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Kelly Hill: @kellyyhill - Travel Influencer and Blogger, Web and App Developer

Get to Know travel blogger and digital nomad Kelly Hill. Kelly is the talent behind the travel blog and social media account @kellyyhill. She sort of stumbled into the world of social media and travel blogging. While living in New York City, her and her husband Justin hatched a plan to pack up their belongings and travel for a few months. They immediately fell in love with all that travel entails and the rest was history. Kelly is naturally a creative but also has a scientist side that...


Elona Karafin: Elona the Explorer - World Traveler & Cancer Survivor

Get to Know world traveler Elona Karafin from Elona the Explorer. Elona holds a full-time job in NYC while also traveling the world every chance she gets. She doesn’t have unlimited vacation time but that doesn’t stop her from visiting all her dream destinations. Her goal is to inspire her readers to think outside the box; to realize that it’s possible to find great deals and travel long distances for short periods of time. She spends her weekends in places around the world like Bali, Hong...


Milly Bannister: Australian Travel Blogger Taking on the World - Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty and Advice

Get to Know Australian travel blogger Milly Bannister. Milly caught the travel bug, hard. She left her wonderful life in Australia, full of family and friends to travel the world indefinitely, but she’s still your girl next door. Milly is relatable and witty. She's creating original content and delivery strategies for her dedicated audience on her blog and on her social media platforms. With a background in photography, a degree in journalism/media, and an authentic...


Alizah Akiko: Spark of Wanderlust - Stepping Out in Boldness for a Life you Want, Working with Brands

Get to Know Alizah Akiko from Spark of Wanderlust. Alizah had no intention of becoming a travel influencer when she graduated college but knew she didn’t want to settle down quite yet. She decided to take her first trip to SE Asia instead of getting a “real job,” making no initial plans to create a career out of traveling. However, that’s exactly what unfolded as she developed a love for photography and shared her adventures with others, amassing over 150K followers in the span of two...


Megan Jerrard: Mapping Megan - Adventure Traveler

Get to Know Megan Jerrard from Mapping Megan. Megan is an Australian journalist and the founder and senior editor of; a niche adventure travel blog with a focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She visits off the beaten path destinations to cover corners of the globe which still remain relatively undiscovered. Megan has visited over 50 countries across all seven continents and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what the world has...


Karilyn Owen: No Back Home - Mother/Son Travel Duo, Exploring the World

Get to Know world traveler Karilyn Owen from No Back Home. Karilyn is the author and creator of her travel blog, She is an absolute adventurer at heart. Since 2000, Karilyn has solo-traveled to 41 countries and another 18 with her little nature obsessed son and husband. After living nearly a decade in India, they are now based in Los Angeles, California where they are constantly planning their next adventure. Her blog is a reflection of her interests in the outdoors,...


Pip Marffy: Wander Pip. Explorer, Traveler and Wanderer

Get to Know travel blogger Pip Marffy of Wander Pip. It was a joy to speak with Pip Marffy. She's a Zimbabwean born New Zealander who now lives in London but feels fully at home all over the world. In an effort to improve herself (writing, cooking, photograpghy, traveling...), she started her blog despite her trepidations of putting so much of herself out there. We are glad she did. Her photography is incredibly beautiful and inspiring as well as her stories, travel tips, and...


Megan Elliott: Lush to Blush - Travel & Beauty Influencer, Blogger

Get to Know travel influencer Megan Elliott from the fantastic blog Lush to Blush. Megan Elliott is the creator and blogger behind, a collection of all things lovely, including her travels, beauty tutorials and blogging tips. Her goal is to create a little place where her readers can get away and relax. Every post on Megan’s blog is elegantly put together and truly captures her style and passion. In addition to blogging, Megan also works as a web designer, and is a...


Erica Weber: The Worldwide Webers - Family Travel, Globetrotters, Why Not?

Get to Know family travel guru and the hilarious, Erica Weber from The Worldwide Webers. Erica is downright funny, we told her if her travel gig ever gets old up we would buy tickets for her stand-up show. Erica is from the Washington, D.C. area and spent her 20’s living in NYC. She earned her stripes working for a global translations company and then fell in love with a boy from Florida. In the blink of an eye, she became a mom of two miniature schnauzers, a globetrotting toddler girl and...


Sol Spier: Travel Blogger, Location Independence Guru & World Traveler

Get to Know world traveler and blogger Sol Spier. Sol has perfected the art of "location independence" and shares with us all just how she did it. If you have ever wanted to travel the world on a budget while working, this is the episode for you. All through college Sol believed like others, that post-grad success was landing a “big girl job” in a fancy downtown office with a good salary. Following some post college traveling however, she was forever changed. She became determined to find...


Ayda Izadpanah: Us On Earth

Get to Know Ayda from Us On Earth. She is a travel blogger and social media influencer on the go. We loved hearing how she sold everything and moved abroad with a suitcase and not much of a plan. We were thrilled to interview Ayda about her life and blog; She is currently traveling the globe full-time with her boyfriend, when we spoke they were in Thailand. In 2016, they sold all their belongings and packed a suitcase to travel the world without a plan. With a background of...


Angelina Cox: The Lovely Escapist

Get to Know travel influencer and blogger Angelina Cox from The Lovely Escapist. We loved hearing all about how she came into this business and became her own boss and we think you will too. Angie is a 24 year old American travel blogger and adventure seeker. She has a passion to see the world and capture it through her lens. Her love affair with travel began at the age of six when she took her first family trip to Europe, and it has not stopped since. Over the years, Angie has traveled to...


Ane U Lowe: The Hungry Chronicles

Get to Know travel influencer and food blogger Ane U Lowe of The Hungry Chronicles. Ane was born in Mexico City, and grew up in McAllen Texas, with Cuban and Basque roots. Food has been a fixation of hers, the best memories being Christmases with her family, enjoying either Cuban or Basque home cooking lovingly made by her grandmothers. Ane’s rich family heritage also inspired in her a true feeling of wanderlust, and she looks forward to traveling any time she can. She started her blog,...


Michelle Halpern: Live Like It's The Weekend

Get to Know travel influencer and blogger Michelle Halpern of Live Like It's The Weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where terms like “TGIF” were non-existent because people loved Mondays just as much as Fridays? And wouldn’t it be freaking awesome if people were encouraged to do what they love and felt free to follow their passions every day, not just on weekends? is not just the name of Michelle Halpern’s blog but a life motto. Her site is for...


Tracy Komlos: Pangea Dreams

Get to Know travel influencer Tracy Komlos of Taking the idea of passion and combining it with purpose, Tracy Komlos, began her journey as an entrepreneur offering brands content creation in beautiful destinations. By capturing content during her travels, her own online brand continued to grow. Soon she was being asked by hundreds of women around the world how she was able to sustain her travels while growing her own business, and from there the Pangea Dreams retreats were...


Lauren Pelkey: Wanderluluu

Get to Know influencer Lauren Pelkey of Lauren is a Massachusetts-native with a lust for all things travel and adventure. Her blog, Wanderluluu is all about empowerment through solo travel with a goal to inspire women to take at least one solo trip in their lifetime. Her aim is to help give you the confidence you need to travel on your own by providing itineraries, guides, and transportation advice for each of the places that she has traveled. As a B&B fanatic, she also...


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