Forest, where he observed this magical phenomenon. Anthony, who is AP’s director of digital...


150 years of Tabasco sauce on Avery Island, Louisiana

One of the most famous condiments in the world is celebrating its 150th birthday this year: Tabasco. The famous hot pepper sauce was invented in 1868 by Edmund McIlhenny on Avery Island, Louisiana. Tabasco is still made there today, and the company is still run by McIlhenny’s descendants. Visitors can tour the Tabasco museum and factory, dine on Cajun food and even have a bloody mary (spiked with Tabasco, of course). Avery Island is also home to Jungle Gardens, a nature preserve that tells...


Get Outta Here! is now a travel book

We’ve taken the theme of our “Get Outta Here!” podcast and turned it into a book! Our just-published “Get Outta Here!” travel anthology features 80 experiences, adventures and destinations around the world, with bonus sections on cruising and advice on saving time and money when you travel. We’ve got stories from every continent (OK, except Antarctica…) and every region of the U.S., and whether you’re a globetrotter or an armchair traveler, you’ll be entertained and inspired. Our stories...


Inside Dr. Beach's best beach list and why so many beaches don't make the cut

Every year, a few days before Memorial Day, a coastal scientist known as Dr. Beach releases a list of what he considers the 10 best beaches in the U.S. Who is Dr. Beach, anyway? And how does he come up with this list? In this week's Associated Press Travel podcast "Get Outta Here," we interview Dr. Beach, aka Professor Stephen Leatherman, to find out who he is, how the list began, what his criteria and goals are in creating the list, and why so many beaches just don't make the cut.


Disney trip tips: Advice from Disney Parks Moms Panel

Thinking about a trip to a Disney park? Putting all the pieces in place for a perfect itinerary - lodging, rides, restaurants - can be stressful. But here's a terrific expert resource that's free: the Disney Parks Moms Panel. In this episode of the Associated Press travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz interviews one of the Disney Parks Moms Panel members, Lindsey P. of Georgia, to get her tips for planning a stress-free Disney trip.


Montgomery, Alabama's new lynching memorial, Legacy Museum and civil rights history

A new memorial to the victims of racial terror lynchings is expected to attract thousands of new visitors to Montgomery, Alabama, in the next year. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast "Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz visits the city to see the memorial and a new museum dedicated to the legacy of slavery and segregation. You’ll hear from visitors who drove across the country to be there for the opening, and you’ll hear what Ava DuVernay and others have to...


Episode 53: For royal wedding fans, a sightseeing itinerary

Are you a fan of the British royals? The kind of person who devoured every episode of “The Crown” and is loving all the news about the May 19 wedding of Prince Harry and his American bride, actress Meghan Markle? Then you’ll love this week’s AP Travel podcast “Get Outta Here!” hosted by Associated Press travel editor Beth Harpaz. Answering questions about all things royal is Gavin Landry from Visit Britain, the tourism agency, who’ll help us come up with a grand sightseeing itinerary,...


Episode 52: Birthright Israel turns 18: Bringing young Jews on free trips to Israel

Birthright Israel marks its 18th birthday this year. The program has brought 600,000 young Jews on free trips to Israel since its founding. In this episode of the Associated Press travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz interviews Birthright Israel CEO Gidi Mark about the program, including some of its controversial aspects. We’ll find out who’s eligible to go, where the funding comes from, how the trips deal with a wide variety of opinions on Israeli politics and the...


Episode 51: Summer travel tips from Johnny Jet

He was once afraid to fly, but today John DiScala — better known as Johnny Jet — is an expert on air travel. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” hosted by AP Travel editor Beth J. Harpaz, Johnny offers advice for summer travel including finding and booking flights and how to get the best deals. He also explains his strategy for how to cope with the unreasonable demands that airlines sometimes place on passengers.


Episode 50: Retiring abroad: What you need to know

Have you thought about where you might live when you retire? Some Americans are retiring outside the U.S., taking advantage of warm weather, lower cost of living and expat communities. In this episode of AP’s weekly podcast “Get Outta Here,” Associated Press Travel editor Beth Harpaz speaks with personal finance expert Liz Weston of NerdWallet about the pros and cons of retiring abroad. We also look at a couple of up-and-coming retirement communities outside the U.S.


Episode 49: Andy Steves talks travel for a new generation

You may be familiar with Rick Steves, the travel guidebook writer, tour company operator and TV show host. Now his son Andy Steves is offering up his own brand of travel, with tips and tours for a new generation. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel weekly podcast “Get Outta Here,” host Beth Harpaz, the AP Travel editor, talks to Andy Steves about his guidebook, “Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget,” and his company, Weekend Student Adventures. Andy Steves also shares...


Episode 48: A new way to plan trips using ViaHero's local experts

ViaHero is a new trip-planning company that combines the old-school service of a travel agent with authentic advice from local experts and the convenience of online booking. In this episode of the Associated Press Travel podcast “Get Outta Here,” AP Travel editor Beth Harpaz interviews ViaHero’s CEO Greg Buzulencia about how the service works, how he got his start in the travel industry as a teenager, and why ViaHero is being offered for travel to just a few places like Cuba, Japan and...